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The Social Follow Module

Module Overview

The social follow modules lets you create icon-based links that point to your online social profiles, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. This icons are integrated into the theme, in the clean style of Divi using our Elegant Icons, which make them preferable to use over third party plugins. You can add links to multiple social profiles within each module, and add the module to anywhere on the page.

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The Module Options

Overall Module Settings:

Link Shape - Here you can choose the shape of your social network icons. You can toggle between Cirlce or Rounded Rectangle.

Text Color - Here you can choose whether your text should be light or dark. If you are working with a dark background, then your text should be light. If your background is light, then your text should be set to dark.

URL Opens - Here you can choose whether or not your link opens in a new window.

Follow Button - Here you can choose whether or not to include the follow button next to the icon. If disabled, then only the logo icon will be displayed.

Admin Label - This will change the label of the module in the builder for easy identification.

CSS ID - Enter an optional CSS ID to be used for this module. An ID can be used to create custom CSS styling, or to create links to particular sections of your page.

CSS Class - Enter optional CSS classes to be used for this module. A CSS class can be used to create custom CSS styling. You can add multiple classes, separated with a space.

Individual Button Settings:

Social Network - Choose the network that you would like to link to. Dependind on the network you select, the correct logo will be used from the icon, and a default background color will be added to match.

Account URL - Input the full URL to your social profile page. This is where the link to lead to when clicked.

Icon Color - Select the color to be used for the bakground color of the button. By default, we choose a color that matches the corporate identity of the social network you selected. However, you are also free to choose a custom color.

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