Theme Sneak Peek: Chameleon

Posted on April 27, 2011 by in Theme Sneak Peeks 126 Comments

Theme Sneak Peek: Chameleon
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I am pleased to give you a glimpse at our upcoming theme, Chameleon. Chameleon gets its name from its ability to change. Our plan is to create a simple theme that is more versatile than anything we have previously released. The theme will come with loads of background color and overlay options, font styles, home-page layouts and more! For all the juicy details, however, you will just have to wait for the final release! Stay tuned.


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  1. oh no, not again a Businesstheme, how wäres it sometimes with a reasonable Newstheme? However, please thus a dull or you do not have no inspiration more?

    • Agreed, you don’t make any blog themes anymore, just portfolio/store/review obscure themes! What is this?

      • We have one Review theme and one Store theme. That’s only 2 out of 62 themes.

        We can only make one theme at a time, so we can’t please everyone with each release. We do have some great News and Blog themes already that you might consider: DelicateNews, eNews, Magnificent, TheStyle, TheSource, PersonalPress, Memoir, Glow, Bold, PureType, CherryTruffle, Basic, LightSource, eGamer…the list goes on. In fact, by far the majority of our themes are “blog/news format.”

        • I’m in the opposite camp, I think the fewer blog style themes you do the more I can use your designs on client sites. My biggest concern though is the logo section on all your themes, much like you did with the portfolio pages being updated on all your themes, will you be adding a logo section for all your themes as well? I love your designs but not all of them have the built in logo upload function and I’ve found myself having to go to more and more to find themes for clients where they can change the logo themselves. Great work though and I love the new designs…

          • Agreed. Nice work Nick – keep em comin’!

          • Why would a client want to change his/her logo? If it is a company, the logo should be the last thing that is gonna change. I am interested to hear an answer to this one. To put a logo into a theme is not really difficult and should never be the client´s work. I am afraid this is a function that is highly unnecessary. I am personally more concerned about loading times with themes that are growing bigger and more beautiful as there is a hole lot of stuff loaded that isn´t needed. This is why I am really interested in this new design with all the options. Looks really nice in the preview. Let´s see about the loading times though.

          • All of our themes have a logo upload section in ePanel.

          • Personally i’d like to see a couple of CMS style themes which most of the ‘blog’ style ones can be adapted to already but not without some manipulation. Right now the majority of requests from prospective clients is for the ability to manage their content. This means less article/post writing and more page and display control. Having that crossover capability in the themes would be wonderous!

        • Though it is properly this her some Blogthemes have, but you do not have real Newsthemes definitively, Newsthemes have single categories as well as it makes “Wpzoom” or “themejunkie”, this are Newstehems, you have only Blogtehemes. The Themes called by you are already rather old and leave meanwhile to wish. Businessthemes you already have enough and write, nevertheless, over and over again new ones. A few ideas one could also learn from himself with Newstehemes of “Themeforrest” as for example with the ähnlcihen news” under the articles. If to you the ideas go out let know, I have a lot of it 😉

          • Why dont you use your ideas to customize the themes instead of loosing your energy to give suggestions to Nick and his business. I am sure Nick is doing everything he can to do the best of his business, to please as many as possible. This is Nicks business and not yours.

          • I am a paying customer I may probably express my opinion if I am not contented with the products or? Moreover, it is to be seen as a constructive criticism.

          • Hi Ronny!

            Ok, agree with you that it is good to express your opinion. If it can benfit for everybody and not only for selfish reasons. And if you are not happy with the products it is only to unsubscribe and join another membership where it is better suited for your needs. Or customize the themes with, as you have mentioned your ideas.

        • Nick,

          When will you finish the cameleon theme?

        • Do you have an ETA for Chameleon?

        • I am agree with you. everyone has their own demand which is impossible to meet.

      • Nick is getting big in the Internet Marketng community – guys like me subscribe to his service and launch dozens of sites from his themes.

        The review theme is something I’ve been waiting for – and hoping for – for a long time. Not only will I be using it extensively, but as a result of its launch I’ve become a much more active member in the community and have been trying to help with support requests on Facebook where I can.

        Besides, you’ve seen one view of what is being described to sound like a framework theme. Chill 🙂

      • I also have to admit, that almost all themes in the last year a not usefull for me. I have hardly any pictures or other fancy stuff to display on the webpage.
        However I have lots of source code and long and structures articles.

