Theme Sneak Peek: DeepFocus

Posted on August 30, 2010 by in Theme Sneak Peeks | 130 comments

Theme Sneak Peek: DeepFocus

It should come as no surprise that we already have some great new themes in the works. For those itching to see what’s on the production line, here’s a glimpse at one our upcoming themes titled DeepFocus. This theme will cater to designers/photographers, and will feature some great image and gallery integration wrapped in a sleek and crisp design. I have been wanting to create a theme with the features of ePhoto, but with a more flexible homepage, and I am confident that this theme will provide a great solution for those looking to create an online portfolio.


  1. And the shortcodes?
    are they ready?

    • The navigation says shortcodes, so maybe!

      • YEAHHHH!!!!

    • yes mate. r u msn or skype?

    • Nick says, the shortcodes should be ready this week CANT wait 🙂 gonna make a huge impact on the themes

    • Shortcodes will be available for all themes next week.

      • “Falls of his chair” .. cant wait!!

      • Shortcodes for all themes? WTF? Amazing!

  2. This looks great! Will it be possible to have several galleries broken down by category or just one big gallery? I can’t wait to see this one live.

    • You will be able to have multiple gallery categories.

  3. Using ePhoto now this looks great can’t wait to make the switch!

  4. This is looking very nice, dunno why, a lumin like theme is always nice 🙂

  5. Awesome!

  6. it looks awesome! can’t wait to try it out 🙂

  7. I’ve been using ePhoto and this is MUCH more what I’ve been looking for. Can’t wait!!!!

  8. Will video galleries also be supported? It would be cool if you could embed videos as well as photos in the same layout.

  9. Just switched to SimplePress this weekend, but this is gorgeous. May have to switch again when this one is released. I second Dan’s question/request though. It would be great to have multiple galleries.

  10. What about an artist/photographer gallery with a separate blog AND an eStore for selling prints? (gallery and store should be separate) I’ve got a client who needs one of these right now.

  11. Will it be possible to use this on a regular old blog?

    Theme looks fantastic.

    • All of our themes come with a BlogStyle mode, which will convert the homepage into a normal blog.

      • Except dailynotes theme. i tried to activate blog stly and couldn’t. When I posted to the forum I was told that this is not possible even though the themes feature page said it was. Either way it’s still a great theme. Thanks for all the work you guys do. We really appreciate it!

      • That is not true, i think David want ( like me ) a real blog style again!

        Like in Polished or Glow, but in the new themes there is not a real blog style ( “eStore” or “Elegant Estate” )

        On both of the themes the pps cry for a real blog style, i hope you add it this time 😉

        The Preview is rally great!

        Thanks for your themes

  12. Very nice indeed!

  13. Cool. Just trying to setup SimplePress now for an online portfolio, and while I kind of like, I kind of be uneasy about some parts of it. This one looks a lot more like what I’m looking for… I know, I know, I already said that of SimplePress 😉

    What’s the target release date ?

    • It should be ready within 2 weeks.

  14. I love this one ! I thought Simple Press would be my favourite for a while… But I like this one better. 😛

    I can’t wait for the shortcodes, too. 😀

  15. this looks great, although only just settled on Polished tehme for my photography site….but this new one looks really cool

  16. oh e-store would be great to sell prints too

  17. How many pics in the Featured slider?
    Max 6? Unlimited?

    • There’s no limit on the number of featured slides.

  18. That’s just amazing. I can’t wait till you release this one I think it would be good in my personal website. Hope that the side bar can contain places for 125 ads. I also would love if the single posts page contain about the author & social bookmarking features and that would be everything I’ve dreamed about. Thanks Nick 🙂

  19. Looks amazing as usual!

  20. Wow its such a nice theme. Love the natural “real life” graphics! Maybe semi transparent dropdown menus at the nav will be nice? like 20 percent see trough.

  21. Looks incredible. Buying a subscription here two years ago was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made when it comes to web development. Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks Mike, I’m glad to hear it!

  22. I love this look; the grainy background. So beautiful! Love all the themes!

  23. I’m having to create new sites just so I can use each new theme that is released… they just keep getting better.

    Well done guys and I’m looking forward to this one.

  24. Yet another beauty 🙂 I think when you release it, I might have to change from one of your other themes to this !

  25. Hey Nick,

    There is some really nice appeal to this one. I will be really interested to see what this looks like as a preview.

  26. Awesome work Nick!

    Are you guys also planning on doing a theme that compliments the “Glow Theme”. As in have a slider with the recent blog posts on the home page, something like a news theme i guess?

  27. Hi,
    great job 🙂

  28. Oh my … that is absolutely awesome. You’ve got to stop making such awesome themes, or we’ll never get to keep our websites looking the same!!! 😛

    Just kidding … keep up the great work! You inspire us all 🙂

  29. Can the big quote under the main pic be a Twitter feed ? Snappers sometimes don;t like to write much, but most can manage a tweet 🙂

  30. Very awesome design, very clean and crisp !

    But, unfortunately, like all your themes, it seems that this one is also only designed for landscape or square format photography.

