Theme Sneak Peek: Sky

Posted on September 8, 2011 by in Theme Sneak Peeks | 135 comments

Theme Sneak Peek: Sky


Today I am excited to give everyone a sneak peek at our upcoming theme, Sky. This visually striking and stylized design will surely help you stand out from the crowd. In addition, it promises to offer to unique and interesting effects as well as all of the great functionality you have come to expect from an ET creation. I hope that you like what you see! Be sure to drop a comment letting us know what you think 🙂


Premade Layouts

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  1. Whaoooo! Awesome 😉

    • Yea! This one looks amazing. I love that you put so much focus on design. I can’t wait to see the finished product!


    • The design is awesome I agree … and from what I see also the typography is very good … I can’t wait to test it 😉

  2. So far I’m interested…..looks good… 😀

  3. You should also add the ability to change backgrounds like to a beach, sky, space, mountain range, etc.

    • I second that. If it can be done with the same artistic technique that would be amazing!

      • I’ll agree with these two that having alternate backgrounds would be a great addition.

        • i need a ticker that i can send info from my mobile and it will display on the site directly live…

          i need it for a soccer club site..
          can you not make a sports club theme with league table match fields player profiles and so on ..i have a great idea please contact me if we can make a theme of what im thinking about .thanks keep up the good work

    • I third this – it would be AWESOME!

  4. Looks nice. I’m most interested to see what the “interesting effects” are on the theme.

    • Ditto!

  5. The design looks great and I am sure the functionality will be just as good! ET never disappoints… Your themes just keep getting better and better! From the DesignMine Team!

  6. Looks beautiful as always. I love the way the slide title is transparent along with the caption background, and how you’ve placed the description in the top middle. You have incredible attention to detail!

  7. Things getting better and better at Elegant Themes. Lovely theme. Any ETA ?

  8. Looks good, can’t wait to try it.

  9. Hello,

    If they really even crossed my mind that there are among their clientele, people who do not need every month a new business theme. So how about with a little variety? Also, I must say that does not look very nice new theme. Not without reason I choose more often to your theme.

    Greetings from Germany

    • Oh Ronny, you look like you are the best and most original theme designer in the world looking at your own website… maybe use the google translator to create your own theme ? And then again this “business theme or not” … aaargghhh… it’s a theme, no matter what, use it for a business, an origanisation, a store, a porn-site… whatever.. it’s up to you to make something out of it.

      • I think the point he (Ronny) is trying to get across, is the actual functionality. – Even though it looks like his site is not “Elegant”?


        Elegant themes is very good at creating specific uses:

        Resume, and so on.

        Specific functions have been added to those themes, to make them do certain things.

        I think the new theme “looks” great! And will probably find a use for it. However the salient issue is that Elegant Theme’s strength appears to be in creating niche themes that provide specific functionality for the niche. This a the primary facet that makes Elegant Themes stand out from the crowd!

        Creating good looking themes, just for the sake of “good looking”, simply serves to make Elegant Themes blend in with the thousands of other themes.

        In my opinion a theme that actually does something, is worth far more than just another pretty picture. Hopefully “Sky” will not just be good looking (as they always are) with pretty eye candy “effects” – But rather will have a specific use with specific functionality, as most of the others appear to. 😉

        All glitter and no substance gets boring after a while. 😉 Just like the song “All that meat and no potatoes…”

        • There’s nothing wrong with being niche 🙂 better to please the people in your little world rather than everyone!

  10. I LOVE the colors. <3

  11. Looks great! Can’t wait to give it a spin on one of my sites!

  12. pity that it pleases me no not at Facebook button is!!!

    Gabfire ist the King of Magazine- Themes 🙂

  13. Cool. Don’t forget to add the php line for the WordPress Post Formats

  14. Looks really Cute 🙂
    Always nice work 🙂
    Keep going i’m a huge fan
    Cédric From France

  15. Another beautiful Theme from Elegant Themes. Thanks.
    The Themes from you guys are definitely among the best looking of the premium themes.

  16. Nice.
    What about different “home” templates?
    What about an ads section?
    What about a login/subscription/join/info button?
    What about a little bit more intelligent functions?

    Just suggestions for the next ET level. 😉

  17. This is a best theme of the 2011! Cant wait!

  18. Very nice with an added touch of the whimsical. Many uses. I like the grainy textured look too… Yet (as always) it looks like it can easily be customized at will within the layout.

    Good work!

  19. Looks great! worth the wait!

    Excited to test it out


  20. Nice! When will it be ready for release?

  21. Looks awesome as usual. Can’t wait.

  22. I absolutely love this and need as soon as possible. Will it be ready soon?

  23. Another beautiful wordpress theme, congratulations to you all, I bought a little time signature, but I have very good esperience to quality and perfection, Congratulations, Thank You!

