How To Promote Products From the Divi Marketplace

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How To Promote Products From the Divi Marketplace
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In this post, we’ll build an extra campaign that promotes products from the Divi marketplace to increase your revenue as an Elegant Themes affiliate. Even though you can implement these strategies without the previous stages, I highly recommend you read them first:

Before we start on how to promote marketplace products, there are a few things you should know about the marketplace:

Why Promote Products From the Divi Marketplace

Promoting products from the marketplace is the easiest way to generate lots of new content for your audience.

The Divi Marketplace is where you’ll find over 1500 products made by the Divi community. These products fit a wide range of niches as well.

Here are the top 2 reasons to promote products from the marketplace:

Reason #1 – Any Purchases Made Through Your Link Will Be Attributed to You.

The commission on the Divi marketplace’s products is 15% of the product’s price. That’s because Elegant Themes don’t make these products, and 70% of the price goes to the product’s author. However, our cookie policy attributes any purchases made by the people you send to our website to you.

So, if a customer buys any of our products or any product in the marketplace, you’ll earn your commissions on all the purchases they make on our website.

Marketplace products are a great way to keep your traffic high and your cookies fresh.

Reason #2 – Optimized for Conversions

We work with all product creators to ensure each product page has all the elements critical for conversions based on a customer scoring system we built.

To you, this means you’ll be promoting products that are likely to convert.

To start promoting products from the Divi marketplace, you could follow multiple paths. You can promote every product in the marketplace. However, if you’re promoting to a specific niche, you should pick the relevant products for your target audience to maximize the value of your content.

This is the “Secret” to a Successful Affiliate Funnel

Most people fail in affiliate marketing even though it’s the easiest form of making money online, and the main reason for that is, as I mentioned in the first part of this post, your approach.

Any online business should have a funnel or a stack of funnels where people can go from point A to point B. What new affiliates do at best is to create a campaign, as we did in the 3rd part of this guide, where they’re promoting a single product.

That’s only the beginning, however, because of many reasons.

You should always start with 1 main product you’re promoting, and as an Elegant Themes affiliate, that product would be Divi or the Elegant Themes membership. It’s where you’ll make the highest recurring commission.

However, your conversion rates might not be too high from that campaign, and the reason for that is, again, the customer journey.

In this post, we’ll add a funnel that fixes these issues by allowing you to share additional value with your prospects by showing them a brighter and easier future through additional products that will solve their problems.

By implementing this funnel, you’ll leverage a few marketing tactics that are a MUST. The first benefit is increasing the number of touch points with your audience around Divi and Elegant Themes. This is called the marketing rule of 7, which says you need between 7 and 14 interactions with someone around a specific topic to get them to take the desired action you want them to.

The 2nd benefit is that you’ll be leveraging the mere-exposure effect, which states that the more someone sees your brand, the more likely they will perceive you as an authority and follow your advice.

You can implement this funnel for as many audiences as you’d like for as long as you make the product selections specific to your audience.

Step 1: Find Products You’d Like To Promote

The first step is to choose a few products to promote from the marketplace. I’m saying “products” and not “product” because having more than 1 product will help you create a complete campaign that can keep your audience engaged and increase the number of touch points you’re getting with them.

This campaign will be your monetization or profit maximizing campaign, where the goal is to increase the average “lead” or “subscriber” value in your email list as an affiliate.

There are 4 product categories you can pick from:

1. Divi Child Themes: These are WordPress themes built on top of Divi and require Divi to be installed on the client’s website before they can work.

See all child themes.

2. Divi Layouts: These are Divi layouts that users can import directly to any Divi website.

See all layouts.

3. Divi Extensions: Divi extensions are WordPress plugins that extend the functionality of Divi by adding extra modules or features.

See all Divi extensions.

4. Bundles: bundles are a collection of products grouped and discounted that deliver certain functionality. When writing this post, we have 4 bundles ranging in price from $149 to $288 and are usually a good option if your audience consists primarily of agencies or freelancers.

Bundles can be found toward the top of the marketplace’s homepage:

Step 2 – Write a Review for Each of the Products You Chose

You can adapt our guide on how to write a Divi review when writing marketplace product reviews.

When writing your review, here are the things you should mention:

1. An overview of the product and what it does

Add an overview of the product and what it does. You can use the product description on the marketplace to inspire your overview and better understand the product.

2. Why the product is a good fit for your audience

As always, write your review specifically for the audience you’re promoting to. If you’re talking to web design freelancers, make sure you make it specific to them.

3. Screenshots of the demos

Make your review engaging and more presentable by adding screenshots of the product demos and GIFs or videos when the demos include animations.

Having GIFs in your product review will help show potential customers what the product does. When adding images to your review, maintain a consistent image aspect ratio, so your pictures look professional and well-planned.

4. How to use the product

A “how-to” section on your review will help people overcome their worry about the product being overly complicated. You can use the product documentation for help on how to use the product, or better yet, you could try the product yourself.

5. Critical information you believe your audience should know

Your review isn’t a sales page. It’s your opinion about the product, and to make it complete and wholistic for your audience, you should try to cover information you believe your audience will appreciate knowing.

You can use the product description to inspire such sections of your review. The FAQs section on product pages will help you discuss questions that people are asking.

6. A CTA

Make sure you have enough CTAs on your review. All your CTAs should include your affiliate link, so you don’t miss out on any potential sales.

Step 3 – Write an email and add it to your pre-existing campaigns

Once you’re done with your reviews, write your campaign emails to share your review with your audience. If you don’t have an email list, I encourage you to start building one because email marketing is today’s most impactful marketing channel.

Read our guide on how to write emails that convert.

Once you have written your emails, make sure you add them to a campaign as you did for part 3 of this guide. Here’s the structure of your monetization/profit-maximizing funnel:

Wrapping Up

At this point, you should have 3 funnels stacked together to create one journey customers can go through, such as the following image:

By having all these, you should have content to cover the first 26-30 days of your audience’s journey with you. You’ll also have a minimum of 16 touchpoints in your funnel to move your prospects along the customer journey.


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