    What about designing a theme that will nicely support portrait format photography too ?

    I love your themes but I can’t use it for my portfolio since I have lots of vertical compositions and they don’t fit well in them… ) :

    Hope this issue will be address soon !

    You can check my site to see how my theme deal with vertical and horizontal images, maybe it can inspire you ! I like my theme but with it, I miss the great design you provide.

    Another point, it would be great if we could define the image used for timthumb separately from the one used for the square thumb since the auto crop feature is not very efficient. It’s better to be able to crop it ourselves and set the image already in the good format for better result.

    Anyway, keep up the great work, you rocks !

    • I agree… would be nice to have multiple formats available… vertical as well as horizontal!

  31. OMG… i love you guys…

  32. Awesome theme… would also like to see video and short code incorporated. Again, looks like it will be top notch and can’t wait for it to be available.

  33. Nice one I like it

  34. Looks great. Can’t wait to test it!

  35. I second the video request – please!

  36. Re-reading my comment – it might be a bit cryptic. What I meant is let’s have videos allowed too – not just pictures. So us filmmakers could use the theme.

  37. Slick!

  38. this ones kwel…

  39. Can I have this last week please.

    That looks quite nice – although I’m not sure about the bouncy thumbnail hover – I’m not a fan of bouncy, bouncy…

    • Sure, you supply the time machine!

  40. Looks VERY elegant, can´t wait to see it live. Will the shortcodes be available with that one?

    • Shortcodes will be available for all themes very soon.

  41. Does this theme have the same ePanel options as Professional? In this case it will be great theme fo WP as CMS.

    And one more question, Nick: are you going to create more page based themes in the future?

    • Sure, we have made many in the past and will continue to make them in the future.

  42. Waiting For this Awesome one

  43. Can not wait!!!!!

    Very good! 😉

  44. LOVE IT! Will the blog area have the option for wide width for posts, with widgets at the footer instead of sidebar?? In other words, just a single column blog. 😀 That would be great if it did! Many photoblogs are single column blogs — at least the professional ones I’m drawn to. LOL. 😀

    Can’t wait to see this theme!

  45. When will this awesome theme be relased? I hope very soon! 😀 *thumbs up*

    • Next week I hope. Stay tuned!

  46. Looking great, would love to see a release calender or suchlike!

  47. I have been using ePhoto since the beginning of the year and with the addition of some modifications to add portrait orientation and it has worked out well. At first glance it looks as though this theme will also focus on landscape orientation. Hopefully portrait orientation will be available on the single page posts.
    The Best to You in Your Endeavors, Richard

    • We won’t be cropping images on single post pages this time.

  48. Its cool!

  49. This looks so nice, cant wait so try it out.

  50. Looks good.

    How about an option to depict portrait as well as landscape layout.

    Keep up the good work!

  51. Awesome! When is it going to be released??

    • Sometime next week I hope.

      • Great! Can’t wait!

  52. Excellent, Thanks for this future new theme.

    And regarding the short codes, this theme will comme with these ones ?

  53. Do you have an ETA for this by any chance?

    • We are shooting for next Wednesday or Thursday.

      • Great! Next mid-week 🙂 I’ll use it to build our new studio Web site that’s been down for about two years now.

        • Awesome! I am looking forward to taking this theme for a test drive. It looks fantastic.

  54. Really excited to dwonload this new themes.

    Great job Mark!

    • @Nick.. I would also suggest you to come out with a theme that enable ‘Credit and User Download Management Theme’ like envato..

  55. Looks very nice. Compliments. You got a very good feeling for design. A lot of the looks depend on the photographs you use though. The theme can look completely different with different photographs. The ones you use are always very nice. Are you a photographer too?

    For the next themes I wanted to suggest a menu that is not Java-Script supported, so it would be “barrier-free”. Freshy 2 (which is no longer supported for WP >3.x) would have the menue style I like. It works fine and is barrier-free. A lot of business customers in Germany ask for those websites. Any chance, Nick?

  56. Nick, its amazing to see how the themes have evolved and developed over time.

    They are the best looking premium wp themes on the internet, hands down.

  57. its wednesday! can i startup my computer today to work on this great theme? i sure hope so!

  58. finally! I’ve been waiting for this one for a while…thanks nick.

  59. finally! I’ve been waiting for this one for a while…thanks nick. i almost don’t mind the recent price doubling now, lol.

  60. I would have paid the full fee just for this one! Looks very nice , cant wait , my fingers are itching….

    • Will you release any time now? I am like checking every 5 minutes…. 🙁

  61. I’ve just finished working on my photography site with a themeforest html template – but I’ve felt in love with DeepFocus… This will end with a quick divorce soon 😉

  62. Today is Friday, where’s the Theme? I can’t wait anymore! 😉

    • Philippe, I just saw your photography work on your site … they are sublime! Wow, très belles photos!



