Theme Sneak Peek: Event

Posted on November 15, 2010 by in Theme Sneak Peeks 126 Comments

Theme Sneak Peek: Event
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I am excited to give everyone a quick look at our upcoming theme, Event (yeah, it could probably use a better name!). With this theme we hope to use the format of a calendar to create a beautiful, robust, ajax-powerd system for managing and displaying upcoming events to your visitors. This will be a great theme for any organization that plans or hosts regular events. Whether you are a company hostingย conventionsย or a band looking to make your fans aware of upcoming gigs, the theme will allow you to create an manage events with ease.

What do you think? I am interested to hear your thoughts on the idea as well as the following design teaser.


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  1. Very very good.
    When will be released?

    See ya…

    • Yeah….would be good to know when they are released…

  2. I LOVE IT!!! I’ve been waiting for something like this for another site. Hopefully the calendar will be easy to work with because my goal is for registered users to have the capability of adding events to the calendar. If this is a difficult process, then they won’t use it.

    Either way, there will be plenty of people who will make great use of this theme.

    • One day you’ll go “Great theme, Nick!” and the rest of us will fall over in shock! LOL

  3. Very cool….do you think it would be possible for us to integrate this “event” framework or post type/display into some of your other themes?

    • I second that motion.

      Alternatively, it would be nice to know how you’re making this work so that we could put together something similar on other themes. I’m currently converting TheStyle into an events web site, but could definitely benefit from some tips!

      Do you have an estimated launch date for this theme?

      Good luck with it.

    • I third that motion!

    • Ditto! I love several of your themes and it would be GREAT if we could use some of the calendar elements from this one in those.

      • If it makes any difference (because of numbers) … SO DO I!

  4. It would be good to get the calendar component for existing themes. I love the concept but am not keen on changing themes to obtain the calendar component.


    • Will the calendar be the only UI? Will there be Categories? Tags?

      • Everything is still post based, so the event listings themselves can still be categorized and tagged.

        • Good one… How will you display events if more than 2, 3, 4 or 5 events falls on same day?

  5. Hey, looks good already. What’s the chance it will integrate with Google Apps calendar, or any iCal-compliant calendar?

    Keep up the good work!

    • My very question! I’m much likelier to use it if it integrates with my existing google calendar(s).

    • Actually, if it generates an iCal calendar file that readers could subscribe to, that would be Awesome!

  6. It looks really good but you can’t see too much on this preview ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Very nice! Excited about this one. I agree that the event name is a little boring….how about “On Occasion”?


  8. El-e-vent?

    • I like Elevent.

  9. looks nice, cant wait to see your new themes now bec cant stop checking everyday this pages now nick

  10. Oh, cool! A desired feature is to allow for paid events, i.e., charge for the event listing, accept payment via Paypal, etc. Is this functionality part of Event?

  11. This is really an exceptional wp Themes … Good JOB! ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. Looks really nice. And, I like the name- no guessing involved- short and sweet. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Will this support recurring events?

  14. Good idea, this calendar as a main focal point for a website of an event based organisation.

    A must have: easily be able to subscribe to an event (email, SMS, and/or twitter), and then getting updates for that event if there are any.

    • Yes, the option subscribe to an event will be the top !!
      without, it losses some interest


  15. I think you use that wood background a bit too much but other than that it looks nice from what little I can see.

    • What I meant was I think that background look in general is being over used. Dont take it personal ๐Ÿ™‚

      • As always there will be multiple styles to choose from.

      • That’s why you receive the Photoshop file. Work it!

  16. it will be grat if you make a calendar page template to make ebvent page on other themes…

    king regards

  17. Another one to look forward to… but… I’m desperate for the Ask It Theme release. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Don’t worry, you won’t have to wait too much longer.

      • Hope so.. I too am waiting!

  18. looks nice idea cant judge now as the main structures not clear

  19. Very nice – this is a theme TONS of people will want for sure!

  20. I’m telling this in every where you are the best. I’m waiting your work to use it… with your themes I think to open so many projects to my self… make a good portal…

    yeah nick you are the best…

  21. Well, every new theme from Nick is a masterpiece.

    • Agreed!! Such diversity! Way to go Nick, this one looks killer too!

  22. An event system is in many ways similar to a booking system, eg: registering for an event is basically the same as making a booking.

    I hope this theme may be flexible enough to cover events and bookings.

  23. I have this company with a friend of mine, and we are so very happy that we found elegant themes… cause we have here everything we need, especially that we love to build websites on wordpress.
    I love wordpress, and also elegant themes where we will keep this account alive years from now. You can make it 50 dollars ..we will still buy it!.. Hehe…

  24. Nick, Looks Promising. But, I really can’t give any feedback as the sneakpeak doesn’t give a clear view of above the fold..

    its very hard judge how its gonna be.. but, hopefully, it will have some rsvp functions built in as its a very specific theme for Event hosts..

    Looking forward to its release..

  25. Not so special …. maybe if there was a demo page will look good

    • It’s a sneak peek, not a reveal all ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Im still waiting for a business directory theme.

    I think it is more useful than the last themes.

