Theme Sneak Peek: Memoir

Posted on January 26, 2011 by in Theme Sneak Peeks | 135 comments

Theme Sneak Peek: Memoir

It’s time for another Theme Sneak Peek! Today I am happy to give you a glimpse of “Memoir,” our upcoming blog theme. We have been creating a lot of niche themes recently, and realize that the creation of a more traditional blogging theme is long overdue. Memoir will be just that – a beautifully simple theme to help tell your story, whatever that story may be. What do you think of the design? As always, we are eager to hear your opinions.


  1. While your designs are nice, it is very apparent that they are all done by the same designer, and hence look kinda redundant. All the shadows, fonts, effects are nearly identical on all your themes.

    Perhaps you should consider contracting outside designers.



    • I like the fact that they are all consistent in design. If I want other designs, there are many premium theme developers to choose from. What I get with Elegant Themes is consistent design based on good design fundamentals. So there is a lot in common among all the themes, but that’s great if I am going to tie two or three blogs together into a network or something.

      • To each their own.

        I suppose as a web designer myself, I see this in a different light.

        • As a web designer should you not be skinning your themes anyway rather than just loading your content straight in?

          As long as there is different functionality then the rest can be changed easily enough

          • levi as a Web Designer (levi as ANYTHING) is his/her concern, not yours.

      • I’m agree with levi too. I love Elegant Theme. Not only for the design, but also for the jQuery usage, the Epanel option, the Short Tags and many other stuffs.

        This is the reason why I want to use ET and not other premium themes.

        But…. Sincerely I’ve thought the same thing. Many of theme are very similar each other. I think it is normal, because each Web designer has his own idea of design.. And at the end, the websites done are similar..

        Nick needs a different “point of view”. Maybe opening a contest in order to find new ideas.. I don’t know.

        But i would like to see something of different. A horizontal layout, for example.. Just to list one.

        I love ET and I don’t want to use other premium themes. I love it.

        But I think that these feedbacks are important and the suggestion to use external web designers, is not so “stupid” or “useless”….

        • Levi:

          The designs are consistently and perfectly working on all browsers. How they look based upon your perception. The look can be easily and completely redone by editing the photoshop files. So easy! As the base is similar, elements from different themes can be combined.

          Each theme has specific and valuable functions, take a look at them and learn. They cover almost every aspect of what you can offer on a website.

          Expecting “other” or “better” designs because you can’t make something out of the many provided templates? Well then you must hire a designer and pay the fee! When you specify your requirements to a designer, keep in mind that they charge for everything you send them.

          These templates are a tool that you must learn to use. It takes time. They are using good structures and good practices. So easy to look at and to understand!

        • Yes, I have to agree with levi and elleci. I really like ET for their unique design (when compared to others like Woo) but what I would like to see is a bit of change, so we could really see some kind of progress. ET themes looks nice, but they are all look quite the same. And what I don’t like is a typography. I always change the fonts on Elegant Themes.

          • Could you tell me how you change font sizes (Earthly Touch) I don’t have much experience in editing code but will give it a try. I’ve looked at every likely file and stylesheet that is listed as being editable. I’d like to use the theme, but the fonts are all too small. Thanks.

      • I agree it would be nice to see more effort put in. The shadows are from the Ask It theme and the bookmark like thing is from Glider and Delicate News.

    • I was thinking the EXACT same thing. I absolutely love Elegant themes and I recommend everyone who is looking for an awesome WP theme…

      …but they are starting to look a bit alike. I thought I was the only one. lol

      Keep up the good work, though. Just change it up a bit. 🙂

      • They do look a lot a like. In one sense I agree with Adam White, there are a lot of other premium themes out there. However, it would be cool to see something a bit different from Elegant Themes.

      • I’m inclined to agree. Whilst the themes are always fantastic, I’d like to see something a little bit different or even just simpler – a few less layer/shadow effects would be great.

        I have been finding the themes a bit OTT lately, meaning there’s a bit too much going on with the gradients and shadowing.

        On this one, for example, I think the navigation panel is beautiful, but then I’m distracted by all the other stuff going on with the post meta data and the widget backgrounds. I’d love to see the focus get on the nav panel and everything else toned down a bit.

        Having said that, they’re always gorgeous, I’d just like a little bit more variation.

