Explore The World With Our Upcoming Theme

Posted on February 26, 2013 by in Theme Sneak Peeks 242 Comments

Explore The World With Our Upcoming Theme
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It’s time for another theme sneak peek! For those who are interested in what our team is working on behind the scenes, here is a quick look at our upcoming theme Explorable. Built around location, Explorable will be great tool for creating local business directories or yelp-like review sites. It will also be an amazing way for people to blog about their travels, or to share a collection of their favorite places.

I hope that you are intrigued by the preview πŸ™‚ Let us know what you think in the comments!


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  1. YES!!!!


    Can I say YES?!?!!!!

    • Yes you can πŸ™‚

      • Nick, you’re A-MA-ZING! God bless you!

      • Yes! Again. I can’t wait to play with this one live. Will it be easy add to a preexisting site or better to start from scratch? Thoughts?

    • Yes, Yes, Yes….. Looks great. Can’t wait for its release…. Hope its released soon

      • Yes, when will the release be? I can use this theme! πŸ™‚

        • Hopefully within a few weeks, but we don’t have a release date set.

          • Woohoo!!! I will be looking out for the release announcement. Nick will this theme be responsive and will it have support for “alot” of listings?

    • YES!!!! Looks great!

    • I double that yes!!!!! BEST THEME EVER!!!!! IM SO EXCITED!!! (and this is over a WordPress theme too lol)

    • yes indeed, this one is such a genius theme

  2. This looks greats! Maybe it will encourage me to blog more about travelling (or just travel more so I can blog about it!).



  3. My jaw just hit the floor. Excited to see this executed.

  4. This does look great! I love to see you guys making more niche themes. Can’t wait to see it live, looks like its going to have some nice js magic.

  5. Awesome work Nick!
    Good job!
    I’m intrigued πŸ™‚

  6. Tips theme will be good for reviews and travel blogs with great features.

  7. Great πŸ˜€

  8. Awesome design, hope to use it for travel business and blog, Something New ET! Such a great job

    • It’s look amazing. I will download it for my personal website πŸ™‚

  9. IΒ΄m very interested in something like that. ItΒ΄s going to be possible to make local directories (not as big as the whole world, just a small city?). I have 2 projects starting right now. One local bussines directory and one of diving sites points.

    The only thing itΒ΄s that I canΒ΄t see social buttons…..:-)

    when do you think “explorable” will be avaible for us?

    ItΒ΄s great!!

    • Yep, it should be possible to create local directories using the theme.

    • Yah me to, just to add what Jorge is asking will I be able to create directory about a certain people like a community and create a directory around them etc..

  10. POland! ;D
    looks interesting

  11. Great. I’d like to see more unique and niche theme since the market is saturated with ‘just another’ premium themes. Heh.

  12. Much potential indeed!!!

  13. Another great theme Nick and the guys well done!

    I will definitely be using this theme in the future – I am just setting up a betting tips site for a client using the Lucid theme, all your themes are so easy to use and the forum is fantastic with quick responses!

    Keep up the great work guys

  14. Looks promising. I am sure it can be deployed with social functionality.

    Is the theme using Google Map or Bing one?

  15. Looks great,
    will it be responsive though?

  16. It seems like you don’t have a minute of rest πŸ™‚ Great idea, we all love traveling! Good luck, waiting for the final product.


  18. SImply awesome!

  19. outstanding!!!!!!!! can’t wait.

  20. Very nice as usual but, more interesting than a beautiful design, here is a template with great features.
    Local is global, here is the answer we needed πŸ™‚

  21. Awesome theme. Will it support openstreetmaps?

  22. Theme looks fantastic, great job.

    The ‘Spiral Stairs of Arabia’ are actually the spiral stairs in the Vatican Museum.

    • Yea I just make that stuff up…

  23. Explorable, one of best WordPress themes for travel in 2013 is coming up! πŸ™‚ Why do all of your recent themes have dark color scheme? But they look really cool! Love them!

    • Nick’s just a dark dude…

      • Agree Dude !

  24. When I saw your theme, I think of making a trip around the world and document every place I visited πŸ˜€

  25. This looks absolutely gorgeous from the preview. Can’t wait to see what it looks like!

  26. WOW !

  27. wow the great theme i will can buy it

  28. Looks very interesting! Can’t wait any longer!

  29. AWESOME !!! Great theme mate

  30. Its like you read my mind .. this is just what I have been needing with an idea I have been thinking of. Elegant Themes you are AWESOME.

