Elegant Themes is Turning 12

Huge Divi Anniversary


This Year In Divi

It’s hard to believe that it has been 12 years since this journey first began. Time truly flies! I am thankful to be surrounded by such an amazing community and such a talented team. I have never been more excited than I  am now about the work we are doing. 2019 was an awesome year and 2020 is going to be even better.
Nick Roach, Founder of Elegant Themes

The Versatile New Layers Panel

Become A Creator On The Divi Marketplace

This will be a place where Divi creators from around the world can build and sell Divi Extensions, Child Themes and Layout Packs or give them away for free. Think of it like the WordPress.org repository or the iPhone App Store, except just for Divi.  

The Ultimate Web-Based Animation Builder

Create advanced animations and transitions that react to your visitors as they scroll up and down the page.

Divi Positioning Options

A new level of control that allows you to move elements freely around the page untethered from their parent containers. You can create fixed headers and banners, dynamic images collages, and interesting overlapping effects.

The Divi Layout Block for Gutenberg

The Divi Layout Block brings the power of Divi to Gutenberg, allowing you to load Divi layouts or build new Divi layouts right inside the Gutenberg editor. This means you don’t always need to make choice between using Divi or using Gutenberg.

Divi 4.0 and The New Theme Builder

Take the power of the Divi Builder and extend it to all areas of the Divi Theme to build custom headers, footers, category pages, product templates, blog post templates, 404 pages and more.

The WooCommerce Builder For Divi

A full set of WooCommerce Modules that can be used to customize product pages and even build your own product listings anywhere on your website.

Speed Improvements For The Divi Builder

A performance enhancement that greatly reduces load times and peak memory usage for the Divi Builder. This means each time you use the builder you will spend much less time waiting for the page to load and the builder content to render.

Responsive & Hover Editing

Serve different content to visitors based on which device they are using to browse your website, giving you even more fine tuned control over your responsive designs. Also, swap images, videos and text and more on hover.

Global Defaults Editor

Manage the design of your entire website right from inside the builder. Instead of having to apply fonts, colors, text sizes and more to every single module, you can modify their defaults so that every time you add new modules, they automatically conform to the broader design system you created.

New Column Options

Tons of new design options to columns and now, each column on your page is its own unique builder element, giving you more control over the design and position of each. The improved interface also makes it easier to add, delete and move columns on the page.

Huge Performance Improvements For Divi

Significant performance updates, reducing front end page load times by up to 60% in most cases. Pages now load more than twice as fast as before. These improvements lay a stronger foundation for Divi that will allow us to keep adding even more options without bloating your website and slowing it down.

Hundreds Of New Divi Design Options

We went through every module and added new design options, expanded responsive editing and hover editing capabilities, harmonized the available options between different options groups and between parent and child modules.

The Brand New ElegantThemes.com

This is a complete website redesign that reframes our membership’s value, brings to the forefront our core products, digs deep into Divi and all of its amazing features, and most importantly, greatly improves the membership experience for our current customers.

Draggable Sizing And Spacing Controls

Quickly adjust the width, height, margin and padding of any module, row or section with ease. Instead of having to open a settings panel and type in sizing values manually, you can instead drag to adjust the elements right on the page and see the results instantly.

New Transformation Controls

Amazing freehand design tools within the Divi Builder, giving you the power to transform elements right on the page in ways that would typically only be possible in graphic design programs like Photoshop and Sketch.


Total Elegant users

92,562 New Users in the past year

662,880 Total Users

26 new team members in the past year

100 total team members in 25 different countries


Free Layouts in the Divi Layout Library

Every week, we add free, pre-made page layouts to the layout library build directly into the Divi Builder.
330 layouts added in the past year

1126 total layouts in the Divi Layout Library

45 website Packs added in the past year

152 total website packs in the Divi Layout Library


Blog Visitors

Divi is more than just a piece of software. We also work hard every day to provide the Divi community with daily tips, tutorials and other resources on our blog.
47.6M all-time blog visitors

17.2M blog visitors in the past year

696 blog posts in the past year

305,159 total newsletter subscribers

13,807 new newsletter subscribers in the past year


YouTube Views

We have seen great engagement on Youtube and we dedicated a lot of effort this year towards creating valuable video content for the Divi community!
43.5M all-time YouTube Views

13.6M YouTube views in the past year

108,781 All-time YouTube Subscribers

27,100 YouTube subscribers gained in the past year


Divi Meetups Held

We spend most of our time sitting in front of our computers and interacting with each other on Slack and Facebook. But every once in a while it’s nice to meet up with like minded people in person!