        So for me neither of portfolio/store/review/news is really usefull.
        The oldest themes, which are basically
        ‘blog’ themes are most usefull for me.
        I would appreciate if further work would include also basic blog themes with less fancy stuff, but css support for tables and source code and such things.

        • Really, CSS support for tables? Do you still develop in tables?

    • Harsh words for a fantastic looking theme.

      Perhaps not for everyone, but it is head and shoulders above most themes out there.

      • Yeah ET Rocks the theme looks great !

        The Value is Amazing!!!!!!!!

        • Value and quality and support from the forum.

          These are great themes by any measure and there are moderators who will customise for you at reasonable prices.

    • Fully agree. Themes are going to look alike more and more…. Disappointed

    • i tend to agree with you about the business themes. however this new chameleon looks hot. i can take my blog and juice up the front page giving it some eye-candy. the one thing i hope is it offers the ability to add multiply image (like 6-8) blocks under the slider use them as posts and not a section about me, or company info. as in the the other business themes. the slider below the blocks is wat attracted me to this theme and the blog section to left. neways nick and team looking great always put a smile on my face with new theme additions. keep up the great work guys. 🙂

  2. Thanks for another awesome theme! Suggestion: If you have a chance, please make some really out of the box themes. Formatted in different ways… other than just a slider on top, mini boxes blow, and blog posts. Something for out of the box blogs/businesses.

    Your stuff is awesome. Thanks!

  3. ronny, you suck. the lack of inspiration is on your end. if you can’t customize one of these themes to make it into any damned thing you can think of, you need to just go buy a news theme. good luck.

    • You are right Nick. If you don´t have the phantasy to make something our of these excellent themes, that can all look different depending on the work you do with them and the changes you can make, then you better go other places. Elegantthemes is just excellent.

  4. This is pretty nice, but I have to agree with guy above me. The ginormous slider on top with the menu on top is getting to be the “norm” here. Just would like to see you take some chances and make some really different styles. Still love your site and GLADLY pay the fee… just throwing my 2cents out there.

  5. Very nice and clean theme… Like it so much!

  6. I am SUPER excited about this theme. I can’t wait to see the kinds of things that will be created. Keep up the amazing work!

    Ballpark here, do you think this is the kind of thing that’s going to be 2 weeks away or 2 months? No pressure 😉

  7. I think it looks very useful for our website. I look forward

  8. The theme looks amazing! it has the usual ET look but with a more minimal approach.

  9. I would like to see more something like ‘The Source’. That was a great theme!

  10. So – is this going to be a “flexible theme” with a GUI admin panel to change lots of options, or is this going to be a framework that will allow users to create child themes that look and feel however we want?

    Basically… is this ET’s Thesis?

    • Wow – Good question Lyndsy.
      ET’s Thesis or Genesis?
      Now that would be something.

  11. This looks very interesting, I am looking forward already.
    Thank you for this wonderful work they do here.


  12. Great looking theme! I’m looking forward to seeing the versatility you describe. Complainers, if you’re not getting what you need, hire a professional. IMHO

  13. Love to see something with the flexibility of Suffusion and the graphics of ET.

  14. Looks great!

    How about a theme for a private Homepage???

  15. I am a fan of your work BUT
    I am still waiting for a killer magazine style theme which will work nicely with indic unicode characters. unlike this [] theme of yours which has such issues, out of the box.

  16. I love your themes. This looks like it is right up my alley, style-wise.
    I’m so chuffed with myself (and with your designs) – I found it incredibly easy to tailor your site – I even moved the sidebar, and I only immersed myself in developing my website in January. So glad I was sent here.

  17. I would love to see your themes cut in xhtml. Not just wordpress..

    • Joomla would be great. There is nothing like these in Joomla. A few good sites but nothing as versatile like Elegantthemes.

  18. Another Elegant theme. (:

    I really like the idea of a more « versatile » theme. I’m sure it will be awesome !

    I enjoy all your themes, but what I would really like to see is a clean, really simple theme that focuses on typography and textual content. Something without many images (ZERO would be great), no slider, etc. Like a writer theme or something…

    • When I say zero pictures, I mean no thumbnails, etc.

  19. Love this theme! Any chance you could mix it up and make other types of business themes like sales pages and ecommerce etc


  20. Thank you for the great job you do.

  21. sports theme this time. that displays easy to update live scores and news and profiles

    • Wow, this is a good idea.. a sports theme, i believe will be something new to the already excelletent portfolio of Nick.

