Two More Themes in the Works

Posted on June 28, 2010 by in Theme Sneak Peeks 125 Comments

Two More Themes in the Works
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I know everyone likes to see what’s going on behind the scenes, so I have put together a couple previews of two new themes we have in the works. Don’t worry, we are still working on LightBright and DelicateNews as well, one of which will be released sometime this week!


I know it has been a long time coming, but I am sure many of you will be happy to hear that I am finally working on eStore again. I ended up abandoning the original theme because I simply wasn’t feeling the design anymore. I have been working on a new version of the theme that I think will work out much better. The new design will be suitable for a wider range of markets, and the simple layout should be flexible enough to integrate with various eCommerce plugins.


I have also been continuing my exploration of tumblr and “tumblr-style” themes. DailyNotes will be a truly elegant design – perfect for sharing your everyday experiences. It will feature some great javascript effects, and will include various media-driven post types to make sharing your life easier. I think that this theme is going to work out great for those looking to run a simple/personal blog without all of the extra “stuff” (featured articles, widgets, dual navigation bars, popular/random articles, “recent from” sections) that I tend to include in each of my themes.


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  1. WOW, exciting stuff in the works!
    Thanks for your wonderful creativity. It really helps.

    • Daily Notes looks beautiful. Hopefully we will get few more color schemes.

    • Wow…can’t agree more. They both looks really “LV in wordpress”. Never regret joining the club. 😉 thank you very much.

  2. Truly awesome work Nick – your style continues to exude more and more deliciousness!

  3. Really interested in the eCommerce theme – there’s much opportunity for a high-quality alternative to what is currently available. Are you looking at testing it with WP-e-commerce or the Shoppd plugin?

    • We are looking into it. Ideally I would like to allow different integration options, but it is difficult to accomplish with Wp eCommerece and Shoppd due to how they are coding (using their own system instead of standard posts/pages). But we will do our best to create the best solution 🙂

      • Nick I’m also very interested in eStore theme. We are opening a small webshop and I’m fidling with various WP solutions for months but I’m not completely happy with most of them. I had a a gut feeling that we should wait for something new 🙂
        Maybe its not proper to ask but do you have rough release date for this theme? Is it weeks away or months?
        thank you very much!

        • It should be ready in less than a month.

          • AWESOME! We can wait that much! 😉

          • two thumbs! awesome .. and yes, I can’t hardly wait to download and use this theme.

          • Ditto!!! Looks Awesome!

          • Looking forward to working with it. Really nice work you do. Certainly elegant.

          • According to your post Nick, we should see eStore next week?!

      • I too am keenly interested in the eCommerce theme, and would like to use it with Checkout by Amazon.

        In fact I was going to wait for this theme to come out before deciding to join, but your last theme was just so nice, I know I’m going to like the eCommerce theme as well, so I’m joining today. 🙂

    • I am so so so so excited about this theme. It’s coming out just in time! Nick, you deserve every bit of praise that gets lavished upon you. You are one of, if not THE, most talented WP designers I’ve ever seen!

  4. Really excited about the notes theme.Great work.

  5. BTW – use of mega menus like the two column wide one in the preview is a great move for an ecommerce theme, as is a prominent slider with a few smaller features elsewhere.

  6. the estore is looking real nice.

  7. I really like the estore theme. I was starting to look for something like this, now I don’t need to look, I just need to wait.

  8. Really like both of them. Nice and clean. How exciting!

  9. Both themes look awesome. Really lookin’ forward to gettin’ a tumblr-style personal site that can integrate my twitter-feed (and some other social media sites) sort of seamlessly. Will get to work with that as soon as your theme is released! 🙂 Will also try to code in the for easy sharing (via twitter, for example). Keep up the excellent work, Nick!

  10. As always, great themes! Keep up the good work. I am really enjoying my theme 🙂

  11. The eStore-template is so amazing, that I wish I had something to sell…
    The Daily Notes will probably become my new homepage!