463 all-time Divi Meetups held

217 Divi Meetups held last year

246 Divi Meetups held

58 Divi Meetup groups

6,818 Divi Meetup members


Customer Chats

Holy smokes, that’s a lot of chats! Our support team has been hard at work answering your questions and helping make sure that every Divi user finds success.

451,764 all-time customer sales chats

366,345 all-time customer support chats

223,962 customer sales chats last year

292,823 customer support chats last year

Huge Divi Anniversary Sale

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Share Your Story

Our story wouldn’t be anything without all of you. Share your stories and favorite moments over the past 12 years below!


  1. MPwdev

    Congratulation for the Elegant Themes Team and Community!
    You are the Best

  2. Sam Parsa

    I Joint the WordPress community on Sep. 2019. I was looking for themes Plugins and explored so much stuff and try them. One day I saw Divi and jumped on their home page! the story began ! wow! at the first look, there was a demo of the Divi builder which I love at first sight. I was so excited to try. I thought I’ll have the full package A great Theme and a super beautiful and powerful Page builder (It’s a real front end editing I love it), monarch and bloom! also Extra! wow, and When I saw the price I saw something strange and different about Divi’s price! it has a LIFETIME for UNLIMITED website usage! really !!! why they sell their product for a lifetime!!! I asked myself. Then I said I don’t care It’s the best deal out there for all my needs. And happened what should happen. So grateful for this amazing Product and very active community especially for beginners. And an interesting thing that I knew it today! the birth date of Divi is in March the same as my Birthday and it makes me happy lol. Just add more widgets to the page builder, please. Thank you so much.

  3. Margarida

    Just like to say:

  4. Ramon

    Congrats Elegant Themes! Thanks for so many things! Wish you the best! 💜

  5. Robert Staddon

    As a web designer and developer who has worked extensively with a dozens of website layout options over the past twenty years, Divi is hands down the best that I have ever used. In order to stay relevant in the constantly changing world of the web, any design software has to improve rapidly to keep pace with new innovations and fast-changing technologies. Amazingly, Divi has not only kept up with these needs through the years but has also exceeded my expectations with brilliant solutions to improve ease of use and provide better and faster layout tools. I am so very grateful for you guys! Take a moment to look back and appreciate what you’ve accomplished and then press forward to continue raising the bar as the leader in user-focused, responsive, and beautiful web page design!

  6. Amrin Grewal

    Divi changed the way I design websites. It made me grew my business 10x. My team loves using Divi.
    I use to hand code html/css websites for my clients until I came across Divi.
    First time I used Divi I was blown away.
    I’ve so much respect for Nick and team I can’t describe in words.
    I’ve used almost all page builders now but there is something about Divi that brings me back to it lol.
    Maybe It’s the UI, maybe It’s the name, maybe It’s the simplicity, maybe It’s the support…!!!!!!
    I hope Divi continues to innovate and grow.
    Happy Birthday!!! ❤️

  7. AbdelFatah AboElgit

    What a great article to start my day!
    Using Divi was a life changing moment for me.

    Happy birthday Elegant Themes 🥳

  8. Toni

    Congratulations Divi! I am proud to have been part of the Divi journey for many years. For me the thing that has grown the most over the years is the support. You guys rock! I’ve had incredible help from so many different team members, all showing deep knowledge of Divi and always willing to help, even with very tricky, specific problems. No one has tried to fob me off with the all too familiar response “we don’t offer customization” which the majority of authors do.
    Looking forward to seeing what comes next – I know it’s going to get even better.
    Birthday kisses!

  9. Leroy

    Congratulations and thanks for your great work!


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