Theme Sneak Peek: My Cuisine

Posted on April 4, 2011 by in Theme Sneak Peeks | 76 comments

Theme Sneak Peek: My Cuisine

As always, we are hard at work behind the scenes on some great new designs! Toady I am pleased to give you a sneak peek of our upcoming restaurant theme MyCuisine. This theme is delicious, offering up some eye-catching visuals wrapped in a Tuscan shell. Even though it was created with a restaurant aesthetic, the theme will certainly be usable for other types of websites as well. I hope you like the preview. Let us know what you think 🙂


  1. Great work like always. Love the location feature and gfx you used for it.

  2. Hey Nick,

    This is looking great so far! One thing I might suggest is making the logo section bigger? It seems as though all the themes have a very small place to put the logo.

    I usually find a way around it when necessary, but some other users might not be as experienced with CSS.


    • I would agree with Dan. I’ve also had difficulty with logo size in some of the themes.

      • Agreed….it seems like the logo sections are typically too small to do much with them. I have had to use a little css to modify them, but on some of the themes, it poses a problem with the appearance of the rest of the theme….i.e. The Corporation theme.

        But……the themes are great…and this one appears to be a wonderful addition.

        • I agree! More room, less cow bell please.

        • +1 for more header room–or the option to expand it.

    • I agree that the logo spot is too small on the themes. 🙁

    • Would love a bigger logo area too! Or atleast an easy option to customize it!

  3. Gostei do que vi! Se tivesse integração com algum app para o iPhone, seria bem legal.
    Vou esperar até que esteja disponível!


  4. Theme looks really great! When will it be released for us 🙂

  5. Very clean! This will be nice for all of the foodies out there.

  6. Glad to see that Elegant Themes are now releasing niche themes. Been waiting for this one for long time. Thanks for the theme in advance!

  7. It looks really good! I’m really loving the colors you’ve used – perfect for the niche!

  8. I like it!

  9. Looking forward to seeing this baby when it’s release. Great themes this year so far.. and it’s only April!

  10. “You’re”???

    Should be “Your awesome company slogan” XD

    Sorry, couldn’t help.
    Looks good.

  11. I’ve been a fan of portfolio themes from Elegant Themes. I think that its a great initiative by you to venture into niche themes as its relatively hard to find good WordPress themes for questions/answers site, recipes sites etc.

    Keep up the good work!

  12. Awesome Nick, any date on this.

  13. This theme is great. I have a client lined up that this will be perfect for.

  14. Amazing work as always. I love the simple design of the layout. This will make adapting different themed websites much easier being that it’s nice and simple.

    +1 for a bigger logo area. Or at least an option for one.

  15. I have a soft spot for restaurant themes so I’m looking forward to playing with the demo when you release it.

  16. Very cool. Maybe you can add some fields to make it work as a cooking platform with recipes and such.

  17. If you ned a place to sleep in Norway I’ll let you sleep on the couch. You have no idea how much I value you work.

  18. I am still hoping we will get a travel theme one day, something like lonely planet!

  19. Bellissimo! It’s always exciting to check ET and see a new sneak peek post. You’re an inspiration, Nick & friends.

    One more typo – in your post you’ve put ‘Toady’ instead of ‘Today’.

    Have a good one!

  20. When will this be released I like it alot.

  21. Great job once again!

    Hopefully you will continue doing more in the hospitality field and also the travel industry.

  22. yay!! I emailed about this a while back, thanks for responding! 😀

  23. i see classic wordpress themes… but elegant….

  24. Awesome! If I decide to ever change themes this would be something I’d be interested in implementing. Finding the time to do that and hopefully without many headaches is key! Your themes are stunning, classy and almost edible 😉 Keep up the fantastic work! I am still tickled that I found the pot of gold … your themes!

  25. Is it wrong for me to feel honored, as I suggested this theme concept not too long ago 😉

    I <> it!!!

  26. That’s looks good.

    I guess, this would be best restaurant theme in 2011 so far. 🙂

    All the best!

  27. looks very pretty theme

  28. It’s looking good so far, it seems like every theme you make gets a bit better.

  29. Wow, very nice theme Nick. I have to say that I’m a real fan.

    I was about to build my site in that niche. I hope it will be ready before the June.

    Again Good work as usual.

    Elegant Themes is really equal to a sweet investment in WP themes.


  30. Wow!! I wonder if there are special tools in the theme to manage food ingredients or recipes. Great Job! Can’t Wait!


  31. Here’s another praise!
    The best $40 I have spent in a king time!

  32. It’s really nice just superb Great work like every time. Your all theme is great Elegant and this is for food it’s amazing. Nice to see this theme, launch it as soon as possible!!!!

