Theme Sneak Peek: Boutique

Posted on June 6, 2011 by in Theme Sneak Peeks | 140 comments

Theme Sneak Peek: Boutique


Today I am pleased to give everyone a sneak peek of our upcoming eCommerce theme Boutique. For those wondering, this theme was designed before last week’s Theme Voting Session, which is why eCommerce was not listed in the poll. Boutique will give you an easy way to set up an online store. The design is friendly and inviting, and creates a personal experience that is sure to make your customers comfortable.



Help Us Choose Which Plugins To Support

Boutique will function by integrating with the many already-popular WordPress eCommerce plugins available. After creating eStore, we had many requests to test and integrate additional eCommerce plugins. This time around, we plan to integrate as many plugins as possible. In order to prioritize, however, I have decided to run a poll to allow our users to vote for their favorite eCommerce plugins. The ones that get the most votes will be given the most attention. We also plan to update eStore with similar improvements. If your favorite software is not on the list then you can easily add it to the poll! Thanks for voting 🙂

[polldaddy poll=”5117973″]


  1. Yay for another eCommerce theme! 🙂

    • I also use this:

      I find it’s great for recurring billing, not only for eCommerce and mCommerce, but also for business CMS themes.

      Hope the suggestion helps someone out there…

      • Thank you!

        • No worries… Like it here too 😉

      • Thank’s for share…
        wow…. wp-invoice Features
        #PayPal available if you don’t have a credit card processing account.
        # It’s still free.”

        thank’k you very much @Riger …. 🙂

        but … how about you nick …………?

  2. Oh, thank you! I can hardly wait for this one.

  3. Very Nice! Can’t wait to use it! And excellent idea to integrate as many plugins as possible. WP-eStore please!

    • yeah!, +1

  4. Nice! You cannot have enough eCommerce themes.

  5. Oh yeah, i love tematic templates, go go Elegant themes, you are better and better..:)

  6. I think you should shrink the Slider space and filled with other things like Advanced search box.

  7. i know that is your style, but can you make flat theme withou dropshadovs, bevečs and other things?

    king regards

  8. Love it!

  9. I realize Ecwid isn’t high in the rankings – but I strongly urge you to take a look at supporting it. It is the only freemium cart that I know of that is actively well-supported.

    • Thanks Lyndsy for mentioning “Ecwid” (which I never heard of before now)

      Their interface and wordPress integration looks great and easy to manage.

    • I agree! We really like ECWID!

    • I agree… is there any chance Ecwid will be supported? I currently am using it and would love to use this template but not sure if I want to change shopping-carts.

  10. I can’t wait for this new theme !
    It looks beautiful, wp is doing great as an ecommerce cms 🙂

  11. This theme looks good. I look forward to seeing more of it. Nice work!

    PHPPurchase is now Cart66, which is why people aren’t voting for it on the poll.

    I somewhat like how eShop was integrated into the last eCommerce theme.

  12. Looking forward to using this on one of my affiliate shops! Great work!

  13. eStore was not integrated with many eCommerce plugins, so this theme fills the gap nicely. Really looking forward to the launch!

  14. Love it! Can’t wait! And I’d also like to vote for Tips ‘n Tricks HQ’s WordPress eStore Plugin.

  15. OMG! That’s super cute! Such wonderful ideas you have there–LOVE! 🙂

  16. Omg! When will this be available! It’s beautiful!

  17. Awesome! Love it!

  18. i will renew my subscription very soon! 😀

  19. It has a really nice look to it. Can’t wait to see what e-commerce features you’ve included.

  20. FWIW, I greatly prefer eShop.

    I especially suggest eShop because another leading WordPress cart provider seems flaky to the point of criminality.

    Anecdotally, I’ve spent many weeks and hundreds of dollars trying to get the other company’s cart to work, only to find that nothing worked as promised, the paid “bible” for support was a worthless settings walk-through, they would promise improvements/fixes by a certain date and fail to meet their own deadline (while their twitter would reveal they were off on yet another get-rich-quick scheme), the paid extras didn’t work as advertised either, the support forum was completely unhelpful with few responses from developers, while the dozens of grieving and desperate rants from other customers was depressing, and unless you were actually willing to hire the profoundly irresponsible developers, or had time and ability to learn enough to become a programmer yourself, you would never be able to configure the cart as advertised, even on their own see-our-cart-in-action demo sites. But they will insist quite vigorously that their cart is not only perfect, but so are they.

    So. I prefer eShop.

