StyleShop, Our Upcoming eCommerce Theme

Posted on January 23, 2013 by in Theme Sneak Peeks | 204 comments

StyleShop, Our Upcoming eCommerce Theme

We have a shiny new theme sneak-peek for you today! It has been quite a while since we released our last eCommerce theme, and I am excited to start working on what I hope to be our best one yet. WooCommerce integration, responsive design and a sleek, refined style are just a few of the things you can expect from StyleShop. I am hope that you like what you see in the preview. Let us know what you think πŸ™‚

Premade Layouts

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  1. This theme looks amazing! My friend has been looking to create an eCommerce page for his clothing store and I will definitely have him take a look at this theme before he goes another route. Thanks elegant themes you guys rock.

    • Same for me. I’ll pause my project until this theme is launched. And thanks a lot for WooCommerce integration!

      • Thanks for pointing that out… didn’t realize that until now.

      • hi i am an amator theme designer i wish to design templates and sell to you whould you like this?

        regard i am a very clever and talented man and in fact i can design very biautifull templates

        sorry about my bad english


        • really supert hemes sir and mustafa just mail me with yr ideas i hope we can work together ,,email me at [email protected]

    • Great job! πŸ™‚

    • any infos on updates of this theme? i would love to use this on my ecommerce site. thanks! πŸ™‚

  2. Looks amazing. I`m interested what color options will be available.

  3. WooCommerce integration rocks!

  4. Cool! When will it be available!? I have a project coming up that this will be perfect for…

    • I would estimate that the theme will be ready in a couple weeks.

      • Thanks, Nick. Looks great.

      • Still not done?

  5. Can’t wait for it !!! I really think that Woocommerce is the future as I heard at WordCamp Paris. πŸ˜‰

    • Amazing look this theme is, i cant wait for it, great work

  6. Wow….! I just took on a new eCommerce site. Any idea when this will be available? Looks incredible

    • Hopefully it will be ready within a couple weeks.

  7. This looks fantastic, love the menu!

  8. What about cart66?

    • Yeah, I’d already asked this of “Harmony” last time! Kinda funny personally since it was through Cart66 that I found Elegant Themes well over a year ago. =)

      • I use Cart66 on pretty much all my e-commerce WP sites and it works with every ET theme so far:)

  9. Yes really can’t wait for this theme. Love your work and support so far and this e-commerce theme will come in really useful. Nick and time are definitely the best value for money on the market at the moment πŸ™‚

  10. Really amazing! Maybe the best looking ET theme!

  11. Beautiful, responsive, and works with the near-de facto standard for WordPress eComm today??

    Elegant Themes is seriously stepping up its game this year!

  12. No so shockingly – another great theme by Elegant Themes. Awesome work Nick!

  13. Looks great, can’t wait to see it in action!

    • We will be opting to streamline the theme for WooCommerce, instead of coding it for a disparate collection of plugins. We believe that WooCommerce is the best option at the moment, and has a promising future.

      • Very nice theme. It would be great when it will be possible to use your ecommerce themes with the wpShopGermany-plugin. Why this plugin? Because it is the common plugin which one can use in Germany (perhaps Europe) without working against the law.

        Just my 2 cents….

      • “WooCommerce is the best option at the moment, and has a promising future” – I totally agree!!

    • JigoShop is a nice cart plugin, but beware hidden costs to purchase add-ons that make your site swing:) JigoShop also do not show the full price you pay until you hit checkout, they add sales tax at the end:( Misleading at best.

      I totally love Cart66 and both the Lite & Pro versions work with every ET theme I have used, which is most of ’em;)

      • Any tips for incorporating cart66 in a Divi site? New Divi design will replace the client’s existing site built with a competitor’s framework, so there are years of products and sales to contend with. Thanks!

  14. Looks great! Hopely it will be a nice theme, also for a webshop with only 4 to 6 articles!

  15. Super–I’ve been lurking and waiting for a year for something like this! When will it be available?

    • It should be ready within a couple weeks.

      • GOOD! eCommerce themes important.

        ET is spectacular. Hope this theme arrives sooner! Thanks!

        • nice!

  16. Fantastic!!! Just what I’ve been waiting for, thanks…

    • Hi,I’ve been viewing your website,and I’m impressed.

