The twofentons Divi Journey

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The twofentons Divi Journey
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This post was submitted by Katie Fenton as part of our community themed Divi Summer Sale week. Each day of the weeklong sale we will be publishing new stories submitted by community members about how Divi has helped them build their careers and businesses.

twofentons (the clue is in the name) is made up of me Katie (me) and my husband Gavin Fenton. We’ve been working together, side by side in our home office, for just over 10 years now. Based in the Highlands of Scotland it is more common than not that individuals work from home due to the rural nature of the country. As a result our client base started off with (and still contains) a lot of small one-man-bands; although with Gavin’s background in hotel management we’ve taken on larger hotel and restaurant projects too. As the years have gone on we’ve established a really good mix of corporate and smaller clients.


The Backstory

Historically, Gavin was the web builder along with coding support from a couple of trusted sub-contract coders. However, since moving to WordPress–and away from custom CMS systems–we are not so heavily reliant on “technical geniuses” anymore. Over the past 5 or so years I’ve been coming in towards the end of projects and completing his design work with content and images. My quick typing skills and logical approach to things has meant we’ve had very defined rolls in the business. However, just over a year ago our local community employed the services of another web development company and asked us to help with design and integration and boom, that was our introduction to Divi.

The Difference Divi Makes

Since then Gavin has watched a gazillion YouTube videos, become involved in the fabulous Facebook Divi groups and I’ve finally decided that I can do more than just contribute content. I’m now building pages and enjoying investigating layouts and themes myself…Gavin does have to reign me in somewhat as I tend to have a scattergun approach to things sometimes, but in my defence I think that is just a bit of a creative spirit!

We’ve really enjoyed working on a few recent developments using Divi and thanks to some excellent support from the online community have overcome difficulties and learned new things along the way. For example, thanks to Darren Woodley, Gavin has learned all about Flexbox and this is something that without Darren’s help we wouldn’t have been able to create our most recent launch; an image heavy hotel and restaurant website.


Also PK Son and his excellent tutorials have grown Gavin’s knowledge base extensively. I always know when Gavin is excited about something new he’s learned because he talks about it constantly, and I mean constantly. He’s just started an advanced CSS course and can’t shut up about it!

But to be fair, I must admit that the Facebook groups have been a revelation. It’s great chatting with people from all over the world, it’s great knowing that the question you are about to ask has probably been asked before and someone can help you pretty quickly, and it’s great that even with my basic Divi knowledge I have already managed to help a couple of even newer users than me!

What Divi (And the Divi Nation) Has Meant to Us

From my point of view Divi has meant that I can help more–both in my business and in the community. Instead of sitting on the sidelines listening to a lot of swearing and watching head in hands moments.

Divi is helping us to be more profitable and has considerably changed the way we work. We are more productive, we are not outsourcing so much work, we are both involved in the build process from the beginning. And contrary to what a lot of people think, working and living together actually has its benefits! We are far more aware of how the other one is going to approach something and can delegate to each other well as we know who has the skills for whichever part of a project we’re taking on.

It should be remembered though, I am the boss! ?


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  1. You’ll all be thinking we are ao rude not responding sooner… been on holiday and no idea this had been published. will respond to individual questions directly.

  2. Thank you for sharing your story. It helps to see others who are in the same space… creating smaller company websites, working from home, and such. Your work is very nice!

    • Hi Elise, thanks very much for your comments. We often think that we’d like to do bigger sites but don’t want to take on something that we can’t deliver 100% on – we have learnt by our mistakes in the past and know that we can’t do all things well but just focus on what we can do!

  3. Hi,

    How do you achieve the hover effect with the text on the home page? Like the one on the home page of the twofentons home page.

    • Hi Roseline, drop me an email and I’ll reveal all! 🙂

  4. The twofentons! You guys have a great website and a wonderful portfolios! Loved to learn from you two 🙂

    • Hi Nagari, drop me an email with what you need 🙂

  5. It is a wonderful Layout, I love it really and it fits perfect to B&B and restaurants. Is there any layout and creation guide available for this? Cheers Nadine

    • Hi Nadine, thanks for your, feedback (sorry for late reply we’ve been on holiday). Nothing available for this but please email me ([email protected]) and I can give you more info on the build.

  6. Thanks for the kind words Katie and what a great team you both make. It was a pleasure helping Gavin out and the Boath House site is looking fantastic. I’m sure I’m not the only one looking at your portfolio and hoping you’ll find the time to create some Divi child themes in the future.

    • Hey Darren, sorry for the tardy reply, we’ve been on holiday and only just seen this post. I’m working on a wireframe & build idea at the moment where the client chooses the sections and they are pre-coded & built then exported to the testing server and front end styling applied so the whole process is online. After that I am working on our new site with some themes (hopefully!). Thanks for all your help my friend – see you in the Groups.

  7. Hey the Two Fentons! Happy surprised to see your name here!

    • Hey PK, not as surprised as us I can assure you :). Thanks for the continuing advise and help my friend – catch up soon

    • And pleased they introduced me to your work PK 🙂

  8. Thank you for sharing your Divi experience. I am hoping to ramp up my use of Divi very soon. It has also been my experience that Divi allows me to focus on the bigger things, instead of those annoying “head in hands moments”.

    I also think it is great that you get to work at home, side by side with your husband. It’s wonderful that Gavin allows you to be the boss.

    My wife likes to tell me that I am the boss, but I know better!

    • Hey Rich, thanks for your feedback. No the boss won’t allow me to think I’m the boss unless she’s not around 🙂 – If I was running things we’d be a lot poorer believe me!

  9. Great story, loved it, I’m a bit jealous, working with a partner can be great I’m sure, especially if you happen to live in a more rural country as Scotland does seem to come by. Good job guys!

    • Thanks Joao, sorry it’s taken a while to reply – we’ve been on holiday

  10. After looking at some of your web pages I was very impressed by your work. Very well done – compliment. The cooperation with you two seems to be successful. My wife also supports me occasionally. It simply makes the better pictures, and the content is more appropriately rendered in my opinion. Therefore, I wish you both, Katie and Gavin, continue to enjoy and fun cooperation, as well as quite a lot of success in the business.

    • Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated.

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