5 Divi Facebook Groups You Need To Join Right Now!

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5 Divi Facebook Groups You Need To Join Right Now!
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Welcome to Day 5 of our Divi 100 Marathon. Keep tuning in for 100 days in a row of awesome Divi resources as we count down to the amazing release of Divi 3.0 on the final day of the series!

Many of us work alone or in small teams where the team members specialize in different areas of WordPress and website development. Most work from home, alone, and collaborate with team members online. Facebook often becomes our office water-cooler. It’s a place where we can talk with others who can relate to us and understand our language, skills, and needs. A great way to gain even more benefit from using Facebook is by joining groups that specialize in areas that are of professional interest to you. In our case, Divi Facebook Groups are a no-brainer.

Why Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are a great place to meet other designers, get work, learn CSS tricks, get ideas, share your knowledge, learn from others, get solutions to problems, and help others with something you’ve had trouble with yourself. Facebook Groups are a great way to build your network and your skill set.

About the Groups

I am a member of all of the groups in this list. My comments about the groups are based on my own observations. Skill sets range from beginner to advanced in all of these groups. One thing I’ve noticed in Divi Facebook Groups is the members are eager to help one another.

Just a quick note – none of the Facebook Groups in this list are official Elegant Themes groups.

There are a lot of groups on Facebook that are devoted to Divi and other Elegant Themes products. In this article I take a look at the groups that I consider the best of the best. Let’s take a look at the 5 Divi Facebook Groups that you need to join right now.

1. Elegant Themes User Community

Elegant Themes User Community

Elegant Themes User Community is a closed group with 1200 members and 8 admins.

The point of the group is to build a community of Elegant Themes product users that want to share their knowledge, learn from and help each other, and even collaborate on projects. Although the group covers everything to do with all ET products, Divi is a popular topic in this group.

Members post general questions, questions about how to do something specific using ET’s themes and plugins, news about events, links to articles about ET’s products and WordPress, news about child themes, links to tutorials (both written and video), podcasts, and more. They also have a few files you can download that includes links to examples, etc.

Join Elegant Themes User Community

2. Divi Theme | Extra Theme | Help & Share

Divi Theme Extra Theme Help & Share

Divi Theme | Extra Theme | Help & Share is a closed group with just over 2400 members and 12 admins.

The group discusses both Divi and Extra and they work to keep it on topic. They recommend using the search function before posting to see if the topic has been posted before.

They have something called “Naked Thursday” where every Thursday everyone can share what they’ve been working on. Thursdays can be used to promote yourself and even include affiliate links as long as they are WordPress related and you disclose them. Naked Thursdays provides a good opportunity to see and discuss WordPress projects. All other days are used for helping each other and solving problems.

Topics do include WordPress in general but the group’s primary focus is on Divi. Members post questions, thoughts, links to tutorials, tools, requests for opinions, requests for troubleshooting help, news, events, etc. There are lots of files for download that include child themes, png’s, and more.

Join Divi Theme | Extra Theme | Help & Share

3. Divi Theme Users

Divi Theme Users

Divi Theme Users is a closed group with close to 12,000 members and 2 admins. Here you can post questions and share solutions for anything regarding Divi. This is by far the largest and most responsive Divi Facebook Group. In fact, it’s the largest Facebook Group that I’m aware of that’s devoted to a specific WordPress theme.

Their rules are easy to follow. They ask that members keep threads as Divi-specific as possible. They ask that members don’t include discussions about hosting as they feel it’s a subjective issue. They also ask that members do not discuss child theme creation or why to have one, Yoast issues with Divi, the Divi Spinning Wheel, and questions about how to edit the footer as these questions are common topics and have been answered in many threads many times.

Members share links to tutorials they’ve written, child themes they’ve created, websites they’ve created, thoughts on development with Divi, thoughts on freelancing, events, products from Elegant Marketplace, ask for others to test their sites to see how they respond in other browsers, questions about contracts, and more. Some have posted jobs where they’re looking for developers or designers.

One of the greatest benefits is when someone posts a problem, lots of members join in to help and offer advice. Most problems are resolved fairly quickly. There are lots of files you can download that include tutorials, child themes, PNGs, and much more.

