Sneak Peek Of Our Upcoming Theme Lucid

Posted on June 27, 2012 by in Theme Sneak Peeks | 285 comments

Sneak Peek Of Our Upcoming Theme Lucid

It’s time for another sneak peek into the Elegant Themes production line. I am pleased to give you a glimpse at “Lucid,” and what will be a clean, versatile and responsive magazine-style theme. News-style themes, such as Aggregate and TheSource, have quickly become some of our most loved and widely used designs. It has been a while since we have created such a theme, and I am excited to re-visit the format to create a magazine theme that is even better. A responsive layout, more advanced layout feature and a sleeker design are just a few of the things that you can expect from Lucid.

I hope that you like what you see! Let us know what you think in the comments. I am also curious to know; if you could choose one feature to be added to the theme (perhaps something you feel is lacking from our similar themes), what would it be?

Premade Layouts

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  1. Love where this is headed. If you are looking to add features, some more LightBox functionality would be great. A lot of these themes have media functions that compete, i know… but it’s be great in so many cases.

    • Supper lush design – visiting this blog is like being a child again and finding new candy waiting for you to try at the store. Can’t wait to see this theme finished.

      • Have to agree with Mark D. – Haven’t been here for a while and even though I always knew you were productive, there is so much new stuff to explore and download. Simply amazing.

        I know others have said this a ton of times before, but “great work!!”.


    • Nice design πŸ™‚

  2. i like this one. it’s colorful compared to the other themes you’ve featured before. i hope it would be easier to resize the fonts and to choose colors as well.

  3. Cool!! Count me in.
    Love Elegant Themes.

  4. Wow… it’s really great.

  5. Site looks great will definitely be using it for one of my clients, i have used many of the Elegant Theme themes in the past have a look at my portfolio here.

    When will the theme be available?

  6. Very nice and minimal out of the box theme, such a awesome work, looking different then other themes you’ve featured before, Great Work ET πŸ™‚

    • can anyone help me,how can we work on theme,
      how should we do modifications in the theme

  7. It looks unique compare to so far released magazine type theme!

    Expecting to be released soon!

    Best of luck with completion. πŸ™‚

  8. Cannot wait for the theme and suggest it to some customers. Seems like a good fit for small businesses. It will support, as usual, child themes I hope.

  9. As usual, another great elegant theme !

    We add this template soon in our marketplace.

  10. Wow .. Looking forward to this one !

  11. Awesome! Can’t wait to get this.

  12. Well, will it work with WordPress 3.4. Are the coding up to date to work. I am using other themes that are out of whack because they are not working properly with WordPress 3.4. I have yet to see anything from Elegant to address the issue. Or maybe I missed the announcement about this problem.

    • I am not aware of any 3.4 compatibility issues with the latest versions of our themes. Have you updated your theme? If so, please open a thread in the support forum so that we can address the issue.

  13. I love the fact that there is finally a spot for recent videos. Spot On!!

  14. It’s really nice to see elegant themes are getting new look… More simple and more clean.

    Love the way the date is shown on popular posts and same size post thumbnails for all recent posts on home page.

    Hope there would be a short description section coming on the slider for every category image.

    Brilliant work Nick!!! Waiting for the theme πŸ™‚

  15. Always love your design work, Nick. This theme looks gorgeous as always.


  16. Looks great ! Bravo !

  17. I really like the look of this one. A nice clean design and the video slot on the homepage looks good. It may be enough to tempt me to move on from Aggregate πŸ™‚

  18. Just what I have been waiting for. When will it become available?

    • It should be ready in 1-2 weeks.

      • so fast!!! i love your work!

      • Can’t wait! Looks like your best design yet! Keep them coming Nick!

      • Looks like a sweet theme! Can’t wait!!

      • I will definitely be purchasing this template! I love it! So clean, modern and neat!

      • Hi Nick, any news about the theme release? I’ve read somewhere it could be the first days of August, is that correct? Thanks!


      • I just signed up with y’all, and am $TOKED to be in the Elegant Themes Fam #NickRoachRocks
        Will there be an announcement with the new theme is released here or…?



  19. I love the bold color used in this. Looking forward to checking out the demo soon.

  20. I really like it!!!

  21. I am ready to try it now!! When will it be ready?

    • who can read is a clear advantage;)
      Look at three comments above you;)

      • But who reads all of the comments? πŸ˜‰

        Also, really looking forward to this theme. πŸ™‚

  22. Love this layout – bright, simple, catching.

    Responding to your question, one thing that I would love to see is having the featured image be more of a wide, lanscape view rather than a small, square thumbnail on the post/pages. (or, the option to choose either in the control panel)

    A wide landscape photo for the featured image, with the text and sidebar all below would really be gripping – making every past/post pop with great photography, visually signaling the message of the text below.

    It would also be somewhat seamless transition from the homescreen with the widescreen photo featured section to the post/page with the same dimensions (or similar dimensions).

    Thanks for all your work!

    • I agree with Troy- I’d really love if the featured thumbnail would be landscape and take the full width of posts. I know we get this with ArtSee, but would like it on a layout that’s more sophisticated.

      This new theme has a lot of potential- looks clean and slick- usual ET quality!

  23. It looks like the best theme from You!

  24. this is perfect. i love the new simplified themes, but these are the ones that really provide the most use for the most people. some of the other themes are so specific that they only work in a handful of cases, but i’m really glad to see that you’re doing more themes that allow a ton of content to be thrown out there all at once.

  25. like like like like like and i like it!!!!

  26. I can not wait to try it !!!

  27. Yeah! Waiting for get it…..

  28. I can’t wait to use it at my blog, seems so cool like other elegantthemes πŸ™‚

  29. Love the new theme. Great job! The feature that is lacking and that I would love to see in this new theme would be the ability to adjust the thumbnail image. At present the thumbnail is automatically generated and leaves no room to make it look good. That would be awesome!

