The 10 Best Divi eCommerce Child Themes

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The 10 Best Divi eCommerce Child Themes
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One of the strengths of Divi is its compatibility with WooCommerce and other eCommerce platforms. Divi is well suited to create any type of product or service eCommerce website you can image. Fortunately, you don’t have to start from scratch. Another advantage of Divi is the amazing number of professionally designed child themes available in the marketplaces from third-party developers.

In this article, we take a look at the 10 best Divi eCommerce child themes to help you build your eCommerce website. The child themes are in no particular order.

1. RoyalCommerce

RoyalCommerce was made for any type of store. It uses a minimal design to put the focus on your products. It has four style options and lots of pages. The design and features are based on the top eCommerce websites to improve the shopper’s experience. Features include quick view, slider, wishlist, image zoom, Ajax filtering, sticky shopping cart, header icons, fixed header on mobile, banners, and more. It also includes the Divi Logo Swap plugin. Each of these can be turned on or off.

Price: $150 | More Information

2. Luxe

Luxe is an online store child theme for any type of store. It comes with 20 layouts including lots of store and site pages. It includes several marketing pages, and also comes with email sign up and thank you pages. It includes the premium plugins Divi Woo Layout Injector and The Grid so you can style your store to match your branding. It also includes the free YITH Wishlist plugin and a Mega Menu.

Price: $227.68 | More Information

3. Fleur

Fleur was designed with crafters, female entrepreneurs, and bloggers in mind. It’s now on version 2.0, which has had lots of updates with the goal of being the easiest WooCommerce child theme to use. It has specialized styling for the home, blog, blog archive, search, shop, product, checkout, and account pages. It comes with several premium plugins: CPT, Divi Layout Injector, Woo Layout Injector, Search, and Taxonomy. It also includes Woo Product Carousel. Colors are set in the stylesheet.

Price: £120.00 | More Information

4. Shop

Shop was developed to build any type of web store. It comes with lots of pages to build your store. Pages include 6 home pages, about, 9 shop pages (including on sale, featured products, recent, top rated, etc.), a product page, account, cart, checkout, 7 blog pages, FAQ, and a contact page. All of the designs are simple and elegant.

Price: $49 | More Information

5. Divi eCommerce

Divi eCommerce was designed to showcase both products and services for any type of business. It has lots of elements to drive sales. It includes two home pages with elements to display Featured and Trending Product, a Deal of the Day countdown for time-sensitive sales or offers, and a styled email optin form. It also includes a shop page with a custom WooCommerce sidebar, 3 product pages, breadcrumbs, vertical tabbed displays, blog, about, contact, and WooCommerce pages.

Price: $59 | More Information

6. D-Market

D-Market was designed with fashion shops in mind and it’s suitable for any type of clothing or accessories store for men or women. It uses a flat design and is optimized for speed. It comes with over 12 pages, integration for the YITH Wishlist plugin, and a newsletter popup form using the Bloom plugin. This Divi child theme requires Contact Form 7, YITH WooCommerce Wishlist, WP-PageNavi, and of course WooCommerce. Most of the images in the demo are also included.

Price: $35 | More Information

7. Divi Shopper

Divi Shopper was made for any type of eCommerce website to sell products or services. It has a minimal layout design with 13 sections and 4 landing page options. 12 of the section are unique and were designed specifically to fit perfectly on smartphone and tablet screens. It includes a few premium plugins: Slider Revolution and QuadMenu. Features include animated sections, breadcrumbs, a secondary product thumbnail flipper, quick view, a social sharing option, a dropdown shopping cart, and more.

Price: $140 | More Information

8. Store

Store was designed to build any type of online shop to sell any type of product. It comes with lots of pages to build your store with such as a home page, store page, single product page, shopping cart, account, checkout, blog and blog single post, FAQ, and a contact page. This child theme has lots of styled modules that make elegant use of imagery and parallax.

Price: $49 | More Information

9. WooU

WooU is a multi-purpose eCommerce child theme that’s designed for any type of business. It has a unique layout with elements that are offset from each other. It comes with 20 pages for WooCommerce, services, pricing, FAQ, support, tools, etc., as well as styled elements such as testimonials, sliders, modals, contact and registration forms, section styling, and more. It includes lots of plugins: Gdo-Modal, Gdo-Posts, Gdo-products, Gdo-projects, Flex-projects, Flex-Gallery, and Gdo-Slider. It also has animations and it has the famous Ken Burns effect to make your images stand out. It comes with several files: social media icons, SVG image files, PNG logo, and favicon files.

Price: $59 | More Information

10. Woo

Woo is a simple design made for events and startups, but it would work well for any type of eCommerce website with a focus on simplicity. It has a single homepage and the expected WooCommerce pages. Pages include home, shop, categories, cart, and checkout. It also includes styled contact forms. Even with its focus on simplicity it still makes great use of background images and color overlays to create elegant calls to action for your shop pages. It also includes an elegant image gallery and a styled newsletter form.

Price: $49 | More Information

Ending Thoughts

That’s our look at the 10 best Divi eCommerce child themes to help you get a head start on building your online store with Divi. Each of the child themes includes lots of pages, features, and styling options.

Several even include premium plugins: some that were made specifically for Divi and others that are not usually available in a Divi child theme. Between them, you’re sure to find the perfect child theme for your next Divi eCommerce project.

We want to hear from you. Have you tried any of these Divi eCommerce child themes? Let us know what you think about them in the comments.

