Theme Sneak Peek: HandHeld

Posted on August 4, 2011 by in Theme Sneak Peeks | 139 comments

Theme Sneak Peek: HandHeld


Today I am excited to give everyone a glimpse at our upcoming mobile theme HandHeld. With the recent increase in the use of mobile devices, every website now needs a way to serve their low-resolution visitors an intuitive design for the small screen. With HandHeld we hope to give you a versatile and easy-to-use solution. For all the juicy details, you will just have to wait for the release 🙂


  1. Is this an add-on to other themes or a stand alone theme?

    • My same question. Will this work with other elegant themes?

    • After reading the para and looking the theme sneak peek, same question came in my mind that is this an add-on to other themes or a stand alone theme?

      • It should be a plugin, I think.
        Otherwise you have only a mobile theme.

        • I agree. It should be a plugin, otherwise you will be stuck with this theme for all your visitors, not just your mobile visitors.

          • i myself just serve a different theme to mobile visitors.

            some plugins let you do this.

          • That’s not the case. This would get served to mobile users, and your desktop them gets served to desktop users.

          • It doesn’t necessarily need to be a plugin (It’d be sweet though).

            You can always give desktop users the usual theme, and redirect mobile users to this theme, using htaccess for example.

          • I don’t think it’s a plugin, maybe it will support some mobile plugins, but it is a theme for sure … anyway it’s great idea 🙂

    • Same questions ..

      but I hope it will be an add on theme than stand alone theme 😉

    • It would be great if all themes had their own mobile css files.

      • I think so too.

      • Totally agree with Josh, it would be great if all or at least some of the themes will have a mobile version. The web is going mobile and this wave is only going to grow. It will be very wise to ride this wave. Thanks for creating such gorgeous themes Nick:)

      • Yes, that would be awesome!

    • It will be a plugin that can work with any theme.

      • That’s awesome, Nick. Been waiting for something like this. Any tentative release date?

      • Ooh… Very nice! professional! Wow!

      • Excellent news Nick! Good job!

      • Great stuff Nick
        I don’t get much mobile traffic but it looks as though it is the thing of the future.

        I shall definately use it.

        • As Yoda would say about your mobile traffic, “You will be. Yes. You will be.”

      • Thanks, I hope that as it grows it gets mobile skins for all of your themes. That way the mobile site can retain the look and feel of the main “desktop” site, or you could mix and match.

      • That is great news, Nick. I have been thinking for quite a while that I needed to begin directing mobile users of my blog to a mobile theme. I’m glad to hear I can wait a little longer and have a fabulous one developed by chosen theme provider.

      • Wow nice!! Looking forward to it. I guess after anticipate this will be my second favorite plugin – and I own dozens of commercial plugins.

      • SWEET! I was hoping you were going to say that also Nick. Having this as a plug-in that you can place on ANY elegant theme is absolutely fantastic! I am really excited!!! Do we have any idea on when this will be released? I’ve been scrolling threw the comments and I haven’t been able to see a date yet?


      • A plugin? Now that’s something to get excited about. I just ran out of patience with WP Touch, now I’m a happy man again. Thanks Nick!

        • Say, what’s the problem with WP Touch, if that’s all right to ask?

  2. It’s… so… so… awesome! \(^.^)/

  3. great !!

  4. Awesome! Thanks for doing a mobile theme. I’ve been seeing a big uptick lately from mobile browsers and this’ll make it a lot easier to cater to them. Thanks!

    • I second that…

        • Agree with that Bhavesh – awesome.

    • Thanks 🙂

  5. So excited to see this Nick. I’ve been using wp-touch for the longest time and am super stoked to see your take on mobile! Keep up the good work sir!

    • ditto!

    • Unfortunately, Handheld doesn’t seem to allow visitors to purchase things even if you already have a shopping cart system for your site!

      OTOH, WP-Touch claims that some of their customers’ shopping carts work fine.

      Any word on whether Nick plans on offering similar capabilities?

  6. Awesome! Hope there’s a way to be viewed at the computer as a whole theme and at the smartphone as a compact theme. Or do i ask too much?!

    • That’s the plan.

      • These are great news!! Can’t wait to see it working!!

  7. Nice work! I’m sure this will be a popular theme.

  8. Perfect! I knew this would happen someday.

  9. I hope it’s a plugin…

    • It will be a plugin 🙂

      • Great! Thanks.

  10. WOW, can’t wait for this to come out !, good job ET ! 😀

  11. hello nick! thanks a lot! we’ve been waiting for this !

  12. very beautiful

  13. Awesome. Simple and beautiful. I think as a theme it’s still great, because mobile content for most sites needs to be customized for a mobile user and what they are looking for, so having a separate site or a Multi-Site with both versions is ideal. Then just use a plugin or JavaScript for the redirection.

