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The Audio Module

Module Overview

The audio module allows you to embed an audio file + a custom audio player anywhere on your page. The audio player assumes the clean/modern style of the Divi theme. This is a great feature for musicians who want to show off their latest creations, or podcasters who want to post their latest shows.

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The Module Options

Audio File - Define the audio file for use in the module. To remove an audio file from the module, simply delete the URL from the settings field. Click the "upload" button to upload an audio file from your computer to be used in the audio player.

Title - The title of the audio module is displayed within the audio player. This is typically the name of your song.

Artist Name - Here you can input an artist name. This will be dispalyed in the audio player below the title.

Cover Art Image - Cover art images are displayed to the left, or above the audio controls (depending on your column width). Click the "Upload" button to upload an image from your computer to be used as your cover photo.

Background Color - Define a custom background color for your module, or leave blank to use the default color.

Text Color - Here you can choose whether your text should be light or dark. If you are working with a dark background, then your text should be light. If your background is light, then your text should be set to dark.

Admin Label - This will change the label of the module in the builder for easy identification.

CSS ID - Enter an optional CSS ID to be used for this module. An ID can be used to create custom CSS styling, or to create links to particular sections of your page.

CSS Class - Enter optional CSS classes to be used for this module. A CSS class can be used to create custom CSS styling. You can add multiple classes, separated with a space.

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