Theme Sneak Peek: InReview

Posted on April 12, 2011 by in Theme Sneak Peeks | 124 comments

Theme Sneak Peek: InReview

We have received many requests for a “review theme” this year, so I am pleased to announce that we have started to develope one. InReview will transform your website into a reviews website, allowing you to rate/review products. We have some great ideas for integrating user ratings as well. Let us know what you think of the preview, and feel free to add some suggestions as well. It’s not to late to have your ideas realized!

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  1. I can’t wait for this one to come out…. Very Nice!

    • Glad to hear it 🙂

  2. You do amazing WORK!!!! Thank You!!!!
    What date do you think it will be done?

    • 1-2 weeks.

  3. WOW! When?! This is going to be perfect.

    • It should be ready in 1-2 weeks.

  4. this we need..

    • It shouldn’t be too long 🙂

  5. Awesome guys! I was about to buy a theme like that! But now I wait, obviously!

  6. please add features:

    order by rating

    rating categories.. like

    share to facebook

    post categories

    review templates (template for app or game review)…

    • Yes! Page templates! =D

  7. PLEASE make more products available on the front page!

    + PLEASE make it possible to add more than 2 huge product pictures in each row. At least 3 products in each row and 4 would be great.

    + Ability to add at least 20 items on the front page, preferably all that I wanted.

    + Ability to remove the huge featured product slider module

    + Right column ability to split into two colums, not just one fat column.

    + Affiliate support

    • +++ Multiple categories on the front page…each row could be a different category.

      + MORE products on each row! Not just 2, you need 3 or 4 on each row.

      • I would recommend that you give us the option to remove sidebar on homepage to show ONLY recent product reviews on the homepage if we choose. This would give us the ability to show 3 – 5 products on each row of the home page and then give us the ability to choose the amount we would like to show on the home page 🙂

        This could be a really awesome site, Nick.

        As usual… are a friggin’ genius.

        Thanks for everything you do Nick!

  8. Awesome Review theme…

  9. Finaly something new to the collection. Nice. 🙂

  10. Man you’re good…

    • Thanks Ed!

  11. Will we be able to integrate pieces of this review theme into any of the other themes?

    For instance I’m building a website that includes book reviews, but its not *only* a book review site. I would like one of the pages to features these review features but I’ve selected a different theme for the base design.

    • Rating functionality is much needed for most of the websites i maintain as most of the people like to review or add some ratings to posts so i
      hope this will be added as a page template to integrate in the other eleganttheme

      • Page templates in general would be a fabulous thing to have. I can think of several different categories of templates and would love it if there could be a way to easily integrate a page template into my websites.

    • At the moment we don’t plan on integrating this into other themes, as it will be a core part of the design. However there are many ratings plugins out there you might try using.

  12. This sounds like something I could use for my weight loss review site. Being able to have more products on the front page would be important though and having 2 columns. Always enjoy seeing your new templates, good work

  13. More reviews on the homepage would be nice! Having three columns instead, maybe?

  14. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’m glad you are working on a review theme. I tried to find one that would suits me but never did… With ET, I know I will get something complete, good-looking AND easy to translate.

    Can’t wait to use this !

  15. Wish you guys made plugins, this would be an awesome add on to one of the other templates I use.

    • I agree!

  16. Looks great !
    The theme home page should be able to accommodate many more products, sorted by categories (i.e. for books : novels, short stories, technical books…). Maybe a couple larger than others, some smaller, and some just listed.
    Inside, we should have category home pages, with a similar structure : novels home page, possibly with sub-categories (crime novels, adventure, etc.).
    I think a review theme can only work if it’s designed to handle quite a large number of products.
    I like the use of white space in ET designs, but this theme should have more density than usual.
    And yes, it would be great to be able to integrate that into an existing theme.

  17. I soooooooo need this for our local, small town reviews site. I cant wait till it’s ready!

  18. The thing that I would really like is the ability to rate something across a number of different categories that I can define. So, if I run a widget review website, then I might like to add separate ratings for color, value, durability, etc.

