A Sneak Peek Of Our Foxiest Theme Ever

Posted on April 4, 2013 by in Theme Sneak Peeks | 93 comments

A Sneak Peek Of Our Foxiest Theme Ever

For those who are curios about what awesome things we are working on behind the scenes, here is a glimpse at our upcoming business theme called Foxy. The best themes find a way to be both simple and striking, and Foxy will be no stranger to this concept. eCommerce integration, a responsive layout and beautiful design are just a few things you can expect from this new theme. I hope that you like what you see. Let us know what you think in the comments!

Premade Layouts

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    • Great! 😀
      nice colors…

    • Looks great! One of the best theme by ET.

  1. Aahh!! Hope would be great!! Is there any ETA to release it?

  2. Bring it on!
    How long do we have to wait?

  3. eCommerce -> WooCommerce?
    Love the design, exactly what I’m looking for… right now !
    Any clues on when this will available? 😀

    Major thanks

  4. Approx when will this be available….?
    Looking good!

  5. Nice one. much like the Numble theme. this has a more broader sufrace to me. im lovin it. 😀

  6. Looks GREAT! Anxious for its release.

  7. Jay, a business theme!! Hm, it´s orange… LOL I bet there will also be a violet one… 😉

  8. This is something we have already seen. What about something different? For example a Buddypress theme or a merge between your last theme Explorable and your eList theme? What about some more plugins? What about a new ePanel?

    • What about you hire a designer Steo…?

    • I completely agree!

    • I hate to say it, but I was thinking the same thing. I feel like I’ve seen this theme already on Elegant Themes 🙁

      • Yeah, the colors and fonts are like the Nimble theme. How about a new magazine theme? I am so attached with Aggregate and would love to have something that can match its feature set and at the same time refresh the design.

  9. Since when is “simple” equal to “same” ?

  10. As always, your WP themes look awesome… What I would really like though is to see some more themes with a possibility of a phone number in the header… But that is personal… Love your stuff.

    • Also I think the phone number in a header is a good idea, especially in a business theme.

  11. Similar to Nimble in many ways but kind of different anyway !

    • Can you turn Nimble into e-commerce site? – novice here. 🙂

  12. Great and beautiful colors. This theme is looking really awesome. The design looks amazing. Great work.

  13. Nice colors and pure design.This template is based on WooCommerce ?

  14. I just built a whole site around Nimble and the whole time I was thinking “I wish this was WooCommerce compatible!” Hoping this is the answer!

  15. Nice, well-arranged homepage. But I don’t like the orange. Hope the theme also has 5 color schemes like others.

  16. How does it display in IE9?

    Does the homepage have blog excerpts and page excerpts?

  17. The theme looks clean and fresh with nice-arranged homepage. In the last picture, it’s fully responsive to display well on smartphone and tablet as well. Great!

  18. I like! Simple and professional.. It will be an option to disable the eCommerce integration?

  19. Nice, great looking theme. If I could make a suggestion that would make your themes even better:
    as I’m working with a lot of search engine marketing people, I always have to code in the phone number and sometimes an email in the header. It’s do-able but if it were included already, it would make so many of your themes more business friendly. Even if it would just be a widgetized area above the header that would be great….

    Also, do you have any plans to make your real estate theme responsive? It’s is such an incredible beautiful theme… the same with the mycuisine and TheSource theme!
    Love your work!

    • very clever point here!

  20. That looks sweet!! Look forward to seeing that bad boy come out.
    Janja brings up a good point for business themes, I think using a custom post type might also be an option, that way a user could style the content using the normal post editor, saves them need to write any html or css.

  21. It’s awesome one and looks great.

  22. We will not complain for $39, but I have to ask what makes this theme different from some of the recent releases we’ve seen (e.g. Nimble, Fusion)?

    In contrast, some older themes such as Daily Journal, Magnificent, Memoir, Personal Press, – heck, even ColdStone among others have useful and usable layouts (particularly the homepage) but lack current features, like responsive display, color/pattern/fonts palette, and perhaps a few other niceties offered in newer ET themes.

