7 Divi Layouts for Musicians

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7 Divi Layouts for Musicians
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Divi is an excellent theme for musicians and anyone providing musical services. Fortunately, you don’t have to start from scratch when making your music-focused website with Divi. In this article, we’ll look at 7 Divi layouts for musicians to help you get a head start on your next Divi project.

These layouts are great for websites for those who perform live music, DJ events (of course this is different from being a musician but the needs of the site are virtually the same), sell their music through their websites, teach music classes, and lots more. The list includes both free and premium layouts. They’re in no particular order.

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1. Musicalz

Musicalz was designed for musicians a music teachers. It comes with four pages that include home, instructors, the process, and contact. The home page shows a full-width image with a title and tagline to one side. A styled newsletter form sits just below this and has a curved designed that creates a swoosh across the screen. The swoosh section separators continue throughout the site. A CTA displays information and a button to one side and two images that overlap on the other over a musically patterned background. A similar CTA follows this design with an alternating layout. Classes are shows as services within blurbs. A styled contact form sits above a background pattern above a keyboard. The Instructors page includes styled person modules. The process page has an interesting timeline.

Price: $49.95 | More Information

2. Music Studio

Music Studio was designed with music teachers in mind. It comes with 5 pages including home, studio, equipment, musicians, and contact. The home page shows a full-screen image with a title and tagline to the far right side. It’s separated from the next section with an angled separator. The next section shows information and images of the studio followed by a full-width CTA, number counters, and a contact button. The equipment page includes styled pricing tables. The Musicians page shows the teachers within styled testimonial modules. Each of the pages contains a similar hero section as the home page but each has their own images. It includes free images from Pixabay.

Price: Free | More Information

3. Divi Music

Divi Music is a one-page layout with special features for the Fullwidth Header Extended module and Perky Animate plugins. Of course, the layout works fine without them, but it wouldn’t have those special features. The Hero section displays a full-screen background image with a deep purple overlay and an animated wavy section. The foreground shows the title, tagline, and button. A section for songs embeds music videos as cards with thick borders, titles, and a tilt effect if you add the plugin. A CTA section shows an album cover with a description and a button to make a purchase. A full-width CTA in the footer provides text for the description on one side and a button on the other side to make a purchase.

Price: Free | More Information

4. DJ Layout

DJ Layout was designed for anyone who provides music for events. It’s a one-page layout (the page says child theme, but I did confirm that it is a layout that’s imported into the Divi library). The hero section includes a full-screen background image in parallax. The overlay includes the logo, news about the next event, title, tagline, button to book an event, and social follow buttons. The next section includes styled audio players to play sample tracks. A services section shows the types of events within a multi-column layout. It also includes a styled newsletter form with social buttons, pricing tables, and a contact section with information and a contact form. The sections include large text and dark overlays.

Price: $29 | More Information

5. Dream Music

Dream Music is a one-page layout for musicians, music teachers, and music stores. The hero section includes a full-screen background with a dark blue overlay. The overlay includes the logo, title, tagline, and two buttons. The next section displays a slim opt-in form with angled separators for the top and bottom to create a swoosh. A section for services displays blurbs over a background of sheet music with a blue overlay similar to the hero section. This section includes a title with text for information about the services. The footer includes a section of information and a contact form.

Price: $5 | More Information

6. Music Collection

Music Collection is a one-page layout that focuses on albums and music tracks. It includes a styled title section with an image, title, and section separators. Under this is three sections of tracks- each one for a different album. Each of the sections focuses on a different color style and include different separators. These sections include a column with an album title, number of songs, file size, album cover, and information about the album. The album cover includes box shadow effects. Next to this is a row with embedded audio tracks using styled audio player modules and a matching button to download the album. This is excellent for musicians wanting to provide sample tracks and a link to the full album.

Price: Free | More Information

7. DJ Layout Pack

DJ Layout Pack is a 7-page layout pack for any type of creative professional and works great for both live and recorded music. Pages include landing, home, about, contact, events, music, and services. It includes lots of gradient backgrounds and large text. The landing page includes a list of events in the hero section. Embedded audio players play the latest tracks. A list of tour dates includes the location and buttons to see more information and purchase tickets. The music page includes the embedded audio players and adds albums with covers. The Events page displays the next event with a countdown timer and button to purchase tickets. The list of events grays out past events. The home page adds a detailed list of tour dates and adds a button to see the full calendar.

Price: Free | More Information

Ending Thoughts

That’s our look at 7 Divi layouts for musicians. Among them, you’ll find features to sell your music, provide a list of tracks as samples of your music, provide music services for live events, inform about upcoming events, provide music lessons, and more. No matter what type of features you need, there’s sure to be something here to help with your next Divi project.

We want to hear from you. Have you tried any of these Divi layouts for musicians? Let us know what you think about them in the comments.

Featured Image via TeraVector / shutterstock.com

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  1. Fantastic !! Thanks So Much, Jason ?

  2. I was disappointed that you didn’t include a layout for singer-songwriters or bands — obvious pages like a music player and upcoming shows. I need to rebuild my site using DIVI but there are no good layouts to use as a template.

  3. Thank you for the mention of our Free Music Collection layout from our web agency WP Expert, I really appreciate it. Feel free to contact me if anyone has questions or issues with this music layout, I will be happy to help! Fred

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