    • YES. That is very important to me also, to be able to add a VARIETY of different custom fields for ratings.

  19. great theme! question, will you be making any more tumblr themes in the future?

    • We don’t have any specific plans to make more tumblr themes at the moment. We are focused on WordPress.

  20. 1. Wish it have a review categories. Not just star rating for overall.
    2. User/reader can also leave a review in comment.

    • We are planning to add review categories for each post. There will also be an “overall rating.”

  21. It look way too much “corporate” for a review site, as other ask it would be nice to be able to integrate the inReview page template into other themes

  22. This one is going to be awesome. Definitely something a lot of people will like and there aren’t many out there for the niche. It will fur sure be a hit.

  23. Looks GREAT! I need this TODAY as I am bastardizing some other template to make a review site…

    Any estimate on delivery date?


    PS: Elegant Themes Rocks! Thank you!

  24. Wow, looks like an awesome theme! Cannot wait to get my hands on this sexy SOB!

  25. Another new milestone achieved

  26. GREAT IDEA!! This is an untapped theme purpose. Sure, there are some decent review themes, but I’m delighted a truly premium and prominent WP theme developer is launching this theme. Well done.

  27. That’s cool! 🙂

  28. I wait for the presence of these themes

  29. Lovely layout. any ETA ?

  30. please, add coupon code style theme in your future development plan.

  31. It’s looking !!!
    Superb theme and also your thought Nick !! Good work I wait for it

  32. OMAIGOD, GLORIUS THEME. Thanks for this stuff.

  33. finally some thing different its looks amazing cant wait to see it live in my site 😛

  34. Ask and you shall receive, thanks for this guy’s, shows you guy do listen to your subscribers…

  35. Thank you. This is the theme that I’m waiting for!

  36. AT LAST!!!!



  37. Totaaly agree about time 🙂

    Yes can we have at least the ability to have 4-5 times across the front screen not just two.

    Also can we add an adsense advert to the side menu.

    NOW THE BIG ONE can we have left side menu option instead of just righ side.

    the heatmaps all show the menu should be in the top left quadrant not just all across the top.

    You do GREAT work but they are rather stuck in a mode sometimes.

    Congrats on this theme though very welcome.


  38. Really exciting !

    I’d like to suggest that on the product page, please make it possible to include several thumbnails (similar to your eStore theme). Hopefully with possibility of playing video and images.

    Also, please include easy sharing functions into your lovely design.

    And easy user-login possibilities


  39. euhhh
    where is the preview?

  40. Wow it looks absolute awesome! Definitely can’t wait for this one!

  41. A review page should definitely be also incorporated in all the other themes as well.

  42. So far I have thwarted plans to buy a premium WordPress review theme that I’ve laid a keen eye on. Was finally going to shell out the cash but will hold those plans for a moment until this baby comes out.

    Would also like to see “ElegantSense”, an Elegant theme made for AdSense. I know I’m not the only one that needs such a theme.

    Anyways, kudos for the InReview theme. Its long overdue.

  43. Love the “Editors Choice” option! Maybe more of a magazine layout so we can get more reviewed items “above the fold”? I have a site just waiting for this one!

    Great work – as always!

  44. YES!!! Finally! This is gonna be awesome! Been waiting for something like this for awhile now! Thank you and can’t wait to try it out!

  45. Maybe horizontal posts will be better and add N°1, N°2 etc…
    and add an icone with numbers before titles, the product that receive more votes will be first using icone with number 1 etc…
    That’s will make the difference!

    • I like that idea! +1 Vote for this!

  46. Wow, doesnt it look nice?

    Nick, I had been trying to customize ‘Askit’ to get a review theme with the help of some plugins. But the visual effect of the plugins were not that great and eventually had to shelve that idea.

