Elegant Themes is Turning 11

Our 11th Year Story


Today Elegant Themes turns 11 years old, and to celebrate we are offering a special anniversary discount to everyone who joins today, and to everyone who upgrades their account to Lifetime. We are offering 20% off, which is double our normal discount and the biggest discount of the year so far. It will only be available for a short time, so don’t miss your chance! Head over to to claim the deal. I also wanted to take a moment to give huge thanks to the Elegant Themes community for supporting us over the years, and giving us the opportunity to build great software. We couldn’t do it without you, and we are looking forward to many more amazing years to come.

Nick Roach, Founder of Elegant Themes

Divi Support Center, Safe Mode, System Status & Remote Access

The Divi Support Center gives you and our support team the tools they need to fix problems more quickly and efficiently, without disrupting your website.

Divi Quick Actions

Do anything, go anywhere and find what you need within the Divi Builder and on your WordPress website with incredible speed. Using simple commands and an intelligent search system, you can really speed up your web design workflow.

The New Divi Builder Experience

The new Divi Builder experience brings the power of the Visual Builder into the back end, giving you a familiar interface along with all of the great new features that were previously only available in the Visual Builder.

Divi & WordPress 5.0

Using the Divi Builder with WordPress 5.0 is a little different than previous versions. The overall design of the post editor changed, and a new box appears when creating new pages that will allow you to choose between the Divi Builder and the standard WordPress post editor. You can switch between the two at any time.

Dynamic Content

All Divi module content inputs now support the use of Dynamic Content, allowing you to build dynamic modules that display information pulled from your database via post meta, custom fields and more.

Hover Options

Using hover options, you can create stunning hover effects and transform Divi modules into fun and interactive elements. Our hover option interface is unique and amazingly easy to use. Every design setting in Divi that supports transitions can now be customized on hover with ease.

Bulk Editing & Multi-select

Select multiple items at the same time and perform bulk actions to the entire group of elements. You can drag, drop, copy, paste, delete and even edit the design and content of everything at the same time. Instead of making tedious changes to a group of elements one one by one, and over and over again, just select them all and edit everything at once.

Extend Styles

Extend Styles allows you to take any customized style and extend it throughout the page, or to specific elements within specific locations with the click of a button. If you like a color, font, border style or box shadow, and you want to use it elsewhere on the page or even across the entire page, you can now extend those styles and make sweeping changes in no time at all.

New Column Layouts 

We extending Divi’s design capabilities by more than doubling the amount of available column structures, including new smaller ⅕ and ⅙ column types that you can use to build a variety of new designs. These new column structures greatly expand upon Divi’s traditionally small selection of columns types and in doing so open up a whole new realm of possibilities.

Drag & Drop File Upload

Drag & Drop File Upload for Divi makes it easier than ever to upload a wide range of files to your page, and have those files automatically transform into Divi modules and other design elements on the fly.

Initial Gutenberg Support

The Divi Builder is now compatible with the Gutenberg editor that was released with WordPress 5.0. You can easily toggle between the Divi Builder and the new editor.

Find And Replace

Everything in the Divi Builder now supports find and replace allowing you to search through your entire page, or a particular part of your page, for specific values and replace those values with something new. This means you can change your entire page’s color scheme, fonts and more in a matter of seconds.

Live Chat Support

A new era of support for the Elegant Themes community focused on personal connections, higher quality conversations and faster response times using a brand new medium. Live Chat is now available for all customers, allowing us to better coordinate our team members and answer your questions quickly.

Custom Post Type Support

Divi Builder support for all custom post types, including automatic support for popular post types such as WooCommerce products, The Events Calendar events and more. This means that you can enable the Divi Builder on any type of post and are no longer be limited to standard Divi post types such as pages, projects and blog posts.

Color Manager & Magic Color Suggestions

The Divi Color Manager is a magical interface that makes it easy to manage colors, access recently used colors and explore the colorscape for new and beautiful color palettes for your website.

Option Quick Access

A major design efficiency improvement for Divi, making it easier and faster to identify and access design options for every element on the page. The new Quick Access options make it easier to understand which design settings affect which elements, and more importantly it allows Divi designers to access those settings more quickly.