    Can’t wait ..

  31. That’s the extra things by ET team………

    Can’t wait for this…Please release as soon as possible..

    Great work guys….

  32. Just the theme I have been waiting for Nick. There are heaps of applications for this type of theme, and being visual will keep people on the site longer.
    Great work as usual.

  33. Ah, so awesome!!! I’m going traveling in a few months and was looking for a way to blog about my travels while I’m away!!! So awesome, thank you!!!

    And it looks really good too!

  34. I have been looking for something like this, can’t wait for it to be released!

  35. Amazing !! Wow!

    • Waiting for theme, when we expect?

  36. travellers are mobile by their nature… i guess the theme will be responsive. ??!!

  37. Hi Nick & Team

    This is an excellent idea of a theme is there anyway though this could be made as a plug in instead of a stand alone site πŸ™‚

    Great work

  38. Any idea when this theme will be ready?

    • We don’t have a release date set, but hopefully we will have this theme finished within a few weeks.

  39. Great Stuff.. i cant wait πŸ™‚

  40. Great cant wait. You have never done a special theme for churches that includes all things for a church site.

  41. Amazing a new theme and concept

  42. Wow, this is certainly shaping up to be another killer theme by a seriously talented designer – wow!

  43. Wow – Great Theme……when you are launching……?

  44. Look really nice this theme!.

  45. How perfect is this?!? My Adventure Assistant site is being built around exactly such a concept, well, with some other stuff. I am excited to see these built-in functions. It looks like it will be something that I am trying to build on my own, but with a lot less skill and talent. You guys are definitely doing the right things.

  46. Looks really interesting, nice work πŸ™‚

  47. I can see a use for displaying concerts, venues worldwide… Yes, I want that one!!!!

  48. Wow! I am very excited about this theme. It might be the perfect solution for my hikeblog. Looking forward to the release – can’t wait! πŸ˜‰

  49. One more thing… I am trying to make my site a coupon and ticketing device, using woocommerce. And responsive. So, will this integrate and degrade well?

  50. I am waiting for this theme for tagging more tourist places

  51. Might be useful for a store or restaurant chain as well (‘store locator’). Apart from the usual general info, each store gets a section for news, events, maps, social media etc.
    Certainly more attractive than the regular (boring) company sites – now the branches get focus.

  52. This looks like fun, I cannot wait to see what this theme will be able to do. Your themes are always great and it’s exciting to see new themes coming out that are customised for different specific needs.

  53. Great inspiration taken from yelp website.

    Perfect for local business directory website.

  54. Nice!!
    When is ETA :)?

    Nick… have some ideas for a similar theme… πŸ˜‰

    • really nice guys… looks fantastic

  55. It has already been asked but I am also curious what mapping software will be used. I already know which project I could use it but I’d need Google maps (more exactly not only the maps but also satellite and more importantly, earth (3D) view.

    • It will use the google maps API.

      • Excellent, thanks Nick!

  56. Very goooooooood

  57. wow – theme Explorable looks great Nick. – thank you

  58. The perfect theme for my project…. Thankyou!!!

  59. Excellent job yet again, Nick. Can’t wait to get my hand on it… πŸ™‚

  60. Nick can i use this theme for creating a travel agent website.

  61. this is a really neat idea. never thought of it before. great concept.

  62. Cool, this seems to be very usefull for directories. I would be glad to test it soon…

  63. Wow, looks terrific. I can not wait. I get so happy whenever a new theme is about to come out. the last one, styleshop is fantastic. Keep the awesome themes coming please!!

  64. Looks great! I’ve just paid for a theme with similar functionality for a small village site … d’oh!

    Will this theme allow front end submissions, from local businesses for example, without the user having the register or log into the WP admin pages?

    Really looking forward to seeing this one!

  65. Looks amazing, i want it. When do you thinks that is going to be avaliable?

    • We hope to finish the theme within a few weeks.

  66. I donΒ΄t understand very well that theme, but i can say that is different to all i have seen. I’ll wait to the release and play whit whit it a little.

  67. Beautiful! I hope, be what I was looking for…

  68. Will there be KML integration?

  69. Looks awesome! Might be the #1 theme released by ET to date.

    A quick feature request if you don’t mind:

    A splash page option that will allow user to jump to a certain country/state/city. Similar to what that other company did with their Geo-location theme.