    We know you’re delivering some cool new things (such as Explorable) and plug-ins (love Elegant Builder!!! Just wish I could save templates).

    I just want to encourage (challenge?) you to offer some “refreshed” ideas. Some of the traditional designs may seem dated to you, but we’d like to have those updated and ready to use. You’ve done a great job of maintaining themes over time, but it would be great to either modernize those themes or craft new ones that play off of their versatility and other strengths. We know you can, and hope you will. Thank you.

  23. This is an another AWESOME WP theme, I’ll use it for my new project, to sell my own ebook online. I can’t wait to download this new theme from my member dashboard. Hurry up, Nick.

  24. very cool – I like how the slider maintains its look in mobile mode (Something that doesn’t occur in Fusion theme which is used on my current website: http://www.studiobujbo.com)

    I’d like to see improved portfolio and client sliders. Event management would be a plus, but e-commerce out of the box is a welcome addition!

    Thanks and will look to applying this theme to my site possibly in the future =)


    • Nice job w Fusion Waj! And It is GRT to see some 2013 style (and bringing the header padding/space down compared to other similar recent themes… my main issues is too much padding around many elements and widget areas BUT with firebug and css etc that can be adjusted IF know how) I think it’s good everyone puts a few suggests out there as long as ends on a positive note or three… again $39 a year!! #keepTHATinMindAlways
      It does seem ‘updating’ some coding on the older themes could go a long way (and i don’t believe too time investive/costly to make happen) There’s my suggests!

      • and meant grt job in THIS New ONE!! Hope we don’t have to wait a month again…?? Rock ON Mr Roach!

  25. Very intuitive, though its similar to nimble. However, its amazingly striking and you have “A” asterik for this! More of niche website like school plssss Nick. More fluid to your creative juice!!!!

  26. is the theme retina display ready?

  27. Another eCommerce and business WordPress theme in very short time. Looking Awesome, Color combination is similar like Nimble! Can it compatible with WPML?

  28. Looks great! Beatiful color

  29. Can not wait to publish it on our site

  30. Looks pretty cool one. waiting for the release.

  31. Fabulous. Nimble with an e-commerce touch and I sense a more functional layout. Brilliant. Looking forward to it. Thanks for all the hard work and continuous efforts.

  32. such a beautiful theme. cant wait ….I love you work. Your themes rocks.

  33. Very nice theme! Love the gradient colours. My only problem is that it’s not easy to get a nice looking .png file with transparant background to work as well as the example demo.

  34. Nice theme color are good Is there is any option to have different colors

  35. looks great so far, cant wait for it to come out!!

  36. This looks fantastic! I can’t wait to use this for an upcoming project.

  37. Orange has the highest conversion click throughs for buttons and should be great for business!

  38. Looking forward to checking out this new theme.
    I have a question. The banner across the middle that has a “Signup Today” link, does that indicate integration into any Email Marketing programs?
    Thanks for your ongoing efforts to bringing us great reliable themes.

  39. Looks great! These are the most beautiful sites I’ve seen.

    My wishlist would be: 1. have less wasted space at the top so people don’t have to scroll down “below the fold” to copy. I know that lots of white space is what makes the themes Elegant, but that’s what I have to go in an change every time. 2. Less white space (padding) in general.

    Visually, they are beautiful, but for my business websites, they need more room for copy.

  40. Nice. It looks like Nimble isn’t it?

    • It shares a similar images in the slider, but every other element on the page is different 🙂

  41. I need it for a project this week!

  42. Hey look great ! Of course, like everyone I agree, it looks like Nimble but sure there will be a surprise…

  43. Love the new themes. Really nice work on the design aspect.

    Would love to see the Responsive themes on the phones be a bit wider in the margins. The outside margins push in so much that on the iPhone it tends to read about 2 to 3 words per line, very hard to enjoy reading on it. So, more text per line on the phones would be very helpful.

