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Hi! I am Sumit Sheoran from India. I am a Web developer an designer. I have a love of Web Development and designing that I bring to all my work. I am meticulous and am always learning more about my field to both stay current and to expand on my skills. I have about 2.5 years of experience working in this field plus a couple more years setting up websites, I have a real love of Web Development. I find the whole field endlessly fascinating. I have a problem-solving attitude so bring on your problems and I will get them fixed. As a Mensa member I am able to add on new needed skills and knowledge very quickly.

• Excellent problem-solving skills

• Expertise in WordPress web development and Designing.

• Specializing in WordPress

• Proficiency with Systems Administration and Tech Support work

• Expertise creating and maintaining hundreds of websites

• Experienced at troubleshooting websites.

• Proficient in WordPress.

Sumit Sheoran

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