The Shop Module

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Module Overview

Divi has been designed to be WooCommerce compatible. To integrate WooCommerce you will need to install the latest version of WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is the plugin that we recommend, as it has the nicest feature set, interface and follows the best coding practices. After you enabled the plugin, you will see a new "WooCommerce" and "Products" section has been added to your WordPress Dashboard. You can use these areas to adjust your eCommerce settings and publish new products. You can find full documentation on WooCommerce here.

Pleas note that while the builder includes various WooCommerce modules, you can also use WooCommerce by itself without the builder just fine. You can create standard pages for Checkout, Shopping Cart, etc, as outlined in their documentation. You can also link straight to your woocommerce categories, or use the WooCommerce Shortcodes within a Divi text module. This gives you the freedom to do just about anything.

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The Module Options

Type - Choose which type of products you would like to display in your product feed. You can choose from Recent Products which will display all of your products in chronological order, Featured Products, Sale Products, Best Selling Products, or Top Rated Products.

Post Number - Define the number products that you wish to display. You will need to have products made for anything to show up inside of this module. See How to Add & Manage Products

Columns Number - Chose how many columns to display in your shop module. 4 columns should be used for a 1 column row. 3 columns should be used for a 3/4 row column. 2 column should be used for a 1/2 row column. 1 column should be used for a 1/4 row column.

Order By - Choose how you would like your products to be ordered. Choose to order by Default Sorting, Popularity, Rating, Date, Priced Low to High, and Priced High to Low.

Admin Label - By default, your shop module will appear with a label that reads ‘Shop’ in the builder. The Admin Label allows you to change this label for easy identification.

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