    I wish eShop had more shipping options. But it works fine, smoothly, and easily. Just like WordPress itself.

    • I forgot to add, the new theme looks wonderful, and I am delighted that you’re doing a new ecommerce theme. Totally. Stoked. Thank you!

      I notice that there is a $ area in the red and green price tags. It looks cool. Very nicely done, visually appealing, and elegant. Yet I have heard that removing pricing signs (like $) results in more sales, because people freak out when they see $$$$, whereas a number is just a number.

      So, if possible, it might be good to have an option that allows users to remove the price tag graphic if they are sensitive to that issue, or if they just don’t want to obscure the view of their product photos. Just in case.

      Also, largish product photos on single product pages would be really nice.

      • I suppose that it may be more of a cart issue than a theming one, but any assistance in up-selling, or suggesting specific, related products, on single product pages would be a big, big deal for many shop owners.

    • Are you referring to Wp Ecommerce?
      If so, it’s a shame as it could easily be the best with some dev effort.

      Jigo Shop is really interesting and growing as a result of great development.

  21. Looks great! I agree that the slider area could be a bit smaller. Also, I’d love to see some widget areas on the home page like you have in “The Professional” theme, for instance. I mention that because that will make the theme work for companies such as non-profits who want to run a site to sell things as well as focus on giving info about the organization (which is what I’m working on right now).

  22. Awesome!

  23. once again..its great for me nick!
    looking to make another online store soon..

  24. You really need a demo button on the post for each release. Great theme!

  25. Okay, so it’s not a travel theme! But it is really nice. As always, you have a strong aesthetic. I think another winner, but I cannot use this one yet.

  26. I like the quick shop. Great theme coming up

  27. shopp plugin is the only real fully featured plugin for wordpress IMO. The free ones cause tooooo much pain!

  28. One thing all of these store themes need is teaser text under the products. There isn’t any point to putting up a lot of pictures like that unless you are selling something that sells just on its looks. I guess it works for clothing or art, but would never work for something in a bottle.
    I always have to pass on these wp store themes and use drupal because of that.

    My other website sells bath and body products. Some teaser text under the photo is a must to sell anything. The same for the category pages. If you could incorporate that into the theme, you’d have a hot commodity!

  29. This is too cute! Wish you could make more of personal blog templates especially for the girls (hehe).

  30. @Nick

    Excellent multiple items selling store. 🙂

    All the best with completion!

  31. Even though I don’t need an e-commerce theme, I’ll definitely try this one out, just out of curiosity.

  32. Hey Nick,

    I’ve said a million times that you do great work and I’m now especially appreciative of you getting into e-commerce, since that’s an avenue I’ve been exploring as of late, but I have to say I still like e-Store better for some reason.

    Question for any and all? I was told that WordPress has no business being in the e-commerce business due to the lack of features you can achieve with it, what are your thoughts? And do any of you have a fully operational ElegantThemes E-commerce site that I could see as a reference? Nick, I own a copy of Shopp plugin for WP, will that work with eStore?

    Thanks again for all that you do. You’re one of the best I know.

  33. Ah! Now this is something worth waiting for!!

  34. Very beautiful and very elegant theme.
    And Thanks for the white background since last few themes [since InReview] had grey background. [I know we can change]

    Looks great. Keep up the hard work.

  35. Fantastic layout. hope it arrives soon.

  36. This theme looks lovely, awesome!

  37. WP e-commerce by Instinct is the only one that I’ve found that works in South Africa. That’s gotta be the one! Cart 66 is really well implemented and easy to use though.

  38. I like it – but i have the feeling that the last ones are quite the same. I’m waiting for something really newish.

  39. Awesome. I’m not partial to any of the store plugins. Excited to see which one you choose!

  40. Its looks good. Looks better then eStore. Slider area is big.

  41. I like A LOT. Takes less than 5 to setup and integrate into any theme…

  42. Ecwid ^^

  43. So excited for this shopping theme,

    Can you add “Those that bought this also liked these items” so it will show other items so it pushes other items to them….

    I used shopify so you might want to look at them for some additional eCommerce plugins.

    Is there a reviews capability, I like sites that share reviews on a clothing product so I know if it is true to size or runs large, etc.

    WHITE background a HUGE plus.

    I will buy this theme!

  44. I would love to see the sample data you supply that loads into the theme, be the same as the data that your use for your demo theme. It would be a great assist for developers to present to clients.

    • I am afraid this is not possible as the photos used are commercially licensed.

