Theme Sneak Peek: Webly

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Theme Sneak Peek: Webly

With the upcoming release of Modest right around the corner, we have already started working on some great new themes. It has been a while since I have experimented with multi-media design, and I was excited to put my pencil to paper again as I worked on some hand-drawn sketches for this next theme. “Webly” will be a professional theme, but but a professional theme with just enough charm and whimsy to give your website that edge of uniqueness. (but don’t worry, there will be other styles and colorschemes to choose from too!) Let us know what you think of the preview!


  1. Wow…..looks awesome, another great theme!
    I don’t know how you pump them out so fast but still maintaining such high quality standards.

    Great job!

  2. Another great design.

    Looking forward to using it

  3. This is really Fun!!!

  4. Them is very nice, but I think you should add more usefull thems for typical informational website (ex. 2 columns based).

    • Thanks for the suggestion.

      • back to top link on themes would be nice l think.

  5. Nice Work

    now we need a new theme for gaming website πŸ™‚

    • I’ll keep it in mind!

    • That’s a great idea. Actually I’m running TheSource for a Gamingcommunity. But a gamingtemplate (maybe with a featured slider which can handle videos and screenshots, stylish newsboxes and so on) would fit our needs better! πŸ™‚

  6. Cute!

    • πŸ˜›

  7. Love the hand-drawn look! Very cool! How soon will Modest be ready?

    • In 2 weeks most likely.

      • Thanks!! I am excited for that one. I think it looks like a theme that can be made to match my current look and branding.

  8. Cool πŸ™‚

  9. As an artist who works at Disney, I say it looks pretty cool man. Nice drawring skills. πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks πŸ™‚

  10. Yawn. Everything from the fonts to the colors to the graphics are all the same as before. I’m waiting to pull the trigger and sign up to elegant themes… but not until I see something elegantly different. Elegantly creative.

    • The font is Goudy Bookletter, and has only been used in 1 out of 57 of our themes πŸ™‚ Also, I have only used hand-drawn graphics in 1 out of 57 themes, and this particular graphic was drawn specifically for this design. As for the colors, all themes come with multiple colorschemes to choose from.

      I think you simply don’t like my style, which is perfectly understandable. I wouldn’t wait around too long, there are many other WordPress Theme providers that are probably better suited for you.

      • Hey Nick I’m trying to “troll” you or anything. I really, really want to stick with elegant themes. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, has the quality of support you offer. I’ve used you before, and want to sign up again.

        “Ask It,” “E-Store,” and “lightbright” were all examples of templates where you took a serious risk. Not everybody connected with them, but they were edgy, and creative. It seems like elegant themes has fallen into a rut of “attempting to please everyone,” and the blogs are using weaker color pallets and softened design tones.

        What I’m trying to say is this:

        Take a risk. Design a theme theme that you imagine about. The one that you want to design, but are afraid nobody would buy it. If they don’t… they don’t. They’ll buy the next one.

        • That’s embarrassing. Should read: I’m NOT trying to “Troll” you…

        • If I only made themes that “people didn’t connect with” then I wouldn’t have a business, or any happy customers. Also, I think my latest theme InStyle was different and somewhat risky. You might be better off hiring a custom developer if you want extremely niche themes. Thanks for the feedback though.

        • Screw taking risks as a designer. The web is a pull medium and design should focus on clear communication and web standards. I’m a professional designer and developer but I use Nick’s themes for my personal sites because they look great and are easy to work with. The name is Elegant Themes and it delivers on that. Look at the theme market and you won’t find a more highly refined design with such a wide portfolio of work and attention to detail. Not to mention the support and responsiveness. If you aren’t a member you are missing out. If you want pompous overly artistic designs that don’t function in real world usability and place design over user interface then go start your own theme company if you think there is money to be made in that. But we had a term for that kind of thinking outside of the box in web design. We call it the 90’s and most of us are trying to avoid it.

          • Whoh. Bit of a harsh reaction? I’m not trolling here. I’m encouraging more creativity. I have no doubt that nick could be creative without sacrificing usability. he’s very, very good. I’m not arguing the quality here. its top notch. Like I said… just encouraging Jim to unleash his creativity. if you have a problem with that… just wait a week or so for the next theme.

  11. Where is the demo link?

    • There is no demo yet I am afraid, this is just a sneak peek. The theme is still under development.