  24. Great use of textures. Looks great!

  25. As always, a sharp looking theme. I just am in the process of launching a theme with Feather. I may have to reconsider.

  26. seems to be very nice theme. Keep good works

  27. Looks like a new look with the same elegance…

    LOVE IT!

  28. This is very nice. This such a great theme.
    I already have plans on where I can use this Sky them. Good job, keep it coming.

    • Glad to hear it!

  29. is this another business theme like Leanbiz & SimplePress ?

    • lol ? Why do people always need to put a “label” on a design ?
      Use for whatever you want, you are a designer, it’s a theme, change it, recreate it, whatever… but don’t ask stupid questions like “is it a business theme ? ” … euh… ? No it’s a guestbook. lol

    • Yeah, I don’t understand people that say this either. ET & WordPress give you tons of options right out of the box to convert these things to a blog, portfolio, business, etc with just a few setting changes.

      Not to mention what can be done with some code wrangling and help from the forums.

  30. Hope that the theme will have animated parallax backgrounds 😀

    • That’s the plan 🙂

      • Seriously? That’d be awesome! Now I’m really excited 🙂

        Have you guys thought about incorporating media queries to accommodate the various view ports that websites are viewed on?

  31. Lovely themes being released at your theme house. enjoying your club membership.

  32. I’ve been around here for a while, but I’ve never commented before… but I have to now.

    This is a beautiful looking theme, man. Great job. Too bad I JUST redesigned my site… wish I had another project to use it on!

  33. Nice design as always Looks Great. Textures looking great. wait for it

  34. Ehh… Looks tacky kind of like some of the other ones on here… -_-

    • Yes, well Hopefully you won’t take it to the advanced level of tacky that you took to.. Achhh… -_-

      Honestly, if my eyes involuntarily rolled any further to the back of my head, I would have fallen over!

      Gosh, you would think that with the endless options in WordPress themes, people would just enjoy the ET collection when appropriate for their projects and stop trying to kick it with the same tired Duchebag comments on every single comments page..

      Grow up & knock it off buzz kill before I go all upside on you..

      • Your clearly mistaken if you believe anyone on the Internet will take you seriously.

        Your only wasting your time hun.

        • Try not to be such a punk with your cocked, punk hat in your punk picture with your punk comments.

          It makes people want to hurt your feelings..

          Just think twice about posting your your buzz-kill punk opinions and be appreciative for the talents of others that at least offer you the “OPPORTUNITY” to look good..

          Each of the themes, especially these newer ones offer a ton of flexibility, so feel free to go ahead and knock the “Tacky” out of it without the cheap, punk comments.

    • Yeah and you look like a serieous Justin Bieber fan… maybe you could create something original yourself instead of posting this silly comment ?

    • You’d have to be a REAL Weak Minded person to affected by this comment lol.

  35. OOoh! Me likey.

  36. Woaw ! Awesome work, as usual ! 🙂

  37. Amazing theme….with great use of colors

  38. uhm lovely! I really like the way you use the grainy texture even if it will be a real challenge to change it’s personality!

    But I’m a bit concerned about the “business card” look of the homepage… can’t wait to see it all!

  39. This theme is awesome! I love the positioning of everything and just the total look of it is very appealing. Good job, Nick and team!

  40. The theme color and design is rally simple and cute. It would give dashing look to the site.

  41. Suberb!!! I love this design very much when seeing it on wpcandy and may join the club because of this theme 🙂

  42. Beautiful theme. Lovely texture.

    I am already thinking of new colors and ways to take it apart and change it.

  43. Looks real good. I like that your themes are all a bit outside the box. Creative and professional.

  44. nice … this is one of the unique designs i’ve seen from elegantthemes … great job nick 🙂

    • Thanks 🙂

  45. I’m really digging the use of shadows in these designs to create depth and 3Dish effects. I however am not a fan of the baby blue/light feathery type of overall themes that have been coming in the last few designs. They’re more flowery and less edgy.

  46. The images that you use in your demo’s would be a great asset if we could insert them ourselves. It would be a great way to have an instant looking site for clients to see instead of the usual repeat of images that get imported using wordpress import.

    • Our stock photos were purchased form I am afraid we do not have the rights to redistribute them.

    • Hi there,

      I frequently use to fill picture space for customer showcase.
      Should try it.

      • Wow, nice link! Thanks! Bookmarked.
        And they use a CC BY-SA license which is okay for a lot of blogs…

  47. Looks good! Nice job. Looking forward.

  48. Good idea. I wait it.

  49. What a lovely theme 🙂

  50. I love the layout. Cant wait for it to be released.

  51. Great theme will wait for it.

  52. Looks loike a real “stand out from the crowd” theme.
    Looking forward to its release.

  53. Very very nice – I like it! And I hope that these fonts will be working with czech letters…

  54. Awesome… very nice

  55. I was wondering Nick, do you use Fireworks for your designs?
    I’m trying to get into graphic design myself and it seems i notice a lot of textures familiar to FW (But doesn’t mean you do).