    Now this theme looks exactly like what I wanted. Askit + Review functionalities. Couldn’t ask more 🙂

  47. I could really use a theme like this. Looking forward to the realease. Have you guys got an idea of when we can expect this theme to be released.

    • This week hopefully.

  48. Can I use this new theme to review (or rate) you tube videos? I am looking to create a website to curate you tube videos… I hope this is the one since I love the design.


  49. This looks like a MUST have 🙂 Can’t wait.

  50. will inreview support non-review post? i mean, just like all your preview theme with post type

    • YES! A Blog category option will be an essential aspect for this theme!

  51. Thanks Nick,
    You probably already know how I will use the review concept bundled with this theme to promote my services.
    Great work as usual.

  52. Nick, I have 2 suggestions.

    1. Can we have an optional box to mention the price (like in elegant estate) in addition to the author and user ratings? This will serve great for product rating blogs.

    2. Flexibility to choose either one of author or user ratings or both. (I am sure you would have taken care of this one already).

    That apart, elegant themes is great with many dozens of fabulous themes and helpful support at a giveaway price. Thanks.

    • Yes…..a User Rating AS WELL AS an Author Rating would by a key attribute to this

      +1 vote for this one too Nick 🙂

  53. Hi Nick. It looks really awesome. If you could change your typography a bit, so it would not look like all other elegant themes…

    If you will include advanced rating system, I will definitelly use it on my another project.

  54. Please, please, add support for affiliate deals so that we can easily manage affiliate urls for each of the reviewed products just like both of the other premium wordpress review templates that are out there.

  55. I think with all the themes the ability to have an optin box that is styled to the themes that works with the major autoresponders like aweber, icontact, mailchimp, infusionsoft, get response. That would just add the EXTRA notch to all the themes. Amazing as the elegant themes are, this would be the icing!

    Great stuff!

  56. Pretty Awesome, i’ve been waiting for something like this.. looking forward to get my hands on it..

    Thank You!

  57. EXCELLENT. The perfect review theme. Can’t wait!

  58. Keep up the good work Nick & Team!

    #1 request would be the Top Rated Product widget be customizable for categories for easy user navigation.

    Either way…can’t wait…

  59. Hi Nick,
    Will this theme use custom posts and custom taxonomies and custom fields to classify the products and attributes?

    • No, this won’t be necessary. The theme will use standard posts.

  60. Suggestions:

    User’s Choice widget…based on popular ratings
    Top 10 or Top 20 Widget…based on Editor ratings or choice

    Something like that to make it different than just “recent posts” for the sidebar.

    But personally, I like how it looks now. Don’t want a magazine layout like another member suggested. Uncluttered but with a more “review” feel for the sidebar.

  61. First of thanks for listening to the users 🙂 I’m so happy to have a review site for my long overdue review site Top Product Reviewer Site … The features are awesome …

    However, a gallery layout option would be nice to have as well.

    I can’t wait to see this one 🙂 Great job.

  62. Hi, I just suscribed in here because I write movies reviews, so this is just great. The only thing is that everyone rates with 5 stars, where I would need 6… Even 10 would be better… But well, I think this would be a really annoying option for you to add.
    I’ll see, maybe the theme will be just fine for me !

    Great work anyway !

    • YES! I agree – option for more stars and/or percentages or something.

  63. I wish I have seen this earlier. I have just finished 95% of my own wordpress review site.

    Nick, I can’t wait to see what you have as although I have spent the last month developing me own review theme. Can’t wait to see you theme and if better then I would be happy to use.

    Some suggestions to help

    Multi rating should be a choice
    review rating and user rating
    Multi category and drop down menu’s
    Slider on the homepage. featured reviews
    Template for submit a review template
    shortcodes to help people with star ratings
    2 and 3 column homepage setup.
    Footer 3 column widget area

    I would also try and see if you can get the righthand side bar widget as an accordian to show top 10 reviews, latest comments etc. This helps with space.