  33. OMG… This is so delicious 🙂 Yummy … Could you also consider making a restaurant directory type … Just like the real estate theme but only restaurant fields.

    Great job Nick.

  34. Another classy theme.

    Any chance you’re doing something clever in the back end to integrate reservations like Woo themes have done with their Diner theme? or something really clever like MySeat

    Elegant Themes continues to be the best value membership I hold.

  35. Just made a food/receipt blog for my wife on base of GrungeMag.
    Maybe I should try this one for het, looks really great.

  36. Nice preview

  37. Another beautiful work!
    Can’t wait to use it in a new project.

  38. Another good looking theme! Keep bringing these out, these are wonderful!

  39. Hi,

    very nice theme 🙂

  40. amazing cant wait to see demo because need cafe themes soon

  41. The difference between a coder and a graphic artist is what Elegant Themes is all about.

    I wouldn’t know good PHP if it bit me on the ***
    But I know a stunning combination of colours, graphics and text when I see it.

    Well done Nick

  42. Again great theme

  43. Super theme!! Well thought out! Looking forward to seeing other themes created for the services industry.

    Have to say, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with your themes.

    Thank you Nick!

  44. Very cool theme. You do excellent work. Any idea when it will be released?



  45. Nick, I had always liked your choice of colors. And you had raised the bar further with ‘My Cuisine’. You cant get better colors for this concept than what you had already used 🙂 . Great job by you and the team. $39 is a steal – no doubt about it.

  46. me likey.

  47. I really like it very much 🙂 Please release it ASAP.. Wanna put my hands on it

  48. Fantastic. I Like it.. And the google map… The plugin to use it sound interesting 🙂

  49. I would like an option that would be similar to this, but with more space for content on the home page. While I like the cleanliness of it over-all, it would be nice to being able to have a little more info right on the landing page.

  50. Wow.. another masterpiece from Elegan Theme… Great!

  51. Looking GOOD!!

  52. But doin`t you think is about time you RE-DO the video theme. I mean, I work a lot with videos and it would be nice to have an updated version of the one you have. The desings you are doing lately are looking silky smooth, is very nice to look at, but looking forward to a new video theme, would be happy to make some affiliate sales as well 😀

    Great job Nick!

  53. Hi Nick,

    Great theme once again. One more idea from this niche is to create a recipe theme. There are many food websites where recipes are published with time taken. One example of such theme is:

    I am sure you would make better and perhaps you can add section for ingredients too in the posts and make the look even better. Time taken and rating are great there too.

    One more theme I had requested a long time ago and is long due is the coupon theme. Many other theme developers are creating coupon themes and today I saw another new one at:

    Please create a coupon theme too and I am sure that you would probably create better coupon theme than other developers. That would be great and I have been waiting for the coupon theme from you for a long long time. Please create them soon. Thanks for your awesome themes as always. 🙂

  54. I have a food blog/local restaurant review site that has been on the back burner for over a year! I’m really hoping this theme will work out for this project.

    Love you’re themes, as always!

  55. I think, that was a great restaurant-design. Okay, when can i used this theme 😉

  56. This is a great theme. I hope the next theme-level have more futures as fonts or settings of colors by links, backround, text-color and so on.

  57. Nice theme and exactly what I’m searching for. Do you have an idea on release date?

  58. I admit that i search restaurant theme for a long time now … Must of theme i have buy always have the same probleme. Dishes menu display …. When you go to a restaurant, Imagine if when the waitress give you the menu, you have to open each page for each dish to have description and pricing. BORING !

    Think of this exemple for buffet or Catering ..
    – dish, description …… pricing
    – dish, description …… pricing
    – dish, description …… pricing

    – meat
    – dish, description …… pricing
    – dish, description …… pricing
    – dish, description …… pricing

    – Vegetable

    – dish, description …… pricing
    – dish, description …… pricing
    – dish, description …… pricing

    I dream of this layout !!!

  59. Looks stunning. is it contains reservation features ?

  60. I installed this theme and the footer links are not like advertised.

    Anyone else have this problem?

    • If you need help, please open a thread in the support forum so that we can assist you.

  61. This is one of the best themes I use for my wordpress designs, but I have a question.

    How I could have only one page in home and do not see “Location” and “Testimonials”?

    Thanks for all!

  62. Theme looks really great!

  63. I wish I’d seen your theme a couple of months ago. It’s exactly what I needed for a friend’s restaurant’s website. It’s a lot nicer than what I ended up using.

  64. I like this theme but it’s not responsive. Most of the elegant themes built sometime back is not responsive.

    I hope elegant theme will work on updating these with responsive design.

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