  30. You asked for what features would we like added to this excellent clear and clean design:

    1. Responsive! (Which you already have. Stoked!)

    2. Some nice styling for popular carts — Marketpress, Cart66, and maybe one or two others. (As many content-driven websites look at their profitability more and more, I think this may become as necessary for a great theme as responsive now is.)

    3. A way/instructions to change the orange color scheme (more) easily. (I love the orange, but I am unsure how it would go over on some types of sites/content. Usually, I need to make the colors similar to the logo’s.)

    Thanks, looks great!

  31. Love this!!!

    In response to your question, I’d love see to a “browse by author” or “featured author” bar on the front page. There’s one other theme out there, Teamster by WooThemes, that has something like that but it’s not a fantastic implementation. Lucid would make a great framework for something like that.

  32. Love the theme – looks great – you’re getting better at this all the time. Any chance of adding a Portfolio Page Template?

    cheers for your work!

  33. Ah – Sorry – just saw that it’s there already – Brilliant. It rocks!

  34. This theme looks really nice. As mentioned in an earlier post, it would be great to have some new shortcode additions as well as lightbox functionality. Elegant Themes are by far some of the cleanest and in my opinion highest quality themes available. Though you guys are constantly adding themes, it seems the shortcodes and features have remained the same for quite some time. Just a suggestion, keep up the quality work. I will continue to use your themes for some time to come. Looking forward to this release and many more.

  35. Excited on this new theme! I’ll have to try it on one of my other blogs….

  36. Keep up the simplicity, guys. Your previous themes were great but felt a little overdone.

  37. This looks amazing and I am definitely going to be using it for an update on my website. One thing I have been looking for in these magazine-style themes is the ability to list pages with thumbnails instead of blog posts. Can that be a feature here?

    • Sorry, OT: I was just implementing this tonight on a site!

      This plugin works well for that, with easily-defined shortcodes to change thumbnail sizes, which child Pages you want, etc. Here’s the link:

  38. This theme look better.
    Nice job

  39. I hope these themes when tested using YSlow & GTMetrix get a Grade A or at least at the point 90.

    Themes such as the evolution is similar to themes that I use on the website “Majalah Anakku” … with windget “recent from” ( taken from the “aggregate windget themes”)

    I like this themes. I beg ET team, please note especially the speed themes YSlow Grade. Please give Grade A to this themes.

    Thank’s for all ET Team πŸ˜€

  40. Thank you for producing another great looking/functioning theme ET!

    Two enhancement suggestions would be to add compatibility and styling for:

    1. Popular e-commerce carts
    2. BuddyPress and bbPress

  41. Wow, another great magazine style theme from Nick & team πŸ˜‰

  42. Wow, really nice, can’t wait to see it.

  43. OMG another fascinating Elegant Theme that i will use!!! youre the best!!!

  44. I’d love to use it on one or two of my blogs. Very cool!

  45. Love Elegant Themes, and that you’re stretching your design ‘signature’ a bit to keep things fresh while giving us all the things we love about your work.

    If I could have one thing in a new theme, it would be to have some social integration right into the main front page, but with the Nick stamp of design on top of content fed from Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. What would be crazy cool is if ET got together with a company like to be able to generate on-the-fly infographics from actual blog stats by topic or overall or from data in specific posts as content. Having an ‘intelligent’ elegant theme doing something nextgen would be over the top.

    • Agreed, social integration needs to be much better now, this is what google wants, so not only on the homepage, but on pages/posts too. I know you have a few social icon shortcodes, but we need more, and even better if they were responsive too, so that icon size shrinks on mobiles (saving load time too).

      I realize this probably can’t be implemented in time for this theme, but it is needed across all future themes please Nick, i’m sure other members will agree.

  46. Can’t go wrong with the color orange or with BMWs splattered around the site πŸ˜‰ Looks like a fun site.

  47. Stunning as always πŸ™‚ anyhow, would love to see new e-commerce theme, hope at least one must be in the pipeline? πŸ˜‰

  48. That’s why I love ElegantThemes, his color chooser and white space……..

  49. A very nice addition to Aggregate and TheSource. It’s great to have a choice out of three different magazine designs.

    Like stated earlier, the ability to have column wide thumbnails – like 600x250px – would be much appreciated.

    Looking forward to the release.

  50. Looks like gem of a theme. Looking forward to it’s release.

  51. Damn fine. I look forward to using it. Well done.

  52. The upcoming theme looks awesome!
    …and I could have even said that without even looking at the sneak peak! πŸ™‚

    What I haven’t seen ET do yet that would be great to see is a BuddyPress compatible or social community type theme!
    That would be great to see in the Elegant Themes library!

    Cheers- I can’t wait check out the demo of this next theme!

  53. I’m really looking forward for this theme. And please kindly fix the image slider and other shortcodes feature as they’re not play nicely with the responsive theme

  54. wow this looks great, from – look forward to

  55. Definitely a good looking theme.
    Perfect for my next website

  56. Some more integrated Adsense options could be nice.

  57. The guys at Copyblogger need to look out ! Your themes are a real competition and getting better with each new theme .

  58. Amazing WordPress template. Something beautiful. I can not wait for this template. This is exactly what I need on the page.

  59. Hi Nick, just a couple of feature suggestions πŸ™‚

    What about a four columns widgetized area in the footer (if that isn’t already included, of course)?

    And, even better, what about allowing a widgetized use of shortcode in the home, in a dynamic way like that allowed by the Convertible theme options?

  60. About ‘widgetized use of shortcodes’ I meant, of course, a chance to put elements like tabbed contents or sliders anywhere in the home, of course.
    Sorry for not being that clear πŸ™‚

  61. Great theme I am Your member from last three years and use all themes. Thanks for giving so good theme from time to time

  62. Is this theme going to be responsive’ ?
    I presume that it will be as most people are opening my logs on iPads and other mobile devices – its sorta lame not to include accces to such a huge range of devices, especially as they are evidently only gonna get bigger in numbers.