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  1. I am always searching for quality posts & articles & this is what I found here, I hope you will be adding more.

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  7. Wow!
    Randy, you really confused me with handful of e-commerce themes to choose from.

    Awesome list I must confess you put together here. Thanks! ?

  8. Unbelievable design ever. Thanks so much for including RoyalCommerce.

  9. almost a year they talked about an update focused on woocommerce and still nothing, now recommending woocommerce children’s themes

  10. Thanks a lot for the updated list guys.
    My recommendation is on RoyalCommerce – great theme and easy to use.
    Haven’t tried many of the other though. Will them a try when I get t he chance!

  11. We want to thank you very much for adding our child themes Woou & Woo to this eCommerce list.

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  13. Thank you for this useful post! Will definitely consider themes child themes for my eCommerce websites!

  14. Thank you for this interesting article. Especially for the Divi Commerce tip. I´v got my own online shop for safety cutters in Germany with DIVI and woocommerce. I´ve tried several times to include the DIVI page builder in woocommerce, but always failed. So I´ll give that plugin definitely a try.

  15. Can we use these themes with Easy Digital Downloads? I HATE Woo Commerce. Or should I just make my own design and pages and forget using any of these? Thanks!

  16. Thanks Deep,
    When I need to update Divi, I do that by hitting the “update” button in the WordPress dashboard under Updates, themes. Is that the way that child themes are updated, or do the files have to be uploaded the way they are the first time? Sorry if that question is confusing, but I have one plugin that I intend to quick using because doesn’t update though the WordPress update system.

    • Hello Betty,

      The update feature depends on how the developer execute this in the theme. This does not come in any theme by default. Fo Nellie, yes the updates are as identical as you update Divi or any other theme. You will see notification if an update is available and you can hit the update button and it will be auto updated just like Divi

  17. Thought would be a free one here.. 🙁

  18. I assume that you upload the theme when you purchase it, but what about updates?

    How does one go about getting updates for child themes such as these? I am mostly concerned about security issues when I speak of updates. Will it update through WordPress like Divi does when we put our purchase code in?

    • Hello Betty,

      Most child theme developers do update their products when other software like WP, WC or Divi get an update. We at Ayanize Co, do update our product Nellie regularly. So far it got more then 7 updates and we plan to update the current Nellie 1.3.2 to Nellie 1.4 making it compatible with Divi 3.0 and with some additional features and styling. Thanks

  19. Why isn’t the WooCommerce product page support included for Divi Builder out of the box? Why do we need to buy a third party extension to get this functionality?

    Are you planning on adding WooCommerce product page support in Divi 3.0 or future versions?

  20. These are great. A client needs a catalog site but w/o the actual shopping experience. How do I do that?

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  23. Nice! but perhaps you could add at least one free child theme :p
    Thank anyway! 🙂

    • Hey Bruno,

      $29 for the Shop theme is pretty close to free 🙂

      And no, I am not affiliated with the owner of it. 😛

      • Thanks for the shoutout Shane 🙂 Low price doesn’t mean low quality though. I to add as much value and support as possible while asking a fair price for my work.

        • Ok, but most* of your themes are a copy of what ET have already put out for free!

    • I strongly agree with your idea. All will be happy if there was anything that could be taken and of course vice versa 😀

    • I have not really seen a free child theme, but the freebie from yesterday comes close.

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    • I thought i was the only one that see this… the banner at the top still says “free divi resources.” but this is a list of paid for child themes. This is NOT free divi resources. a small bit of false advertising?

      • Hi Kev, in this instance it is the post itself which is the free resource. I understand your confusion though. We’ve had to make this clear on other posts too.

    • I thought that too.

  26. Thanks for including Shop child theme on this nice list.

    • You’re welcome Kjel!

  27. Divi Commerce does not look bad as a plugin, but seems like it has to be at version 3.0 based on what they want to do to really be what we need.

  28. Thank you very much Randy for including Nellie. However, some features like AC ShortCodes plugin will be included in Nellie 1.4 which should be released around 20th Sept this year. Thanks once again.

    • You’re welcome Deep! Thanks for the update.

  29. 150$ for a theme ??? If you have some CSS coding skills, will be able to replicate this joke in few hours. Otherwise, with little creativity you can make your own theme, without any complications. Divi template offer infinite possibilities, and, if you pay for this, means you have some basic knowledge.

    • The problem with this is that if you’ve worked with WooCommerce you’ll know that it is a B*TCH to work with. RoyalCommerce looks amazing and I don’t doubt it’s worth the money, even though it’s expensive.

  30. This is so cool! I cannot wait for Divi 3.0!!!

  31. Great!
    Do these themes also work with plugin GermanMarket?

  32. The commerce site will become so beautiful..nice recommendation.. 🙂
    And yeaaay…3 days to go ❤

  33. And thanks from me for including Artisan and Solo!

    • You’re welcome Melissa!

  34. 3 days to go. That’s gone faster than I thought!

    • Oh yes.!

  35. Thanks so much for including RoyalCommerce, Randy! 🙂

    • TIm, you have one of the best E-commerce DIVI Child theme. You are instruction are very clear and the video is perfect, just the right lenght. Its worth the $150, trust me! Thanks

    • You’re welcome Tim!

  36. Thanks for mentioning Rise & Shine, Randy, we appreciate it.

  37. You could have stopped at #1 Nellie

    A perfect example of how to package and implement a Child Theme.

    At $49 it’s a no-brainer as, in my opinion, it is under priced.

    PS I have no affiliation with those guys

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