  22. Looks Good. 🙂 All the best to complete this great Business Theme.

  23. Why don’t you build themes with post templates?

  24. I just had another ‘ooohhhh’ moment! Beautiful! Exciting! I love getting notifications in my email to your blog because it’s like opening a present. Thank you for putting out such fantastic themes! *Chocolate hugs* 🙂

  25. Personally, I also have not been able to use a theme in a while either. I keep going back to the older ones. But I do see promise for this one. Can you put a Flickr feed in there?

  26. Great efforts, theme having lots of features!

  27. Such a pretty theme. When will Chameleon be available?

  28. Wonderful theme. I’ve just been waiting for a theme like this for a new website I’ve to make; with a clean professional look and media strip on the homepage.

    However I’ve a small suggestion. If the ‘From the blog’ blurb can even show the thumbnails of the posts, I think it would look great.


  29. I have to say, I’ve been using your Pure Type Theme for many years and I always thought you would come up with a new refreshing update for my blog, but still nothing. I’ve tried to bring my Pure Type theme into your other themes but there all set up differently and nothing works. I know you keep making these same look alike themes, but have you forgotten that some of us just want a good, simple blog? How about you come up with something new that my Pure Type theme will fit into easy enough?


  30. Nice Theme Nick! I think it looks very useful for our website. Love to see something with the flexibility of Suffusion and the graphics of ET Very nice and clean theme… Like it so much!

  31. This is absolutely lovely. Can’t believe people actually leave complaints in the comments section, for goodness sakes, it’s a job bloody well done!

    • Well said Vanessa.
      A job Bl***y well done. LOL

  32. your themes looks similar recently, the pretty much look the same for me, especially for business/corporate theme.

    will there be a formal design breaking theme for corporate theme ?

  33. I like this theme Nick. For me it’s very useful. Thanks.

  34. Hi Nick and team
    Love the idea of all the options.

    Allows the theme to be used for page based, post based sites etc.
    I love lots of the other themes but not all all suitable for a page based site.

    Look forward to it being released.

  35. Hy Nick, i like your work because all the themes are useful for their purposes.
    Why don’t you try to create a theme to people who own a fan site ( lime me ): it should directly support some kind of charts ( useful for movies, music, book ) , review of the singular object ( an album a book ) and so on: I know that would be a bit narrowed work but I think that it would be useful for most non commercial sites which may search for a professional template.
    I my particulr case I cannot easily use any of your theme because it would need to much work to make it suits my need.
    Hope to see something in the future!

  36. Nice theme, although in any ET theme I tweak main content font.

    Turning off shadows, color is strictly black. Other variants are too bad for me and my reader’s eyes.

  37. Another awesome theme, I am not sure what the first guy is on about, news themes? there are loads of them to use already.

    Could use a map style theme in the future, like a better version of Geo Places theme or a Voucher/Coupon theme to throw in the mix 🙂

  38. PLEASE make more store themes. PLEASE!!!

  39. It’s nice but it looks too much like others templates you can find on the net. Why not innovate a bit with some cool slider (like you did for Simple Press etc). We need innovation with slick designs but keeping in mind some corporate touch as well.

  40. Here’s hoping that there will be an option for font-size as well. Many of your themes’ type was smaller than I would have liked. Just a couple of point sizes higher and I would have been so happy!! 🙂

  41. Dude this looks awesome! I would like to see more design/attention devoted on integrating opt-in pages/ or even the option for opt-in boxes pre-designed on the blog pages.

  42. Not bad , I like the simplicity and I hope there a lot of option to modify .

  43. I’m still waiting for my “Webcomics” theme 🙂

  44. nice work however this looks to be used as business theme and also can bu customized easily to be Magazine and new themes.

    If i were you i would create polls for my customers for upcoming themes they want to see and set priority according to this. yes i know its your biz but those are your customers who have the right to express their opinions

    • hey, polls thats a good idea.

  45. Nice Theme Nick. keep up the good work. i am looking for a minimal theme kind of design once again. Please design a minimal blog theme once again 🙂

  46. Nice job from Nick! The Chameleon will going on best of business portfolio theme at 2011!

  47. Great looking theme, I personally like the business themes. Great work Nick!

  48. $39.00 a year, constant new themes, what do you want more ? at themforest it is $35 a theme!

    Good job guys keep on doing what you do the best, giving out great themes at bottom prices !