  63. A great looking theme.

    I would like a responsive theme that keeps sidebar widgets, perhaps moving them to just above the footer widgets.

    I would also like a theme with a homepage page template so that I can format my homepage exactly as I want rather than just taking info from categories, galleries etc.

    Using a page template for the home page could allow for a different set of widgets just for the homepage.

    • Sorry didn’t make myself clear…

      “I would like a responsive theme that keeps sidebar widgets, perhaps moving them to just above the footer widgets.” ~ when viewed on a narrow screen.

  64. I’d like to see Thumbs up/down rating facility added to posts, and sharing options per post such as Twittter, FB, Pinterest, Google+

  65. really amazing theme

  66. I’m loving this new line! Beautiful, it has a modern spacious look with a lot of great features. I use Aggregate now for my site but would switch to this.

  67. Wow, that is super impressive! Would fit my website with multi-blogs perfectly!

  68. Really looking forward to this theme. Aggregate is one of my favorites and this one reminds me a lot of it, but with a cooler video section. Will the post titles extend to the next line if they’re long or will they get cut off? I hate when they get cut off.

  69. Great looking theme!! I am working with aggregate but are unhappy with the video integration features.

    Therefore I would be happy if this theme fixes two things:
    1) more emphasis/features regarding videos (e.g. better slider adjustments for videos)
    2) a better possibility to integrate larger logos (like banners)

    THANK YOU!! :))

  70. Very nice, looking forward to it.

  71. As always brilliant! Once again great job. This is why ET is my #1 theme company. Keep it up!

  72. Curious if the featured slider will support video!?! Awesomenessssss

  73. I would really like to see more social media buttons used in the menu on the home page – Pinterest!
    I would also love to see a page set up like the ‘Connect’ page on your resume theme.
    Love the bold orange colour – are you going to make this something that is truly custom?

  74. ET is amazing all the time! A feature in a magazine theme that is lacking is the ability to change the color of EACH menu link, for example, In the MAIN menu, Food should have a big round button, Travel a big blue one, Contact a Gray one, and so one… i know is possible but, should be great to have it in a easy ET style add-on in the theme.

  75. I love it and thats not just a words, I realluy love it. That`s what I was hoping for, for a long time. Can’t wait to use it. You rock.

  76. Nick, there are two things I’d love to see in this.
    First: A lot of the questions in support always seem to be around customising the header area to different alignment placement of logos and the height area. Can this be built in as an adjustable feature?
    Second: I’d love to combine InReview and Aggregate. Often Magazine formats have a need for ‘scoring’ or review of movies etc. Can the review functionality of InReview be brought into this new Lucid theme? (and added to Aggregate?)
    Thanks for the great work you produce. Always impressed.

    • Andrew, I absolutely agree with you!!!
      These features would be GREAT combined with a slider adjustable for videos.

    • I have to say that integrating InReview’s functionality into Aggregate/Lucid would be perfect for my own site. Up to now I’ve been using some very basic hacking of the theme files to output review scores but it’s far from ideal (and not very pretty either).

      Please Nick, give this some thought!

    • I third this. If the review features of InReview were a plug-in and widget combo, I could add them to MyCuisine for my restaurant rating site. InReview is really awesome for functionality, but soooo the wrong design for local restaurant ratings. The ratings plugins out there are terrible and don’t work well with ET themes. ET really did ratings right.

    • If there is room for some more functionality into this theme, it will definitely be my first choice the great implementation of reviews into the inReview theme. Rating is a must for most magazines so i wish to see it in Lucid.

  77. This could be nice update for some of my Aggregate based websites. Was thinking about refreshing it for a while. Will give it a try. Looks great.

  78. Love it! I love the shading and the attention to detail. Do you use Photoshop or Fireworks for your designs?

  79. I think a “Custom CSS field” could be a great addition to your themes.
    Thanks again Nick

  80. Nice design, Ad banners and widgets would be nice

  81. One of your better, more flexible themes in a long time!

    Can’t wait!

  82. It’s very similar to to the precedents. The last themes are resembled too much each other…

  83. Im now anticipating the the RELEASE!

  84. I would love to see a sortable gallery!

    Very nice work, by the way

  85. Tada…. great sample will recomend this to clients!!!!

  86. Will this theme allow users to add self hosted videos? Would also like to be able to use a video player (e.g. jw player).

  87. Very nice! Love the orange.

  88. I am so proud to be your customer right now πŸ˜€
    Amazing look, I like it so much,this will be my favourite theme!

  89. Great design direction! How much customization do you get with a theme like this?

  90. I am member of 39$ plan..and i am very happy from your service. I am hosting 5 website using elegant themes only. This theme is looking just awesome. I think i will use it for my technology blog. Can anyone please tell the approximate date of officially releasing of this theme.

    • Themes are usually out every 1. day of the month. This one is a little behind the schedule but it is definitely worth it πŸ™‚
      I expect it any day now.

  91. Very nice!

  92. Very Nice – Looking forward to this one, for my personal site…

    When will it be released?

  93. Awesome, just awesome … the color schemes you find are always inspiring …

  94. Nick you’re the man! Love this! I’ve been waiting and watching for this one to be released πŸ™‚

  95. looks great.

    I would like to add possibility to define which areas different authors can have access to πŸ™‚

  96. Would like to have the option of replacing featured slider with video widget. Also keep the video width so that ads/other widgets can be added to top right.

    Would also like to see a social media widget.

  97. Nice preview. Hope, will be released soon…

  98. Hi Nick, really liking the way the theme is shaping up but I have a few things I would love to see being implemented.

    * Reduce the amount of real estate dedicated to the logo and name. Thats prime real estate and should have calls to action & ad space rather than white space and large branding.

