7 Tips For Writing Emails That Convert

Posted on October 24, 2022 by in Marketing

7 Tips For Writing Emails That Convert
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Writing emails can be confusing, and as an affiliate marketer, chances are you’ve been told that email marketing is a must. And it’s true! Email marketing can be incredibly effective in growing your audience and building relationships with your readers.

But if you’re like most people, actually sitting down and writing those emails can be a bit of a challenge. Here are my 7 tips for writing emails that convert.

1. Keep it Short and Sweet

The last thing your subscribers want is to be bombarded with a long, rambling email. So keep your emails short and sweet.

Get straight to the point and give them the necessary information without making them work for it. One of the copywriting frameworks I love for emails that helps with writing short emails is the AIDA framework.

2. Make it Helpful

Your emails should be helpful, not salesy. Give your subscribers some valuable information that will help them get the most out of the products you’re promoting.

As an affiliate marketer, you’re a content creator, and your goal is always to move people from point A to point B, and to do that, you need to bridge the gap between people and brands overall.

3. Be Genuinely Warm and Welcoming

When writing emails, you should make your subscribers feel like they’re part of something special—not just another number on your list.

One tip to help you make readers feel special is to connect with them as humans. Your emails should speak to them as if you’re speaking to someone you know and care about.

So take the time to personalize your message and make it clear that you’re happy they’re part of your journey.

Pro tip: connecting with your audience, even if it doesn’t result in a conversion right away, will eventually convert those you connect with. And even if they don’t convert, you’ll find yourself building a brand with raving fans.

4. Use Urgency sparingly

It’s important to create a sense of urgency in your emails so that your subscribers don’t forget about you or put off taking action until later. But be careful not to overdo it, or you’ll come across as pushy and desperate.

A good example of times you can use urgency is when a sale happens, and it’ll be over within a few days. Using urgency in such a situation will come as something natural.

Generally, a good rule of thumb to use urgency sparingly is only when it genuinely makes sense for your offer or call to action.

If there is a countdown, you can send a countdown timer in your email using a service such as Countdowntimer.com, which would allow you to embed an image that has an accurate countdown timer, such as these examples:

5. Set expectations

When writing emails, let your subscriber know what kind of content they can expect from you when they join or during important periods.  This will help them decide whether or not they want to stay on your list.

If you’re not sure what type of content to send, try sending a survey in your next email so you can get an idea of what your readers are interested in.

6. Have One Clear Call-to-Action Per Email

Every email you write should have one clear call-to-action (CTA). That means no sidebar CTAs or links to other offers in the body of your email, just one CTA at the end of the email that tells your subscribers what they need to do next.

This could be like “Sign up for my course today” or “Check out my latest blog post.”

Having more than one CTA will confuse your readers, and as a result, people will choose not to take any action.

7. Track And Optimize Your Emails

Think of every email you write as a pitch, and every time it’s being sent to someone, you’re pitching something (Your CTA) to that person.

So, track and improve each email you write individually, and make sure statistics are always validating the changes you implement.

There are 2 parts of an email that you’d want to focus on heavily:

  • Your subject line
  • Your email body

Improving your subject line will result in higher email open rates, and improving your body will result in more people taking action (clicking on your CTAs).

Emails are an essential part of any affiliate marketer’s toolkit—but they’re also easy to mess up if you’re not careful. By following the tips above, you can write emails that actually convert!


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