        • Thanks Philippe, and you’re welcome too. :]

  63. This theme looks quite wonderful. Nice job fellas!
    I’ve been using ePhoto which I love but I really like the larger image slider on this theme. One quick question; Will the slider allow custom links or will it reflect posts?

  64. I was away for a bit. Almost missed this sneak peek. Truly amazing template!! Take a bow sir!

  65. I can’t wait for this theme to come out! I’ve been checking back every few hours to get it the moment it’s released.

    Fabulous job once again guys!

    • I’m with you on that one Kat. …a new SQL is ready for it… patiently waiting. ;]

    • …by the way Kat, ‘Love your illustrative work! Very nice and unique style.

      • thank you =^.^= Your work is fantastic too!

        • LOL! I like your =^.^= …cute!

          :] glad you like btw.

  66. if it will not be released this week , could you add some post/pages screens?
    And will the images pop up in a lightbox or same as ephoto?

    thx guys!

  67. This looks great!

    will it be possible to sell our photos for download ?
    (paypal + Download Single Photo)

  68. Greet job! Looking forward to it..Hope it comes with random, featured, topratede photos as in e-photo…
    Cannot figure out to setup e-photo the way I want – I am a total newbee in elegantthemes. And hope tha this new theme is easy to mee. Planning on bouilding a website with my Portofolio, and my feeds from, and articles about different aspects of phototeqniques etc.

  69. The gallery support videos?

  70. will it have the option to pull the contents from a different blog to the blog area in the front page, may be something using rss feeds.. coz, i have my blog in a different site..

    ie, and i want to get that contents in the front page “from the blog”…

    im already loving this template.. this is gonna be my favorite one..

    any word on when its releasing ??

  71. When will this Theme finally be released?
    I hope as soon as possible. 😉

    We were waiting for over 2 weeks now, and 2 weeks ago it’s been called in one week.

    Sorry for my heavy words, but we are all waiting for this Theme. 😉

  72. This is probably the first time I’ve been disappointed by Elegant Themes. It’s Sunday night and the target of ‘thursday or friday’ release date has passed without any comment or courtesy note.

    Wouldn’t mind waiting, but posting a ‘release date’ even a guesstimate and not meeting it is very disappointing. tsk tsk.

    • Whenever I say that something “should be released by x…” it’s just a guess. The theme will be released when it’s ready at some point near the projected release date.

  73. This looks awesome… like everyone else… I am anticipating the release!!!

  74. Nice and elegant!!! can we get this in HTML format as well

  75. The gallery support video?

  76. Very good design.

    Like everyone. Thanks..

  77. So Excited, I Can’t Stand it! Where’s it at yo! 🙂

  78. When will it finally be released?

    It’s about 2 weeks ago when you said in one week.

  79. Still Stalking both new themes! I’m so excited!

  80. Looking forward to using this one my business site – looks beautiful!

  81. Yupe waiting for this theme since last wednesday… 😉

  82. Still very anxious for this…I’m not rushing you, but could we get a timeline for the update? I’m planning a roll out of new branding around this one.

  83. When you get this many people patiently waiting (and understandably not so) for a products release, that speaks volume!

    Kudos Nick as I’m sure you have a full load with this, your new year starting and all.

  84. Good things come to those that wait. 🙂

    Excellent looking theme, looking forward to testing it out.

  85. Will be worth the wait when it arrives, im sure Nick and the team will want to get this one right as there is so much interest.

  86. Woohoo! Its here!!! Check your account. :]

  87. Hi, I’m testing this theme to create my personal website, plz guys help me when I add featured image to a post its not working plz have a look

    (un: amila
    pass: 123456)

    Its the Koala.jpg in the homepage under Recent Works,

    ** epanel layout settings = all enabled

    * Single Post Layout = enabled
    * Single Page Layout = enabled
    * General Settings = enabled

    wp version 3.0.1

    Thanks for any help !!!

  88. I have a question:

    In the elegantthemes site, the DeepFocus theme and it’s feature slider works perfect. When the mouse is outside the image, it change the images with fade effect whitout the text box over the image were shown. If we rolover the image, the texbox pop up. Perfect!


    When i install this theme to my blog, when the mouse is ouside, there is a black shadow that flashes for a second where the texbox should be. I cannot fix this. I see this problem too in the Amila’s blog (from the comment above). Can you help me to fix this?

  89. I have purchased the Focus theme and was working great. I noticed that my home page category stopped working. I have all categories marked with an x except the one I would like to display in home page but still nothing changes. This stopped working on its own. please help

  90. Hi Nick, Beautiful theme – I have paid for others and am becoming a little disappointed. I have had a quick look at the comments in relation to DeepFocus but can’t find what I am looking for.
    I am wondering if it is possible for me to add Paypal (say with something like YAK or Artpal into my galleries ?)
    I was hoping for a lightbox that would enable information about the specific photo being displayed and perhaps paypal – but I would settle for this being on the other option you have there that opens the image on another page.
    I am hoping this can be achieved with your design as it is a beautiful theme.

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