Join Divi Theme Users

4. Divi Theme Examples (+ Extra too)

Divi Theme Examples (+ Extra too)

Divi Theme Examples (+ Extra too) is a closed group with just over 3200 members and one admin. It’s the companion Facebook Group for the website DiviThemeExamples.com – a website that reviews Divi child themes from various developers, showcases example websites, Divi layouts, plugins, and resources.

The primary purpose of the group is to be a place where members can post links to websites they’ve created using Divi or Extra. It has a Divi examples showcase where the best examples will be posted. There are lots of good examples in this group and it’s a good place to get ideas.

Members can also ask for help with problems and others are quick to respond with solutions. They post links to tutorials, requests for specific examples, asking for advice, looking for someone to hire, etc.

There are also lots of links to Divi layouts that can be downloaded for free. The layouts look high quality. All you have to do is Like the website on Facebook, tweet about it, or Google + it. There are also links to premium child themes for sale in various price ranges. They have a file that includes links to example websites.

Join Divi Theme Examples

5. Divi Theme Tutorials

Divi Theme Tutorials

Divi Theme Tutorials is a public group over 1250 members and 10 admins.

This is the Facebook Group for the Divi Theme Tutorials Directory website, which is a directory of tutorials and blog posts from various websites relating to Divi WordPress theme.

This is a support group and members post questions about problems, links to tutorials and articles about WordPress in general, courses, events, Divi tricks, CSS, etc. Members respond with tips and advice to help solve problems quickly.

Join Divi Theme Tutorials

Bonus – One More and an Extra Facebook Group

Elegant Themes – Divi Users is a closed group with close to 2600 members and one admin. It serves as a peer support group for Divi theme users.

Extra Theme Users

Extra Theme Users

Extra is so closely related to Divi that I wanted to include an Extra Facebook Group that I consider essential. Extra Theme Users is a closed group with over 1130 members and 2 admins.

The purpose of the group is to post questions and share solutions for everything regarding ET’s magazine theme built on the Divi Builder platform known as Extra.

Members post questions about problems, choosing plugins, getting help with viewing websites on various devices, testing, using CSS specifically to accomplish something with Extra, porting from a different theme to Extra, showing websites created with Extra, etc. Like the other groups on this list the members are knowledgeable and eager to help.

Join Extra Theme Users

Tips on Using Facebook Groups

Using Divi Facebook Groups is fairly straight forward as the rules that apply to most groups apply to Divi groups as well. Considering that they are considered support and sharing groups, there are a few other guidelines that will be beneficial in improving the quality of the groups.

  • Follow their guidelines. Only post what they allow.
  • When cross posting in multiple groups mark the post as Cross Posted. Many of the group members are in several of the groups and it could make it difficult for them to follow the conversation if it isn’t marked.
  • Don’t provide the same answer that’s already been given. I’ve seen posts where someone would ask a question and more than one person would have already answered the question. If the question is answered there isn’t a need for it to be posted again. Add to the conversation rather than repeat it.
  • Mark problems as Resolved. If you post a question about a problem and you solve the problem, edit the post to clearly indicate that it’s resolved. This is a courteous gesture that will save the time of others trying to help you when help is no longer needed. If you’ve cross posted to other groups remember to mark those posts as well. Also, provide the information of what the solution was. This will help others that have the same problem.
  • Mark non-Divi posts as NDR (Not Divi Related). Many of the groups also deal with questions about other themes and plugins from Elegant Themes or something similar. If you do have a need to post something in a Divi group that isn’t directly related to Divi, mark it so that users are aware it isn’t Divi related.
  • Search before posting. Many of the problems have already been resolved and may have been asked multiple times already. Someone who constantly posts questions that have already been answered shows a lack of research and are less likely to get help from others.
  • Keep in mind that not everyone in the groups are from the United States. Not all users will understand slang, are aware of the same hosts, use the same monetary system, etc. It usually isn’t a problem, but it is something to keep in mind.