  12. Dude, you are so awesome, cant wait for estore!

  13. Wow, E-Store looks freaking amazing. I cannot wait!

  14. Sorry, do you have an ETA for the E-Store?

  15. Very cool! I’m trying to think of a use for both of them!

  16. When I joined as a subscriber I thought: ,,Hell, why not, I’ll just pay for 1 year, anyway.” After that, this amazing work keeps pouring out. I am hooked. 🙂 Really is a nice feeling to get this service and high quality work. I probably won´t use most of the themes, but really like to see them, study them. Elegant Themes really surprised me. WordPress and open source systems in general shows me the evil forces are not winning. 🙂 Elegant Themes enforces that feeling.

  17. I’ve been waiting on the perfect theme for my blog which indeed are my “daily notes” about my life. I can’t wait!!

  18. Both look great!

  19. Wow!!! I’m a new subscriber and what I only have to say is…Wow! 🙂

    I’ll be back when I won’t be at a loss for words! 😉

  20. I love concept behind Notes of life. Great idea

  21. Hi Nick, I finally got membership. Just want to say that I am really amazed with all this bunch of new and so well designed and especially coded themes..

    I have a question for an eStore theme (and others). Is there possibility that you develop your own e-cart/commerce system, like an additional plug-in. And just to keep it simple like your e-panel. I think you have really big market for that kind of things 🙂

    I like e-commerce plug-in, but it really have thousands of options..

  22. Wow I just signed up yesterday and now I’m seeing such great news from you, Nick. I’m so excited.

  23. You are truly freaking awesome. I’ll be using both.

  24. Hey Nick,

    Really interested in your tumblr themes. Already using several others. My redesign that switched to theSource had my numbers jump — much appreciated. Anxiously awaiting LightBright. Any ETA on this one?

    • It’s nearing completion. It will be released either later this week or on Monday.

  25. EStore looks killer can’t wait hope it supports “WP Paypal Shopping Cart” plugin

  26. Can’t wait for Notes of Life. Any idea when it will be ready for Prime Time? Thanks, Nick.

  27. hey nick, PLEASE PLEASE do include an integrated eCommerce plugin! it would be really handy and saves up alot of trouble finding the perfect one that would be suitable with elegantthemes 🙂 much appreciated.

  28. Thanks! I can’t wait Estore Theme!

  29. Yeeeeeeeeaaah Estore is back !!

    Is that some kind of MegaNav I see as well?

    Definitely rate the new estore design too, I know you’re gonna hate this question but is there a release date?? .. keep up the good work!

  30. The estore theme is something i was looking for a long time. I can wait the final product. You guys have done an woderfull job. keep it up

  31. The estore is just simply amazing! nice work!

  32. Wow, it’s so beautifull. Keep going, you’re a great artist
    Best regards from France

  33. estore will be good to work other one is also nice

    • Great looking ecommerce theme.

      If I were you I’d go ahead and wirte a plugin for the theme in the same spirit of the theme…not cluttered, easy to configure..

      ..and charge for it..I’ll be the first one to pay..


  34. Wow nice themes! I really like Notes , really uhm…. elegant!
    Cant wait for these releases


  35. You are doing realy good work. Looking forward to the estore theme.

  36. thanks to me you guys are getting that estore theme. I suggested this 2 months ago several times, not something I think the admin was interested in however with the several attempts I can see it got through, im sure glad he did this and I can see you all are.

    Thanks Admin !

    • Er thanks Michael … so you pretty much wrote the theme yourself huh?

      Give ET a break .. they know what they know what they’re doing!

      I’m pretty sure it’s all done for the love and even though I was bustin’ for estore I know that if It was delayed, it was because they wouldn’t let a crappy theme out the door and NOT because they were waiting for someone to pester them.

      • great to hear. I didnt realize you had this in the works. Thats definitely why I will keep my subscription next year.

        Thanks, !