    * Some sort of nod to the European Cookie directive

    * Subscribe option for people to get updates would be very useful on this type of news & magazine site

    I hope you can consider these.

  99. Nice preview. Hope, will be released soon…

  100. hey it is nice for sure! but what about something completely new?

  101. I’ve been crying out for an Internet Marketers/Affiliate Theme for some time. Most themes can be adapted to suit this purpose, however now your themes are responsive, it can be more difficult.

    What i would love is a Subscribe/Opt-In form that can feature anywhere i.e. in the featured image slider section, in widgets, in posts etc, but they must be responsive too. While in mobile view, I need to have the option of where the optin form is placed i.e. top of page, or bottom of page. This would be magic for all marketers, and those who design sites for local companies who need leads generated.

    Having functionality like this built in across all your future themes will put you miles ahead of any other template designer Nick!

    What do the rest of you think?

    • Agreed! Work-from-home sites, passive income generators, affiliate catalog sites, etc. really need this.

  102. Nick, I see you have 3 icons for Facebook, Twitter & RSS Feed at the top. I guess these will dispay on every page, which is great. However, personally I would add G+ / Pinterest icons too. No doubt these can be added in that space, I just hope you include the icons in the template to save us creating or buying/modifying from elsewhere. Thanks!

  103. If I may provide some constructive criticism, could you make an option (for all your themes) for the logo to be placed beside the nav.

    Sometimes it is nice to have the logo on its own row but it really takes up a lot of screen real estate. Thanks!

  104. Can’t wait for this to be released. Perfect for an upcoming project!

  105. This theme really looks great. Colors are refreshing the layout is totally new. This will be one of the best themes at “ElegantThemes”.

  106. Any day now!!!!

  107. When is theme out ???

  108. Can’t wait anymore! Lucid seems to be perfect for my next job! I love your works, guys …

  109. This is what i have just been looking for as i have been asked to design a website for a fairly successful magazine.
    When is this due to be realeased soon a can build a timeframe around the release.

    Regards Luke

  110. Love this theme. When will it be going live?
    Have a new client ready and waiting!

  111. Hi Nick

    Thanks for the preview looks cool.

    By the way when will it be ready, please ?

  112. Very much looking forward to this for another project.

  113. looks nice – BUT:

    Didn’t elegant themes promise to release

    ONE to TWO themes PER MONTH?

    2012 sofar there are just 5 themes in 6 months…..

  114. Love this theme, layout and colours!

    As mentioned before my main addition would be for easier changing of the header area. Indeed the menu next to the logo would be great for my sites and reducing the overall header space on top.

    How about a new menu style as seen recently when all submenus show up when you hover over a menu option and you can traverse directly to your choosen submenu.

  115. Looking good! Is there a reason why most of the designs have such a big main feature image window? It’s taking up quite a bit of real estate.

    Have you considered creating a magazine theme with only have the size of the main feature image window and leaving that area as a customisable content area?

  116. when do you plan to release the theme?


    • I am like too know this:
      When do you plan to release the theme?

  117. Any chance of support for portrait/vertical aspect images? Lack of support for this in other themes is a major blow for a photographer like me who shoots mostly in portrait aspect to the point I’m now looking elsewhere for a theme.

    • You can use image slider shortcode inside posts

  118. Bring it onnn-n-n-n…. brotha!
    Is there going to be a ‘drop’ party, when this theme finally drops?!

  119. Hopefully this drops by Thursday of next week! *fingers crossed*

  120. Any clue about release date? Some of us need to switch to this new great theme and we need to do some content/sizes/etc preparations. thanks.

  121. I want this site but dont mind the extra wait if it’s gonna be awesome with great features!

  122. Just more suggestion, Nick, as I’ve often read the request in the support forum for several themes: a way to easily disable/hide the metadata informations both on homepage and post linsting/single posts. You’re probably already working on it as it’s been implemented on many themes in the ePanel, but just to be sure I added this last suggestion, you never know πŸ™‚
    Great work, anyway, like many of us I can’t wait to grab and use it! πŸ™‚


  123. When is it coming out!! Can’t wait anymore πŸ˜€

  124. Lovley theme, soft look but yet a theme that can be used for many things.
    Eleganttheme are the best out there and the settings page makes it verry easy to setup and use.
    Thank’s for another fantastic designed theme Nick and hope you have a greate summer.

  125. Me to! It was 1-2 weeks about 2-3 weeks ago so I guess it will be soon!

  126. Please, please. Hope the theme will be soon available for us. Can’t wait,

  127. Please let this come out tomorrow. (Thursday, 19th)

  128. Will this be released today? Where is it?

    • I was hoping too. I hope we don’t have to wait till next Thursday.

  129. Is there an expected release date for Lucid?

  130. Please Nick, add a Subscribe feature. That would be so helpful. I can’t wait to grab this theme. I have been checking this blog daily. We’re desperate to get it but please take your time. We can wait if that means that the product will be perfect.

    • There is a subscribe feature. It’s in the sidebar of the blog.

  131. Nick,
    Please Please Please we need this new them ASAP.

  132. 1-2 weeks, promised by Nick, have long passed. Where is the theme? πŸ™‚

  133. Any day now I reckon, ET has ‘moved’ shortcodes to a plugin, possibly to reduce size of theme to incorporate a major wow theme for the new financial year? Lots of possibilities lol… I personally cant wait =)

  134. This is lovely, i can’t wait to have it, you’re the best

    • Nice theme πŸ™‚ Think i’ll have a closer look at it, maybe use it for my next project πŸ™‚

  135. It’s almost been a month!!! Dying here! πŸ™‚

  136. you are not the only one dying here :))

  137. Definitely a theme I’m excited for…when is the release date? Will there be social media integrated with custom buttons, and if so…will it include Pinterest? Or a custom email subscription feature in the sidebar?

