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Divi Extended is a business unit of Elicus Technologies. We are a team of professionals based in Jaipur, India and offer tailored solution in WordPress and Divi.

The motive behind the launch of Divi Extended is very interesting. While building sites for clients, we came across a situation where we were repeating the same blog layout for all our customers. Even though the blog layouts were unique for clients, we wanted to bring something that was simple to implement and gives a distinct look and feel to the Divi Blog pages.

So, we did a custom layout and implemented it on the Elicus blog, which still exists there. This idea was then converted into a module that allows users to select a blog layout from the available designs.

DiviExtended.com was launched as a platform to let users buy our solo product - Divi Blog Extras. Soon after the launch, we realized that there are users who would like to have more features added to their Divi module library. We started working on more modules, focusing very strongly on the areas we felt we needed for ourselves while building client sites using the Divi theme. 

The one need of ours to design a blog page more simply changed everything for us, and many Divi users around the globe. We were building modules, as well as we also started to design Divi child themes and layouts. That was a huge step for us to make the Divi user experience smoother and more reliable. We loved what we were doing, and it is getting much deeper each day passing. 

Above all, we received great appreciation for our work from everyone out there using the Divi theme and building awesome websites. This journey since early 2017 with the Divi community has been remarkable, and we are powering more than 200K websites so far. And we are hoping to do better in the long run. Our goal for the future is to be associated closely with WordPress and Divi and continue delivering products and services to add up usersโ€™ experience. So, they- the WordPress and Divi users- can achieve new heights when it comes to designing sensational websites and anything related to that. 


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