9 Divi Child Themes for Events and Meetups

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9 Divi Child Themes for Events and Meetups
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Divi is a great choice to create websites for events and meetups. There are lots of ways to create your design and you can add the specific features your website needs. There are even several Divi child themes for events and meetups to help you get started.

In this article, we’ll take a look at 9 child themes designed with events in mind. They include features for showing the event, providing information about speakers, booking the event, and much more. The child themes are in no particular order.

9 Divi Child Themes for Events and Meetups

1. Conference

Conference was designed for websites about conferences or events. It has 7 pages including a page for the schedule and one for the speakers. The home page displays a full-screen background with the title, countdown, time and location information, and CTAs in the overlay. The schedule for each day is created with images that include titles and descriptions in the overlays and accordions for the times and descriptions. The Schedule page has a different schedule design. It creates a timeline and includes images of the speakers. The Speakers page shows circular images with information in the overlay. Tickets are sold with a contact form. It includes lots of animated CTAs and styled backgrounds and dividers.

Price: 49.00€ | More Information

2. Meetly

Meetly was designed for meetups. It comes with 6 main pages including pages for speakers, a schedule, and registration. The home page displays a background image with a title, date, location, registration button, and a countdown timer. Person modules with circular images with information under them and social buttons in the overlays show the speakers. Events are shown within CTAs. Locations are shown within a two-column section with an image in parallax to one side and text on the other. It also includes pricing tables for the events. The Speakers page shows the same images next to text for more detail. The Schedule page displays the daily schedule within toggles. The Location page includes a full-width map.

Price: €35.00 | More Information

3. Eventus

Event Us was designed for different types of events for various venues. It includes a home page, category pages, and blog post pages. The home page displays a full-screen background with the categories as the navigation and the title and tagline in the overlay. Blocks of color show the types of services. Past events are shown as blog posts in a 3-column layout and a 2-column layout. Blog posts and category pages include the header from the home page and display posts in full-width. Posts show the full-screen featured image and the text in two columns. A contact form overlaps a background in parallax. A gallery is placed in the footer. It also includes a styled back-to-top button.

Price: $49 | More Information

4. Community

Community is a 5-page theme that focuses on events within the community. It includes pages to get involved, show programs, and show sponsors. The home page includes a full-screen slider with a Ken Burns effect for the background images. The slider uses the Gdo-Slider plugin. The overlay shows the event with information and a button. Events are shown in two-columns in an alternating layout with cards and shadow effects over a patterned background. Memberships are shown within blurbs in an alternating layout. Programs are shown with a similar layout with free images. The other pages use design elements of the home page. The Events page shows an embedded calendar using the free version of the Events Calendar plugin.

Price: $59 | More Information

5. Events Divi Child Theme

Events Divi Child Theme was designed for party services and includes 7 main pages. The header includes the MHMM header and menu maker plugin. It displays the hamburger menu on one side and a booking CTA on the other. The logo overlaps the hero section. Testimonials also overlap the hero section and lead into the services, which are shown within circled images. A booking CTA is placed in the contact section. FAQ’s are also placed in the contact section and are created with toggles. Services are shown as single-column posts. The Services page displays services with blurbs. Each of the pages has circular featured images. Events includes the Woo Layout Injector Plugin.

Price: $47 | More Information

6. Events Child Theme for Divi

Events Child Theme for Divi is a one-page theme designed for corporate-style events, workshops, and conferences. The hero section includes a lead-capture form and event information over a background image. A section for services displays blurbs with a bottom border. Blurb backgrounds are either white or gray and create a checkboard design. A workshop schedule is shown within a timeline that displays the trainer, date, and time on one side and a description on the other. They alternate down the timeline. Events are shown with blurbs that include the date in a large blue box. It also includes number counters, person modules, blurbs, toggles, gallery, testimonials, and more.

Price: $29 | More Information

7. Gather

Gather was made with catering and events in mind. It includes 7 main pages. The home page displays a full-width image with a navigation menu at the bottom of the image. Under this is the tagline and About information with a slider to show the various venues. A CTA overlaps an image and stands out with shadow effects. Images show the types of food that’s available for the menu. Hovering over an image flips it around and shows dietary information with a button to read more. The Menu pages show the pre-made menu over a background image that’s centered in the screen. The blog, contact, venue, and other pages are styled to match.

Price: $79 | More Information

8. Event

Event is a layout for the Divi Ultimate child theme that’s designed specifically for conferences. It has a one-page design with a full-screen background image and the title, tagline, and a countdown timer in the overlay. An event is shown with text to one side that includes the title, description, and social follow buttons. The other side includes an image and a blurb. The schedule is placed in a four-column section and includes the dates and times. Speakers are also shown in a four-column layout and include images and a text module between them for names. A booking CTA shows how many seats are available and provides a contact form. It also includes a CTA to book a room and an embedded map – all within multi-column layouts.

Price: $120 | More Information

9. Book+Event Theme Bundle

Book+Event Theme Bundle is a set with two child themes. Event is a one-page design. The hero section includes a full-screen background image that sits behind a white overlay and includes the date, event name, information, a button to see the speakers, and a countdown timer. A section about the event includes text and an embedded video. Information is provided in large multi-colored blurbs with icons that add color on hover. The blurbs sit within a dark overlay over a background image in true parallax. A styled testimonial section shows the testimonial over a patterned background with overlapping images. Speakers are shown within cards that include hover effects. The event schedule is shown within a tabbed table. It also includes a detailed form and lots of styled modules.

Price: $50 | More Information

Ending Thoughts

That’s our look at 9 amazing Divi child themes for events and meetups. Whether you need a child theme with an event schedule, booking features, feature your speakers, or just provide information about an event, these child themes are sure to have what you need to help you get started on your next Divi project.

We want to hear from you. Have you tried any of the Divi child themes for events and meetups? Let us know what you think about them in the comments.

Featured Image via Stock_VectorSale / shutterstock.com

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  1. Thank you very much for adding our themes Community & Eventus to this excellent list.

  2. When I developed an event website for my last client, she said it’s the best because I used Divi and it’s child theme.

    Though she underpaid me considering the level of the work I delivered – lol.

    Divi rocks. Thanks

  3. “Events Divi Child Theme” is perfect for my client , thanks

  4. All those examples are POOR examples as they have no real Event Management Features integrated into their NORMAL Divi websites. Like with many DIVI examples, even their Demo Layouts it is nothing more than Layouts and not even one dynamic element is integrated.
    Events need a Speakers, Talks/Presentation, Schedule, a way to manage Videos Schedule, pdf ppt presentations and speakers in a dynamic way – NOT in a static pure layout way. They also need a dynamic blog design which isn’t available either for blog articles – might come with DIVI 4. There is no way to add a location and post i.e. the attendance of members or manage members, send them feedbacks, print out tickets. and so much more all those pretty overpriced examples which are nothing else than pure and poor layouts made with DIVI have – sorry to say that.
    If you need a real conference, events, meeting website get in touch with an agency or developer which does NOT rely on pure and poor layout concepts but who knows actually about the needs of a real conference website!

  5. I will always use this theme for all my WordPress sites. It has saved some while lots of time in editing and all that.

    Divi rocks!

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