    Can’t wait for this one!

    Great work


  70. Woww that looks awesome, can’t wait until its ready for download, gonna create a website with that theme, its going to be nice:-)

  71. Need it TODAY! Working on “yelp-like” site.
    1. star ratings
    2. reviews
    3. client info, e.g., rates, what they do, contact info
    Will this have those features?
    Looks TERRIFIC!

    • Yes we plan to integrate those features πŸ™‚

  72. Looks very promising!!!

    Do you have a release date?

    • We don’t have a firm release date, but I hope to be finished within a few weeks.

  73. How soon before release…Have several ideas already. Thank you

  74. Great! Will there be a way to port over listings from your elist theme?

  75. Freaking dig it

  76. Looks great! I’ve been adapting another Elegant Theme for travel and will certainly consider switching once Explorable becomes available. Thank you.

  77. When will Explorable be released? I have a time-sensitive site I’m working on that this theme might be perfect for.

    • This theme will take more time than the average theme, but I would hope that it will be finished within a few weeks.

  78. Looks great. Will it be responsive?

    • We will do our best to make it responsive.

  79. … custom markers :)?

  80. this is absolutely awesome! i have been working on a directory site with a theme from another company and have been soooo frustrated as the features just don’t work at all. there was no way that i could release the site to clients as no one would have put up with the glitches.

    so excited to see this theme from elegant and can’t wait to plug it in to my existing site!!!!

    awesome, awesome, awesome!

    thanks for this!

  81. This looks good, but would be especially useful if it could be integrated with adaptive payments.

  82. Looks great.

  83. Woot… what is the ETA on the new theme?

    • We don’t have a release date set, but hopefully we will have this theme ready in a few weeks.

  84. I am interested in if this might work for language preservation. Our language (Ojibwe) is endangered but there is a lot happening for it in different communities throughout the Great Lakes region. Am thinking about how this would be cool for people to just see the Great Lakes area with all of the language happenings available to learn more about!

  85. Very much looking forward to kicking the tires on this one!

  86. Poland rulez! thx πŸ™‚

    How look this theme in blog style?

  87. Looks absolutely great- i have a good idea for a website with this design!

  88. Awesome – I can see a use for this with a client or two already!

  89. Can this be limited to a specific city?

  90. This theme comes at the right time.

    I was deciding to buy a WP theme for local business directory in the next week.

    I even had chosen DirectoryPress because it serves to what I need, like in this image I’ve created: http://www.ligeiro.com.br/Business-Directory-Listing.pdf

    The most important thing here is the Search form by City/State at the top and the Widget Categories in the left.

    Will this theme have these options?

    • Hey I think “Suporte On” just volunteered to be your development tester…

      This is looking like a great theme, is there any more of an in-depth description available?

      -Will routes be enabled? (ie Say I want to make a motorcycle street by street routes website.)

  91. The world is going mobile
    But you are leading the crowd by solving our problems, and not selling templates
    Congratulations, you are not only elegant but over delivering.

  92. great upcoming theme… but i hope you want create wp theme with focus in ads space.. in header.. sidebar.. in single pages… *hope *hope

  93. Explorable is a great WordPress Theme for travel and directory websites. I hope it would be fully responsive, so traveler can check it wherever they are. Awesome!

  94. Awesome, Nick. Do you think there would be the ability to integrate with the openStreetMap API in addition to Google’s? With high usage, Google gets a little pricey.

  95. I’m not sure if this question has been asked before or not, but is it going to be possible to instead of using Google Maps, be able to replace it with an image that you have yourself, such as if you wanted the map to have a different look or if say it was a fictional map you were trying to show….

    Will this be at all possible? It would be awesome if it did!

  96. Wow!! Really cool! I can’t wait to use this theme!! πŸ™‚

  97. Wow you’ve done it again! Fantastic themes, looking forward to seeing it in action!

  98. This is just I was waiting for, I all ready found another one but I will wait for the best.

  99. Awesome! I’m using Trim (which I LOVE by the way – the more I use it the more I appreciate how beautifully constructed it is) and have been planning to add a directory component. It would be great if the directory could be added on as a plugin – like Elegant Builder.

    This five stars idea is cool – and definitely a mapping function would be incredible – like Google map with little numbered balloons would be ideal.

    I am so grateful for all you do. I love Elegant Themes.

