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The Testimonial Module

Module Overview

Testimonials are a great way to encourage trust from your visitors. Using the Divi testimonial widget, you can quickly add testimonials to your join & sales pages. testimonials are usually compelling quotes from your customers. Each testimonial has a quote, the name of it’s author, and a link their website (which is optional). These are great when used in conjunction with the pricing tables module on sales pages.

Live Module Demo

The Module Options

Author Name - Input the name of the testimonial author here. This will appear at the bottom of the module after the testimonial.

Author's Site URL - Insert a valid web URL to turn the Author’s name into a link. Leaving this field blank will simply leave the Author’s name as a static element.

URL Opens - Use this dropdown menu to specify whether or not the URL should open in a new window.

Content - This field is where you can enter the testimonial content.

Admin Label - By default, your Testimonial module will appear with a label that reads ‘Testimonial’ in the builder. The Admin Label allows you to change this label for easy identification.

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