Black Friday 2023: SWIPE Files & Strategies

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Black Friday 2023: SWIPE Files & Strategies
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As the holiday shopping heartbeat accelerates, the savviest of marketers know that Black Friday isn’t just a day—it’s the zenith of strategic planning and execution.

This year, Elegant Themes isn’t just elevating the game; we’re revolutionizing it. Each visitor you send our way doesn’t just count as one; consider their presence quadrupled. We harness the power of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and search engines, multiplying your efforts like a digital four-leaf clover.

Not just that. We’ve crafted an arsenal of ready-to-send email SWIPE files for you to use! These SWIPE files are ready to be dropped into your email campaigns or spark your promotional creativity when promoting our Black Friday sale.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Your SWIPE Files

These thoughtfully crafted templates are more than shortcuts—they’re gateways to engaging conversations. Here’s how to make the most out of them:

“Black Friday is Coming” – Building Anticipation

Before the frenzy begins, it’s essential to warm up your audience. Use one of the “Black Friday is Coming” templates to weave a compelling narrative around Black Friday. Highlight the benefits of early engagement.

Open the “Black Friday is Coming” Swipe File

“Black Friday Is Live” – Capturing the Momentum

The sale’s launch is a pivotal moment to tap into the collective excitement. This template is designed to amplify the buzz. 

Open the “Black Friday is Live” Swipe File

“Last Call” – Sealing the Deal

The sale’s closing hours are just as critical as its launch. This template creates a sense of urgency in a manner that is persuasive yet respectful of the audience’s decision-making process. 

Open the “Last Call” Swipe File

Edit Your SWIPE Files

The key to conversion is relevance and personal touch. Here’s a more detailed approach to customizing your SWIPE files:

Step #1: Copy & Customize

Start by copying the SWIPE files to your own Google Drive. To do so, open the swipe file you’re working on and click on “File” > “Make a Copy” as shown in the following video:

After you’ve selected a template, the next step is to infuse it with your personal touch. Consider our swipe files a springboard for creativity — meticulously crafted to provide you with a robust foundation that you can adapt and customize. 

We’ve invested considerable time in creating them for effortless use and replication. Yet, the true magic happens when you tailor them to reflect your distinctive voice and resonate with the specific needs and preferences of your audience.

So, inject your personality, adapt the tone, and tailor the message so that it resonates with your unique audience.

Step #2: Link Creation

The next step is to create a custom link that drives your leads to the Black Friday landing page. To do this, head over to your affiliate dashboard. On the navigation menu, click on ‘Link Builder’ then  ‘Alternate Incoming Page Links’.

That will lead you to the page to create custom links. You’ll see an input field where you’re meant to enter your custom link. 

You can use that input field to create an affiliate link that leads to any part of our website including product pages, blog posts, and any page you can see on our website. To create a custom link for the Black Friday sale page, simply paste the following link into the input field:

Then click on the “Create My Link” button. The resulting link will look something like this: Simply copy your new link and swap out the static links within the swipe files with your new custom one.

Ad Designs

We’ve also designed a few ad sets you can download right away and use when promoting our Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

Download Black Friday’s Ad Designs.

Download Cyber Monday’s Ad Designs.

Each of the files you download will include ad designs you can use for:

  • Divi
  • Divi AI
  • Divi Teams
  • Divi VIP
  • Divi Marketplace
  • Marketplace bundles.

What You Can Promote

As a valued member of the Elegant Themes affiliate family, you wield the power to champion every innovative product we create. And this year, we’ve outdone ourselves with an expanded arsenal of tools and services ready for you to showcase.

Elegant Themes Membership

At the heart of our suite is the Elegant Themes Membership, a treasure trove of WordPress themes and plugins that cater to a diverse range of needs and skills. Promote this by emphasizing its all-in-one nature; it’s the ultimate toolkit for both novice and veteran website creators. Highlighting the membership’s cost-effectiveness and access to premium resources can entice your audience. Consider crafting tutorials or webinars showcasing the practical benefits of these tools in action.

A critical part of our membership is our flagship product, Divi. Showcase Divi’s power, extendability, and how it makes the web design process a piece of cake!

Divi AI

Divi AI is not just a feature; it’s a revolution. Marrying design with artificial intelligence, this tool is a vanguard in the realm of web creation, streamlining the design process with intelligent algorithms that predict and adapt to user needs.

Boost Divi AI’s allure by crafting case studies that display its prowess in real-world scenarios. Sharing Divi AI prompt templates or hosting live demos can showcase the tool’s ability to transform ideas into stunning realities. Blogs or videos detailing the time saved and the elevation of creative design processes will illustrate Divi AI’s exceptional value.

