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Selling On The Divi Marketplace

The Divi Marketplace is the best place to sell Divi Child Themes, Extensions and Layouts. Nowhere else on the internet can you market your products directly to the core audience of Divi customers. We are big believers in the power of community, and we want to empower sellers to make amazing products. We want you to be successful, and for our customers to enjoy the things you build.

Commission Structure

All sellers received a 70% commission for each sale made on the Divi Marketplace. There are no exclusivity requirements or low starting commission tiers. You can jump right in and enjoy a competitive split. Elegant Themes handles all transaction fees and chargeback fees, and we also take care all of billing and account support for each customer. Elegant Themes splits our own 30% share with affiliates, which means you as the seller get to enjoy your entire 70% of the sale no matter what.

Licensing Structure

All products in the marketplace are sold using the same licensing structure. Products are sold without usage restrictions (aka, an Unlimited Site License) and on a yearly subscription. When someone purchases your product, they can use it on as many websites as they like, but their access to product updates and support are limited to 1 year per license. After a license expires, they will need to purchase the product again to receive another year of support and updates. This is the same structure Elegant Themes uses to sell our own products. If you don’t currently offer an Unlimited Site License, we suggest that you simply increase your price accordingly for products sold on the Divi Marketplace.

Becoming A Seller

Any company can register to become a seller. You will be asked to fill in your company profile, along with your tax identification number and a completed W-8 form. All seller accounts are reviewed before they are activated. After your account has been approved, you can start submitting products for sale on the marketplace via your seller dashboard.

Submitting A Product

To submit a new product, first log in to your seller dashboard. If your account has been approved, you can submit your first product by clicking on the Products link in your seller dashboard sidebar. We accept 3 product types on the Divi Marketplace : Divi Child Themes, Divi Extensions and Divi Layouts. All products are reviewed and approved at our own discretion, and all products must adhere to our Developer Guidelines and Design Guidelines. If your product is declined, you will receive an email with information about how your product can be improved and accepted.

Maintaining And Updating Products

All sellers are responsible for maintaining and updating their products to ensure their compatibility with the latest versions of Divi and WordPress. You can update your products from within your seller dashboard. All updates are reviewed by our design and development team before they are approved. Once approved, customers of your product will be notified that a new version is available.

Supporting Your Customers

Sellers are required to provide a high level of support to customers that purchase their product. Each product has its own support ticketing system within the Support tab on the main product page. Customers can request help and you can monitor, respond and resolve tickets. We require that sellers respond to all customer support tickets within 48 hours, although we encourage you to respond within 24 hours. This will help you maintain a good customer review rating. Products that do not maintain a good customer review rating will eventually be removed from the marketplace.

Getting Paid

Profits made on the Divi Marketplace are sent out once per month, within 31 days of the end of each month. You must have a PayPal account to receive payments.

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