  100. Looks great!

  101. I’ve been waiting for a new directory theme…will there be a payments integration?

  102. WOW… when will you release this theme?
    I am ready to explore them world using this theme.

  103. It would be nice if you included in this theme:

    1. Disable reviews
    2. A customizable home page. (here is a city guide I developed with “The Style” theme from Elegant Themes http://www.HavasuCityGuide.com) The home page has huge pictures of each category.
    3. BIG buttons so on a touch screen it is easy to use.
    4. BIG button to roll up the map in case you want to get it out of your way
    5. Disable map on home screen all together.
    6. Drop down menu for categories

    Just my 2 cents.

  104. nice theme… i only wish it was a plugin.. which would have it full fledged page.. anyway its cool.. πŸ˜€

    • I’m also interested in a plugin version of this, that would work with other themes.

  105. can’t wait!

    you rock!

  106. that looks great, i want to play with it!

    for your next theme, can you do something geared towards blogs? like front page is a blog and not really a landing page?

  107. Amazing! I’ve been using WPTraveler from Themeforest but it’s not entirely what I’m looking for. This is great! Can’t wait!

  108. Wow, looks pretty interesting! Do you think it would work for something like the site I just launched (using the Chameleon theme) – Top 100 Experiences?

    Seems like it would be ideal! Can’t wait for more details.

  109. It is an innovative design.

    Just waiting to be used.

  110. Hi will there be payment integration ? user registration from front page?

  111. Hi Nick, this is an awesome looking theme, and can’t wait for it. Please add these features if you haven’t already done so…
    a. Fully mobile responsive
    b. Let ‘Listing Type’ have custom post type option for place/hotel/resto/shopping etc with custom look
    c. Make each Listing type user searchable by distance/price/star rating
    d. Map or List view as user chooses
    e. Book and pay option

    I am sure you would be working on making this an awesome theme. All the best. When can we get our hands on it?

  112. wow, amazing
    nice design

  113. Wow!! Really cool! I can’t wait to use this theme!! πŸ™‚

  114. This new theme will help me to build some awesome travel sites.

  115. Nick,

    Will this theme have paid directory listings? Let me explain. I am looking for a business directory theme that companies pay to be listed on. Then, when the user searches by zip code of city name any company that matches within that search criteria, one or all results are displayed. The company can subscribe to be a part of the directory with PayPal.

    If not, any ideas where i can find one?

    You guys are the best.

    • I’m looking for a similar site to Darrin, would be great if this theme could do everything he said! Please! πŸ™‚

      • Totally agree with what Darrin said. Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated !

    • Thank you Candice and Christophe for concurring. I guess while we are at it we might as well pass on some more ideas (just incase this helps).

      1. The business can log in and edit it’s own directory listing with images and video links if they choose.

      2. Put those edited changes on “Hold” until the admin allows them to be “Published”. This would be for site integrity.

      3. Make sure the Business directory listing it dependent on payment through a service like PayPal. Basically if you have hundreds or thousands of listings, you don’t have time to check if everyone has paid or not. PayPal has an API for that. The the data bases can talk to each other to see who has paid and who has not.

      4. I wish it is possible to have the mobile version detect the users location and automatically zoom the screen in to a radius/diameter (set by admin) that shows up around the user. This way the user would not even have to enter a zip code or city. Although the option for a manual search would still be available, you know for maybe people out of the area.

      5. Maintaining control over the mobile version is very important. Simplicity is key.

      I have tried PremiumPress’s Directory Press. I’m not thrilled with it. I was happy at first just to find something that may fit my need. But, it is very clumsy and difficult to manipulate. Support it terrible. Quality is medium and everything feels boxy. If ET did it it would be really something else for me.

      I am using for a website I am almost done with and just starting to get people to sign up on. It’s called http://www.FindaRebateAgent.com . I’m actually using it to bring Rebate Real Estate agents together in one place for a subscription fee and not on a referral basis. I have been in real estate for about 10 years and have a lot of interest in this. So, crossing fingers.

      Thanks ET!

      • me like!

      • Hey,

        A lot of what you’re talking here is back-end more than it is theme-wise. Some of this functionality can be hard-wired into a theme, but because it’s so specific, and every user has their reasons for wanting their site to work slightly different, it’s veering outside of Elegant Themes.

        The good news is, a lot of what you’re talking about can be setup and done through various plugins. If you’d like some help navigating through them and putting together a plan for a site like this, shoot me an e-mail. I’d be glad to help.