  138. Yes please! Include Pinterest!

  139. I think it just looks the same as much everything else, don’t understand the excitement on this one ?

    • It’s a great looking theme! I’m guessing Nick is pulling out all the stops on this one to make it great…that’s why it’s taking so long!

    • I agree. There really isn’t much innovation with these themes. Everything is based on the same principals and features with very few new eye catching elements. I get the whole sleek, slim look, but ET is becoming a complete one-note designer. I’ve pretty much given up waiting around for ET to release themes and found some other highly professional, full of color and character WP theme sellers. Yeah, they are a bit more expensive, but maybe here, you get what you pay for…?

      ET, add some new elements, add some character to the new themes. Add some interesting and professional layouts. Everything is the same.

      • I wouldn’t say that is the case @Me but I agree that there are themes that look the same but those themes are also highly successful. This one is something that I am greatly looking forward to using due to the amount of content on the home page which many of the new themes have been lacking and the ability to have videos front and center on the homepage.

        These are the cheapest WP themes around and are high quality, have decent support and usually need minimal tweaking once installed. Other places you pay per theme and those are much more expensive than getting access to all of ET themes.

        Could they use more styles? Yes.

  140. When this theme coming?

  141. Love this theme Nick.
    When will it be released?
    A variety of ad positions would be great for this theme.

  142. I’ll be using this theme for our new “Home of the future now”-project. Can’t wait to start building. Hope it releases soon.

  143. Nice theme, will wait for it. The themes are very ok for the price we have to pay.

  144. I’m waiting for this theme, looks cool

  145. I believe theme will be released today/tomorrow πŸ™‚

    I will immediately use it for my next project. Thank you ET!

  146. How long must we wait!!??
    Can we have a new rough date of arrival as I’m going mad waiting!!

  147. it’s killing me! I hope the release is soon. πŸ™‚

  148. checking everyday!

  149. Same thing here πŸ™‚

  150. Hey,

    Same here πŸ˜€

  151. Hahaha me too, just refreshing every hour πŸ˜›

    • Apparently a week or two is also equal to over a month πŸ˜›

      • That’s what I was thinking…. Some code issues I’ll bet. Hopefully soon as this would be PERFECT for a project I’m about to start.

        HOOK US UP GUYS! (I’ll be a beta tester)

        • It took to long for me. Went ahead with another great theme, but still want this Lucid theme when it is ready!

  152. Really looking forward to this one. I have multiple sites this looks to be perfect fit. Yes, I know a few folks are on the edge waiting, but I know it will be worth it. And in the grand scheme of things it is just a little time.

  153. I would like to see a short code adding or a feature adding to the empanel that enables a graphic to be used for the date, the same as what is used in this blog. No themes yet released have this feature

  154. Hi Nick You are a genius!. Love your designs!:)

  155. Ok this is the magazine theme I’ve been waiting for! Please tell me it is coming soon! As a non-techie wordpress user a plugin that helps with social media and amazon linking (or a tutorial) would be super helpful for me!

  156. Not another week’s wait! Ack!

    • Any update would be nice. Any update at all. Less annoying if he didn’t give us an expectation of when it was going to be released.

  157. Pretty please tell me it’s coming out next week!

  158. Please release present code/theme and you can upgrade in a future release so we can start working to our projects using Lucid theme….
    I am just trying… πŸ™‚

  159. Is simply asking for some communication from Elegant Themes too much to ask for…?

    Out of respect for your fan base and members, how about letting us know when you’re planning on actually releasing this theme. You said 1-2 weeks on June 27th. It’s now August 4th. At least by telling us, we can relax and not wonder for eternity.

  160. I love this theme, and I’ll use it as soon as it’s available.

    Here’s what I’d like to see: What if we could do “recent from” for every category/sub-category that we want, with no limit?

    This could showcase what’s recent across many interests (cat/subcat), plus help readers easily understand and find the content they’re most interested in.

    Thanks so much, guys!

  161. Looks good…when will it be available? Seems like we haven’t had a new theme in a long time

  162. Great looking theme. Keep up the good work. I would like a featue added so each category page could have it’s own header geaphics.

    • You can always create some category archive page templates by modifying the existing archive page template to suit your needs and then assign them to custom post types for specific categories in your functions.php file if you want. …just a thought.

  163. Wow, this theme looks sharp! When is the expected release on this?

  164. I am champing at the bit about this theme. I’m about to do a major overhaul of my site now that I’m getting significant traffic and had been envisioning how I would customize aggregate. Turns out I wanted to make aggregate look more like Lucid! This is so perfect, so lovely of a theme, especially if certain customizations could be available:

    -social media icon choices for the top nav bar: fb, twitter, rss, g+, PINTEREST!!!!, Youtube, maybe a few others

    -choice of theme color (not just orange)

    -choice of theme fonts (cause this is so awesome for aggregate)

    -widgetized footer option

    thank you. you rock.

  165. I think it would be stellar if Elegant Themes developed their own social network sharing plugin that works all across the board. Both ET themes and others. But do what very few people do…make it shortcode available so we can truly choose which page, post, widget and what part of each gets the sharing plugin.

    Also, it should be tasteful like all ET designs. Every other plugin is so ugly, unwelcome to the user and nearly impossible to customize where it is, what networks to display and what format the display is in.

  166. It’s really fustrating that it’s still not out…yet I want you guys to take the time to make it just right! I really want this theme but wont know for sure if it’s as perfect as I want it to be until you release it and I can see it for myself!

    Make it perfect and release it this week……please!

  167. Under the big top slider in Aggregate and under the Recent Video’s in the Lucid preview, you see these small thumbnails previewing what’s coming up. Under the big top slider in the Lucid preview, these are not there.

    I hope they will be in the final version.

    Ps. does my explanation make any sense?