  14. I love it! I’ve been using a plugin theme to do the same thing but I never liked the style and format. Can’t wait to try this SmartPhone Theme!!! Very cool menu, etc. Awesome! Thanks!

  15. Great idea! So excited. Need a theme like this as I’m not happy right now with wp theme plugin. Keep up the great work.

  16. It looks totally different!

    Waiting for the release 🙂

  17. Looks great. It would be cool if you created a theme that used media queries that adapted to the device it was on… Desktop -> tablet -> phone etc.

    • We plan to use media queries within the alternate design to adjust to smartphone/tablet resolutions.

      • Sounds great Nick!…

  18. I am also really excited for this. I have many websites that people who try with their smart phones are unable to view. This will help a lot! Thanks!

  19. its looks unique and fresh wordpress theme, looking for the release,

  20. Great theme for Mobile visitors. Elegant Themes is going with the web trend.

  21. Simply superb amazing theme for cellphone, Great Work !!

  22. eleganthemes are always awesome, nice work… 🙂 thanks

  23. Awesome theme for mobile,nice work.

  24. Finally we have a cellphone theme. Thanks!

  25. Please make this one (also) an add-on theme.

  26. There is a solution to change theme on user agent/browser that most sites use, so it’s gonna swap like all the others right? if for example someone surfs from iphones etc.?

  27. Love the look of this and can’t wait for it to be released.


  28. Looks good but very similar to existing mobile themes.

    Mobile enabled pages are particularly important for local businesses, 30% of all mobile searches include local content.

    Business users make up a large percentage of your members so keeping business owners rather than blog owners in mind when developing the theme will ensure you target the right market.

    Please ensure the home page for the mobile theme can be set to a static page and not load the blog.

    The inclusion of a “Call” and “Directions” button on the landing page would be good. The Call activating the phone function and Directions opening Google Maps.

    What would be particularly ninja is if when clicking “Directions” the user is asked if website can use their current location and when Google Maps opens it gives actual directions rather than just displaying a Pin.

    Finally it would be good to include a slide show but require the images to be the right size so as not to retard loading of page.

    A mobile preview would be very cool too, something I haven’t seen elsewhere.

    Keep pushing the envelope. Love your work

  29. Nice!
    Same question like others, is it plugin or independent theme?

  30. No, no. Don’t tailor this for only business static pages, please. Keep it optional for blogs as well. I’ve seen plenty of themes and plugins that show only static pages and those are fine for businesses, local and otherwise, but definitely do not exclude regular blog owners. The RIGHT market is NOT only businesses, thank you. Nuff said.

  31. Awesome! Please be a plugin!!!

  32. Theme looks great···
    thanks for sharing.

  33. It looks nice! I’ve written few words about it on my blog. Thx

  34. Looks Great, Hope this will be add-on….

  35. Love it, as long as it can be used in conjunction witha website’s current theme? Also keen to hear about how it will work… guess we will have to be patient!

  36. Great,
    this is exactly what i am looking for

  37. We love the minimal theme that we are using, this one looks like it will be great for the mobile side of our site!!!!

    Cant Wait!

    — the Renew Canoe Team!

  38. I’m so excited I just peed a little!

  39. I’m so glad to see you do a mobile theme plugin and support both phones and iPads! I voted for this in your poll, but saw it didn’t end up #1 so I’m pleasantly surprised to see you building one now.

  40. Oh my goodness, Nick, this is GREAT news! Awesome!

  41. I am feeling emotional…

  42. Thanks, Nick. This is just great news. Very pleased with the consistency and timeliness of your work. It’s going to be a pivotal year with regard to mobile, for sure. Looking forward to the release and development of this plug-in. Thanks again and keep up the great work. Best regards, Jay

  43. Cool style for mobile’s. Thanks for the theme Nick. guess we will have to be patient!

  44. That’s awesome Nick – what a time saver. Thank you.

  45. I would love to see more add-on releases like this. Perhaps in the future something with custom form maker? Will be perfect for those clients who wants to publish application forms on their site.

  46. Often I go to a website via my smartphone and I am forced into the mobile view even when I do not want to do so.

    Is there anything planned to allow the smartphone web visitor to opt out of the mobile view?

    • I’m thinking the EG team will put a link on the bottom that states “normal view” which will allow the typical browser view of the site.

      • Yea, we are planning to do so.

  47. Wonderful!!!

    Thanks for the efforts.


  48. Great work Nick!

  49. Do the plugin, due to the fact it will be an “elegant plugin”, handle the elegant themes shortcodes ? 🙂

  50. Fantastic…I can use that for the RADIO STATION….whitch is the best representation of GLOW…lol

  51. Perfect! I am excited..

  52. Fantastic! I truly look forward to testing this out by adding it to my own website first!

  53. I’m hoping that you include a large array of customization options for this theme / plugin – as for offering this to clients would be great and diversifying their appearance would make things a lot more authentic.

