A Sneak Peek Of Our Upcoming Theme Vertex

Posted on May 29, 2013 by in Theme Sneak Peeks | 116 comments

A Sneak Peek Of Our Upcoming Theme Vertex

In our last theme sneak peek, we gave you a glimpse of our upcoming theme Fable. Unfortunately the release of Fable has been delayed along with the delay of WordPress 3.6, and since Fable takes advantage of the new post formats UI, we will be waiting until 3.6 is released before we release the theme.

Don’t let our silence fool you, however. We are still working as hard as ever on new themes! Today I am pleased to give everyone a sneak peek of the next theme in our production pipeline named Vertex. Vertex is a beautiful, modern, long-format theme with advanced homepage modules built for online businesses and service providers. Vertex will be the perfect theme for companies to showcase their product and make the sale. We are hoping to finish both Fable and Vertex soon, so keep an eye on the blog for their release!

Also, don’t forget to let us know what you think of the sneak peek in the comments ๐Ÿ™‚

Premade Layouts

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  1. amazing… thank you Nick!

    • Premium themes are more and more amazing! Thanks Nick and all the team of ET ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Good Job! I like it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Not sure I can use it on any of my sites, but really an appealing look. Great job again !

      • I am sure that others will find it useful ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Hi Nick very nice theme. i really like this. thanks for sharing.

    • Looks amazing!

    • Hi Nick,

      Great themes,could you please make themes with lots of categories with high quality content.there are many present in elegant themes but they are not with high quality contents (contenets like font quality of blog etc)

  2. Awesome!
    Loving it ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for uploading it!

  3. Outstanding preview of this new theme, but was anxiously waiting for Fable ๐Ÿ™

    • Fable will be released as soon as possible. Sorry for the delay.

  4. Sweet! When will that be released?

    • Hopefully it will be finished in a couple weeks.

  5. long-format theme? Do you mean single-page theme? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    This theme is looking great and slick.

    • No it won’t be a single page theme, but the homepage will have a very long, scroll-friendly design.

  6. This looks great as ever guys – thanks!
    I don’t know where we would submit ideas/requests for future themes but I’d really like to see new magazine and blog themes with some of the creative genius of some of your latest work. Lucid is fantastic for example!


  7. Now this theme is worth renewing my subscription for.

    • Thanks James, that is great to hear ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. yes ! really nice one ! I’ll test it soon, but I’ hope is completely customisable ? no preview is boring…

  9. what about Fable theme!!!?

    • As mentioned in the post: “In our last theme sneak peek, we gave you a glimpse of our upcoming theme Fable. Unfortunately the release of Fable has been delayed along with the delay of WordPress 3.6, and since Fable takes advantage of the new post formats UI, we will be waiting until 3.6 is released before we release the theme.”

      • ohh thanks for clarification

  10. Look great ! As ever… This one like latest themes just look amazing…

  11. Oups… I forgot something.

    Nick, it would be very great if you could include an automatic carousel slider in this theme for the logos of clients (like the one you included in Fusion theme but with an automatic scrolling function).
    In this way, would be crazy to include an administration section for the management of customers…

  12. Another winning design in the making. Anyone who owns a WordPress site would be crazy not to consider these wonderful themes.

    seriously, Great Work guys.

  13. Wow, nice theme.

    can’t wait for both theme……

  14. Nice clean and elegant design, look perfect for business and portfolio but homepage is very long. Can i modified the homepage? I mean can change or remove any portion?

  15. Another jon well done, can’t wait try both of the new themes out. This is why I’m glad I chose elegant themes!

  16. It was announced that the new post formats UI will not be included in 3.6, btw… so I don’t know what will happen to Fable. Instead, the new post formats UI will be released as a plugin, at a later date. Same with MP6 btw… Maybe in a future release, they will both be included in the core, but not this time around.

  17. As always your themes look awesome. Can’t wait to check it out.

    And too bad about the post formats. I’ve been waiting for that since I got converted into using them. I can’t wait to see it in action for the Elegant Themes themes.

    Keep up the good work and thanks!

    • You can say that again….!

  18. hi….i am one time payment member. can i get this?

    • Yes you get access to everything if you purchased the lifetime subscription. If you purchased the yearly subscription and your account has expired, then you will need to renew in order to gain access to our latest themes.

  19. It would be great if you could make it easier to update your themes. Or that you could deliver each theme with a child theme. Thanks.

  20. Very, very classy…. as usual, of course! Great job Nick, I look forward to find a suitable project where to use this new gourgeous theme! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Greetings from Italy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Excellent look, will it allow integration of woo commerce and selling on-line like styleshop?

    • sound question Zameer, I was juggling between sneaked vertex and foxy! It would blow every VISITORS if Nick integrate woo eCommerce just like foxy!

  22. Great Job! Love these colors

  23. Looks fab..
    When you say soon could you give an approximation of the timescales on the Vertex with prejudice please?. A few days.. a few weeks… a few months… as I’m just about to start a new site..

    • We are hoping to release it within a couple weeks.

  24. Your themes are good and beautiful, could you please create more membership and user managed Themes with membership registrations and on-demand services as in Agriya.com, Sitemile.com, Templatic.com and iscripts.com. Let me know the membership themes you have and how they work.

    • Thanks for the suggestion. We will consider it in the future ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Great Themes!!!!