      • Oh ok, thanks… keep it coming! πŸ™‚ Also, can I make a request, please take a look at this WP site – is it possible to have a similar theme? …

  12. Every single piece of code is brilliant inside an ElegantTheme! You rock πŸ˜€

    Suggestion: I would really like to see a template that involves more rich media. Perhaps a rock band or a pro dj with mp3 stream playlists and albums or fancy video galleries that the band owns. A very nice package that enlists all the aspects that a music band should have online… Just an idea.

  13. I have to say it looks great but there are plenty of themes in this style already.

    I would like it much more if you did somthng different. Perhaps a Travel Template or something like that. Something thats not there at the moment.

    • We’d love a travel template as well. Also, have you ever thought of having a vote for the next theme category? Could be kind of cool to see what everyone wants.

      • I think this is a GREAT idea Nick. In fact I read a story about these two guys that had a t-shirt screen printing company, and they thousands of followers, and artists would submit designs and the followers would vote, then the guys would only print how many they sold.

        You could do the same here, put up categories of templates to create, let people vote, see how many would use right now, then develop = productivity up / waste of time down.

        Just my 2 cents. By the way, I think your work is FANTASTIC!

  14. I thought i had it with Minimal, Then I thought it was better to go with Professional a surprise came around with Nova but this is exactly what I’ve thought of using it will be maybe another month for it but it will be a well satisfying wait. Thank you Nick you have re-inspired me.

    “Creativity is limited by imagination and imagination knows no limits” these are thoughts i think of from time to time, but I think you knew of this your whole life. Keep doing what your doing its great work.

    Next move for me Developer Licence πŸ™‚

    • Would it be possible to also create a day scene keep the foreground as is and just change the back to sunny?

      • Great theme! I would also like to be able to use a day scene.

        And are there any plans for developing a travel theme?

  15. I love it. I’ve really been digging business themes that don’t have the sterile corporate look. What you’ve got here is something really lively and personal.

  16. 3 words to describe this theme

    perfect, perfect, perfect

  17. Please make a new gaming/movie site one of these days.

  18. Great Design.

  19. It looks fantastic! Great work.

    Waiting for theme release!

  20. I love the use of colours Nick. I have never used a mega footer in any of my sites, but the way that you have designed it (with appropriate spacing), it looks quite appealing. With definitely have to try.

  21. Love the look. I’d love to see a theme with preteen kids in mind. Think hand sketched, semi-cartoonish, urban, grunge, robot mouse.

  22. Another masterpiece. Each time you unveil a new theme and I get my notification in email I get super excited and cannot wait to see ‘what you’ve been up to’. Your work is not just a solution for business, casual or blogging it is a piece of art. *standing ovation*

    • Thanks Jean, that means a lot!

  23. Thanks so much for this! Looking forward to finding applications for this. Love the sensibility of this design; great for design businesses of all kinds. Beautiful details. You never disappoint. Thanks!

  24. Love the artistic drawing in this theme

    Very sexy :-p

    • Thanks, it was fun to do some drawing again! I think I should experiment with different media more often.

  25. LOVE this!!! Can’t wait for it to come out so I can play with it! Another job well done — you guys are the BEST!! πŸ™‚

  26. GREAT JOB! best $39 I ever spent.

  27. Hey You rock in this style. Total classy style. In this one you showed your drawing skills. I like this theme waiting for the demo…

  28. Simply awesome!

    In Mexico we have a coloquial phrase for this: no mam#%&, estΓ‘ de poca ma#$%. The thing is that every month I have the certainty that I’ll be surprised by a high quality elegant theme that only you can provide us with.

    By the way, it looks like if people were specting for the music theme. And think that more than one is waiting to know if Nick has planned to develop a music theme. If so, when can we expect it?

    • I’ll certainly keep the Music theme in mind πŸ™‚

  29. Π‘olours scheme is successful. Eye does not bother. Easily perceived.

  30. Yes – you can!

    I’m every time enthusiastic about your new High Quality Themes! Thank you.
    In next time, i’m looking for a Theme in Retro- ore Rock’n’Roll-Style like the Fiftys. Is it an inspiration?
    Regards your Friend from Germany

  31. I think this time you will satisfy those who says your themes are getting the same… now this is totally different look and feel.