  168. I do see they posted on Twitter @elegantthemes on Saturday the 4th that it should be available “next week” Hopefully that means this week. πŸ™‚

  169. I am actually beyond excited for the release of this theme! I have been meaning to start a blog type site, and this theme fits PERFECTLY with my current professional site as is! It has been really hard to find a good fit because I purchased my other theme elsewhere, and after so many people recommend me to start blogging- this is the perfect go I need! The orange fits perfectly to my actual site; the clean, sleekness of it makes it look like the two are connected in the sense of the colors and cleanliness of it.

    So excited! I will be waiting patiently!

    Keep up the fantastic work!

    Thank you!

  170. I am ready to start my new website and this looks absolutely perfect. Can you PLEASE tell us when it will be released, so that I will know whether to wait or not. Thanks!

  171. Still eagerly awaiting this theme. Do think however that Elegant can learn a small lesson here. i.e. don’t announce a theme if you know it is going to be a long time before you can produce it.

    Would have been better to announce the brilliant new plugins that have been released lately and then throw in this preview as the icing on the cake after the plugins release.

  172. When will it be released? Pleeease? ; )

    • Hopefully tomorow! Fingers crossed! Probably the most anticipated elegant theme ever.!!!

  173. Will purchase your themes package as soon as this theme is available. Hope it will be later today. Let us know. Thanks!

  174. . . . . . . . z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! . . . . . . .

  175. Holding my breath on this one…

    β€œHow do I look Papillon…?!”

  176. PLEASE today be the day!

    • Err… maybe today? πŸ˜‰

      • No, no…. it’s today! πŸ™‚

        • I guess we wait another week. Never seen them release anything over a weekend before.

  177. Yeah, this theme is taking for ever and a day… I was used to them announcing a new theme two weeks prior to releasing it, now it’s been what, a month and a half?

    Definitely something that could hurt them business-wise.

    • I could not announce the preview next time if you think it is better not to know about upcoming themes. Or you could just not read the blog. I always post previews once we start production of new themes, but as you can see we have been creating a lot of other stuff in the recent past (such as our builder plugin) that is causing natural delays. We have created a lot of great stuff last month, and Lucid isn’t far away.

      • I don’t thank its the preview announcements is the problem. It’s the announcement: “It should be ready in 1-2 weeks”
        Then almost 7 weeks now and no release. I understand the great new plugins take some time. May be you should make sure the theme will be ready in time before the announcement. It makes it hard on us who have Commitments and deadlines. Thanks.

        • Yep. What Ronnie said. You don’t have to stop the previews, Nick as they definitely help give you some early feedback that can influence how you finish up the theme.

          It was the 1-2 week estimation and then there being no update after that time period to let us know what was going on. It hurts those of us who have stalled certain projects waiting for Lucid.

          Nothing but love since your theme plan is definitely underpriced compared to the other theme clubs out there. And the stuff you put it recently, nothing short of excellence.


      • Nick, you did reply to someone up there saying: “1-2 weeks” so not keeping that ‘promise’ can hurt you for next time you say something, not many will believe you.

        Those who have the ‘developer’ license and see this theme and read that the ETA is “1-2 weeks”, they could offer it to a client, if they can’t deliver it then, they lose business, and the client wouldn’t go and blame “Elegant Themes”, the client would blame the developer/designer whom they hired.

        In my case, I was having issues with a theme, I know you guys are great at helping us fix our issues but I check the blog every now and then to see if a new theme could be a better fit, knowing this theme would be ready ‘soon’ made me not worry to much to fix the current one.

        Either way, I, as well as many, appreciate your hard work, Nick, you put a lot of effort on these themes and it shows, which is why I go to no one else but you to get the theme for my site.

        Keep up the great work, and try to use our comments to help you grow, don’t tell us to “stop reading the blog” or giving excuses to why the theme has not been released, take responsibility for your mistake. It would be great to perhaps not give an ETA if you are not sure you will be able to deliver, so we don’t depend on it to make certain decisions.

        This is a paid service my friend, expect people to demand from you when you promise something. A simple line: “1-2 weeks” can get you in trouble in the business world πŸ™‚ – Cheers!

  178. To some extent I understand the delay. Nick asked for ideas to enhance this theme before release. It should have been very clear though.

    Otherwise keep up the good work ET.

    On our part, let’s keep the patience to keep the hope alive! It won’t be long I believe. I’ve waited too long to give up now πŸ˜‰

  179. If I could add one thing to the wish list for this theme [which I love], it would be the implementation of an rss feed similar to, which is kind of where ‘the news’ has gone today.

  180. It wouldn’t hurt to reply to some of the questions that have a sense of urgency!
    Silence is not golden.

  181. Just make it fast loading. That You are styling great, is no doubt, but try to make you themes for every day usage and fast loading. other wise the problems will occur as they did in the past

  182. Nick… I have a pressrelease the 16th for a business…
    Is this theme going to be released until then or not?
    Think you also have to get help at the support department, because itΒ΄s a looong wait for help…

    • Lost a customer today, since I could not meet the deadline of today. Would be nice if you will update with real ETA’s in the future.

  183. Nick you have always made a greate job so far. The builder plugin was also an excelent resource you added to your themes. I have tried and it has some bugs. Obviously you are busy creating good quality content for us and sometimes theres no way to test your themes or plugins to make them perfect. So take your time for Lucid.

    I’m also axious to try Lucid, however I think the builder plugin is a greate and powerful tool and it’s worth to waite a little more for the theme.

    We have waited in other occasions, for example when timthumb had a bug, and you did an excellent job by fixing it.

    Maybe in my culture is not that important to have somebody waite for something but Comon Guys this themes are greate quality and we get them all almost for free.

    Congratulations Nick and your team and thank you for creating grate stuffs.

  184. Hopefully this week, but whenever it is I’m sure it’ll be great!

  185. BTW, sorry to change subject but can anyone tell me how to get an avatar when posting comments?

    • it’s ok…i got it!!