Final Thoughts

Divi Facebook Groups are a great place to interact with others about Divi. Whether you need help, want to share your knowledge, desire to see what others have done, need information about events and courses, or just want to talk to others who are like-minded and understand the Divi platform, the Divi Facebook Groups in this list are sure to provide you with more than enough resources to help.

What’s your favorite Divi Facebook Group? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. Awesome article and list. Congrats.

  2. Great article and truly said !!!

  3. Thanks I just joined all of these communities and this will help tremendously and my development. Is always good to be around like-minded people

  4. 1303 W. 96st

  5. There was only one of those we weren’t in! awesome list!

  6. I´m sorry, Randy, but I have to say that your information about the Divi Theme Users group is quite misleading. Just a couple of examples:

    1. – “Their rules are easy to follow”: Their most important rule is not that easy to follow until you suffer it, and if you´re not aware of the scheme of this group you´ll only get to know it once you´ve been kicked out. Because their main rule is “if EMP does not make money out of your work, we don´t want you here”.

    2.- “Members share links to tutorials they’ve written, child themes they’ve created, …” Yes, but something that should be added here is that those shared links won´t last a couple of minutes if for whatever reason the admins feel that their business would do better without them. A year ago I shared a link to a free Divi child theme I had developed. They asked me to remove my post, I didn´t and I was thrown out of the group immediately. Why would they, you may ask? Well, I´ll add a little piece of background information: some days before I released that theme I was invited by them to sell it through their marketplace instead of making it available for free, which I refused. They thought it was a good Divi product, but they´d rather make money out of it than let everybody have it for free. They wanted to make people pay for a product I wanted to give for free. And, since they couldn´t, they didn´t want people to know it was freely available.

    That´s the way they “help” people, and I think everyone should be aware of this. It´s a shame that they´re getting promoted here on this blog.

    • If it is not bad form here – can you give me a link to your free child theme.I was in another group and they are a new blogger and was looking for a solid free child theme – I know I saved yours, but I can’t seem to find that link? wait – I clicked on your site – it’s the Engined Child theme right? – I grabbed it for myself, and will now see if I can find that post from the person who was looking for it and link to it for them. I love each of the groups, but the politics in the groups is a bother. Thanks

  7. You forgot the only Divi group for german divi users. 😉

    I post the link in my comment.

    Cheers Andy

  8. Thanks for sharing these information. Each social media has its own value where if one properly understands the nature of target audience, they can gain good benefits from that medium. Being an Enterprise-level web content management specialist, I am a part of many relevant groups including the one for SharePoint, Sitefinity CMS, web & application development etc. on Facebook and for me it has turned down to be a good information sharing platform. I have used and written extensively on Divi and thus will browse through the groups mentioned here and look forward to be have a good time.

  9. Darn! I don’t do Facebook 🙁

  10. Have been a part of several of these groups for a while now and all of them are excellent. Everyone helps everyone else no matter where you’re starting from and it’s just a fantastic community to be a part of. Thanks ET guys and especially Nick.

  11. Thanks for the shoutout for the DTE group! Looking forward to seeing many more new examples submitted 🙂

    • You’re welcome Craig! Thank you for sharing lots of great examples of websites made with Divi!

  12. I think I may be missing something here – Some criticism of the DTU not being open and giving full disclosure is something that I have seen on a lot of posts in a few of the facebook groups which frankly, all seem like marketing groups for a lot of developers as I see posts to developers and market places – Which is great by the way – I am not sure but, is this not full disclosure? I found this to be linked from the DTU group introduction.

    Start here: http://www.elegantthemes.com/gallery/divi/readme.html with questions.

    Good Citizenship is the motto here. Give a little and you will get A LOT.
    This Group posts questions / shares solutions regarding the Divi theme for WordPress. Please check the Document Section for frequently shared CSS and code. Link: https://www.facebook.com/notes/divi-theme-users/official-css-code-repository-for-divi-theme/509117402551194 or take a look at this repository on https://elegantmarketplace.com/forums

    This group is managed by two people, myself and Andrew Palmer. It was founded by me with the purpose of posting / answering questions related to the Divi theme, WordPress and it’s related industries. Since the creation of this group Andrew and I have formed a business relationship.