    Can’t wait to see it live.

    as usual.. great one!

    • Thanks, I have been trying to keep things fresh. I think everyone is going to enjoy Modest as well, which should be out soon!

  32. OMG! Great theme πŸ™‚

  33. The drawings are great but once again it grey text on a lighter grey background and it looks washed out…

  34. It will also been nice for a downloading site theme. If you know what i mean πŸ™‚

  35. Greg does sound like a troll..

    well from an user that is going to have a 1yr anniversary here. I like the design as well.

    I am however looking for that guide / business guide / classified type blog with google maps (like event) theme mentioned in the comments of the ask-it theme. Any eta on that type of theme?

  36. Brilliant design. Will definitely be using this in one of my project that I have on the go.

    One of the best in a while Nick. I love it.

  37. Very nice. Love the top photo and colors. It’s always exciting to see what new at ET.

  38. just amazing theme and certainly rock but never understand why to empty space on headers, many people has small laptops, pc already.

  39. Great theme … Any chance of a travel or city guide theme with Google maps integration just to stir things up a bit πŸ™‚ Good job nick!!

    • Yes, I am interested in a travel or city guide theme too for a project coming up. I’d love to see what you do with that type of site Nick.

  40. Super! Multimedia YES!!!!

  41. Ok, fess up. When do you sleep!? How do you keep churning out such fabulous themes?

  42. Very different
    Not for me but I’m sure it will suit lots of Elegant Themers.

    Cheers Nick

  43. Hey,

    thats exactly what I was looking for! I’m drawing some Multimedia Site examples right now and probably I’ll send you some of them next week. Just for inspiration what people could need πŸ˜‰

    By the way… I love it!!! πŸ˜€

  44. Nick,

    The theme looks great! I’m excited to play around with it. Keep up the good shit!

    Looking forward to what’s coming up!


    • WOW!

      I apologize to Elegant Themes and anyone else who I may offended with my above comment.

      I certainly didn’t mean to use that language. Please delete my above comment.

      Sorry again.


  45. wow, I can’t wait for this one!!!

  46. Nick –

    Love your themes.

    I’ve been looking around for a “feminine” theme for my wife’s blog (that doesn’t use pink). Can’t find any she likes. She tends to like the “blogspot” looks that they have. May be a small niche market, but one that I can’t seem to find w/ other WP designers. Just a thought.


  47. once again a nice theme added.
    Cheers Nick…

  48. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. This is a great theme! I like the cute illustration.

  50. Hi Mark,

    I think the theme looks great but as a business owner I am concerned about how the prime real estate area ‘above the fold’ is unusable in the main for calls to action etc.

  51. ola! another great theme for business..? cannot wait to see it guys! well nick.. I have some suggestions for you πŸ™‚ and people may like it..
    the firs is something like mini footer-bar which stick permanently on bottom of the page.. you can see the demo here: hope you like it.. its not hard to integrate it in”… and the last one is piece of php which I call live support.. you can check it here: or on my website under services – well im on holiday for one week so I wont to chat to anyone until next Monday. This php run without mysql πŸ™‚ and it support online status as you can see on my page..the thing is the conversation is fully private one2one! Support person have own login with password and also its fully customizable.. if you like it Im happy to give you files to have look onto..I really think some of your themes should have something like this.. it would make them unstoppable top wordpress themes.Of course its an only my small idea.. you may make your own “chat” live support scripts πŸ˜‰

  52. also I forgot one think! I made it php file which count how many visitors you had on your blog.. one visitor is count in 12housr…well you can even set up all this stuff.. demo is on my website.. in footer.. this would be great thing to have it build in πŸ™‚

  53. Fantastic style,

    love the bottom section and think if provides another great option for clients wanting clean, clear elegance.

    Kind regards

  54. Un’altro fantastico capolavoro.

    Elegante, curato e di alto impatto emotivo.

  55. Er…wow…this is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Right down to the night sky and the ‘whimsy’ feel. Literally. I’ve been searching ‘whimsy’ and ‘night sky’ on a variety of theme and graphic sites. Amazing.

  56. To be brutely honest, I haven’t seen a theme I’ve been in love with here for a bit and it worried me, but between Modest and Webly that’s changing. Can haz plz?