  186. Best WordPress Theme, with clean and rich look, again going to rock WP market.

  187. Any chance of this theme this week ??

    • Yea, this seems like a long time since the last theme was released! I know you are working hard, but it would be nice to have an ETA. Thanks.

  188. First of all: I love your themes and I really like the new design of your website. After checking the comments it seems that I am not the only one who is really looking forward to the new theme “lucid”. Just feels like the days before christmas – they are getting longer and longer. So what’s the lesson? Be patient and enjoy the “unboxing” a little more πŸ™‚
    Best regards from Germany

    • Sorry for the delay. We were working hard on the last two plugins that we released, free to all current members. I hope that these make up for the delay!

  189. I too have been put in an awkward place, delaying a client for longer than I should – I believed that the ”Lucid theme’ would be a better way for my client to go – 1 to 2 weeks was the time I gave my client, based on the time you gave to us – they want a ETA , and I am now in a predicament, as they can’t have one, because you haven’t given us one – I know my problem isn’t going to effect you, but it should at the very least stress the importance of keeping your clients informed.
    A lot of people make a lot of decisions based on your themes and your word.
    I think ET is great value, nobody is perfect, least of all me, but maybe a rethink on the client communication would be a good idea. The ‘sneak peaks’ are important but so is delivery time on them. I hope lessons all round are learnt here, I certainly have learnt mine “don’t promise clients using promises given to me”.

    • +1, I suggest ET to add a timeline to the theme releases. That way we know what to expect and when. I also feel one theme per month is bit low on delivery – can we expect at least 2 releases per month?

    • I share your frustration.

    • ETA is an “estimate,” not a promise, and I am sorry that it put you in a difficult place with your customers. I delayed the release to work on the last two plugins that we released and to focus on fixing bugs with our current themes. In the future I will probably delay these sneak peeks to better manage expectations.

  190. As in any business, communication is key. I’ve just recently renewed my subscription. ET are good value but I’ve always I feel up until now haven’t come up with a theme that fits my particular needs. I’ve waited for several weeks now since the Lucid sneak preview and just can’t believe that paying customers are being left hanging. This is not a freebie. We are paying for this privilege of a quality product and proper communication. Would I recommend Elegant Themes to a friend / client? Not so sure any more.

    • Sorry about that. I release the sneak peeks as soon as I finish the design so that people know what’s coming. I will hold off on the previews next time to avoid confusion. I thought it was best to notify users of upcoming designs as soon as possible, but that obviously is not the case as this early preview only served to frustrate customers. Sorry about that.

      • Hi Nick:

        The theme previews are not the problem. The scant communication and lack in setting realistic expectations are.

        You do a good job all around, but communications needs a little extra effort.

        Thanks for your solid work.


      • Nick – with the greatest respect, it isn’t the early release of the sneak peeks that is frustrating everyone, it is the extended delay and lack of an ETA that is upsetting so many. The sneak peeks are a great idea it’s the lack of any real information regarding it that puts us in an awkard position, especially with our own clients.
        Even in your last post – no reference to its release!

        • Honestly I am feeling less comfortable giving any ETA’s at this point as they are what caused confusion in the first place. There is never a hard set release date on our themes. I create the designs and upload the preview as soon as I finish. Then we start coding the themes and they are completed whenever they are completed. We work as hard as possible and the themes are finished as soon as possible, but that is all I can promise.

          • Nick, you could easily charge 5-10 times the yearly subscription for your themes, so even though I’m chopping at the bit to try lucid, you need to know that there are plenty of us that know you are an artist and that “takes as kong as it takes”, please don’t think everyone out here is upset with a late theme. Hell, the updates you are doing on the older themes is worth the wait on the new themes alone, so please take all the time you need. Your new builders plugin is keeping me busy enough. I don’t think you know just how much you’ve changed the web design community with this plugin. Even Dreamweaver can’t do the things this plugin can do. You are amazing!

      • Clear communication is essential to any business’ success. June 27th you stated that the theme will be ready in 1-2 weeks. That was a clearly communicated message which created a lot of expectations. And then … nothing for 7 weeks. No theme and no update as to when it can be expected. It comes across as disrespectful. My word, nobody is ‘confused’. We are not amateurs in what we do. We are paying customers who believe in professional behaviour, and when someone states something will be ready in 1-2 weeks time, we expect it to be delivered in that time frame. And if it’s not delivered, we ask questions. And if we don’t hear anything, maybe we’ll ask again. And if we still don’t hear anything, or are being labelled as ‘confused’, then maybe we rather move on. That is how business works. ElegantThemes has a wonderful professional ‘look’. It’s high time the communication skills and customer relationships are pulled up to the same level.

        • I apologize for giving the 2 week estimate. Obviously this was far from correct and I will do my best not to give customers false expectations in the future. That’s the problem with estimates, they are just an educated guess and are subject to change.

          • All things considered, I’m sure everyone would prefer seeing previews than not. Just as (some) would rather get an estimated guess of an ETA than nothing at all.

            Keep the previews coming regardless. It’s nice to see what’s in the pipe line.

          • @Nick,

            We appreciate the sneak peeks. And please continue to give us expected release dates. It helps us gauge things. And if you get near a release date for the project and realize that it’s going to take longer, simply add custom field to your release posts right under the thumbnail in this blog and change the date when you realize it’s going to take a significant amount of time longer than expected?

            Just a though. maybe something like this?


            Just a thought. We appreciate all of your hard work, but right now I’m looking at other things because I have no idea when to expect this theme and I don’t want to wait until the last minute and find out that Lucid still isn’t ready.

            It’s a great theme and we are all very excited about it at the moment. That’s the only true concern here. Adding a little feature like this would help us all out tremendously, and I imagine it would stop the majority of us from bothering you with expected release dates all the time.