    • I’ve never seen a worse attempt at hiding oneself’s identity lol, and I don’t really understand it.Eileen/Raine/whatever-you’d-like-to-be-called-today I personally never had issue with DTU turning into the EMP group (and please don’t say it didn’t, you’re an intelligent woman, lying doesn’t suit you). The issues were censorship, kicking people out when they said the slightest wrong thing when they were only there for help, not notifying developers/vendors when terms and conditions changed regarding pricing (this was a huge issue for me as it proved EMP completely lacking ethics), and basically bullying vendors into having sales and bundles so there could be more sales and EMP could get their cut (I have messages from Andrew trying to talk me into things like this). Any negative comments on EMP/DTU and how it’s run are completely warranted.

      I have no reason to lie about you or anyone else, so before you starting denying things a lot of us have a lot of proof. And at least you can’t delete my post here.

      • Ha ha, good point, Leslie!

        And you´re right, here she can´t delete your post, come Raine or come shine!

    • 254 Cliffwood Dr

  13. Reading through the divi groups have become an important part of my work day. I have also met some really great people. I haven’t had this much fun on facebook before Divi!

  14. Loving this post. So many groups inhabited by awesomely talented people. Great tips on how to access and use them too.

  15. Hey Randy! I am an admin in all of the groups you’ve mentioned except the biggest. It is very apparent that you have genuinely researched and spent time in each of the groups. You did a great job giving personality to each one. Very well written!

    I am seeing our groups grow more in just a few hours than in several months thanks to your write-up. And I expect this to continue for quite a while as those in the later time zones “wake up” and see the article.

    You have been a great boon to all of the groups you mentioned and I know that we all appreciate your time very much. 🙂

    • Thanks Terry! And thanks for the hard work you’ve put into all of the groups. It’s hard enough being an admin to just one group. I can’t imagine being an admin for four groups.

      • Cheers Randy. 🙂

  16. I didn’t know there were so many Facebook groups out there.. I joined them all.. Thanks!

  17. Great post Randy, the Divi FB community is my favourite place to be, such generous giving people without the clique you see in many FB groups.

    • Thanks Michelle! I’ve noticed that too. I’m in lots of other groups that don’t get along as well as Divi groups.

  18. I think FB groups are a great resource. But, some of these groups are established for the primary purpose of marketing and promoting specific commercial enterprises. That would be fine in itself, but they frequently censor legitimate discussion under the guise of “group rules”. I have observed that this is happening more often particularly when the offending party expresses criticism of something said by a group admin.

    • I second this and am concerned that full disclosure is not provided about the commercial interests of Elegant Marketplace (EMP) and the Divi Theme Users page.

      Anyone joining this group should be made aware that it is a sales funnel for EMP.

      If you want fully open discussion along with the opportunity to sell or market products that you develop, any way you like, then your best bet is to connect in with users of the other pages.

      They are friendly and open in their intentions.

      • Well we need the Elegant Marketplace though… The very recent plugins for sale are major game changers for what we can do with the theme.

      • I don’t think its fair to call the Divi Theme Users group a sales funnel for EMP. The Divi Theme Users group came first, and it is the largest of these groups for exactly that reason, it was the first FB group created to allow Divi users to help and support each other. However the founders realised that there was an opportunity to build something more out of that, and the Elegant Marketplace was born.

        No one has ever been forced to buy anything from EMP in the DTU group and it is still the largest group of Divi users and developers who are there to help and share information.

        I was invited to join one of the smaller groups first, then came to the Divi Theme Users group and I’m now selling plugins on EMP and sharing my knowledge with other developers. It’s a great place to grow as a Divi developer and business owner.

  19. 4 of them approved e in 5 minutes time and another in 10 minutes time. Seem to be awesome groups. Thanks.

    • Yeah these are literally some of the most active facebook groups I’ve seen. You’re going to love it!

    • That’s impressive! Let me jump in there. 😉

  20. Looking forward to building more stunning websites with Divi v3.0
    Thanks for the list of FB groups, Just joined and already learning new ideas and tricks. Thanks.