  17. Awesome.

    Hope to see theme with Easy Digital Download support in future. Keep rocking guys!

  18. This is a cool theme! Simple and nice. I wish ET to develop more shop themes like this one. Keep up great work guys!

  19. Looking great design, Product showcase homepage layout give more attraction, very different look then eShop and WooCommerce and Responsive design an awesome, Is that integrate light skin also?

  20. Is there going to be the capability to offer digital downloading in the new theme?

    • I believe WooCommerce has an extension for that.

      • Actually, WooCommerce has native digital download functionality. Just look in your product page, under “Product Data” below the WordPress content editor. Select “Simple Product” from the drop-down menu and check “Downloadble.” New options are then displayed for specifying the file path, etc.

  21. Hey Nick, the design is really looking good! Since you asked for feedback, any chance of getting both of these integrated into StyleShop?
    Social Sharing on all pages (top of homepage especially, and on individual product pages-both really important for driving traffic and sales).
    Digital Download

  22. Another awesome work from ElegantThemes that we have been all waiting for πŸ™‚

  23. It will be one of the best eCommerce WordPress theme released in recent time.

    • I think so too πŸ™‚

      • Nick, does the theme allow changing the colors of price tags etc. Just checked the woo commerce preview, and the tags like “sale” are green there as well. Hope we are not restricted to woo com colors.

        Also, does the theme come in several colors as other ET themes? Hope there are options to select some light colors (grey, cream, white) etc.

  24. Wow!!! It’s the perfect time! I desperately needed a new ET ecom theme. It looks amazing. I hope it is flexible enough with colors/textures etc to match any brand.
    I would also suggest having a advanced search plugin as the current ET search page does not suit ecommerce sites. I really hope it’s flexible to change sliders, layout, colors, and suitable even for all types of businesses (not just for fancy products :)).
    It would great if the theme allowed to have horizontal as well as vertical menu bars, which would allow people to have several sub-sections for every category etc. just like ebay. I am so much looking forward to the release of this new theme.

  25. Looks great. I will be looking for an eCommerce theme soon for a client. One question: Can these eCommerce themes be used just as an ordering system? i.e. I’m not interested in accepting payments.

  26. Very nice. Is is responsive?

    • Yes it is, I see!!! Brilliant.

  27. Just, amazing desing!!

  28. Yeah, I was waiting for another shop, since I am using estore at the moment and a change is very welcome! Looks great!
    Just wonder WP e-commerce is also BIG why only Woo?


    • I think it will make for a much better theme if we focus on a single eCommerce plugin, instead of making sacrifices to try and accommodate a disparate collection of plugins.

      • Researching themes for my second e-commerce site. Really pumped about this one and glad to see it is integrated with WooCommerce. Your comment that this theme is only for Woo caught my attention because it shows that you guys know what you’re doing–because I assume you’re doing this to minimize incompatibility with WooCommerce extensions as well.

        I bought a theme from ThemeForest (Envato) for my first site that is designed for both Woo and WP-Commerce. Works fine with the primary plugin but butchers all the great WooCommerce extensions I try to use. Very limiting!

        Getting to the point, how well does Style Shop work with at least official WooCommerce extensions (those they develop in-house to make their money since 3rd-party compatibility would be too difficult a task)?

  29. Finally a new WordPress e-commerce theme,
    I love the previews!
    great job

  30. Looks great!
    Que buena pinta tiene!

  31. My activity starts soon and I look forward to this theme to test it on two of my upcoming projects … which devaientt be on prestashop!
    Again thank you for the quality of your work …

  32. Wonderfull job!

  33. Woooooo Hooooo to Woo Commerce integration. I now have my favourite theme developer married with my favourite e-commerce plugin – a marriage made in heaven. Thank you Nick!

  34. Amazing Shop πŸ™‚

    When will the store published?

  35. Hi Nick,
    Any chance of seeing a sneak peek at what a product page will look like?
    Looking great so far.

  36. Looks very hot and I think I gonna use it for sure πŸ˜‰

    Can’t wait… When will it arrive?


    • We are hoping to finish it within a couple weeks.

  37. It will be great to make an eCommerce site with this theme

  38. hi!

    it would be nice if Jigoshop or would work

    thank you

  39. Looks really promising. Curious as to what functionality will be used for the shop.

    Cheers, Jan.