    Just curious.
    Great job on the design btw.

  56. Any idea on a release date? I have something that this would be perfect for.

  57. Wow!! This is orgasmic!

  58. Any idea on colours? Please let me know 🙂

  59. Love it!

  60. I appreciate your efforts but I honestly don’t like your last few themes. They all look alike. They all have the same ugly texture and not very functional. I would like to see something new…

  61. Sweet! Can’t wait to use it.

  62. This design looks fantastic – it’s simple and inviting and my mind is eagerly running over ways of tweaking things to make it look uniquely mine. I’m in the process of re-launching my blog-based website and I think this will be the perfect layout for it. I hope it will be going live soon!

  63. Love the new look!
    I am still hopeful that one day you might make a Buddypress Theme. Version 1.5 of Buddypress is about to be released. Sure would love to see a ET take on social networking with Buddypress!!!

  64. Can’t wait to have the new theme… 🙂
    Great work ET…

  65. pretty cool theme.
    when is the release date?

  66. Looks amazing! This is what we meant by something new. It’s not really something you would normally expect from Nick R., but you could still tell it’s your work based on the texture and feel of the design. Can’t wait for this release!

  67. Well it LOOKS great but I hope you include ANOTHER sidebar to it. You really need some themes with more than one sidebar Nick, seriously. At least two sidebars, with the option to choose if a page has one or two sidebars. That will give the pages a unique look and will keep the site from looking so same-same and boring because every page has one sidebar on the same side.

    • I agree…. I would like to be able to use widgets with this theme….

  68. Nice theme , total creative work

  69. Is there any chance to start that “Contributors” section? 🙂

  70. Awesome! When is it gonna release? =)

  71. Long time waiting……:o)))

  72. this is one of the best themes l have seen lately, well done guys and cant wait to see demo.

  73. Excellent job ! Cant wait to download 🙂

  74. This one is gorgeous
    I love it

  75. Any day now I hope????

  76. Nick, thanks for another beautiful, functional theme … coming soon? Like that there’s more promo options “above the fold” so to speak. Helps put the info that captures people faster. Thoughtful and flexible. Cheers.

  77. Wow. Theme design looks so good it made me comment.

  78. Looks great! Another good one guys!

  79. Looks average at best.

  80. Hi Nick,
    Yes this is a beautiful theme, but it is just another view around the same old template in my opinion. I have asked, with countless others to come up with different ideas, answered your surveys, but nothing changes.

    • Agree – need fresh elements

  81. nice. hope next time you’ll have some theme for mommy bloggers (pink ones/pastel colors…).

  82. Hola nick.

    I can complement FancyBox How to create a portfolio as you use?

    ¿Cómo puedo complementar fancybox para crear un portafolio como lo usas tú?

  83. when you planned to release this theme ?, looks nice

  84. When is this theme going to be released?

  85. Cant wait, got the perfect project lined up for this.

    Any idea when it will go live ?


  86. cant wait to see demo of this theme because looks nice..

  87. Nick, nice! How come you don’t have any themes for non profit/charity websites. it’s a gap in your portfolio. Would you please add some? Thanks.

  88. SWEEEEEEEEEET!! I love how you add texture to so many of your backgrounds… including this one. Awesome design.. the wheels in my mind are now spinning… I’m sure I’ll be using it very soon :))

    Note to anyone who does not have the developers package or is not signed up to the affiliate program – get with the program already!!

    Thanks guys, keep up the awesome work – and thanks for making us look good!

    Sally & Mike

  89. Very nice theme. I am still eagerly waiting for the release

  90. Yo son Elegant Theems be slippin!!! If dey ain’t be puttin dat shiz out den iz ain’t be puttin my shiz out and I gotz ta be makin my duckets… na sayin?

    Yallz need ta drop dis theem right quik son… na sayin?

    Peese playas

    King Thug

  91. I think I agree with the above post. Maybe I have been spoiled be a theme sneak peek followed by a release the next for so many awesome themes that I am getting impatient, but things around here seem to have died down quite a bit. I was eagerly awaiting this theme for three weeks for a project but couldn’t wait any longer, so I had to go another route.

    Still looking forward to its eventual release, though. Gives us a release or an update…anything. I think we’d all appreciate it.

  92. very nice theme, simple and clean. I like it 🙂

  93. Nick, thanks for another beautiful, functional theme … coming soon? Like that there’s more promo options “above the fold” so to speak. Helps put the info that captures people faster. Thoughtful and flexible. Cheers.

  94. Very nice theme – Thanks for sharing it. I should change our colors… well most would just buy a theme but I prefer to custom design one that fits my style.

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