Page Creation Workflow

When you create a new page in Divi, you are greeted by three page creation options. You can start from scratch, or you can jump straight into the Divi Library to load a premade layout. You can also instantly clone any existing Divi Builder page on your website and import it directly into the Visual Builder to jumpstart your new page.

Version Rollback System

Roll back to your previously installed Divi version with a single click. If you ever experience a problem after updating, just roll back and address the issue on your website before updating again.

Custom Field Integration For Email Providers & GDPR Compliance Options

Create custom email optin forms, including complete integration with all Divi email providers. This makes it easy to add GDPR compliance checkboxes, as well as create custom list segmentation and email autoresponders.

Copy & Paste Design Styles

Take any design style or collection of styles from one element, and quickly transfer those styles onto any other element on the page with the simple move of your mouse and the click of a button.

Builder Interface Enhancements

Various enhancements to the Visual Builder interface that speed up your design workflow. We love making Divi faster and easier to use, and this update was packed with great interface improvements that will enhance your building experience.

Divi Developer API

A new API for developers that makes it easy to create custom modules that are compatible with Divi’s Visual Builder. This new API comes with extensive documentation and tutorials, as well as a Create Divi Extension utility that helps you jumpstart your own custom Divi modules

Better Code Editing

Enhanced code editing experience in Divi with the addition of a fully-featured code editor that makes writing and editing code so much easier and enjoyable. Enhancements include syntax highlighting, error reporting, autocomplete, color picking, multi-line select, search, find and replace and more!

Section Shape Dividers

Add custom shapes and effects to your pages, creating dynamic transitions between blocks of content and adding that extra bit of personal flare to your website. Shape Dividers can be placed above and below each section on your website, allowing you to easily build stunning transition effects between different parts of your page.

Divi Layout Library

100’s of beautifully designed premade layouts that you can browse through and import onto your page without ever leaving the Divi Builder. These layouts are organized into complete website packs that you can use to quickly jump-start your next website, and they are filled with wonderful original photography and illustrations that you are free to use on all of your commercial projects.

Divi Help System

Today we are excited to release the Divi Help System including over 70 full length instructional videos organized and accessible right inside the Divi Builder. This unique system gives you and your clients the help you need when and where you need it, allowing you to learn and follow along with our documentation team while you build your website without ever leaving the builder.

Split Testing And Powerful Insights For The Visual Builder

Divi Leads is a powerful split testing system for the Divi Builder that allows you to broadcast different versions of your page to different visitors and figure out which version is most effective at converting your unique goals using powerful stats and insights. You can test different colors, different headlines or entirely different layouts and Divi Leads will tell you how each variation stacks up in the battle for more clicks, more sales and higher engagement.

Responsive & Fluid Visual Builder Interface

A fluid and responsive design that improves the building experience on mobile devices and large monitors.


Total Elegant users

85,303 New Users in the past year

572,260 Total Users

29 new team members in the past year

89 total team members in 20 different countries


Free Layouts in the Divi Layout Library

Every week, we add free, pre-made page layouts to the layout library build directly into the Divi Builder. In the past year, we added almost 1000 new layouts.

580 layouts added in the past year

799 total layouts in the Divi Layout Library

80 website Packs added in the past year

107 total website packs in the Divi Layout Library


Blog Visitors

We continued our mission to provide you with two pieces of free daily content on our blog, resulting in a great reaction from the community. 

47.6M all-time blog visitors

20M blog visitors in the past year

700+ blog posts in the past year

291,352 total newsletter subscribers

18,472 new newsletter subscribers in the past year

29,463,120 all-time YouTube views

13,446,625 YouTube views in the past year


Divi Meetups Held

This year we started a new Divi Meetup mission, sparking dozens of new meetup groups around the world and hundreds of meetups. We think that making personal, real world connections is important, and we are eager to continue our mission in 2019.