  49. is beautiful, but for me it is not useful … My blog is a personal blog… I do not know anything about webdesign, this is why I pay for this service … portfolio / business themes are not in my interest … but for anyone who likes and needs this kind of theme, they are beautiful and elegant 😉

  50. very nice! That has the potential to be anything with options 🙂 It could be a portfolio theme, a blog theme, a news theme, magazine theme..(or in this case any layout that can have any style and colours 🙂

  51. I like the theme Nice one

  52. Over the past few months I have seen a lot of complaints and suggestions in this space, usually flowing in after a sneak preview is posted. I think some of the comments avoid the reality of Elegant Themes…

    1. For 39 bucks a year you get the style that Nick has become familiar for. In other words, his style and focus is not hidden. While we can make suggestions, the reality is that he has only 12 projects a year and he has to choose what makes sense for the largest segment(s) of his customers. That’s just good business.

    2. All the “niche” suggestions that won’t appeal to the majority are better farmed out to somebody on Themeforest, etc. Find something close to what you want and offer the coder something extra to make it what you want.

    3. There’s nothing close to this in value. (Sorry Nick) I personally like only about a half-dozen themes here and when I finally use them all it will still have cost me $39. That’s the cost of one over at Themeforest, and half the cost of most premium themes elsewhere. At the end of the day I think you have to ask the question, “What do you really expect for 39 bucks?”

    4. I know this has probably been suggested before, but maybe it’s time to consider a higher level of membership for people who have different needs or desires. The details are easy to work out. If enough people pledge to spend more money, maybe that will help the idea to gain traction.

    Just my .02; your mileage may vary.

    • You got that right !

  53. To Nick: Keep doing what you do. What you offer here is amazing and I will be purchasing a developer license when it’s time to renew in June. Stick to your guns!

    To the rest of you: I think the responses here are a bit over the top. It doesn’t matter what “other” theme developers are doing. As pointed out above, “What do you really expect for 39 bucks”? That could be taken as negatively “you get what you paid for”, but the reality is that you get an awful lot for $39.

    If you want something different, there are PLENTY of other places to do so. If you really want to get customized, pay someone REAL money to develop something for you. Can you honestly say that $39 a year is REAL money for access to over 60 themes??

    I suggest you stop complaining and go elsewhere if you don’t like whats coming out of the box here. I appreciate this place and what Nick does and have yet to find a place similar.

    By the way…excellent theme Nick. Simple and clean. I can find a host of ways to use it!

    • You are right Snapper. I too have a lot of wishlists themes. But, I am very much aware that I pay only $39 an year for which I get incredible value for money here at ET. I have used half a dozen themes made by Nick. Not everything were exactly what I required, but still they were a great platform to build on. And I was able to meet 100% of my expectations with the very good help available in support forum, though like most others here, I am no expert with codes. My point is this – 5 dozen themes for $39 is an absolute steal. Moreover, it is not easy to find themes with functionality like Askit, InReview, Event or the uber cool ‘The Style’ theme elsewhere. When Nick already gives more than what he charges me, I only have to wait till he releases a theme close to my expectations. Lastly, all the themes here are simply elegant, excellent and exhibits true craftmanship and Nick, I thank you for that.

  54. I like this theme… I would also like to see an updated vlog theme and some CMS themes.

    Great work though!

  55. Can’t wait for this one!

    These people complaining need to just quit whining and move on. I can’t even imagine why a person would need more and more “News Themes”… How many News sites/magazines can a person really have? The options out there are enormous already (including here at ET)!

    More business themes, more flexible themes, more niche themes, more like InReview and Ask, … And this one coming, sounds really great! These are the areas where we need to keep growing and keep building more businesses for ourselves and our clients.

    Keep it up! Awesome Job Nick!


  56. Once again, I look forward to this next theme release.

    You continue to completely blow away all competition in terms of value, style, and professionalism.

    Keep up the phenomenally good work. Elegant Themes is well on its way to becoming the benchmark upon which all other theme developers are judged.

  57. Nick,

    It looks like there’s quite a variety of opinions on this issue- but I’d like to say that it’s exactly what I’m looking for.

    When I build site, I use a themes as the foundation for something unique. I’m not as creative as many other designers and like to have a starting point. Your stuff gives me that. I do customize a lot though, and when there are fewer options to do that it takes me longer. What you’re discussing here is the sort of thing I need and I love the way your work inspires me to turn it into something unique.