    • I Don’t think getting someone else to do Nick’s work would be any wise or even worth it, I do agree though that they all look quite alike and that it’d be nice to see something different to vary, but again, if the different is worse theres no point in it. I feel its quite boring to see every new theme resembling one that was already released by ET, but again, that’s just me and even so it won’t stop me from renewing my subscription with ET while they keep their great standards.
      Good Job,
      Thank you.

    • “it is very apparent that they are all done by the same designer”

      Lol maybe that’s the reason they all look equally elegant and great?

      While I partly agree with you when you say they all have similar shadows, fonts, effects etc, we must also consider the structural variety that ET offers which I’m sure you won’t be able to have a taste of anywhere else.

      To you all elegant themes look redundant and to me all other themes offered by the big guns of wordpress look redundant and they are not even remotely ELEGANT if you know what I mean. 😀

    • I agree with Levi here. While Nick works on awesome themes here at ElegantThemes, the design looks similar on most themes specifically the font, color usage etc.,

      I wouldn’t suggest contracting an outside designer but Nick could take some feedback from members or better experiment on different fonts/color scheme and ask for opinion via poll?

      This is an excellent theme, I always have wanted something similar for few of my upcoming projects and you just made it available.

      Thanks Nice!


      • Edit: My feedback towards the end was for Anticipate theme. Thanks!

      • I would have to disagree with the poll idea.

        I think design should never be by committee and is often a solo or small team effort.

        As for similarities in ET designs … Give ’em a break, they’re pumping out themes at a fast rate and they’re bound to use similar elements

        If anything, maybe Et has shot themselves in the foot by offering such a good deal so early on. Now everyone expects them to reinvent the wheel every Monday.

        I imagine most people here are working on multiple sites – do you not customise them with PS + CSS anyway ?

        For anyone else who’s got a couple of blogs you cant get a better deal!!

        • I think people forget sometimes that we offer the same amount of themes as other clubs for $39, when a yearly subscription to all of WooThemes, for example, would run you $440.

          Of course I can hire additional designers, but this would likely mean that I would need to raise the membership fee to support the new employees.

          • That’s an excellent point.

            On Theme Forest I pay $30+ for one theme and I think that’s a very fair price. A library of themes for that price is a steal. Even with the developer fee it’s still very reasonable. The quality is great, and there is support for all the themes including this blog…
            You won’t find a better deal anywhere.

            Some people are ungrateful. They always want more or to change something.

            I am a very satisfied customer and will continue to be for as long as you offer themes.

          • I think you should just keep doing what you are doing Nick.

            All of your designs look sharp. I don’t love all of them but that’s my problem not yours.

            I appreciate your exceptional talent and wish I could do half as well design wise.

            People who don’t have design skills get your artistry plus what they can tweak from the dashboard. For $39 a year they should never question anything.

            People who do have the talent to do their own skinning, should do it. Heck, they could build a business skinning your themes for others. I bet they would charge more than $39 for their work.

            If people want more features that you offer, the world is full of premium theme alternatives that are ugly and just waiting for someone to beautify them.

            Seriously Nick … Keep up the great work! And, thanks for doing it.

          • Personally I think the themes on ET are excellent and I can’t wait for Memoir.

            As for the “different” subject, I haven’t noticed many themes for WP that are really radically different on any website — and many that try to be end up messing up the readability of the content.

          • What about a contributors section? I mentioned this idea in Forum – I would love to give my works away if you think they qualify to represent ET (see Customization section in Forum).
            You could check them before post them to download. Or we could create a system where a contributor could get some money reselling his works.
            Finally, you will find a way to get more styles, more functions and more clients.

          • Do you guys ever thing of making some sort of radio style themes? Have ever thought about it? Let me know to my email, if so.

            Thank you!

          • hi nick,
            i was surprised that u didnt seem to take into account what most of ur user’s comments were: to have some design variation. instead u just kinda “yelled” at them pointing out cost. what makes a great work even better is user input. as a business man in this ever changing and ever fluid web 2.0 era, customer input is more than essential. other companies pay a lot of money just to get input from customers or potential customers. frankly, i think the concerns raised are very important. it would have been wiser to have perhaps said thank u to the people who were making these suggestions. dont be surprised if u dont get any honest feedback from these people when it comes the time that u really actually need it. always remember: customer relations management first, before ur own natural instinct to brush something off! – just my 2 cents…

            • I never said that. I stated that hiring additional designers would mean that the price would need to be raised.