    Be cool just to even have the options offered in themes like Chameleon.

  54. Nick,

    Another thought about making it work across mobile/tablet platforms. Would there be baseline features in the works, similar to WP Touch Pro and

    Not that I have any technical expertise as to what goes into coding something like this, but some of the features from WP Touch Pro integrated with this theme would make it so versatile for any mobile site necessities.

    Keep up the amazing work!

  55. Great work Nick, looking forward to this one!

  56. Excellent! ETA?

  57. iPad… iPad… iPad… Please please please!!
    We definitely need a good iPad theme! Actually there are lot’s of iPhone ready solution, but any really good iPad theme! I’m talking about sencha or jqtouch implementation with gestures and so on! Please Nick, consider to make a tablet version also! I know that iPad and other tablet *could* read quite easily the “standard” theme, but using gesture and tablet specific solution could be really a winner. (for instance try to open a modal window on an iPad… it’s a nightmare).

  58. I’ve been using the free version of WPtouch for a while. Very glad to see ET launching something similar…and hopefully even better!!!

  59. Hello Nick, remember to fix the “shortcodes” or at least to manage their conversion within this mobile plugin… This is a very important thing, otherwise our shortcoded pages will be unreadable 🙂 Ciao ciao

  60. Since this is a plugin in nature and not a stand alone theme, Will this work to any WP theme or only with ET Themes?

  61. This is great news, 🙂

  62. I use my Iphone all day and sometimes i dont like templates for mobile, but for blogging should be usefull

  63. Nick, I just wanted to tell you that you and your amazing team are the best on the web. I Have been patiently waiting for you guys to put out a mobile theme for a while, and knew that you were just waiting for the right time.

    Take your time, add as many features as you possibly can, and don’t listen to any of the haters…

    You guys have been game changing for my Technology Company.

    Thanks again,


  64. Hi Nick. Good one. Great to see that you are responding to the requests concerning making all websites based on your themes mobile readable. Wapple however displays elements on the theme itself, thus keeping the branding confluent. The reason I mention this is that in one of their examples they actually use one of your themes!
    Suggest that you have a look.

  65. great news. et definitely needs a great mobile theme. But to be honest it really looks like all the other mobile themes (wptouch just to name one). I think the “round box” style is quite old and is a waste of space also.

  66. I’m so excited about this! I love your work, and a mobile theme/plugin just rounds up the awesomeness:-)

  67. Aloha Nick,
    What’s the anticipated release date for “HandHeld”?



  68. Looks great..can’t wait to see the final product! 😀

  69. Any idea on when this will be releasing?

  70. This is awesome…can’t wait for this to be released. Keep up the awesome work guys.

    Rock on!

  71. As always, THANK YOU!

  72. Pretty sweet 😀

    When are we seeing a buddy press theme/plugin

  73. will it be iPad compatible?

  74. Nick,

    Not to put pressure on you….but everyone is excited about this theme and we are eager for this plugin release. Any idea on when you will have it ready for us to play with? Any chance you’ll release it to those of us in the Developer’s club early so we can help debug it?

    Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme…lol

  75. I check every day to see if this has been released!

  76. Hello nick! thanks a lot for this awesome theme!

  77. Great stuff. 🙂

    I just commented to my mates this morning that I am seeing more mobile traffic and needed to get my sites mobile friendly. And now, here it is.


  78. Keep checking back to see if this has been released yet. It really can’t come soon enough.

  79. Very nice – looking forward to checking this out!

  80. It’s been almost a full month since an update! I cannot wait to find out more in regards to the progress made!

  81. Nick, knock knock.. are you there?

  82. One question though. Will it support all the ET-shortcodes? Will it render them? Most mobile plugins don’t.

    • That was two questions


    • If it will not render short codes for mobile, I hope it will strip them out when rendering to mobile.

  83. Waiting waiting waiting.

  84. I think he was in vacation. Or he’s preparing the Contributors section.

  85. I have been expecting it nick! CAN YOU RELEASE IT SOONER PLEASE…? ^_^’

  86. That would be fantastic if it would work with any theme.
    Thank you for the work already once.

  87. Looking forward to this new plugin. I believe it will be very unique since you guys are taking so long to launch it.

  88. Can’t wait! I’m already itching to ditch my current plugin which does something similar but it is the same design for every sight. Can’t wait to have customization.

  89. Is “Handheld” still in development. Just noticed the new sneak peak (which I’m excited about) and was wondering if there was any more information on this project. Thanks for the great work!

    • ET release product the same order they release sneak peak as far as I can recall. I bet handheld will come first before the recent sneak peak 🙂

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