246 Divi Meetups held

22 Divi Meetup groups

2248 Divi Meetup members


CuStomer Chats

With the introduction of our new support system, we are chatting with our community more than ever, and doing everything we can to help each and every person. Facilitating hundreds of thousands of conversations isn’t easy, but we made incredible strides this year to improve our support speed and quality. It’s only going to get better from here!

227,802 customer sales chats

174,522 customer support chats

20% Off

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Existing Users

If you are already an Elegant Themes member, then today is the perfect day to upgrade your account to Lifetime. Today we are offering 20% OFF, which is double our normal discount. This deal will only be available for a limited time, so don’t miss out!

Expired Accounts

Has your account expired? Don’t worry, you can still take advantage of our sale by renewing your account using the special link below. Today we are offering 20% OFF, which is double our normal discount. This deal will only be available for a limited time, so don’t miss out!

What’s Your Story?

Our story wouldn’t be anything without all of you. Share your stories and favorite moments over the past 11 years below!


  1. Mika

    Amazing job from the Staff.
    I build website since 10 years and now every new project start with Divi 😉

    Thanks you for this job !

  2. Riaz

    Hi, the [Read More] button on the Split Testing section is linking to the wrong page.

    Also, congratulations to ET for making Divi into what it is today.

  3. Dorian

    Divi’s intuitive builder helped me translate my design skills into the world of web design. During the past 3 years I have contacted Divi support through their chat at least 15 times. They always helped me and sometimes they even went above and beyond to do so.

    Thank you Divi team!

  4. CR Compumania

    Cool. We have been with DIVI for over two years and it’s amazing to be a DIVI customers.

  5. Chris

    Thank you for all of the updates – I love seeing the Divi system so regularly improved!!

  6. Boris Chevreau

    Aaahhh I was sooo hoping for a little extra announcement! Some of the sneak peeks we are dying to receive! My personal number one being theme builder and templating for blog and custom post types (hello native Woo commerce custom layouts!). Really praying for that one soon. Keep up the good work! #love

  7. Emile

    Good work ( in a complex environment). Compliments!!

  8. Murat

    User of Divi since the beginning, i still impressed by all the features and enhancements made by the team! keep up the good work!

  9. Hubert

    As Jack de Heer said : “Happy Birthday”! This time from me, member since last January. French (nobody’s perfect) but living in Burkina Faso 😉

  10. Winser

    Divi rocks! give it a try.

  11. Rose

    So awesome, you guys rock. Thank you for your continual updates and amazing products. Congrats on this and all of your successes throughout the years, look forward to seeing (and collaborating with) all of your future products, features and services.

  12. Wolf Bishop

    I began using Divi in early 2014 and have never looked back! I am happy to see how far Divi has come in the past year! A few hiccups, but that is to be expected. Overall, a great year, and amazing work by the Elegant Themes folks! Keep it comin’ Y’all!

  13. Vova

    Good luck ET TEAM!

  14. Kathir

    Thanks for the discount, i was looking to upgrade my account..
    I was using divi products last few months ,i must say its awesome. pricing is also great.
    Hope more features will be announced in upcoming months..
    Congrats Divi creator’s for achieving more success.

  15. Krishna Chaitanya

    Good work Elegant Themes Team,

    Happy Birthday.

  16. Kriss

    I realized the power of Divi when I have notice that it was about 3 years that I have not been on themeforest …
    Divi is not perfect but for me it is the most comprehensive framework to create website.
    The community is very strong, involved and commited to the project …
    Happy birth day DIVI !!!

  17. Victor

    Keep up the good work! I’m looking forward to an awsome 2019 with the theme builder and global styles. Cheers!

  18. Mark

    Awesome deal! Thanks!


      Awesome deal! Thanks

  19. Anouk Plantinga

    The best thing I could ever do for my website, was to buy Divi!

  20. Luis Ramirez

    Happy birthday guys! great job and great vision of a visual constructor! the best in all my +10 years of wordpress experience! thanks a lot!

  21. Samar Jamil

    Man , I really love the Divi Theme.Awesome Work ET.

  22. Santanu

    Congrats for completing 11 awesome years and still continuing with this awesome product. There is no doubt that Divi is one of the finest creation from Elegant Themes.


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