    • very nice theme i like the shadow effects and fonts and simplicity. i like the fact that theme are same consistent as i usually always go in and make minor adjustments in php css and for a newbie like me it works out great. however i understand ur point. not trying to be rude but if ur web designer why would u use. these themes an not just create ur own. just a thought. anyways have a nice day 🙂

      • Cool sorry I didn’t mean to be harsh :^)

        I cant program, I just do the graphics side of things …

        I suppose everyone here has different reasons for using these themes!

    • you should create you won themes club than.. since you yourself a web designer right?

    • Actually I also agree

    • Hi!

      I dont think it doesnt matter if Nick hire someone. If Nick would hire someone it would be someone complaining about that. I am a Elegant Theme member because this is Elegant Themes and it would not be Elegant Themes if it wasnt for Nicks design. It is as simple as that.


    • I wouldn’t change anything about Elegant Themes. The design and layouts are perfect. I use them all the time but never just install and use, always with a tweak or 10. Reading the comments here re fonts and shadows, just change them.

      Keep up the great work and the great designs.

  2. This is awesome, I love the depth of the pages and the elegance. Your work is amazing!

  3. Looks good, I love the clean design, the sidebar especially is nice. It flows so well with the rest of the elements you almost don’t notice. Great work!

  4. Nice! It’s a serious choice for my next layout. 😉

  5. Amazing Theme Really.

    When is the release?

  6. I think it looks great. I especially like the tilted pages on the sidebar.

  7. Looks great!

  8. very nice can find a use for it for sure

  9. just nice but l think time for new mag or news themes on elegant themes because many portfolio themes like this nick.

    looks nice anyway

    • I’m not sure what you mean, as this is certainly not a portfolio theme.

  10. Loving the work. I hope to see the live version soon.

  11. Looks great!

    As Dan mentioned, I really like the sidebar as well. It really stands out.


  12. Looks really good – can’t wait.

  13. Please please please please ensure that it’s wide enough for 640px movies/slideshows

    Too many Themes are too narrow


  14. When can I download this template?

  15. Hot hot Hot

  16. Gorgeous! Any chance it’ll be ported to Tumblr?

  17. the consistent design is why i love your designs 🙂 keep it up

  18. I’m ready for it..let’s go.

  19. The design is beautiful as always, but I do think the first commenter, Levi, has a point. All of the themes have sort of the same treatment, the same visual flairs. Wouldn’t hurt to mix it up some.

  20. I wish you could focus on a better magazine theme with a really good clickthrough rate for our ads.

  21. Very nice!
    I agree with Jase, it would be really nice to have the option for a larger width. Many of my clients and web users have much larger monitors and thus can easily fit much larger content area than the standard 900px (give or take).
    A lot of your themes are very similar, but despite what people say it can also be representation of Nick’s/your signature. It would be nice to expand upon it however for a few more font styles, etc.
    Overall, I still prefer the finished and well crafted look over a more experimental theme.

  22. Hi Nick,

    As a writer I’m really looking forward to this theme and I’ll spread the word, too. I’m delighted to have found both your service and designs.

    I’m new to WP and while I created websites several years ago, I felt months behind where I needed to be to work efficiently for my current endeavor…and, of course, years behind the pros.

    The tutorials and admin you’ve created will make my work so much easier. I’m even inspired to return to industry to supplement my work.


    P.S. I too would welcome magazine/news themes (esp. designed for multiple authors) in the future.

  23. This theme looks nice. I think that I might convert my site over (I’m currently using Earthly Touch).

  24. Its simply beautiful man, simply beautiful…

  25. I really like this layout and the side bar almost looks like sticky notes that are layered that breaks it up nicely! Coolness once again!

  26. As Clean as it can get.. I am already loving it.. can’t wait for this to come out..

    Also any plans on making a full page portfolio style template for photographer’s portfolio showcase ?? Would love to see something like those.. !:)

  27. looks great. We are like design.

  28. Brilliant looking theme. Really like to clean look it has. The styling really appeals to me.

    Keep making these themes as they give such a good alternative to all of the other news/magazine themes out there.

    I am a huge fan of the whole ET approach and I for one like the connection each theme has with the ET style factors.

    Kind regards

  29. I like your themes, and as somebody wrote lines up, it seems to be designed for same designer but it is like it is, otherwise we are designers and we can touch the CSS and modify the shadows if you think they are redundant in so,me designs, or the colors etc etc. In my personal way, I like the clean design and he colors. If I don’t like the tabs style it’s easy to modify a little bit… is this allowed?