    • A theme like this would seriously kill it!

      I’ve been slacking on referring people here lately, but I could definitely put my aff link to use again finally.

      That being said, to be a true competitor, you would need to really ramp up the extra functionality. In addition to a biz directory, I imagine many like myself would also need an event calendar function, user submitted content, and more.

      Lots of coding work, likely lots of support involved, and probably deserves to be its own product (and for more money, haha).

      I’m done rambling, just wanted to get my thoughts on the subject out there. Though I’d probably wet myself with excitement if such a theme ever came out from ElegantThemes.

  27. Magnificent idea.. Great theme, looking forward to its release!

  28. Poor Color Choices….fonts are not good!
    Many people have already did these routine kind of event themes..

    • Couldn’t disagree more ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I like the colors , but a bit brighter would be nice.
        But i assume it will come in different color schemes?


    • Nick (i mean elegantthemes) is different from everyone.

    • Of course they have … NOT! Unless you have access to a secret server that carries WordPress themes Google knows nothing about. Hmmmm … won’t exactly lose sleep over that possibility … LOL

  29. Really looking forward to seeing the interface for users to submit their events.

    • Hey Nick… any word on what plugin, if any, you’ll be integrating into the theme to manage the events?

  30. Hi Nick

    Will this be able to integrate with eventbrite?

    • Eventbrite integration would be great!

  31. Love the colours and fonts!

  32. Is it possible for visitors to make paid listings ?

    I want to develop this for my citybased website.

    It looks great, but can only use it if people cant create their own events.

    Any sneak peak on the release date? Hopefully way before christmas ๐Ÿ˜‰

  33. It can become a nice front-of-christmas-present. – Greetings from Hannover, Germany.

  34. White background scheme choice would be great.

    Perhaps a countdown area? or at least room to incorporate some javascript countdown? ie. Next Event is in XX days XX hours.

    Thank you.

  35. Nick… this looks like it has great potential.
    We are all waiting for a good, functional Event calendar.

    Lighter color options would be great.

    Repeating events would be great… maybe with a duplication plugin.

    And Event Category Listings, with perhaps color coding!

    Can’t wait!

  36. Great theme I like it

  37. Nick seems to have avoided the multiple points raised about integration with iCal and google calendar. I think these are crucial to the success of a theme like this.

    Most events are coordinated in the cloud, immediately disseminated across all major social media. Unless the theme can integrate with existing event/calendar software, I see no reason to run a WP-based closed-calendar system.

    • Maybe not “avoided”… maybe simply not “revealing” yet. Who knows?

      • good point

      • I’m with Cindy on the hunch front

  38. A nice white apple-like color version would be appreciated to!

  39. Great theme … I’m sure I’ll think of some use for it. Although, updates are kinda slow lately ๐Ÿ™ I hope to see some new themes soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. Good idea. I’m waiting for it to be released.

  41. Looks great, hopefully we can have informational posts along with event posts, as well as pages. If these are all available – this could be a wonderful theme!

  42. I’m SO Curious, did this theme idea come from my comment on TheStyle blog post a couple weeks ago? I’m fine if it did I will DEFINITELY be using this theme. Super glad your making it happen.
    I think it would be sweet to be able to embed thumbnail images into the actual calendar if you choose. So the calendar is full of little images for the corresponding events.

  43. I think it’s for a very small and specific niche. I don’t see any use of it at this moment.
    God help me with some mind blowing “Event”ful ideas so that it could be of some use to me.

  44. As always, I look forward to experiment with all of ET’s new themes.

    After a quick look over the images I began thinking it would be awesome to have this share a color template with the DeepFocus Theme and perhaps share certain parts of the Navigation so implementation of the two would work seamlessly. When using an event theme, it is important to be able to use blogging capabilities and forum / feedback capabilities.

    Event Calendars are definitely a large part of any Social/Informative Networking site.

    IDEA / SUGGESTION: I would think a great Event site would include:

    1. A calendar page
    Each event containing links to blog posts, updates, comments, gallery

    2. A Gallery page
    To show the master image posts of past events, advertising campaigns, printable coupons or reservations (perhaps tagging images would be possible if users are in the system)

    3. A Wall / News Feed page
    Like that of Facebooks News Feed / Wall. (sidebar widget?) Perhaps public information could be brought in from a facebook page and shown on the chosen events page or under a calendar dates’ “Talk About It” link?…

    4. Reservation / Ticket Purchasing page
    ET would be ahead of the game if they created a shopping cart for printable [bar-coded] tickets. (Seating drop down ranking, number of guests, will call, print instructions)


    • Cool Suggestion … Integration with other Web 2.0 properties would also be great.

  45. I really like the choice of font and color scheme in this one. I don’t know if the theme really fits any sites that I’m working on, but it definitely looks nice.

  46. Perfect timing! A client has asked me to build them a site before Christmas for their First Aid Training business.

    What I’d love to see in my perfect theme is
    *for it to allow for multiple events to be promoted at any time,
    *integration with EventBrite,
    *ability for someone booking to add the event to their Outlook calendar,

    Hope you’re able to deliver quickly.