    • We will be using WooCommerce to power the eCommerce functions.

      • How can I customize the woocommerce product layout, without having to make individual pages for each product ?

        • If you need help, please open a ticket in our support forums so that our team can assist you.

  40. Wow! Another great & beautiful theme, and it’s an e-commerce theme this time!

    Hope the microdata is ready for this theme.

    Looking forward to seeing this theme soon Nick!

    • Hope the same ! It would be perfect with microdata + amazing menu and Woocommerce πŸ™‚

  41. Whooho. Great job!!

  42. … waiting, waiting, waiting …. can’t wait … πŸ™‚

  43. really like this!

    will it have additional footer areas like lucid? Would be great to get some more content areas on to this as I feel ecommerce sites lack content on the homepage.

    good job!

    • There will be three widgets available in the footer.

  44. Hope there will be a light skin included πŸ™‚

    • +1 from me for a light skin

      • +1 from me for a light skin, without a light skin it’s a dealbreaker πŸ™

  45. As always… Great on DESIGN. Elegant Theme + WooCommerce makes a great RoCkInG combination. Totally agree with Catie’s comment πŸ˜‰

  46. Just say: Amaziiiing πŸ™‚

  47. Is the front page widget based? Besides hot and new products I would like to place a third or fourth product groups. My product emphasis changes by the season and it would be great to just move a widget or two to change that focus.

  48. Wow! Outstanding! Perfect timing for an upcoming project. Thanks!

  49. Very nice and creative. Thank you that you have agreed to my suggestion.
    Greatings from Germany
    von JULPE .COM

  50. Another stylish theme with ecommerce integration. Looks Stunning.

  51. For a long time you guys have not released any eCommerce theme! Can’t wait for this amazing theme!

  52. Nice! Could I request that the sections headings on homepage (Featured Items, New Items etc…) to be linkable to a particular page? For example, it would be nice to have a particular product category on the homepage (maybe using the ET page builder plugin – I’m assuming that the theme works with the ET page builder…) & then have that category title link to the category page.

    Maybe beyond the scope of an across the board standard but thought worth suggesting.

    Also, is it too difficult to continue to integrate the portfolio filter in future themes?

    Great job again! Can’t wait to see!

    • Linkable section headings… good idea! +1 from me for this proposal

      • Yeah ! Would be very nice.
        Hope you will think this at E.T !

  53. The look and feel seems really cool … I really hope it would be similar to WooCommerce or leave to us the possibility to implement it…

    • The theme will support the WooCommerce plugin.

  54. I’m a huuuuuge fan of eleganththemes and following each and every posts on your blog. May 2013 becom your year and create more amazing responsive themes for WP.

  55. Can anyone explain or point me in the right direction?

    I have been wanting to set up an eStore for a long time, but I cant get the whole picture of information from getting a theme (like this one) to getting the right plugins, to linking to PayPal or someone else to getting sales information, to managing customers, shipping charges, multiple products, etc. Everything an eStore needs from beginning to end. I CANT FIND ANYTHING ON THE INTERNET THAT SHOWS THIS. It’s really frustrating, so anyone that can help, I’d REALLY appreciate. I’ve heard horror stories that setting up eStores can be time consuming, a nightmare and full of issues so I’m trying to get the correct information.

    Thank you so much to anyone that can help so I can actually buy this theme and use it this time. πŸ™‚

    • If you are having any trouble setting up one of our themes, then please open a thread in our support forums so that our team can assist you.

      • Hi Nick, thank you for responding. That’s awesome if the support would help with this, but I didn’t think this is something I could expect from Elegant Themes because this is not necessarily under your responsibility. Setting your theme up is simple and the support is spot on for the most part. But what I am completely “green” to is buying the right plugins and setting up the back end. Basically everything else that picks up where the theme’s power ends, ya know?

        Is this something you guys help with or is it better to point me to an article or company that could help guide me through the whole process?

        Thanks Nick!

        • Hey Jeff- I may be able to help out. I’m working on a similar project right now myself. Shoot me an email- ethan AT

  56. Looks great guys! can’t wait to use this one!

  57. Will the theme be using WooCommerce?

    • Yes it will.

  58. As usual a nice looking theme. I assume epanel will have much of the site automated, so I don’t have to dig into the code too much.