  64. GREAT ONE!

    I think it would be very useful to add a fast way to add review videos, like an embed as in evid theme or something similiar, which i think would be really usefull.
    Another cool feature could be a page template for top 25(50) or most viewed.

  65. Any chance of having multiple options for ratings/category. Like food gets following options. taste, price, presentation while autos category gets color, price, comfort, etc…

    somehting on the lines of jreview or other review/rating wordpress plugins out there.

    • multi-options for ratings sounds like a winner to me.

    • Yep, it will have this 🙂

  66. This looks very nice, clean yet very powerful!

  67. Any music and Video template in the future?

    • Nothing planned, but it’s a nice idea. Thanks!

  68. Wow! Great looking theme as usual! can’t wait to play around with it!

    Do you and the ET team have any plans to create a social networking theme, possibly utilizing BuddyPress?

    I think if there’s anybody out there right now to take advantage of it’s functionality and pair with great design… It’s you Nick.
    I would absolutely LOVE to see what you come up with.

    Keep up the great work!


    • We don’t have any plans for such a theme, but I will keep your suggestion in mind!

      • A social networking theme would be amazing! There really hard to come across but there mosty ugly too. But I bet you can make one 100000000000000000000000000 times better!

      • I’d love a social network theme!!!!!

    • That would be really cool to make a social network theme that works with buddy press kinda like Facebook!

      • That would be great. Nick you should try and make one! I bet you’ll do a great job!

  69. Hi,
    Looking forward to this theme, is there any update when it will be released.

  70. This is great for my affiliates review site..

  71. I am eagerly waiting of this one only its been 1-2 weeks please sir, Release this asap.

  72. Nice work… your work is always awesome my friend. Just the best out there in my opinion. How long before you launch this one? I for one really need this theme, others out there are just so uninspiring for this kind of niche marketing.

    Also, great work on your last theme too. Haven’t put it to work yet but will real soon.

    Just wondering… in terms of promoting your work as an affiliate, is there some easy way to display samples of each theme on one of our own sites… then once people find something they like they can click on through to yours for the purchase?

    G 🙂

  73. I love it! Also I was wondering if I could change the backrounds in some of your current themes… Is that possible? THANKS again for showing the world what a real website should look like!

  74. Yeah! That would be great. Nick you should try and make one! I bet you’ll do a great job!

  75. What’s the release timing on this one? Need it! Beautiful work so far 🙂

  76. Can’t wait for this one.

    Kudos, Nick, for cranking out so many high quality themes so frequently. I just barely used Webly for the first time last week, and you’ve already released Envisioned, MyCuisine, and now a great review theme in a months time.

    Thanks for doin what you do – keep it up!

  77. I guess this will be the most awaited release from Elegant themes this year – an Elegant Themes Production, a Nick Theme – ‘InReview’ . ET Blog is the first thing I check once I wake up everyday for the past 1 week, awaiting its release.

    • Same here

  78. Most awaited theme of the Year.

  79. I would like to have also a user overview page showing the best raters, most raters, a nice statistics page.

  80. I found you because of this theme, and I just joined because of this theme–but not until I noticed that you expose your basic documentation pre-sales.

    It baffles me that so many others want to hide their documentation until they make a sale. That you do not means you are smart enough to do business with.

  81. Would like the option to sort the excerpts on the home page by rating (high to low).

  82. Will there be a way to integrate “youtube” videos to write reviews on? would love a feature like that

  83. This is a very good review theme.
    I am looking for restaurant review theme like for long long time, but still keep searching.

    Wish to recommend and review good restaurants to everyone.

    Do you think is possible to remodify it?

    Cheers. Good job!

  84. This looks great.
    I want to use it for a review site in Japanese. Is Japanese language supported?
    Also, basic question, how much can we customise the header to make it into “our” site.
    Thanks very much!

  85. love the design looks very pretty

  86. I love the theme, can it support rich snippets on google search engine result?

  87. Does it support rich snippets?

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