      • Maybe it’s possible to let us buy the pictures from the stock company, If you give us the link to the selected pictures.

        You can collect them in a custom gallery named “ET Boutique” for instance. Maybe the stock company offers a coupon. 😉

        A lot of people are happy: the ET users, the artists and the stock company.

  45. Theme looks good.

    I’ll be interested to know which plugin comes top of the poll.

  46. Looking nice! Can’t wait for this theme! =)

  47. Great! Its useful for all ecommerce, estore, online store website developers.

  48. :|, I can’t use ET because I’m using Vietnamese for my website. Fonts of your theme don’t support Vietnamese 🙁

  49. You should take advantage of some of the Gold package features in WP-ecommerce such as the drag and drop and such…

  50. It looks really good.
    Would be great if it was possible to easily change the currency symbol and change the way it is displayed: before the amount or after the amount.

  51. I would like to add my voice to ECWID.

    Anyone who uses WordPress should at least have a look at it. I am totally sold on it. It does have the odd drawback, but the support is very good and the development is going at a significant pace.

    I’ve already installed an Ecwid shop into two of my customers already with more to come.
    My very basic dummy shop ( one day I’ll fix it properly ) , I don’t have any payment setup as I don’t actually sell anything.


  53. Looks elegant as always!

  54. It would be nice that the price tag should be smaller or at least to have the option to choose between small and standard size.

  55. Looks great! I suggest the following:

    1. smaller slider
    2. affiliate link integration

  56. I love the design of boutique! The colors, large photos, and cart button are perfect!!

  57. Nice work! Loved your Estore theme, and more elaborate shopping cart integration will make this even better!

  58. Maybe this is the theme which is going to make me use WP for e-commerce, too! At last! Great work as usual Nick, you’re rising your (and our) standards more and more dude! 🙂

    • Its certainly Lush and i agree its inspiring.

      I think I need to find a niche to use this on. maybe fabric 🙂

      nice work indeed

  59. Why not just make this theme for Magento They have a free edition and it is second to none in ecommerce features and overall security. There is a reason why most of the fortune 500 Retail Companies use it as the platform of choice for their ecommerce sites. It is also one of the few ecommerce platforms that is PCI certified and for those of you that do not know, the deadline is approaching for website scripts to have to pass PCI Compliance in order to accept credit cards directly on the site. Ask yourself, what are you going to do when Visa charges you 10k a day for a website that is not compliant to PCI Standards and then your merchant account is suspended for the same reason. This is just friendly advice from someone who has been in the credit card merchant account business for a very long time.

  60. Nice work.

    When is this coming out?

  61. I am mostly impressed with the upbeat maintenance work the forum moderators are doing. Even if I only downloaded just one theme, the 1yr support would be worth it.

    Is it possible to extend shortcodes options with this release.

  62. This theme looks great. Any chance you will give us a hint on how products will be loaded. Some of us have real shops and affiliate shops, so any insight you can provide would be great!!!

  63. Great eComm theme like the eStore. Very classy. Cheers! 🙂

  64. Please can you add the support for changing the currency sign from $ [dollor] sign to other countries currency signs too???
    Rupees, pound, euro etc.

  65. I just want to say that I don’t know much about many of your suggestions but WP e-commerce is such a heap of garbage I want to spit everytime I hear their name. I paid good money for their gold cart and received a product that did not function as advertised and ABSOLUTELY NO SUPPORT to fix it. I wish I had been warned about these bozos before I’d spend the money and lost hours of work and money trying to fix their piece of crap program. I’ve never been so angry with a company as I am with theirs. I have a question currently waiting in their forum that has been unanswered since 3 months ago, despite having bumped it 9 times! So ANGRY! >:(

    • I think the support for most all WordPress plugins is mediocre at best. The only ecommerce platform that gives true support is Magento I hope Nick sees fit to make a Magento version of this theme in addition to the WordPress version.

      • I disagree, this is the place to raise such concerns since this is where Elegant has asked us which e-commerce platforms we want integrated with their themes. WP e-commerce is by far the best known, but I’ve lost thousands of dollars because of them, and because their shopping cart didn’t do what it claimed it would. It would be a shame if Elegant decided to use them and hadn’t been warned first.

      • Sorry Dennis I thought I was responding to Ken below.

    • I think this concern should be addressed on a different platform.

      Long Live Elegant!