  59. Now THAT is what I’m talkin about!! Great work Nick, nice and tight AND WooCommerce my Fav ecommerce plugin (so clean/modern looking)! Will there be ability to adjust color highlights and all over to a light theme? We ALL Thank You ET ROCK$!!

    • A light colored option would be a great addition. I’ll try to make it happen! πŸ™‚

      • Nick, Thank you for developing amazing themes. I’m looking forward to this one particularly. Would the theme have flexibilty to adapt to and match any branding style. For instance I see menus are underlined by a light green line. Is that color changable.
        Can it be given an overall different look in terms of colors and texture, for instance from black to navy blue etc?

  60. Love it! Can’t wait to download!

  61. Awesome and great looking theme.

  62. Nick,
    1- Can you design with a place for a gravity form above the fold? All your themes have the splash image slider 100% of the width.
    2- In general, are you tring to enable us to style more with CSS and less PSD editing?
    Thank You and God you are sharing your gifts!

    • Most of our recent themes have not used any, or at least a very minimal amount, of images. This means basically all of your changes would be CSS-based and not PSD-based.

      • The thing that Nick and the team have decide to use very little amount of images is the right thing to do, since your website will do less server requests.

        Also using only css to change things in your website is much more easy and efficient.

        Congrats on the new theme, your are the best!

  63. Can this ecommerce theme support product pricing in the thousands of dollars, meaning making the price tags css or short code button that can allow for bigger numbers or fonts?

    • Yea, it will support just about any price.

  64. Great looking theme, Nick! Thanks a lot for your great work!
    I’m using Boutique theme on 2 sites and I have a suggestion which I have posted on the support forum quite a while ago. The suggestion would fit this theme as well and I hope you will consider it:

    A blog associated with an e-commerce website adds value to it and I have a blog on both of my Boutique sites.
    I think it would be nice if in the top slider of StyleShop we would be able to add not only selected products but also selected blog articles.
    e.g. On my watches shop I’m promoting some products but I would also like to have an article on my blog about a new watch collection from Casio and include that article in the slider, as I am selling that new collection.

    I’m looking forward for your answer on this suggestion,

    • agree this would be something I would like also

      • Add my vote, please, to include a blog. I have a friend wanting it with her new store and I would love to give her this theme if it will have a blog in it. Thanks!

  65. Lately, WordPress ecommerce themes represent an emerging category, so good luck with this one, hope everyone will love it! πŸ™‚

  66. Awesome!!! Cant wait to have it!!

  67. Another wonderful theme! Nick you keep us busy all the time!

  68. I want and can not wait πŸ™‚ when is it released?

  69. Very promising indeed.

    I wonder if the two layers of navigation work as displayed. I understand that it’s likely two WordPress menus, which is flexible. But that’s a lot of links.

    I suppose my comments boils down to “although it is aesthetically amazing, is it simple enough?”

  70. Looks great man!! Yeah, can’t wait to see it live. Hope it’ll come with some new features. Waiting for it now.

  71. Looks really great! Would like to try it for my online store. Hopes it comes soon.

  72. I can’t wait either. The sneak peek is killing me because I want it now!!!

  73. Looks good.
    Can I ask if I join now will this theme be available to me when it is ready

  74. Wow! so finally you’re readying a third addition to your eCommerce themes line-up. Looks amazing, and yes Woo-Commerrce is perfect, support for WP e-commerce would add option to others, as well.

    Few suggestions if you would like to consider πŸ˜‰

    1. More color schemes: Plain and simple white to focus more on product, or cool blue or light green.

    2. Catalog mode : a special mode for those, who just want to list the product and don’t want to sell anything, just want to list the products.

    3. Multiple single product page templates. Something like 3-4 types of different layouts of single product pages. That user can easily select from the ePanel.

    4. Hover image change effect, externally: On hovering, the featured image of the product changes with the second selected image of the same product. It’s very showy and convenient.

    5. Mega menu – It’s really in demand for online stores these days, and is really helpful for the visitors.

    8. Ability to custom design home page or any other pages : Nowadays, many e-commerce themes allows, users to create their own home pages using shortcodes from the wordpress admin and utilizing native Woo-Commerce shortcodes. For eg : [product_category category="" per_page="12" columns="4" orderby="date" order="desc"]

    6. Multiple columns grid pages layouts: Grid page for 4, 5 and 3 products.

    7. A sticky menu bar with integrated search box: It sticks to the header and improves the user experience, in case user goes down to the bottom of the pages, he can still look for anything from the menu bar or search from the same place, without scrolling back up or down to look for something else.