  47. I can straight off think of 2 companies at least that I could use this for – nice!!!

  48. Wow, exactly what Ive been needing! I was also planning to use The Style for an events site so waiting to see this theme in full, but it would be great to have the events framework for other themes (or, at least for The Style which has a great look for events).

    Also an interface for users to submit events WITH an image or image link will be great … with the ability to approve.

    So excited to see it!!

  49. Oh yeah, and wanted to add, I am SOO glad it will be posts-based! I have been going crazy looking for a good posts-based event plugin to integrate with The Style … this will be much easier!

  50. Nice looking, would be nice to have reccuring events feature. Most calendar themes leave this out.

  51. Looks potentially very great. Integration with Eventbrite would be really important for me.

  52. Sign me up to beta-test please!

    • I’d like to beta test too if possible!!

  53. this would be great for my band site.

  54. Whilst the recent themes are cool and all they are all just to niche to get any use out of except for a minority of people looking specifically for those options.

    Would love to see some more blog themes going back to roots with the awesome et design style.

  55. Nick , does it have paid submissions ?

    ETA ? This month ? please ?

  56. Nice one!

  57. Can’t wait to get my hot hands on this Nick
    I’m assuming it comes in a few colors…

  58. That looks amazing!

  59. Don’t forget to consider the reality that an organization might want to have more than one event on a particular day. Can’t wait for the theme.

  60. In addition to featured events, would like to be able to display upcoming events on homepage (list view) with title, date/s and country.

    Would also be good to have a video widget to display featured videos on sidebar.

  61. Is the Event theme due to be released by the end of this week?

  62. i want it!!! when can we start using? this is what I need….

  63. Awesome concept, cannot wait to take a look at it. Does it work with the WP plugin(s) Calendar or Events Calendar?

  64. Event is the perfect name. It says exactly what it does and that’s what people are typing into the search engines. Good work as always, I know it will be a winner.

  65. I’m looking forward to seeing more. I want to see it integrate with EventPress though.

    Because then I might be able to use it for WordCamp New Zealand ๐Ÿ˜‰

  66. Hi

    I would really love a simple feature, I havent seen online:

    it’s basicly a weekly calendar. The columns have the days but the rows, instead of time, can have names. thus u can cooperate w people on a project and just see who should do what. would b a great feature of this theme


  67. Just published a new dating site for singles in phoenix and would have used this theme if it was available. Please let us know when it’s ready!!

  68. Sounds and looks fantastic – really looking forward to seeing it!

    I have had real problems finding an event calendar that works like this. All of the ones I have found tend to break ET themes.

    Will this event calendar funtionality be portable across themes in a plugin kind of way?

    KR Simon

  69. Hey it is cool do you expect it would be easy to get to for us to contain this structure or column type display into a number of your additional themed Events.

  70. It is quite difficult to make a real good calendar that offers lots of options. A beautiful skin proves nothing. This is not meant to be negative towards Nicks’s work, mind you! I like his work as the next guy/girl here around.

    But Nick, what calendars did you use as examples. When I was trying out Joomla I was very much charmed by many options offered by the Thyme Calendar from Extrosoft.

  71. Oh and don’t release too early although lotsa people are clamoring for it here. No fraying around the edges with wrong docs like in TheStyle.

    And please, if any plugin is used in the preview but is not in the download, please document this! In TheStyle the preview used the page_navi plugin, but it was not in the download nor in the documentation. So there were unneccesary question in the relevant forum. Prevent this, please.

  72. I hope the new themes will be released soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  73. Hey Nick!

    Just curious, will we be able to have images on the posted date? I mean, instead of an excerpt of the article, a thumbnail on the calendar day.

    Looks great so far!


  74. Hey Nick,

    When will you release this Event Theme? I’m very interested!!!

    Your work is really good.

  75. Any update on a release date??

  76. This one’s the greatest among others I’ve seen, so far. Thanks. Will wait for its release.

  77. Will this template allow blog viewers to register and post their own events for moderation or only the site admin?

  78. Any news for the release date??

  79. When do you plan to release this? I’m looking around right now and deciding which to buy. Some info on when you plan to release it would help me to know whether to wait or not before making my purchase, because I want to move ahead with this project. Thanks.

  80. When is the release????

  81. Anxious to hear a release date. Did this one slip through the cracks? Proving harder to implement?

    Holding breath on this one as I have an upcoming project and this theme could make me look good!

  82. When I hear this, I am really becoming a fan of it

  83. Hi, i am wondering the same as @Brandon: Will this template allow blog viewers to register and post their own events for moderation or only the site admin?

    and of course, the release date – dying to get started!

  84. when will this theme be released?

  85. This sounds great! and the name says exactly what it is..
    KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid
    (not to be rude, I’m sure you get my drift ๐Ÿ™‚

  86. how you can prevent a simple post, not an event ends / go on the calendar?..

    thanks ^^

  87. The EVENTs wordpress theme, does this template required or run via a plugin… Plugins then to slow down website and I have a concern about this..thank you

  88. i like this theme. I would really like more choices as far as colors and fonts. thanks

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