      • I disagree, this is the place to raise such concerns since this is where Elegant has asked us which e-commerce platforms we want integrated with their themes. WP e-commerce is by far the best known, but I’ve lost thousands of dollars because of them, and because their shopping cart didn’t do what it claimed it would. It would be a shame if Elegant decided to use them and hadn’t been warned first.

  66. I really enjoyed looking at your themes. Based on the comments of other users and from what I have seen, you do great work. Certainly a good price for the product.

    I was wonder if DeepFocus could have e-commerce added for the photographer?

  67. Will this theme support a blog section as well?

  68. I would love to be included in an email list to know when this theme comes out. It looks beautiful and hopefully you do integrate wp e-commerce with it. Michael Visser has a lot of extra plugins to help make wp e-commerce even more functional, if that is even possible. 🙂

  69. would love to see and try this for our little gift shop l think, well done looks nice..

  70. i missed the other poll, but i would prefer something in the group buying model, cupons

  71. Does anyone like marketpress? Im a fan of magento and shopify… Thank you as always for the great work!!

  72. when will this be out ??? its really taking long !

  73. thank you so much,

  74. Looking forward to try it! When this will be out? Musthave.

  75. I’m soooo excited. Any ETA?

  76. I too would love to be included in an email list to know when this theme comes out. Would also love to know the ETA! 🙂

  77. I would really appreciate if this could be released this saturday !!!!!

  78. Hi,
    I just join yesterday and I love your themes.
    I am creating new ecommerce website. Can I use eStore for now and then switch easily to Boutique when it is available?
    Is it going to be easy?

    PS Can you give me little hint when to expect release of Butique?

    • Since this theme is expected to support many shopping cart plugins, ensuring maximum compatibility could be the main cause of the delay, otherwise as Nick says, the design was completed just before June.

      • Thanks for the input, I was wondering why it would take so long .

  79. Nice colors. I loved the the previous theme “Feather”. Such calm colors. Hope the E-commerce theme would be useful for many people.

    Every theme is a peace of art, thanks.

  80. Is it going to be compatible with WordPress MU?

  81. Is it possible to have multiple vendors with this theme?

  82. It would be great if one could do a lot of work with the custom fields. When you have much more then thousand articles it is horrible to manage all the informations by yourself.

    My wish is for example using a csv file with image, link etc. and the possibility to took theses lines in custom fields at the theme. If one is able to use csv files in “Boutique” it would be the best theme of you.


    Best regards


  83. how about the free prestashop?

    • Thanks, I’ll take a look at Prestashop!

  84. When are we going to see Boutique, Nick?

    Some of us are getting impatient over here! 😉

    • I was wondering the same thing. I have been checking the website daily.

  85. Just noticed this. I am working on my wife’s boutique website and was working with eStore. I would love to be able to use this boutique theme instead.

  86. “We also plan to update eStore with similar improvements”

    I really glad to hear it statment

  87. anyway this can incorporate as a shopify theme?

  88. Vou montar uma loja virtual para uns produtos de comunicação que faço, não sabia que na plataforma wordpress dava pra fazer, muito bom. Meu site

  89. I have a slight problem. can anyone know how
    I want to display product prices in each currency (USD) currency of Indonesia. It requires 8 digit number. I do not know how to edit it.
    Will you help me?

  90. This design preferably awsome i love tematic templates and cheer you up for moving forward to the success…….

  91. Really nice design and style and superb written content , nothing else we require : D.

  92. Great Looking E-commerce theme. Keep it up 🙂

  93. how to active related products on boutique themes

    • They are based on tags. Products with similar tags will be related.

      • related products not work if use wp e-commerce

        • If you are experiencing any problems, please open a thread in our support forums so that we can assist you.

  94. Please any one suggest me that is this wordpress theme (Boutique) is safe ?because previously in my experience wordpress only for blogging not use professional e-commerce site but if you can maintain well with upgrade version plugins and take some security related steps then your e-commerce site is ready with less budget with compare to other other CMS.

  95. Its a great theme. I purchased your license and m loving your themes. Is there a way to change the colours of price tags in this theme?

  96. I love Elegant.

  97. lovestruck at first sight with your themes and work!! 10/10 for your work!!! 🙂

  98. I’d love to see this integrate with ECWID. Or something like it. Of all the WP carts I’ve tried over the years, I’ve decided ECWID is the best of them. It gives far more options (for free) that people need than WooCommerce.

  99. I Love The Elegant themes

  100. Great job elegantthemes!, I love it, thanks

  101. i like this theme but i don’t color combination, is there any option to change color settings?

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