    8. Back to top button: All of your theme’s misses it πŸ˜‰

    9. Option to choose from Full width layout or fixed static layout.

    10. And responsive plus fast loading. I mean with more CSS and lesser image work.

    Hope, you have already planned some of those features, if not then try to integrate, as much as if you can πŸ˜€

    Keep up the good work, as always πŸ˜‰

    • A catalogue mode ! +1 for this from me !

    • +1 for Catalogue mode and multiple color options

    • Some GRT suggests there!! But if Nick was implementing all of these features at the price we pay yearly, EG would take over the WordPress World!!

  75. Pranjal when fully confirm the talks: Option to choose from Full width layout fixed or static layout. I hope we get more this feat Nick.
    One thing I am certain: there will be a REVOLUTION when possible to develop themes that are installed already appear equal to the themes of submission, with full functionality, without having to start from scratch, from the beginning. Having to edit everything leads to many problems. (sorry for the spelling errors, I’m brazilian).

  76. AWESOME! Soooooo looking forward to this design! We are Woo Commerce users and we have been extremely hesitant to use anything other than a Woo theme in tandem. So this is absolutely fantastic as we NEED a clean and fresh responsive site. Our current theme is rather dated looking but there aren’t many good commerce/responsive choices over at Woo. So I can’t say this enough…. awesome, awesome, awesome! πŸ™‚

  77. Hi Nick, great theme! Is it possible to integrate social media follow buttons and social sharing? Then we can drive traffic to our ecommerce site! Thanks!

    • You should be able to change the background to whatever you want using E-Panel. At least that’s the way it is for other themes ET has released. If not in E-Panel, there’s always CSS to get to the result you’re looking for.

  78. Would love to see a video display site. something where we could post videos or code to youtube link embeded.

  79. The decision to make a woocommerce compatible theme is the best one yet. I hope you will also redo all the themes to be also compatible, just like you did some of the older themes to be responsive (they were not before).

  80. Elegant eCommerce… this why reason i’m proud your member… because you create elegant design πŸ™‚

    Thanks and ready for waiting πŸ™‚

    • Hi… nick… in blog style any ads management option for put ads 125×125 or other size advertise?

  81. looks fantastic!

  82. +1 for lite color them

  83. Really looking forward to this theme;
    + 1 Light Color Theme;
    +1 Catalog Listing
    Looks fantastic. Release date???

  84. Cant wait to see this theme because need something like this πŸ˜‰

  85. I love your work and support so far and this e-commerce theme will come in really useful! I wait for your theme!

  86. I really love the dark background. Great choice for fashion shops.

  87. Wow ! Looks very nice ! Will it comes with a light version or only dark ?

  88. When will this be ready? and will it have the digital download available in the theme say for eBooks?

  89. Very nice sneak preview. Hope to see this new theme and your first business – ecommerce – design !

  90. Love it Nick. I love the move you’ve made to use less and less images and more and more css for your designs. They are looking absolutely awesome! Keep up the great work, we all appreciate it.

  91. exelent theme! super wow!

  92. really really nice… I hope that (as usual) there will be a lot of color theme (white one or grey one could be very useful)
    Congratulation for your work , and i think that “a couple of week” will be a very log time !!!!

  93. Will this theme support Buddypress and bbpress?

  94. Amazing looking theme, cant wait for this one. Would it be possible to have it MarketPress ready as well as WooCommerce?

  95. Really excited to see what this looks like guys! I’m thinking about starting up my own e-commerce site soon and any simple themes like this should be a good help!

  96. Hi Nick, how close are you with this theme? I have started to build a store using Gleam because I like the look but I think I may have a problem with my shopping cart plug in, it looks like Styleshop might be for me. thanks Bill

    • Can we get an update on this theme’s launch please?

      • I second this request. update on release?

  97. looking forward to this and more elegant themes. They just keep coming. Fantastic.

  98. Really awesome work. Great choice for fashion shops.

  99. Can you release this, like, yesterday?! It looks COOL. But like others have said, light colors palette would be awesome!

