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Hey Now, I’m Mike Shamon. I’ve been working with the Divi theme since around 2015 and it is my favorite WordPress Theme.

While working at an agency I was in charge of building and maintaining many WordPress websites. It got to a point where everyone had a different theme.

Doing some research I came across the Divi Theme. Once I started to use it, I was hooked, we started building all of the websites with Divi.

At this time I decided to start a YouTube channel with helpful online tutorials.

After leaving the agency and working for myself, my love of the Divi theme expanded. I went on to make my own Divi layouts available for people to use.

I’ve designed hundreds of websites with the Divi Theme and love how much the Divi team makes improvements and upgrades to the theme.

One of the best things about Divi is the ability to import and export layouts, sections and theme builder items. This feature is great and saves a lot of time.

These items along with the versatile options allow me to create awesome designs and webpages.

If you would like to learn more about some awesome Divi Theme Tips and Tricks you can check out my YouTube channel. I have over 60+ Divi Tutorials, Full websites and things you probably didn’t know, just search my name, Mike Shamon.

For more information on me, you can check out my personal website at MikeShamon.com

Mike Shamon

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