  30. Hi nick,
    Once again a nice theme layout with good and catchy back ground. Hope that all the themes are similar kind of like blogging, if we can make it as a CMS some what like nova theme then it will be as a rock star.
    If i am wrong in my perception then sorry for saying this.
    Once again a nice theme from the Team Elegant.

  31. and realize that the creation of a more traditional blogging theme is long overdue…

    Nice to hear that!

  32. The design of “Memoir” looks nice. A lot of the comments are right to say that the Elegantthemes are very much alike now. But only members of the club do know. The people outside, who see a blog or website using Elegantthemes will never know. Don´t get bored with excellent design.
    The thing that bothers me more is the large file sizes and long loading times. A background photograph like this, the shortcodes (including the graphics) and scripts are blowing pages up so that nobody can work them except with a very fast internet connection.
    Reduction would be the thing to think about. Excellent design like Nick´s in combination with reduction could be an aim. Alternatively we should be able to switch features on and off that use a lot of scripting and graphics to have a choice.

    • Agree with you about load times Peter but the themes are as good as any on the net.

      Didn’t realise that “the shortcodes” are a strain on loading.

      Anybody out there got any advice on caching plugin to reduce load time?

      Perhaps Nick would look at a Thesis type minimal design but with ET touches of class.

  33. Looks great!

  34. Wonderful design, as always. Will it support WordPress 3.1’s post styles feature? Eg: aside, gallery, link, quote, etc.

    Great work!

  35. Another nice one in the works. That great.

    But, what I would really like is to have the existing themes work on the iPad and iPhone. My site has the Nova theme which is really nice but the menu is broken on iOS / Mobile Safari.

    Not sure if this applies to all themes, but please take some time to mend these themes.

  36. It’s not that the designs are redundant, but represent a particular style of design. The themes can be modified as you wish.

  37. Great work Nick and all involved! Although I see similar styles as far as the tones, shadows and buttons are concern, I do find your layout very creative and exploratory… refreshing in other words.

    Besides it’s easy enough to change those things when one really wants to.

    Keep them coming, each new ones is a bonus IMO.

  38. Ive been designing and developing for many years, you are the best!! Love your work!!

  39. Amazing work. Please, Please Please…we need something for MUSIC/VIDEO?TV ralated….Thanks again guys

  40. very clean design like the balance of cleanliness in the design. something i would like to see are have several news scrollers etc on homepages. like popular news sites newyorktimes etc
    thanks very much for upcoming design cant wait to try it out.

  41. Very nice design, I like the shadow effects and the general look of the theme. Really good work.

  42. I think they are great! Sure there is some similarity. And new ideas are always welcome. They are some of the most elegant themes there are. Keep up the great work!

  43. I think the constructive feedback I’ve read that some people would like to see more variation in new themes is of value. Yes, the themes do have a similar look. Every photographer or graphic designer I’ve ever worked with has a certain style.

    Nick’s themes have a crisp, clean, elegant look and feel. That’s what attracted me to Elegant Themes in the first place. Hands down, he has superb looking WordPress themes. Unlimited access to 55+ themes for only $39 a year? Unparalleled. Nobody else even comes close to offering this. Maybe we’re getting too spoiled. Hey, I’d be happy to use just ONE of Nick’s themes for $39.

  44. Awesome!

  45. ET always produced fresh and wonderful niche themes. When it comes to normal blog, it getting too identical like a carbon copy of previous one.

    I believed Nick have something new and fresh for 2011. Btw,i would like to see something like magnificient theme but with a wider sidebars and more options (turn off a sidebar).

    Keep up the awesome works,Nick!

    • If I changed the structure, it wouldn’t be a “normal blog layout” anymore. That’s the point 🙂 To give bloggers a simple feed for displaying their posts. I realize people want to be entertained with new and interesting ideas, but the fact remains that WordPress is built up of a core of bloggers who desire simple blog themes.

  46. I love this new theme. Clean, elegant and professional. I think the themes just keep getting better.

  47. I’m waiting for this theme!

  48. I LOVE the stability and relative ease changing CSS in Nick’s themes. Plus the great tech support and forums. For a minimal price. I recommend a few of his themes, over and over again.

    But the majority have a couple of serious design flaws. I say this cos I AM a fan and user of his themes. I want him to succeed and continue, but ….

    He places too much importance on a few big graphics, and not enough on the header areas.

    The MEMOIR graphic on the left is soooo big, so dark, so distracting. Ppl are used to seeing nav pages horizontally, not in a big block on the left.