          • Hi Nick,

            I have been watching this thread for a while now. I, too, have been interested in using this design for a few sites — and at some point I will. However, what is particularly interesting reading this thread is the amount of unprofessional backlash you have been receiving. Most of the so-called justified frustration and finger pointing about you is really about people selling products that do not exist. The fact is they did this to themselves by not being patient for the product release, by promising something they were in no position to offer. What is funny is that software always takes longer than expected (who doesn’t know this!?) and even then there are frequently bugs and fixes, and why there are always updates and waiting periods.

      • Thanks Nick for the prompt response – (Good Communication!). This whole online space has gotten us used to realtime solutions. OK perhaps “Sneak Peak” was a little too early rather than “Release” being too late. Look forward to theme launch.

  191. So, after all these posts today are we getting the theme this week? lol.

  192. Nick,

    It feels like all this heat is getting you to react strongly in order to avoid this issue in the future, so I absolutely want you to know that it’s not that bad. Everyone is saying you should keep the theme previews. Everyone is saying that estimates are fine if there are more frequent updates should the theme be significantly delayed.

    You don’t have to take away everything, but you can if it makes it easier for you in the future.

    <3 your work and wish you the best of luck in completing Lucid.

  193. Me want theme NOW!

    Me pound fist through computator screen if no get!!

    If theme no come immediately me SMASH!!!

    Just kidding. Can’t wait for this guy though! Nick, I know you’ve been catching a lot grief for the timeline on this theme, but please don’t quit the theme sneak peaks. Maybe just post a clear disclaimer that a sneak peak does not guarantee any sort of predefined theme release date.

    Business as usual if ask me, maybe just a little more communication when situations like this arise.

    Keep up the great work!


  194. Keep the previews coming Nick. You can’t please all people all the time, so don’t let it get to you.

  195. I love the new Lucid theme! I want the new Lucid theme!

    Although I would love to use Lucid on a project coming next week I will NOT get rude or obnoxious about my expectations on deliveryβ€”no matter what was posted in a response. I know things come up and deadlines get pushed back. No one can honestly say they have met every single deadline in their professional or private lives. Let’s get real.

    Fixing bugs and developing that awesome new page builder is exciting for me! Now I can layout my WordPress site the way I want it and not just adapt someone else’s design…woohoo!!!

    I appreciate the time and effort put into themes that actually function properly. Elegant Themes’ quality is what I appreciate more than anything.

    Thanks Nick!

  196. Hi All, I was about to subscribe, but the terms and conditions are very unclear. Can anyone tell me a bit more about the annual renewal – specifically, if I use one of the themes to build a website, do I have to pay a renewal fee in 12 mos. just to be able to continue to use that theme for that existing website??

    • Hi Lanny,

      No, the renewal is to continue to log in and download new updates, plugins, themes or receive online support after the first year. There might be a better answer to this questions but it has been my experience over four years of using elegant themes. As I have six active sites and frequently build/develop an addition bunch of sites a year, the $3.50 a month is a pretty good value. And no, I do not work for ET.

  197. I would love to dress my website in this!

    Nick you do great things, and great thing take time. Rome wasn’t built overnight. Don’t listen to the whiners. I’ve been watching this theme for a long time, and it’s worth the wait to get it “Right”. I would rather it be “Right” then find out it explodes on the responsiveness. Multiple layouts like this take time, and I know you gotta follow wordcamp etc to keep up to date with changes in wordpress.

    The same people will understand the delays.

    Fantastic Job on a great new design!

  198. Thanks for the answer Devin!

  199. One more question for the group. I have built WP sites before, but don’t believe I have ever changed the theme after one was built. I really want to get started on a new site. Since Lucid is not yet available, I am considering starting the build-out with the Aggregate theme. What problems am I likely to encounter if I then decide to switch that site’s theme to Lucid once it is available?? Thanks.

    • It really depends on whether or not the THEME YOU START WITH and the THEME YOU END UP WITH have different custom post types / taxonomies / widget areas that you end up using.

      It’s a tough one when you aren’t sure how the structure of LUCID is going to be laid out. If you are great with custom post types and custom taxonomies then you won’t have a problem. Otherwise, I would wait. Often times when a theme takes awhile to hit the floor, it’s because Nick and ET are building custom post types and trying to get them configured just right.

      On the other hand, if you are just doing a simple magazine style site with regular post types and simply organizing your content through categories, then you can probably use the twenty eleven theme to get your content and menus added, then go in and add images, logos and custom css once LUCID is released….but then again, I have no idea what kind of site you’re doing, so it’s pretty hard to tell. If you want, you can either PM me in the support area (vegaskev) or you can just click on my name next to my photo and contact me through my blog and maybe I can be of more help…idk. I wish you luck whichever direction you take.

  200. I like and love this theme πŸ™‚

    But I have a problem…

    When I write a post, this will be shown on the main site.

    When I click on the image, I am forwarded to the post site.

    But then the image is shown doubled.

    What is the reason? Where can I disable the function, so that the image will be shown just one time.

    Thanks πŸ™‚

    • If you need help, please open a thread in our support forums so that our team can assist you.

  201. Wow nice template

  202. hello, before i buy i would like know if i can disable the first menu/navigation bar and also make the logo area smaller in the height !

    thanks !

  203. Wow nice theme, comingsoon :))

  204. hi all…i installed this theme… why if i chose in recent videos more than 4 i don’ t see anymore thumbnail preview ? is it normal?

    • If you need help, please open a thread in our support forums so that our team can better assist you.

  205. That’s a really impressive WP theme, Lucid rocks, you should name it amazing wp theme and it’s really amazing, simple and unique, am just talking to my boss, we have a client that this would be perfect for, and we can buy a license for them, I really like it.

  206. Great WP theme! Is there any way I can input a larger logo? Thanks.

  207. On homepage ? Why video preview disappear ?

    • If you need help with anything, please open a ticket in our support forums so that our team can assist you.

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