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I'm posting this to show you what I managed to do with the Digital Payments layout pack as my departure point:

Although this was the second ever site I made with Divi, it was actually the first one I completed. My forms plugin broke while I was making it, so I finished it without a contact form (just contact info), but it's working well enough for the site's owner. :)

I learned how to do the overlapping logo from these tutorials: ... pping-logo
(It's a bit jagged, but I ran out of time with fixes!)

You wouldn't easily recognise this page as having been inspired by the Digital Payments theme. The image shows some of my client's students in the background, doing a practical exercise: ... -training/

Thank you for providing the layout packs. They have helped me a lot to have a starting point for building and learning. I love looking out for the new one which comes every Friday, and often I check your site even before the mail comes in with the link to the layouts section.
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