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DiviWP is a growing library of beautifully designed layouts and sections hand-crafted for Divi. There are currently over 335+ world-class Divi Sections and 30+ pre-made Divi layouts for a variety of pages.

5-Star Reviews from happy customers worldwide

We’re extremely proud to be rated 5-stars as an official creator on the Divi Marketplace.

These reviews reflect our commitment to delivering an exceptional product and standard of professional support to customers worldwide.

Why DiviWP Sections, Layouts and Templates?

1. Save hours of time

You will save hours of work laying the foundation for your next project by importing example page layouts or individual sections that have been pre-configured and professionally designed.

Example pages for common scenarios show you how each section fits together and can be used to create the perfect structural starting point for your next Homepage, About Page, Landing Page, Services Page, or any other page!

You can drag-and-drop directly into your page using the Divi Builder. 

From there, you can easily add your own content and images or tweak colors and fonts using Divi’s built in productivity tools.

Everything is editable via the Divi Builder and documentation backed by professional support will guide you through everything.

2. Increase conversions 

Beautiful, clean and semantically structured Sections, combined with sleek Form designs, increases conversions. I’ve tested this across industries and on many client sites.

Beautiful clean layouts and sections increases trust in your product or service and results in higher enagement, submissions, click-throughs or purchases.

3. We’ve done all the hard design thinking and testing for you.

We’ve painstakingly tested each layout and section across a range of desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

This means you can drag-and-drop a section directly into your own design knowing all the hard work has been done for you and all the settings have been pre-configured and tested across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Want to display a row with 3 blurbs to illustrate your product or service features? Download, Upload and You’ll can have that ready in less than 30 seconds. 

Just review the growing library of Sections to get an idea how much faster you can design your website. 

4. You can create something truly unique.

You’re able to tweak colors, copy or images in a matter of minutes using Divi’s built in productivity tools.

Each section, row and module uses the Divi Builder’s settings as far as possible except where custom CSS is required which is included in a code module for you to edit and thorougly documented.

You can mix and match any section to create your own interesting and versatile pages.

Our Story

Hey, I’m Tristan. I’m the founder of DiviWP. When I’m not working, I’m spending time with my wife and two young toddlers and trying to teach them how to play the Ukulele!

Our Mission

I'm on a mission to share my experience and expertise with the Divi community by offering professionally and beautifully designed layouts and sections with best practice user interface and user experience design. 

I wrote more about my story and Divi journey on the DiviWP Blog if you're interested.

My hope is that the hours and experience I've put into these Layouts and Sections saves you countless hours, teaches you, inspires you and helps you succeed in your own business, product or service.

Collections of inspiration

Our layouts and sections include all the necessary building blocks for a beautifully designed and conversion optimized page design, including Header Sections, Hero Sections, Feature Sections, Blurb Sections, Testimonial Sections, Video Sections, Title Sections, Interactive Sections, Newsletter Sections and Form Sections.

You’ll be able to tweak colors, copy, images, basically anything within the layout or section in a matter of minutes using Divi’s built in productivity tools.

Documentation is available to help guide you.

Fully responsive and mobile optimized

We adhere to modern design principles and best practices and rigorously test each section across a variety of devices and screen widths. 

All the settings have been pre-configured across desktop, tablet and mobile devices making DiviWP's library the perfect collection of layout and sections inspiration you can pick and choose to use. 

There's more coming soon

More Layouts and Sections are on the way and the library will continue to grow with a range of new Sections, Layouts and Templates!

I still learn new things every day, just like you do, and I can’t wait to learn how to make this an even better product. 

I look forward to connecting with you, learning from you and helping you succeed.

Tristan – Founder, DiviWP


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