    Even if it were just a “businesstheme”… that’s what I do anyway. I build web presences for small business, and your stuff works great. Thanks for the good work, I’m looking forward to Chameleon!!!

  58. I really like the new theme. Nick, your designs are stunning and beautiful. Keep up the great work.

    I can’t wait to see all the options and layouts!

  59. With all the options, this one sounds like a really exciting theme. I think the complaints about the themes looking the same are unwarranted. I’ve been a subscriber here before the sliders came into play in Nick’s themes, and he has brought a lot more class to the appearance of themes generally. As new ways to present information and graphics come out, Nick incorporates those into his themes better than other companies, like Woo’s. Have you seen other themes with sliders that look this good??? I haven’t. If you don’t like the sliders, you can disable them easily. Put up some bucks and make one of Nick’s themes original for yourself. Really, for $39 a YEAR, which includes constant updates and a great support forum, you complainers just sound like spoiled children.

  60. Wow, I can’t believe some of the terrible comments on this page.

    What we are offered here for $39 a year is amazing. I mean really, it’s just the price of a bottle of wine.

    I don’t know much about web design but have been able get enough help from the forum to customise my website to be exactly what I want.

    I’m excited to see the new designs and am sure the Chameleon is going to be great for so many users.

    Keep up the good work Nick.

  61. I dig it, keep up the good work, I really like all the business style designs 🙂

  62. I like webly alot, the thing is though that you need to make more themes that can have:

    -bordered pictures in the slider
    -Just text option where the featured slider would be, such as in webly.
    -More background options, with webly for instance it would have been nice to easily swap out the background hill image in epanel. I see your trying to make the colors and themes highly customisable here which is good.

    there are alot of themes with a pictured featured slider. Despite having alot of business themes available, none really fit my desires perfectly. webly is quite close though. good to see more themes on their way.

  63. I hope you will have a RTL built in option.
    Also, It will be very nice if the main picture at the top could be only 100 and not 300, so there will be more space to write content.

  64. Lol, what alot of pathetic comments posted above…. Guys, constructive comments are absolutely NOT what you all posted here above. Think again, you pay $39 for a regular license, 1 year access…

    Are you all web”designers” or dumb “cut and paste” heroes who cannot even include a customers logo in a theme, jeeezzz….?

    Nick, keep doing what you are building here, your themes are gorgeous and you keep on releasing new themes on a regular basis.

    In the end, if you are not pleased with your membership just don’t be a member and make your own themes 🙂

    A very very happy developer licence owner for years… and more to come.

  65. Nick,

    I love each and every one of your themes and I love the selection. I like this new theme and I can’t wait to check it out.

    You do awesome quality work and I love that your themes are creative and not just the plain ordinary layout I see with so many other theme clubs.

    I love that I have used several of your themes on my sites and I am loving that they work with my plugins and I have not encountered any bugs.

    Your themes help me create a memorable experience for my site’s visitors!

    So keep up the awesome work!

    And I soooo agreet with Channing and Kjell!

  66. I just signed up a few days ago and let me tell you there themes look very promising compared with another wp theme’s provider. I agree, if you want something different on your site or for your customers, you will need to develop /tweak extra code into the original framework or find the plugin that properly fits in.
    By the way, I keep getting several requests on business themes, as well as blog themes.
    Keep up the quality work!

  67. I agree with Kjell!

    Nick – just do what you think you need to do and ignore the trolls.

    The value and look/elegance of your themes are unmatched by anything else out there.

    If people don’t see that – then you don’t want theme as a customer!

  68. This looks great! Will you be able to embed a playable video in that featured slider? If so, this could be exactly what I need.

  69. Great work my friend. Your themes out of the box are amazing in themselves and we can adapt them almost endlessly.

    One request I have: can you give us an add-on pop-in optin form that we can have appear over the home page when people arrive (or where ever we want it to appear)?… it would be great for marketing and getting people on our mailing lists. Something we can integrate with Aweber or similar.

    Cheers… keep on creating!

  70. Hi Nick

    Love all your themes. Is it possible that you could add a “travel / tours” theme to your to do list. Your Cuisine theme is wonderful that is based on a specific industry – would be great if you could more of these.

    Sure you must get alot of these “wish list” requests – you guys are doing a wonderful job.

  71. oh it looks great. I’waiting for such a theme, love it!! when will it be finished? Hope soon.

    xxx d.