Here’s a quick demo that I made to showcase what I mean with prompt templates:

Divi Teams

Divi Teams is a beacon of collaboration, enabling seamless teamwork without compromising security or convenience. By allowing users to add members to their accounts with granular access controls, Divi Teams is an indispensable asset for any collaborative project or design agency.

You can promote Divi Teams by creating content that captures the essence of teamwork in the digital space. Share narratives or case studies featuring teams that have leveraged this tool to achieve remarkable outcomes. You could also host a webinar to demonstrate how Divi Teams integrates into daily operations, underscoring its vital role in a synchronized design workflow.

Divi Cloud

Imagine a haven where all your design elements reside, secure, and within reach from anywhere, anytime. That’s Divi Cloud for you. It’s an invaluable resource for web designers who need their work to be as mobile and flexible as they are.

Engage potential users by painting vivid pictures through blog posts or social media stories of scenarios where Divi Cloud becomes the hero — be it accessing files on the go or sharing resources across a global team. Tutorials on efficient asset management with Divi Cloud can further solidify its indispensability.

Divi VIP

For the user who demands nothing but the pinnacle of customer support, Divi VIP is the answer. It’s not just a service; it’s a promise of priority, care, and unparalleled expertise.

Promote Divi VIP by crafting a narrative around the urgency and need for quick, expert support that the service fulfills. Utilize testimonials or create hypothetical scenarios where Divi VIP’s rapid response time and exclusive attention could mean the difference between a project’s success or setback. Highlighting this service can particularly resonate with professionals setting up a Divi Design agency, where premium support is not a luxury, but a necessity

The Divi Marketplace

The Divi Marketplace is your hub for finding the best Divi products out there. We create exclusive Black Friday and Cyber Monday bundles that are nothing short of a digital treasure trove. Each bundle is a masterclass in design efficiency, packed with must-have extensions, layouts, and tools tailor-made to elevate different projects.

You can bring the Divi Marketplace to life for your audience through:

  • Interactive Demonstrations: Host live sessions, write blog posts, or even social media posts exploring the breadth of tools and templates available, showing firsthand how they can transform the web design experience.
  • Tutorial Series: Develop a series of tutorials that delve into the practical use of marketplace items, demonstrating how they can streamline the creative process and enhance the end product.
  • Bundle Breakdowns: Offer breakdowns of each bundle, detailing the components and the individual value they bring to the table, helping your audience make informed decisions during the sales event.

Remember, the Divi Marketplace is more than a collection of assets; it’s a gateway to next-level design possibilities. Promote it as the go-to destination for anyone looking to infuse their projects with originality and distinction, especially when these Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals make professional-grade design more accessible than ever.

To top that off, our marketplace authors will be offering discounts offering up to 60% off!

What if You Don’t Have an Audience?

If you’re just starting out and haven’t built an audience yet, don’t see it as a roadblock… see it as an opportunity. The fastest way to truly get your voice out there is by using short-form videos through YouTube Shorts, TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Facebook Stories.

These platforms are voracious for content that’s concise, informative, and engaging.

Here’s how you can make a splash:

1. Showcase Solutions, Not Just Products: People love content that resolves their problems. Use our tools to solve common problems faced by your potential audience. For example, demonstrate how Divi AI simplifies web design, or how Divi Cloud can streamline their workflow.

2. Tell a Story: Craft a narrative around the tools. Instead of merely showcasing features, tell a story of transformation. How does Divi AI turn a blank page into a beautiful website? How does Divi VIP turn a moment of frustration into a fast-paced fix for your website problems? Your content should be a journey that your viewers want to embark on.

3. Educate and Entertain: Blend tutorials with a touch of entertainment. Educational content doesn’t have to be dry. A humorous take on troubleshooting, a surprising design reveal, or a before-and-after scenario can be both informative and highly engaging.

4. Engage with Trends: Leverage current trends to make your content topical. Use trending sounds, hashtags, and challenges to give your content a boost in visibility.

5. Encourage Interaction: Ask questions, encourage viewers to comment, and create content that invites participation. This not only increases engagement but also builds a community around your content.


Remember that each piece of content you create is a seed for potential customers. With care, consistency, and the right strategies, you’ll see your audience grow—rooted in the value you provide.

We’re not just behind you; we’re beside you, every step of the way. Keep this post bookmarked, as I’ll continuously update it with fresh materials to fuel your promotional efforts.

Here’s to your success!


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