        • Jack, I will appreciate some guidance/ideas on the plugins referred to in your comment…Marius

    • EXACTLY ! Please add this feature !!!

  116. Wow …just WOW. How unexpected ! I take my hat off to you on this one Nick. Can’t wait to get started with this one πŸ˜‰

  117. bravo Nick. You are so …..em em ok now

  118. Seria bom com buddypress.

  119. If this come with a couple primo features (letting businesses add their own listing, etc), it’s going to sell like hotcakes! Well, it’s included in the yearly fee, but you know what I mean…

  120. awesome one man. Really appreciate it. Cant wait!!

  121. Niiiiiiiceee!!! Cool, beautiful, I want to eat it!! ;D

    No but seriously, your stuff is just amazing!


  122. Looks great********!!!
    Do you have a release date?

  123. Can we add a path?
    Is there any way to import a KML file?
    Can any user add location and related content to that location? Via a customizable form?

    Best regards.

  124. Any idea on release date?

  125. can i add existing databases and movable locations ( cruise ship data ) for that template or are you able to customize the template ?!

  126. you did it again Nick!, nice job!

  127. Hi Nick, this looks great! Awesome!!!
    What I would wish for is improvement in ePanel… customizable fonts from there, menu colors and styles… There shouldn’t be a need for going into code every time…

  128. To be honest, I don’t know why I still pay for subscription? When I searched for simple, clear, and beautiful theme for simple blog I had gone to ThemeForest because here I could find only overloaded, full of fireworks and hard to adapt themes that I am already tired with. Don’t get me wrong all your themes are beautifull, advanced and realy wonderful … but when people needs something plain and simple they are useless.
    I didn’t adapt any theme from here for all along last year πŸ™

    • Are you crazy? There are plenty of easy to customize simple themes. Ones that have such a blank slate, you can use them for anything.

      Flexible, Chameleon, Evolution, Modest, Trim…

      Not to mention the wide variety of options so many of these themes have. They all start with a awesome baseline that let’s you change anything you want to customize to your specific needs.

  129. Will be compatible with the plugin buddy press?

  130. I have been a member of Elegant Themes for 3 year or so and I really love and like them. All their theme releases have been fantastic and they have made it much easier for me to make my websites look amazing. And since I am such a fan of this website I thought it was about time I wrote an Elegant Themes Rating. http://stylewpthemes.com/elegant-themes-review

  131. Amazing! Insane πŸ™‚

    • Wowww mean ? I think it’s mean you Understand Mr. Hindi Songs.

    • Me use an elegantthemes themes for one of my blog.

  132. Thanks for nice themes i use this themes for my GCLUB website with customize for unique design for many of my GCLUB Casino Online site.

  133. Any word on a release date?

    • Release date would be great!

  134. Do you have Realse Date for this template?

    I’m waiting and waiting and cant tait anymore πŸ™‚ XD

  135. Hey Nick!
    I’m thinking about some of these comments and your meticulous way of theme development: you’re putting in additional features on this one – and that’s the reason for the delay of delivery from announcement.
    Thank you for your work, man!

  136. Hi there!
    Here’s the Internet speaking to you. Please release this theme asap, i can’t wait any longer. Try to remember that.
    Thank you!

    So long…

  137. This will be an amazing theme to showcase our trip around the world. It is full of pictures and stories from 18 different countries and this should be a great way to engage the site visitor. This is really great!!!

  138. I have been sitting here refreshing this blog page waiting for that “New Theme” announcement. AARGHH!!!

    • Yeah, I check this blog every few hours in anticipation. It’s nearly a month since the announcement…

      • Maybe we’ll get lucky today and it will be released. πŸ™‚ Would love to work on it over the weekend. Last theme was 22 days from preview to release. It’s been 24 days for this one. About when most are completed by. *Fingers Crossed*

    • Sorry for the wait. We are working hard to finish the theme soon!

  139. Nick please…

  140. Latest themes really rock the boat… Sure this one will too !

    Congratz for your job and big up to the support team !