  72. PLEASE include a “grungy” background as an option. I have a trip from Dallas, TX to Barrow, Alaska and plan to have a separate site for it and images from it. So I need an easy template to feature large photos/video on, so this structure looks great, but don’t want a “sterile” feel to it, what with it being an outdoor advenutre and all.

  73. Also, LOVE that you are going to build in versatility. I strongly suggest you guys keep going down that road. It expands greatly what each theme can be used for.

  74. I love all the themes, I just wish they had more 3 column options…

  75. I’m looking forward to this theme! It’s a mix of my old theme & modesty. Can’t wait.

    • *modest

  76. I have spent over an hour on this site and I have just read all of the above comments to get a feel for the ET community before I decide whether or not to join. I must say that all of the positive feedback and praise for the ET themes and the extraordinary value have convinced me to join. I can’t wait to start using these themes. Lots of positive things going on here!

  77. I love your themes. I think this a great theme that you have coming out. Can you tell me when this Chameleon theme will be available?

  78. Hi Nick,

    Very nice choice. It is always great to have a “multipurpose” theme.

    I would like to suggest a theme for future development: a health/medical theme. It could be used by doctors, dentists, shrinks, and so on….showcasing their office/clinic, profile, staff, location….

    I would love to see that soon…

    Take care and keep’em coming!!!

    • You can make a health/medical theme from any theme… just change the wording and you have your medical, fitness, health theme … whatever 🙂

  79. The quality you provide for the price…can’t be beat. I (unlike some others) really appreciate the work you put in and the fact that you try to make themes people can use in many different industries. I’ve learned a lot about WordPress from seeing your outstanding implementation of features.

    Anyone who complains about your themes or the service you provide is out of their mind. If they go over to ThemeForest they couldn’t get 1 theme for your subscription price.

    Half of these people are probably too cheap to pay for the developer license as they should anyways…

    There’s no telling how much money they have made from the $19.99 they paid and have the nerve to complain…

    Some people are jerks, but there are some customers who really appreciate what you do, great job Nick.

  80. I’m looking forward to this release. Hope it comes with a black skin. Dreaming big: black w/ yellow accents. 🙂

    Awesome job, Nick. ET is amazing. Joining was one of the best things I’ve done so far this year!

  81. Please, please, please release this soon! I was just about to use a non-ET theme because I couldn’t find what I want, but this theme looks purrrrrfect for my needs. Fantastic!!

  82. Definitely looks pretty. Like the widgetized area at the bottom rather than ‘Service Areas’…

  83. This is an amazing theme. Does it allow you to put your own logo by your name? I love this theme. I realize I’m gushing, but it is what I’ve been looking for.

    • I found my answer above. I love the sliders — please keep them! Chameleon is so clean and classy. The themes have really evolved, I see, from looking over all of them. It’s exciting to see what you’re currently doing, and think about the possibilities for a year from now.

  84. This slider is like MyCuisine which I love, can’t wait!

  85. How about a theme for tradesmen?

  86. Superb. This ill use on my next site. Ive been a subscriber for a long time and i still find ones ive not looked at properly 🙁


  87. I love the Chameleon theme– it’s gorgeous! I just can’t seem to get the blog posts to appear on the homepage under the nice featured slider image. Is that possible with this theme? If I switch to a default theme, the posts are there, but with Chameleon they’re not. I DO have Front Page: Posts checked in Settings > reading.

  88. I am just starting to develop my site on Chameleon. I picked it for its color and layout versatility, but I am already having problems. For instance, I have a logo that uploads just fine, but a line of text where the “slogan” was now seems to have pulled some text from my content and put it there under the logo. How did that happen and how do I delete the slogan. Also, is there a more comprehensive tutorial doc or video? For a newbie, the instructions on how to set, create or utilize many of Chameleon’s features are just not explained. It can take hours by trial and error to figure it out, if at all. Documentation seems to be a ET weakness. Help!!!

    • If you need help, please open a thread in our support forums so that our tech support team can assist you.

  89. ACK!!!
    Just realized none of my optin forms are showing up on the mobile version of my site. I use the Chameleon theme.
    Can you tell me what to do to fix this?
    I have at least one form on every page.
    Here’s an example of a page with two…. neither show up when I view it from the phone:

    Please help!!

    • OK – I did an update for the theme and also changed to a larger form for aweber. I think it’s working now!

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