    • Great to hear Lloyd. Best way to learn is to jump in, ask questions, make mistakes, and share what you discover 🙂

  21. Thanks for including Divi theme tutorials group to your list 🙂

    For the last month or so we’ve been organizing Divi community live Q and A sessions in our groups live chat line. We plan to conduct these sessions every Friday.

    Would be great to have all these amazing people joining to these sessions.
    You can browse our past sessions through our YouTube channel.

    Thanks again 🙂

    • Chathura, thank you for your work in the community. You’ve added a lot of value and I know a great many people appreciate your passion.

      • Thanks for your kind words Nathan 🙂

        Tuts Directory is a team effort. There are lot of solution submitters to the site. We have full backing of our group to make it the go to site to find divi theme related solutions.

        We plan to branch out to other areas as well. Apart from Divi, there are Tuts sites for WooCommerce and CFA exam (a finance related professional exam)

        I want to run this site like Wikipedia. I’m from a third world country. I have personally experienced the difficulty and hardship for us to find free and open resource to gather knowledge to carry out something. That’s why I appreciate free and open projects like Wikipedia and WordPress. Beacuse these platform has enabled guys like me to achieve our ideas.

        Tuts Directory will run as a free and open project with crowd donations like Wikipedia. While Wikipedia provides a platform to share knowledge, Tuts Directory provides users with easy access to solutions – this is the goal of this project 🙂

    • Thanks Chathura. That sounds interesting. I’ll check it out.

  22. Hey Randy. Great article. Its really cool how you dug in and gave a good feel for the unique personality and culture of each group. I also love your Tips on Using Facebook Groups. Very cool. And thanks for including Elegant Themes User Community 🙂

    • Agreed. Great job on that angle Randy 🙂

      • Thanks Nathan!

    • Thanks Geno. Thanks for helping make it the fine group that it is. Your contributions are amazingoing and I have learned a lot from you.

  23. I learned about the Divi Theme User group almost immediately after starting to use Divi. It saved my life many times. I think one thing your guidelines missed is that “givers get”…meaning… it’s important to contribute to keep each community alive and vital. Everyone has something to offer. And especially with all the time-zones, sometimes questions can get overlooked. When I’m not busy I troll for unanswered questions to try to help. I’ve gained SO much, I WANT to give back to the communities.

    • Totally agree Sheila. If everyone gives what they can we call get A LOT.

    • Very nice thought. Of course, when the only reason you give, is to see how much you can get, as is the case with the Divi Users Group, it’s not quite the gesture one would expect or respect.

    • Excellent point Sheila. Thanks for mentioning that. We all learn and benefit from each other.

    • That is so true. One can learn a lot by helping.

  24. Randy, thank you for including Divi Theme Users on your list. It is an honor to be included.

    • You’re welcome Eileen. Thank you for making it a great group.

  25. Hi Randy Brown , great post , king regards

  26. Joined all of them!

  27. Great article and truly said !!!

    • Good call Nathan, that’s a cool group.

    • Thanks Nathan. Divi Freelancers for Hire is a great group.

  28. Awesome. I admin in 2 of those and am a member of 4, the groups are responsible for more knowledge gained than given for me. Thanks for the write up, and for the products and effort you put in them.

    • Thanks Dean for helping to make the groups great!

  29. Thanks for Giving Extra Theme Users a shoutout Nathan! Just wanted to mention that the group now has 4 admins, the newest additions being Geno Quiroz and Terry Hale 🙂

    • Oops, sorry meant thanks for the shout out Randy! Saw Nathan posting in the groups and had him top of mind :-/

      • Thanks Cory!

  30. I started off in the ET User community and absolutely love it in there. I’ve learnt so much and everyone is really friendly. Through this group I found out about Divi Theme | Extra Theme | Help & Share group and now use them both equally.

  31. Great article and truly said. All the groups are awesome and very helpful. It indeed helps Divi grow and spread like no other theme. We must admit that because of such groups Divi has become so popular.

    We can also see a great examples of sites built with Divi everyday with users coming up with their own design and style.

    • Very true!

    • Thanks Deep. Good point. I see a lot of great examples in the groups.

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