Theme Sneak Peek: Anticipate

Posted on December 22, 2010 by in Theme Sneak Peeks | 57 comments

Theme Sneak Peek: Anticipate

Production never slows down at Elegant Themes, and I am pleased to give everyone another theme sneak peek this week. Our upcoming theme, Anticipate, is a “coming soon” theme that will allow you to create a visible destination for your website before it actually launches. This is a great way to create a buzz and gain followers while your website is under construction. I apologize in advance for the ambiguous preview image, but it is a sneak “peek” after all!

Premade Layouts

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  1. Excellet as always!!! thanks for read the suggestions!!!

  2. Woow… that looks really good! I’m looking forward to it!

  3. Ah ! Great ! Always useful.

  4. Great idea, a teaser site! Can’t wait to see it working.

  5. yes 😀 I m number 5 in comments
    in Indonesian is “klimax”

  6. looks nice template

  7. Great idea and concept. Looks like it will be well executed as well.

  8. I hope this got features just like in lightbright.You know with custom taxonomies, so as my posts that was under those tax won’t get omitted when I change the theme.I’ve always wanted to change my lightbright theme because it’s for personal. but i can’t because of the articles I’ve written under taxonomies.

  9. Looks like a great template for a “coming soon” site. A pre-template template, maybe?

  10. 1 Word …. Awesome 🙂

  11. What I’ve seen elsewhere which is clever is the coming soon page is actually a plugin seen by everyone other than the admin. The admin is able to tinker with the site underdevelopment while the coming soon screen is seen by visitors.

    The plugin is CJ Coming Soon.

    To create something similar with this page would be very cool.

    • Yeah, that is the plan. This template will be served to all visitors while the admin can develop the main website behind the scenes.

      • I was thinking about this exact point… that will be great. I look forward to this one being ready to download.

        Merry Christmas everyone.


      • Thanks, Nick. That both answers my question and wows me!

      • Can’t wait … 🙂 When do you think you will be able to release it ?

        PS: thanks Nic for your info about “CJ Coming Soon”

  12. Nick, I wanted to say that after finding your site almost a year ago, that I love your themes and the effort that goes into them. I just actually and using an unedited theme on my site as I love the MyProduct template that much. I want to write an article about your site in hopes to send you some more business. fantastic website and fantastic themes!

  13. Love it!

    Great work and timing as always…I’ll be launching several sites in 2011 and could really use this theme!

    I can’t wait!

  14. Wicked as always..lining up for it

  15. Nice one Nick.

    Hope you guys @Elegant themes have an awesome Christmas…

    • Thanks, you too!

  16. Wow, a coming soon announcement for a coming soon template. LOL! Looking forward to it.

  17. All of your themes are amazing. Another great addition to what so many may need! Well done 🙂 Love them all!

    • Thanks Jean!

  18. This is just amazing Nick!

  19. Great idea. You always innovating. Bringing useful themes for all of us


    • Thanks Alessander, we do our best 🙂

  20. The texture gives a rough paper feeling and I love it! Wonder how the sidebar looks like.

    • sidebar?

  21. Anticipate theme is excellent features, its usefull for every wordpress website developers!…

  22. That is amazing!

    This would be cool as page template for all the other themes too!

    Best wishes for xmas and a happy new year to all!

  23. just perfect, cant wait to see demo

  24. Looking forward to seeing this live.

  25. This will be very usefull! great stuff.

  26. Wow, you rock Nick!

    It should be done by plugin, but you make a whole theme about it.

    Just love the way you innovate!

  27. NICE! I wish it had launched sooner – I could have used it for my coming soon page

  28. Great idea, very nice colors. I’m waiting for it!

  29. Preview image looks good… got my interest already.

    Great work as always.

  30. Why can’t I log in on the forum? It always prompt me to logged in even if I already did.

    I just want to ask what plugin can i used similar to the images on MyResume theme that I’m using. Image plugin same as when I point my mouse the image got bigger.


  31. Great! as always 😉 I just shocked by nova theme and now anticipate…..hope I’m not a heart attack Nick, lol!

  32. Great! as always 😉 I just shocked by nova theme and now anticipate…..hope I’m not get a heart attack Nick, lol!

  33. Thanks for one more theme added to the collection, which was missing.
    Cheers Nick.

  34. When got released? 🙂

  35. This would be a great addition to the Elegant Themes Collection. Waiting for this theme. Great idea Nick!

  36. Why can’t I log in on the forum? It always prompt me to logged in even if I already did. I just want to ask what plugin can i used similar to the images on MyResume theme that I’m using. Image plugin same as when I point my mouse the image got bigger.Thanks

  37. Stunning.

    Hoping you’ll come up with a theme aimed at web hosting resellers. I’m currently trying to set up the “myproduct” template for my hosting reseller site… but I know you could make one even more well suited for that niche.

    Love your work – each theme you come out with is superior to the last.

    I just implemented AskIt on one of my sites – so professional looking.

    Keep up the awesome work!

  38. We really need a review design. A template people can put up reviews of items and have users rate.

    Teaser is a good idea too!

  39. Hi, very useful theme and from what I can see, beautifully designed.

    Will it be possible to integrate autoresponder accounts (like aweber) with it?

  40. This indeed is a good way to get the attention of visitors before the website is online. Way better than a basic under construction image.

  41. I noticed that Nick never answered the question someone else asked above about when this theme might be available. I also noticed the comment about the plugin. I’m confused about where the plugin stops and the theme starts. Does the plugin allow for one theme to be scene by the public while another is scene by the admin? I don’t get it. Also, while we are waiting for the theme to be released, is there any other way to use that plugin now?

  42. I, too, am eagerly awaiting this theme. It appears another theme got launched ahead of this one… although most of us I’m pretty sure would have preferred just the opposite. So, Nick… please… give us a timeframe when you expect to launch this. Thank you!

  43. I am trying to add the custom WordPress shortcodes to the functins.php file but i am having problems and errors. is shortcodes not supported in elegant themes? i mean the WP shortcodes not the Elegent themes short codes.
    If yes, please help me include shortcodes in my site , i want a “related post” and “author bio” shortcode to be integrated.
    I have the codes , just help me implementing it somebody!!


  44. This will be a big help to all the wordpress site i’m maintaining… Thanks for the time and effort developing this one.


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