  100. Interestingly, the great design interface integrated functions Shop is great.WP platform in very good SEO, online shop owners will love this WP theme.

    Wp theme for shop fashion style, I like it

    Congratulations on your

  101. I would like to start an e-commerce just to use that theme. lol πŸ˜€

  102. That was it! I have wait for this kind of themes. πŸ™‚

  103. Do you have an apx release date yet?

  104. thats support mobile device?

  105. Good Templaste!! go to Buy!

  106. I am soo excited for this release! Please let it be today!!!

  107. This looks very clean and tidy and I will definitely be having a good look at this new theme when its released.
    Support the move to more CSS control. Faster and cleaner.

  108. When are you going to launch this theme? Eagerly waiting for it!

  109. Nice one, hope there’s a lighter option though as it’s definitely too dark for me. Can we have a book authors theme please, Kindle books are HUGE right now!



  110. Any date on the release? I’m highly anticipating this theme! πŸ™‚

  111. Hi Nick, you can create an ecommerce plugin not want to change my theme aggregate, but also need a store like you offer on this theme

  112. Just a note that WP-eStore plays nice with Elegant Themes. I totally support Nick’s decision to focus on one eCommerce plug-in, but don’t despair: WP-eStore works, too. (I like that it integrates with PDF Stamper to deter digital redistribution and other plug-ins they offer.) But Woo Commerce is open source, so it’s free and quite robust.

    Everybody wins!

  113. Any update on completion date of this theme?

  114. Looks amazing. I`m interested what color options will be available.

  115. Getting anxious! How soon till the release?

  116. Really great theme and awesome color. It reminds me of your theme Harmony (band theme) somehow but way greater obv (talking about an eCommerce point of view).

    Anyway, looking forward the release of this great theme… which might be your best design for an eCommerce theme so far!

    Any updates on the release date btw?

  117. Hey guys,
    Love the look of this one. Do you have a release date yet? I am going to see a client next week about e-commerce. Be great if I can give him an eta.
    Love your work.

  118. I also would like to know a release date even approximate. Thx

  119. I don’t think I have ever been more anxious for a new release from ET. I’m increasing your traffic some crazy amount checking to see if it’s released yet. Push Push…..

  120. Wow, thats perfect! Is this for wordpress platform?

  121. Yes. When will this theme be released?

  122. Yes. When will this theme be released?

  123. This Theme will be one of the best ecommerce wordpress theme ever.

  124. Really awesome work. Elegant is number one!

  125. Such a great theme. To anyone who has not joined Elegant Themes, you are missing out. Also, whenever I need to edit something or change something around all I do is go to the support page, fill out the fields, and within hours I have a reply. They must be sick of me by now πŸ™‚

  126. Theme looks great! I’m actually looking at different themes right now, glad I found yours.

  127. The theme is awesome and this is the reason why I recommend elegant themes to my all mates xD just loved it seriously! πŸ™‚

  128. I have been a member of Elegant Themes for a year or so and I really love them. All their theme releases have been fantastic and they have made it much easier for me to make my websites look amazing. And since I am such a fan of this website I thought it was about time I wrote an Elegant Themes Rating.

  129. I’m a Big fan of eleganththemes and following each and every theme on your Blog.
    May 2013 become your year and create more amazing responsive themes for WordPress

  130. Awesome template, will definitely give it a try.

  131. Good Templaste!! go to Buy!

  132. i do like the StyleShop. this should do nicely for my clients designer clothes store. many thanks for this post, i may not off come across this theme. cheers
    have a nice day

  133. Woow – this template is really amazing.
    Is it possibe to use this with a api from amazon for example?
    That would be great

  134. how do I go about changing the lime green color on the price buttons.

    • If you need help, please open a ticket in our support forums so that our team can assist you.

  135. Hi Nick, Great theme, I just wonder if it is possible to use it just as catalog site. I have been searching and it seems WooCommerce plugin doesnt allow it without touching some code, I will really appreciate your answer, Congratulations.

  136. Excellent.. this is the perfect theme for fashion shop!

  137. We want to build shop specially for our blog.
    I think thats the perfect theme for our new project. The colors are pretty nice and i like the menues. Go on with so wonderful themes like this one.

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