  37. Wow, Nick!

    The estore theme should be a real winner.

    I am really looking forward to road-testing it.

    Keep these great themes coming!!

    Ian D

  38. The E-Store is on FIRE!

  39. Oooh, can’t wait to play with both of them! Very nice work mate.

  40. IMO, $20 is worth it for only one of your themes Nick. Impressive we get all this for peanuts! :]

    Thanks for keeping us posted, let alone for bring them new ones along!

  41. getting more exciting everyday but would love to see that news theme, looks interesting.

  42. Holy cr*p,

    you’re doing some really good work atm.
    Can’t wait to try them all.

    But now I got a problem.
    I don’t know which one to pick:-p

    • I suppose that’s a good problem to have 🙂

  43. AWESOME! When will i join?

  44. Hey Nick

    Absolutely LOVE daily notes – I can see a lot of my clients will love it too. Keep up the good work!

  45. I’m new in here, and I’m so glad I finally did my registration, I seriously love your work and this new themes looks amazing, thanks for the hard work, I’m sure a lot of people aprecciate your work

  46. That is two good looking previews. I guess DailyNotes will use the same post types as Tumblr?

  47. Dude! This eStore realy rocks! Just what I need, I can’t wait. 🙂 I wonder if there will be light blue and green color variations. That could be absolutely awesome.

  48. When will the e-Store theme be published ?

  49. Nick,

    Is it possible to add a”dark Notes of Life” theme flavor to your list.


  50. Do you ever plan on releasing a framework for any of your themes so that other develops can take advantage of your famous ePanel?

  51. Hey Nick. That eShop theme is really exciting.

    Do you think we can expect any integration with Zen Cart? It is supposed to be the best/most versatile cart system.


  52. Awesome new designs! Can’t wait for their debut. 😀

  53. Holy crap !
    Those 2 themes looks so wonderful.

    Is it normal that I’m thinking about starting some e-commerce just to use the beautiful eStore ? :p

    And DailyNotes reminds me of Tumblr’s theme Silo :
    But with some little thing in addition… o yes, I figure it out… it’s elegant 😉

  54. WOW!!! as usual excellent work. keep it up.

  55. awesome~!

  56. What a pity that eStore isn’t available yet.

    Today I’m building a store using a framework that is not WordPress 🙁 If eStore were available I’ll use WordPress for sure!

    Keep up the good work!

  57. So very excited. You sir, make my life so much easier.

  58. Notes of Life!!!



  59. Pretty impressive. especially the daily note one.

    • Im agree with you… this theme looks simple and elegant…

  60. Already become member since 2009, and I really need e-commerce like e-store, so please dont delay this themes

  61. OMG!!! I am so glad and happy!!! Love you! Can’t wait for the themes!

  62. Owaw. I was about to download the Personal Press theme to use it on my new blog. Now I think I’ll wait till the daily notes release. Thanks Nick…

  63. I have a suggestion. The estore theme doesnt make sense as it is saying recent archives and recent posts and recent comments… This side should relate to ecommerce things like forms of payment and security icons.. I would suggest looking at some top shopping sites to get a few ideas before making this live.

    • It’s a widget-ready sidebar, so you can put anything you want there. You don’t have to add recent comments/posts etc.

      • Good to know.. Any Idea when the release is I want to get this one up on my shopping site asap.

        Mike !

        • DailyNotes does not come with a sidebar I’m afraid.

  64. I’m very excited! Will these be released soon? Any chance of making a travel blog?

  65. Holaa…well done pal..

  66. G’day Nick

    eStore is looking good so far, & the Notes of Life theme is a nice concept, hope to see it soon. You say that the eStore theme should work with some of the other eCommerce packages out there. Have you given any thought to giving a complete theme inc/ the eCommerece side of it? If you would like, then I have a few resouces available for you.

    Other than that, I’ve had a few accounts with this site, keep it coming!