  57. Like the new template. Looking forward to more.

  58. Como siempre Bello, simple y elegante.

    Gracias Nick.

    Puede poner en su fila de desarrollo, un tema para la administraciΓ³n de clasificados.

  59. Nick,

    Just an idea.

    The keyword for your next theme should be, ‘vote’ and ‘review’. A theme where user vote comments or post and at the same time a review column on a post. It will be awesome and new addition style to elegantthemes.

    Im sure there is a big market for this kind of theme.

    πŸ™‚ all the best for you. I will never stop supporting ET!

    • Thanks for the suggestion πŸ™‚

  60. Pretty interesting.

  61. I am just thinking of joining the club!

  62. Nice theme.. only thing i always miss in the template is the next page without any visual in it.. πŸ™ think thats the style of 2011? πŸ™‚

  63. Nick,

    Long-time fan of your work and a long-time subscriber. I have to say that this is certainly one of the better works of art that you’ve put together and I can’t wait to see the release. This is *exactly* what we’ve been searching around for, but have yet to find.

    It’ll be a nice surprise to see this one released.

  64. This is a great website. All quality stuff. I look forward to your coming design!

  65. I can’t wait.

  66. Beautiful work. Saw some of the less encouraging comments, but what the heck. You can’t please everybody all of the time.

    Out of the 50 plus themes you have I love 25. I don’t hate the others but they don’t appeal to my personal taste or particular needs – but they’re miles beyond 99% of the stuff I have seen in my searches for blog templates and I have spent a lot of time searching.

    Stay true to yourself and what you envision, there are so few people who follow that path.

  67. this is too weird. I am looking for a new theme for my blog here and this new theme has my name. Seriously my first name is Webly.

  68. Love this idea. Is it possible you’ll have a theme like this in the future in which artists can insert their own art as the backdrop with all your cool features? Thanks!

  69. This WP theme is very cute. By the way, I saw some suggestions that visitors wrote so I have also decided to add some:

    – there are not so many themes for personal portfolio (musician, composer etc..) Minimal but powerful. When I say minimal, I really think minimal but customizable. (One pic, bio, a few mp3s..)

    – good idea is also WP theme for Internet Marketing where you can built custom page for Sales Page, Landing Page, Subscription Page etc.

    Your themes are really great, keep up the good work.

  70. I have been waiting for this theme for a long time. and its been more than 2 weeks from the last person asked about it. are we going to have it this week? thank you for the great job

  71. This looks fantastic. Can’t wait to see the full site. I just became a member and I’m so impressed by your work!

  72. I have been looking a clean “open” theme for my site…I found it!

    Can’t wait for it to drop!

  73. Awesome desing ! Will be great if more ecommerce/magazine themes are added! Eleganttheme the best and the cheapest WP themes!

  74. Any idea when we could expect release? 1 Week? 2 Weeks?


  75. Any update on the release of this one?

  76. when!??????????

  77. Wow.. cute and sleek design.. Perfect for my new blog

  78. not sure where the kite is coming from…is there a small kid holding it? love the theme overall though…

  79. A nice theme, but some clean business themes? It’s been a long time since we did not see some shadow-less, simple, clean, powerful themes πŸ™‚

  80. Hi Nick…This theme looks great. Cant wait ill it comes out.

  81. This theme looks like a lot of fun… I’m tossing my hat in for a day scene as well.
    We need a cartography, old world, old paper map type travel blog type theme…

  82. Any idea on when this is going to be released?

  83. Just bought this great looking theme. I Installed it , but cannot activate it. Got this errormessage :

    “Stylesheet is missing.”

    • This occurs when you have not uploaded the theme correctly. For installation instructions you should extract the zip folder on your computer and read the included readme file. You can also refer to the following video tutorials:

      If you don’t want to use FTP, another option would be to ZIP the correct folder and upload it via the WordPress dashboard. To do this you would need to ZIP the folder located inside the “Theme” folder and upload it. For example, if you are using the ePhoto theme you will have downloaded a file called from the membership area. If you unzip that folder on your computer you will see a Photoshop Files folder and a Theme folder. Inside the “Theme” folder will be a folder called “ePhoto.” If you ZIP this “ePhoto” folder, creating, you can upload it via the WordPress dashboard.

  84. Great theme, I think buying it !

  85. Awesome theme. Looking forward to Boutique!!!

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