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How To Update Your Monarch WordPress Plugin

Using our Elegant Updater Plugin, you can update Monarch right from your dashboard.

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Using The Social Follow Widget In Monarch

Using the Monarch widget, you can easily add social follow buttons to your sidebar or footer.

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Divi Hosting By Flywheel Overview

Get amazing WordPress hosting that just works with Divi. We partnered with Flywheel to bring great Divi hosting to our customers along with automatic WordPress and Divi installation. Skip the installation and setup process and enjoy a faster Divi website!

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Divi Hosting By Pressable Overview

Pressable has curated ultra-fast, secure & scalable WordPress Hosting plans for businesses and site developers. Divi, WordPress and Jetpack Premium come pre-installed. The definition of WordPress Hosting from the creators of WordPress.com.

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Divi Hosting By SiteGround Overview

We partnered with SiteGround to bring Divi users fast Divi Hosting that works perfectly out of the box! Plus Divi and WordPress come pre-installed and configured with your license key. Skip the setup process and jump right into the builder! Divi Hosting from SiteGround is configured to meet all of Divi’s requirements and is supported by a team of WordPress professionals.

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