    I read a lot about nav on the left being VERY distracting. We read left to right. Content should be on the left. OR give us the option if we want it Pages nav bar on left or top.

    HUGE graphics w/dates are soooo distracting. So many themes are just perfect, but there’s a big, bright graphic w/author name, date, comments.

    I’d recommend and use more of Nick’s themes if he toned that one aspect way down. It’s NOT important to emphasize who wrote what when.

    It’s far more important to be able to easily add a graphical headline, post either thumbs of vids and/or photo thumbs to a post, page or gallery under the headline. Ppl are so visually oriented.

    Nick writes clean code, his themes are stable, his color choices pretty good.

    But WHY the HUGE graphics for simple things like author name, date, comments?

    I’m a trained graphic artist, fine artist (lots of college and in the trenches) and acclaimed artist/photographer. I taught ppl how to use the computer for years, at major colleges and training centers.

    I KNOW these elements are VERY distracting.

    I’m a member here cos some of the themes work fine for my needs. But I cringe when I see some design elements.

    BELIEVE ME, CREATIVES NEED FEEDBACK. My most famous punk rock photos are not ALL my faves! Some of my faves are unknown, not as marketable.

    I listen to my market, my fans, photo researchers, directors, etc. I’ve learned which photos to promote, which sell.

    IF I had the attitude, “my way or the highway,” I wouldn’t have a PUNK photo in a new traveling Smithsonian exhibit, or upcoming major gallery show and HUGE museum shows too.

    I LISTEN to my base.

    It would serve Nick well to listen to us. WE help GROW HIS BIZ as he helps US grow ours!!!

    With blessings of gratitude and wishes of success to all, namaste. 😉

    • I agree wholeheartedly that there’s a lot of weird emphasis placed on the byline in ET themes. That it not the first thing a reader’s eye should be drawn to.

  49. PS I LOVE the drop shadows, the 3D effect. I just want more options for graphics under the header and less focus on the who wrote what when on the post.

    His themes are elegant… but it’s the dif between Breakfast at Tiffany’s classic black dress and multi-strand pearl necklace down the back and a dress of the rack somewhere else. It’s that necklace down the back that’s so uniquely memorable.

    WHERE graphics reside, which graphic gets our attention is what counts. We wanna and need to show off our vids and galleries, not a big graphic on each post. Or nav bar on the left.

    Now to download my faves, clean Earthly Touch and Blue Studio. I HATE using such old themes, but they are great. I’m mocking up some sites to promote. I’ll send ppl here to license them so I can build it for them. I wish I had more choices! Thanks for those! 😀

    • You are free to remove the Thumbnails images from posts via ePanel. As for the left navigation bar – this is one out of 55 themes that have this feature, and I believe it a welcomed change. If you don’t like it there are 54 other themes to choose from. I wish I could please everyone with every design, but the truth is I can’t. Thanks for the suggestions though.

      • Nick, I love ET, been using your themes for a while now. While I agree with the suggestions others are making, the fact of the matter is like you said, you can’t please everyone, and I haven’t seen one ET theme that wasn’t fantastic. I see what you mean about having to raise membership fees for new employee salaries, but why not contract some designers out right for designing a theme? Or offer them a lifetime subscription or something? Or hold a contest for a winning design? Something to add a little excitement would be great I think. 🙂

        But either way, fantastic job thus far 🙂

    • Perhaps Elegant Themes is “listening” to most of us more then we are willing to admit Lenny. We can certainly agree on our differences in design preferences and styles.

      Guessing the ratio of happy customers vs unsatisfied one from these posts, seems to me less then 10% enjoy these themes as much as the other 90% …and out of that 10%; 5% are ‘Designers’ that supportively can do something about it… but prefers to complain and feel a bit entitled.

      My two cents but perhaps you could hire your own designer…

  50. I think this design is really quite beautiful.

  51. Oooh I love it! I have been looking for something like this for my familys blog and this will work perfect. I cant wait for it’s release!

  52. Nick, and all of your team.

    Just two words : Keep going

    Your work, and team work are just amazing.

    You saved my website.

    Support is remarkable. Your design Roks eveything and just for 39 a year. Plz don’t give up.

    A french fan

  53. Wow, what a beautiful theme! Nick, that is an amazing theme! Cant`t wait to get this theme.

  54. Beautiful as always, but for me the themes of early typography was more manageable.

    Try something simpler, more easily digestible.
    It seems like you constantly tried to convince yourself, and thus remains at the bottom of usability.