  67. When do you release (the fantastic) Delicate News?

  68. Looks great! Can’t wait to get a closer look at them 🙂

  69. Both the themes look fantastic. I am waiting for both.

    Daily notes is the one that I have been waiting for secretly!

    Thanks Nick!

  70. Will Estore work with Shopperpress???

  71. When will Estore be released?

  72. Really interested in the eCommerce theme and I can’t wait.

    Thank you very much.

  73. I can’t wait to get my hands on Daily Notes. It’s perfect for a friend of mine.

    I love the fresh look & feel of your templates. You are an amazing designer!

  74. Both are wonderful!
    If eStore integrates nicely with WP e-Commerce, it would be awesome! Even the colors are right: red, white and grey. I could implement a site out-of-the-box in 5 minutes. Can’t wait! 🙂

  75. Just to echo, super excited about the e-store theme! Can’t wait for it to come out. Thanks, Nick!

  76. When you are releasing estore finally? 🙂 I am waiting for it.

  77. Can you make sure to add the option for a list view of products, as an alternative to a grid view like I currently have on my online store?

    These themes look great!

  78. HUGE fan of Elegant Themes. Can’t wait to see the E-comm plugin.

    IMHO integration with WP-Ecommerce is a waste of time, it’s a really buggy application for a storefront.

    Now Shopp on the other hand…this would be very useful.

    • I agree. WP-Ecommerce is a nightmare.

  79. I’ve been meaning to subscribe to elegant themes, I need to get on this.

  80. Just curious. Do you have a status update on your e-commerce piece? Great work, BTW.

  81. Nick, can u tell me when Estore will be available? you mentioned something about this week.

  82. Wow, I am really excited about the estore one! cant wait!

  83. hoping for the best for the eStore theme…

    Maybe a real-estate and hotel & resort theme will be next in line?

    really great themes

  84. Hi all, when eStore them will be availible for downloading? I couldn`t find it.

  85. Eish… cant wait for it to be available…. any launch date yet????

  86. no news yet?

  87. Hi Nick,

    I’m terribly excited to see that you are starting an estore theme.

    There is an excellent WP estore plugin located below, but it’s not free:

    You know all I really need is a light coloured theme that looks like a grid to display my products. Believe it or not I’ve been trying tons of photo gallery themes and the images are either too large or not enough images on the home page. I’m looking forward to seeing this finally happen.

  88. is there any news on the release for estore?

  89. These themes are looking great, I haven’t visited here for quite a while and this is a plesent suprise..

  90. Wow Nick, that new eShop template looks FABULOUS!! I’m so grateful for Erica over at for turning me onto elegant themes! Thanks!!

  91. Hi,

    I just wanted to add a few suggestions to estore:

    – I would like the option to put my categories on the side instead of the top, because I will have a lot of categories.

    – I don’t want to be forced to use a free estore plugin. I have my own and would like the option to turn the free one off.

    – Can you make it available in many colours. Not dark ones.

    – The option to take the slider off and add more products to the home page. A large grid would be nice. With a section that says, “Recent products.”


    P.S. I’m really looking forward to this. I have been waiting over a year!

  92. Hey Nick,

    Do you have any update on the EStore THEME?

  93. Can’t wait for the eStore theme! Looks great, and a perfect fit for a project I’m about to start on. Can we get an availability timeline update?

  94. From the looks of all the comments here there will be a lot of people setting up the E-Store Theme… I will be trying it out for sure.

    I just started working on a site where I can use it now.

    I started putting up products tonight, now I think I will try this theme first.

    Ken Toulou

  95. hey bud when is estore coming out… Its been a while

    • When do you release eStore?

  96. Hey Nick.
    Awesome templates as usual, but I’m still wondering when you’ll release the awesomest one:

    Any news about it?

    Thank you

  97. Very nice blog to read and to get inform i like it very much and impressed from it you know that you are so beautiful about your work so keep it up

  98. like name, this wordpress theme is elegant and appropriate for online business.. i like it…

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