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  1. Excellent tutorial!

    I wasn’t aware you can paste HTML in the Navigation Label field, so this is a nice tip.

    Also great to see tutorials about Extra – we want more!

    Possible idea: how to use the Posts Carousel and the Featured Posts Slider, not only in category pages, using the category builder, but on any page?

    Or more generally: a tutorial on using the category builder, and what you can achieve with it, because I feel a little sketchy in this area…


    • Nathan B. Weller

      Thanks Yuda! I’ll see what I can do on those. I can say however that the category builder and the page/post builder are two different things. They cannot be used together on the same page. That said, we can definitely explore more use-cases for the category builder as it’s incredibly powerful.

      • The impossibility of using the category and page builders on the same page is really a big drawback! I want to set up a magazine-style blog in which I also want to offer permanent information and services. How should get around this? Write a blog post and then link to a page in the post? Any other suggestions…? I’m sure I’m not the only one wanting to achieve this!

        • Nathan B. Weller

          You can use the ads, code, and image modules to make offerings on your category pages for your services.

  2. Hey Nathon,
    You write a great tutorial again for Extra lovers.Thanks.

    I want to ask you how we can decrease the height of Slider on Home Page.
    Its take almost whole screen.
    See my blog http://www.dynamikskills.com

    Thanks for Help in Advance!

    • Nathan B. Weller

      Funny you should request that! I was just trying to figure that out yesterday and found that the height of the slider is determined by the image size defined in the theme. I’m working on figuring out a work-around for this. Will publish my findings.

      • Thanks, Nathan
        It’s really amazing, i will be grateful and awaiting when you publish your findings.

        • Nathan B. Weller

          Try navigating to the custom css tab of the featured post slider in Extra. In the text box for “Post Entry” enter this css:

          max-height: 450px;

  3. Can this process [logo added to secondary menu] be used in the Divi theme too?

    Thanks so much for all the great tutorials.

  4. Excellent and a solution I was needing.

    I’m interested in submenus with images

    Thank you.

  5. Excellent post,

    What type of font do you have in the logo?

    Thank you!

  6. Hi, my logo is going on the right side of the page, how can I get it to go on the far right like in your example or what I’m I doing wrong?

    • Sorry, I meant far left.

  7. Amazing article
    Your latest add logo information helpful in my project.
    Thanks for sharing this great tutorials.

  8. Hello,
    I want the last navigation point as an CTA.
    Other Background, Color etc.
    For instance the Hootsuite Website

  9. Nice to see an Extra post… yes please do more like this 😀

  10. Thank you for share. best tutorial. previously I have problems with this. but now, already missed

  11. Hi Nathan!

    I do have a specific request for an Extra tutorial – we talked about this at WordCamp US at the museum!

    I’d like to be able to make the Extra primary menu have an “Inline Centered” logo style, like Divi has in its settings. I still haven’t had any success figuring that one out!

    Thanks for all your great content!

    Gregg Davis

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