    Event was a misstep 🙂

    You’re the greatest!

  55. I bought the developer’s package, because a friend of mine really wanted one of themes with significant alterations. At first, I was very impressed with the look of the themes, and the admin panel was a great addition for those clients who dislike messing with the CSS.

    At first glance, there is a lot to like.

    However, while I always offer ET to people who ask me to help them with their wordpress, most people don’t want these themes. Reasons I hear most often are: too bland, pictures are too big, and in case of Magnificent, one person said, “I don’t know where I am supposed to be looking.”

    I think that too much emphasis is being placed on design and large graphics and not enough on the functionality of the themes themselves. I have to have a functional website that loads quickly and not every one of my readers has a fast connection. Some people are still on dial-up, believe or not.

    I have to have a large, interesting header – that’s the nature of the beast as my readers do not react well to small headers (I’ve tried it in the past.) So I am already committed to a large image. But with the slider, instead of one large image, I have to load three or four and each of these is a request to the server.

    (This is true for other elements as well: it’s great that thumbnails move, but how much is it costing me in loading speed?)

    I have maybe five seconds to capture my readers with the landing page and when that landing page has a giant graphic that takes up the entire screen, like in Simple Press, and that graphic takes too long to load, the visitors to the website will get impatient and leave.

    As a result, I turn the sliders off – they slow down the website too much. Once the sliders disappear, the themes seem very close to one another: pale grey background, pale grey gradients, pale grey text, which I always end up adjusting to make the website readable. And if you are color blind, the text blends in completely due to lack of contrast.

    Above someone mistakenly called Memoir a portfolio theme. That’s probably because it strongly resembles the Glider.

    People generally come to the websites for written content and ET seems to be not as concerned with actually displaying the content. Look at Magnificent, for example. There is no page that would show how the theme handles lists, quotes, links, or even headings, because the emphasis is placed so deeply on the design, the basic tools of content presentation end up overlooked. It’s a magazine theme, which is supposed to be content driven but we get just pages and pages of Lorem Ipsum text without any formatting.

    And it’s a shame too, because Nova’s shortcode page demonstrates so many options (yet again no headings, no lists, no quotes, but it does have a giant slider again.) There are some many neat things ET does well.

    It might be just that ET and I do not seem to be a good fit, and that’s entirely possible. What I would like to see is a simple theme. No gradients, no extra images(honestly why do we need to load three images for each menu button?), no crazy sliders, just a nice theme with all of the functionality ET does so well. A theme that can be easily modified, that looks great without 800px wide graphics to make it special. A theme with more than one horizontal menu, with content widget areas.

    I would use that theme over and over. Because right now I mostly look at things and say, “Isn’t that neat?” and go back to simple functional themes like Hybrid Framework.

  56. when i can download this theme?

  57. Y’all are awfully darn fussy for only $39 a year.

  58. While there are some common visual elements in recent themes, such as the stitching, font usage, etc, the overall layout of these themes are great and quite flexible.

    Two things I’d point out are these:
    1. With modest graphical expertise you can modify or replace graphics to taste.
    2. Think about your site visitors: What do THEY expect to see? I can tell you they don’t necessarily ‘expect’ to see a beautiful site, yet most ET themes are just that – even if to us members they have some commonalities.

    I think Nick is being efficient: Focusing on the larger form factor and structure and reusing elements that work – elements that can be fairly easily modified or replaced.

    Maybe someone needs to start a “How to Mod your ET Themes” membership site with instructions on tweaking your templates further. Maybe that would meet some needs here.

    Keep up the good work, Nick!

  59. Well I don’t get all the fuss over all the themes looking alike. They don’t. There are a wide array to choose from. Yes, I can tell who makes these themes but I can tell who wrote Guy Gavriel Kay’s books or who directed Ridley Scott’s films too. If I don’t like or Ridley Scott, I’ll go elsewhere, you know?

    I love these themes, and if there are always niches that can be filled, well, perhaps they’ll eventually be filled. I came here not only because of the low cost but because of the beauty of the themes. And that’s why I’ll stay.

  60. I really like this template. A friend who is currently writing his 2nd book likes this template a lot.

    Keep up the great work ET 😉

  61. Just to add my two cents, I think there’s a great selection of themes available here, especially for the price, which is why I’ve recommended signing up to lots of people. In terms of design Nick provides a great variety which suits a hell of a lot of web purposes, and it’s simple to adjust and make your own be it by altering image elements or just colors. Red and black was the color scheme for my old motorcycle blog. A splash of color through ‘The Source’ and my 35,000 monthly visitors were kept very happy. Keep up the awesome work Nick!