  26. It makes me wish I had lots of employees to show off. But I think this could work for the Authors I work with that have multiple books to promote. I’m looking forward to test driving this theme.

    • I think it could work for authors as well. We will finish the theme soon and you can test it out ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Nick – this looks great.

    As this is aimed at business and service providers is there any chance of an option to enable mailchimp / aweber etc signup within the header area.

    Here’s hoping WordPress launch v3.6 soon.


  28. This is amazing! It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for! I’m REALLY hoping that there is some way that I could use the infographic portion on My Resume. I’ve been searching and searching of a way to do this, Will it be possible?

  29. I’m waiting for a theme with an image gallery that will display a large image with a thumbnail slider below that contains all the images in that particular portfolio. Any plans for that?

    • Thanks for the suggestion Jan. We will certainly keep it in mind for future themes.

  30. Hi
    This theme looks good but I feel that if looks like another theme that you had – would appreciate if you create another real estate theme.


  31. Looks good!

    • Thanks Alex!

  32. Looking forward to seeing this released. Looks like it will be another classy theme.

  33. Could this work as a product launch theme?

    • I think it would be the perfect theme for a product launch considering the layout of the homepage.

  34. I’m suddenly itching to redesign my websites… Eek… Excited to see the release!

    • That’s great to hear Emma – I’m sure the re-design will look great ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Howdy looks great – not really fussed on the skills thing although it could be used for something else, I second the ability for theme to come with child theme and also the ability to have shopping cart integration and mailchimp signup and ability to put phone in header and footer. Can’t wait to see it….

  36. Just amazing, thank you.

  37. I like these colors. Looks professional and not “screaming”. And font in the headings is great.

    • Thanks Paul, I agree! Our designs philosophy has progressed with a trend of simplification.

  38. I dont think 3.6 is going to have the post type that you are waiting for.

    if you check their updates they have mentioned that they have scraped the idea of post types in 3.6 and are planning like a plugin release just like m6.

    So I guess you will have to change your idea of fable as this is not going to happen anytime soon.

    • Yes we will need to re-code the theme unfortunately, which will cause further delays.

  39. Crazy genius or web Adonis…you can’t stop blowing our minds! Just thinking about customizing team page that would has Ajax loading just like flexible theme in one of your theme we are using.

  40. Beauty design. Great job, Nick!

    • Thanks Micahels!

  41. simply superb design may be i will redesign my website by using this, waiting for this

  42. There is a slider in the homepage like in Foxy?

    • There is a slider within the homepage content, but it is below the call to action in the header unlike Foxy.

      • So the image with the mountains in the header is just that, an image, and not a slider?

        Can shortcodes/HTML be placed in this area so we could for example place a 3rd party plugin like LayerSlider in this area?


  43. Is this theme full width or boxed?

    • It will full width with a max width of 960px.

  44. Looks very nice !! Can’t wait…

    • Great, it shouldn’t be too long of a wait ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. Another superb theme! My congrats Nick!
    I think I’ll use it on next site ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Great Roberto, I am sure that it will work out great for you.

  46. Always Love Your work Nick! Awesome job!

    • Thanks Mary!

  47. Your all themes look damn amazing. Great job guys.

    • Thanks Sameer!

  48. I always look forward to receiving news about your new themes! Hopefully there will soon be a new cool magazine style’s theme, with a lot of ad widgets! I have used Aggregate for a while now, but it would be interesting to try a new theme on my website. Thank you for your great work to create new themes! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks for the suggestion Lasse. A magazine theme is definitely on our list!

  49. This looks awesome and would be great fro our new corporate site rebrand, Any idea what the release date might be?

    • The theme should be ready in 1-2 weeks.

  50. I’m thinking in wait this theme to star develop my website. But I have a crucial doubt: in the place where “Vertex” is write, there is a way to put my brand in .png?

  51. Wow, Nick, you guys are just cranking them out! 1-2 weeks longer? I can’t hardly wait. For $39/year you really are putting every other theme shop to shame.

    Question, Do you have plans to do any “1 page” themes where the menu is linked to the different attributes on the page?

    Thanks for the great themes!

  52. Itยดs great. Do you include landing- or squeezepage or 2 menu.
    Thank you!

  53. Need this ASAP, got several projects starting this week that need to use this theme…

    Please please please deliver it soon to all o us, do you have a delivery date?

    Thanks in advance for all the help and keep up the AMAZING work!!


  54. Wow! this might be exactly what i need!

    Fantastic work guys!

  55. What is the release date?

    • In less than an hour ๐Ÿ™‚

  56. that nice temple. This one like latest themes just look amazing

  57. That’s what we called an awesome theme. i like the color scheme of this theme. Thanks for sharing with us

  58. This is awesome theme, I must say

  59. How do I change the sentence pattern?
    “Advanced Online Solutions
    Our service comes packed to the brim with tons of amazing features. “

  60. Just the same question as Andy, … how do we alter or remove the “Advanced Online Solutions … Our Service comes packed to the brim …” sentence?

    • Same question

    • You’ll find it in the front-page.php.
      Simpler and faster than the forum.

  61. Awesome,,, Thanks for Sharing…

  62. loving theme i think it is a seo friendly theme going to check it hope we can customize it easily it will be better if you add a side bar overall fantastic theme thanks to offering it!

  63. Hope it will work good on mobile devices please upload some seo friendly theme for wordpress.

  64. Great job, Looks amazing:)

  65. This is awesome! I really like that.

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