  141. It would be one of the best pick for my new blog, So, I would say YES, YES and No, just kidding yes.

  142. Excellent Nick. You read my mind, so I needed a Theme for a project I’m preparing.

  143. Nice Theme! You Diseng Very Good!!

  144. Thank you Nick! Looks great!!!

  145. I’m so impatient. πŸ™‚

    • Sorry for the wait, but I’m sure it will be worth it πŸ™‚

      • Waiting, Waiting, Waiting… ever so patiently πŸ™‚

        • Refresh, refresh, refresh πŸ™‚

  146. Hey Nick, don’t tease us, bro. Can you at least give us a target date? The date doesn’t have to be set in concrete. We will all understand if the release is delayed. But toss us a bone. And, I didn’t see any reply to the questions about the theme being responsive. I’m thinking that it has to be since it can be used as a directory, and directories are accessed by mobile devices a large percentage of the time. Your themes are great. We all appreciate your hard work.

    • He replied on one of the posts that they will try their best to be responsive.

      He hasn’t given a target date on themes since the ‘Lucid’ release was delayed and people hounded him.

    • The theme will be responsive. Explorable is much more complicated to create than most of our other themes, which is why it is taking a bit longer to finish. I hope we don’t have to keep you waiting too much longer.

      • Great. πŸ™‚

      • Nick, Thanks for the reply. I’m sure the theme will be great. Looking forward to it.

  147. Looks really nice! push working on such a great themes!

  148. Looks like a great release any chance that it will be fully compatible with WPML plugin?

    Have noticed that some of the other themes are being updated to be fully compatible in the last couple of updates!!!!


    • Yes it will. All of our themes will soon be WPML compatible.

      • That is awesome!!!

  149. OMG – This is so timely.

    Will be perfect for a new travel site we have on the stove at the moment.

    Awesome, Awesome, Awesome.

    Is this likely to have a production date within the next month?


  150. Want to get touch it soon!! eagerly waiting!! πŸ˜€

  151. Is it to be possible to update markers individually from the front end, by individual “users”? Maybe facebook-connect each marker :)?

  152. Hi Nick,
    just a general remark. In a lot of themes you added the option in e panel to add links to social media, normally facebook, twitter and rss. It would be nice to have some more options, like linkedin, youtube, vimeo, flickr.
    Hope you can consider this in the future.
    By the way, I just listened to your song ‘Flirt the wind’ on Youtube, it is beautiful!

  153. I am late to this kudos parade but wanted to tag along. I feel a new site coming on that tracks all of my travels/photos/etc. Yay!

  154. Release this theme IMMEDIATELY! or shall be forced to sit here and wait patiently…

  155. At last a travel theme YAY ! please please expand on the travel functionality..

    Look at your competitors and blow them out the water … πŸ™‚

  156. This definetely looks interesting, lets hope its functionality will allow to do us the things we want to. When is it goint to be released ? After a few weeks ? πŸ™‚

    • +1

  157. *sigh* another day of waiting and refreshing and waiting. This is probably the highest anticipated theme yet. Please ET! Give the people what they want!

  158. Can’t wait to get my hands on this one – looks beautiful.

  159. Brilliant work Nick. I totally understand that this theme is more complicated! Thanks for the sneak preview, really looking forward to the release πŸ™‚

  160. Nick please consider to provide the directions feature so when a visitor is using a Mobile device he will enjoy the google map directions. Would also be great if the theme is able to geolocate the visitor……..

    • geolocate the visitor? Yes! Is that possible out of the box?

  161. Hoping for release on Friday. πŸ™‚

    • Guess not.

      • The theme should be ready on Monday.

        • Thanks for the update. I shouldn’t really be hounding you. πŸ™‚ These are the best themes out there and they take time. Thanks for working so hard on them. πŸ™‚

          • I’ve been waiting for this one too. This is one of the puppies that had me checking back weekly!

  162. Looks unique. Great work Nick!

  163. Mine…

  164. Falta muy poco para este Lunes.

  165. Beautiful. Really beautiful.

  166. WOW WHO EVER thought of that should get something nice, what an awesome Idea!! It’s gorgeous guys.

    I have a flag tracker, it tracks all my visitors, which I love too.

    But this, this was pure genius, and I’m already thinking up a few modifications πŸ™‚

  167. Is there a “Routes” feature? Thinking about a project that this theme would be great for but I’d like to add a route on the map. Its a parade and would love to be able to show the route it takes.

  168. This looks greats! Your idea is very good.

  169. Nick,
    Any chance that you can set this theme to recognize the user location and place the map on that city or state from the get-go?

    Looks really good!

  170. thanks Great post !

  171. Brilliant work Nick.

  172. Awesome themes by elegant themes. I really like all themes/plugins. Thanks a lot.

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    • hanks Great post !

  174. Beautiful. Really beautiful.

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