  62. What do I think of the design?
    It looks fantastic.

    Looks like lots of graphics, will this theme be a fast loader?

  63. It’s a strange world: we’re all looking for something for nothing so that we can charge our customers the earth!

    The theme portfolio Nick provides (for $39!) is something for nothing, in my book! What these comments show is that people here are basically asking Nick to do their work for them (within the $39pa fee) for nothing!

    What we get is Nick’s expertise and his gifts. This is called ‘Elegant Themes’ and they do exactly what it says on the box: they’re elegant!

    Do they do everything I want for the range I want? No! But then, why should I expect them to?

    I really like the look of this theme! It’s my favourite look. Haven’t seen anything much like it around.

    Way to go, Nick! Keep up the good work.

  64. Nick, I love this design and can’t wait to find a good use for it!

  65. Great theme as usual Nick.. Waiting for this theme to use on my new site

  66. Although It may be very hard to believe, I too thought the exact same thing when I saw this new theme, without even reading the comments.

    The moment I saw the screenshot one thought came to my mind. ‘This changes nothing, It’s just a similar one with no use’.

    Now, don’t take this as a destructive criticism because It’s not. I’ve been a subscriber of elegantthemes for 2 years, and I plan on staying!

    But, the themes are becoming so alike each other. Same font, same colors, same style.

    Another thing that crosses my mind some times, Is that you probably are not thinking ahead when planning the design, In terms of functionality, except for some exceptions like the Event theme, or the AskIt, and a few. I mean, before you plan do you think what your clients will be using the design for?

    Let’s say I need to make a website for a dentist. Could I use Memoir? No. Let’s say I’m running a F1 blog, could I use Memoir? No. So, what could I use Memoir for? I personally don’t see any use on It except from actually being a blog about me. But for that we already have a lot of those here in ElegantThemes.

    Some of your themes are just plain awesomeness. The ones that are functional. The ones that look engaging. The ones that people can use in a business or a Blog and use It to make money from.

    But then there are those like this one, that look like they are just a piece of Art to hang on the wall and look at It. At how pretty It is, but no functionality other than that, because It doesn’t transmit any message, It’s just a ‘dead’ theme.

    Again, this is a constructive criticism, I just hope I was able put my thoughts on these words and It may be of any use for you Nick. 😉

    • It’s supposed to be a theme for personal blogging, that’s the point! Not every theme needs to have a tiny niche purpose. Believe it or not, personal blogging is what WordPress is most used for.

      Such a theme may be “useless” for you, but not for the largest demographic of WordPress users.

      • Thanks for the reply Nick. I get your point, although WordPress is now used for a lot more than personal blogging, and people who do use It for personal blog about their lives, probably aren’t that ‘techie’ to get a hosting, domain, theme subscription, and all when there’s .

        All in all, ET is a steal for the price, as they are great themes in your portfolio that are alone well worth the price of the full subscription. 🙂

  67. I agree with Lawrence. I’ve used ET for three years now ( there were 6 or 7 themes available at the time ). I thought it was a steal then, and it’s even more so now.

    I find it interesting that the self-proclaimed designers are complaining about cosmetics when they should be looking at the functionality and the specific solution each theme provides that would benefit a client. All of the colors, textures, gradients, shadows and fonts can be customized around the functionality.

    What you’re basically saying is that you want to do nothing but the one-click auto-install via host panel, upload the theme, make a few tweeks and charge your client $500 for all the hard work.

    Elegant Themes has a distinct style no different than an artist, or author, any other designer out there. You pay $39 a year for themes that solve problems or are a fit for the type of content you’re trying to display. Almost every other premium theme builder wants $39-$99 PER THEME because they take so much work. Work several of you clearly aren’t willing to do yourselves.

    Here’s your cake. Yes, you can eat it too.

    • To not be a complete negative-nancy, I think the theme looks quite nice. 😉

  68. Very nice design…

  69. I fully agree. The themes are consistent in design. On the other hand, for 39 USD you would expect a variety of designs, done with the same perfection and the eye for the detail like the current ones are.

    Otherwise it might feel a little like,
    not worth the money if all designs are kind of similar.

    One thing i noticed is that all Home Pages look fantastic and are done to perfection, while the blog pages or article pages are lacking sometimes of integration into the design frame.

    Except the above , I am more then happy that I found the site and more then happy to pay as well. Keep the good work , but maybe be a little more keen to discover and create new designs.

  70. Oh my gosh! I had to scroll soooooooooooooooooooo far down just to tell you Nick that I LOVE your themes, and I love that it’s only $39 for the whole lot. Makes me wanna start a new blog just so I can use a new one of your themes! And I am actually really keen to see Memoir when it’s released because I really like the preview. I like the shadows in the sidebar, and I like the kinda label effect on the post info. Looks very cool! I also love the way you’ve done the pages menu on the left. When is it due for release? Huh? huh? huh? 🙂

  71. There is no question that you are a great designer Nick … Sometimes you just set too much high standards with your themes … Elegant estate and estore for example, that people forget they are just paying 39 dollars.

    Whether the design is unique, usable, or otherwise great, people are still going to subscribe and believe in you … Even those that say not so positive things about this theme.

    I can’t wait to be wowed again by your genius!

    • I could not agree more. (:

  72. Design is fine and the idea sounds good. I just dislike the shadows :p

    An “Author” section would be appropriated on top of the sidebar

  73. I love this theme and will be using it for a blog as soon as it’s available.

    I’ve been using Bold for one of our sites, and wanting something exactly like this for the secondary.

    I agree that they’re somewhat similar, but I see that as an element of consistent and quality design, not as a negative.

    Yes, they’re your style, but that’s why I signed up here in the first place.

  74. I’m always so amazed at the designs you guys come up with – it really makes it hard for me to choose from! I’m really excited for Memoir (and Modest) to come out. When will they be available?

  75. I love the new theme. I personally enjoy the similarities of the themes, as it does allow a continuity between a network of websites, from an online store to a blog to a photographers portfolio. Keep up the good work!

  76. I think it is beautiful and I respect that Nick’s designs are consistent and would not want it any other way!

    Many others have said it — change it up yourself. He generously includes the PSDs, the CSS is easy to modify, so if you’re a web designer it is on you to transform it from Nick’s design to something unique for yourself.

    The beautiful layouts, the wonderful code, the plug-ins… and the PRICE! You do a wonderful job Nick, just the way you have things now!

  77. Looks like a really nice theme. I’m also interested in a theme that allows me to displays photos that are max 640 pixels wide.

  78. Seems to be very pretty. I like to have a theme for scooters and maxiscooters for wordpress, anyone know here to find anyone?

  79. Nick, keep it up. I am not a designer but I have been able to make the necessary changes to get something the way I like it to look. I have also been known to photoshop the images to change it to a color that I want. Keep em coming.

  80. When will this be released – I need this!!! 🙂

    • Looking forward to this one. It’s the first real blog design I’ve seen in a long while and I’ve been looking for one. I’d love to have an ETA on it.

  81. I think all of your themes are great and are a steal for only $39 per year. In my opinion they are much better than Woo themes and pretty much all the other “big players.” I’ve never been impressed by Woo themes anyways. I look forward to eah new theme you come out with. Keep up the great work Nick!

  82. I really look forward to this one. Great job!

  83. I agree that the themes all basically look the same. Have the same elements going on. But to me, that is just Nick’s signature design style which I love. I wouldn’t ask Christian Louboutin to stop making the bottom of his shoes red. LOL! That is Louboutin’s signature style.. I love your themes Nick and your style! Keep up the great work! And if anyone wants a different “style” theme or a change, there are plenty of other premium themes out there! 😉

  84. Love it! One of the best blog designs I have seen yet! Can’t wait for it to be available…love the background btw.

  85. hi, i love this design so much! Great job here. 😉

    1st time visit your blog. Thanks for sharing

  86. how to remove nav bar on left top?

  87. So awesome job!

  88. Just bought your theme, so I guess ive joined the club.

    As a web designer myself I am always reticent to buy themes, I always start from scratch but the client is so in love with your theme that when designing a template I found myself just copying your aggregate theme, so I figured, hmmm should, might as well buy it…save me the trouble of adding all that code myself.

    My review of your theme is, wow there’s a lot in there, im not really a fan of large curved boxes but we learn and we stay open and hopefully improve.

    Theres one thing I see as an error though, on the posts page your bag of options (ET learn more box, wtf is that? Thats so cool) spill out the menu into the sidebar options.

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