  44. Great colours! I love it. The front looks amazing. I will use this theme for sure.

  45. Hi Nick,

    For everyday after April 12 that this theme is not released I’m going to punch my little bro square in his mouth.

    I don’t mean a little playful tap, I’m talking about cracking him across his face, I’m going to see how many of his teeth I can remove.

    Doesn’t make much difference to me when you release it, but I’m guessing my bro would sure appreciate it if you could get this one out before April 12.

    Oh and Explorable is awesome! Keep up the great work!


  46. It looks ‘neat’ and ‘tidy’ but lacks soul.
    There are some amazing templates out there that really stand out with the visuals and facility. I am starting to think that I am eating the same food but with a different sauce. I think you have some cool templates but need to step on the gas – lets have some superlatives, dynamic, seductive, sexy etc.
    The contact page for example is so, well, nice. I don’t want nice I want fantastic, I can get nice at most places. I don’t even want my women nice, never mind my templates. The wordpress world is turning into a ‘nice’ place, too nice. People need to be seduced and intrigued as well of smoothly navigate there way through a site, and not only with the content.
    Hope you get my point, I don’t wish to offend but I worry about how many people say a things gorgeous, lovely, can’t wait, especially on Facebook.
    Every image put up on FB has someone saying is beautiful, when it plainly isn’t. There is a real danger of slipping into the quagmire of mediocrity. Ok, I have just read back to myself what I have written, time to stop.
    I have had around 30 Private views of my work over a couple of decades, and no one has ever told me that they dislike any of my work. Madness, bring the honesty on – forward and upward. Or has my wife was once told giving birth 1 2 3 push, keeping pushing and you will see something amazing. So, 1 2 3 . . . .

  47. It has been a while since you guys made just a simple blog theme, any chance we can get one of those soon?

  48. I really like that tabbed text area, might swap over from nimble.

    • Was thinking the exact same thing.

  49. The layout looks great and this theme could be masked with some beautiful design to add more personality to the already elegant look. Good job!

  50. Hey Nick,

    1) Google fonts please !
    2) Should be nice to have a fullwidth responsive slider !
    3) 1 or 2 menus !
    4) woocommerce compatibility !
    5) adsense in 728 px and 250 px please !

    And this one will be perfect for me 🙂

  51. Looks cool man.. can’t wait to see it go live.. Hope it comes with some extra new features .. thanks

  52. I reeeeeeeeeally hope it has something different in it. Maybe a layer slider? parallax effect? different contact page, something new for gallery / portfolio?

  53. Beautiful theme Nick.
    What I like about this one is that less ‘above the fold’ real estate is wasted with the logo. Very nice.

  54. Will it be available in a full width as well as boxed layout?

  55. It is gorgeous. It is simple and professional.

  56. Forecast for the launch of this theme?

  57. At last, smth. for business owners. Thanks, a lot, Nick. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  58. This theme is FOXY! Can’t wait for it to go live! Clean, Simple, Modern, Responsive. I think I am in LOVE!

  59. This looks really functional and attractive. I can see the
    application to my online marketing websites.


  60. I want to know when Foxy will be released to download. I registered as developer, will I be able to download it without extra cost?

  61. Hi there

    This theme looks great, well done. But I wonder if you could release some sort of a “Blank Theme”. You already got good plugins to fill content. A flexible Blank Theme would be so nice to work with. Keep up the good work!

  62. Would love to see the professional theme updated to become responsive and contain all the new features

  63. Do we know when this nice theme will roll out?

  64. I’ve been debating getting TheStyle for approximately per week currently, still I would need it to try and do video posts. I noticed a programmer on some wordpress blog customized it to do therefore. Shown here:


    Would anyone comprehend advances how to do this within the member forums?

    I would become a member if this can be adressed.

  65. Looking sweeet. Can’t wait to take it for a spin!

  66. Integration with Photon by Jetpack plugin for wordpress. Please, it’s very important.


  67. Great looking theme! I like the idea of having a few options when it comes to this kind of versatile business themes.

    In lack of a better place.. Have you considered adding BuddyPress and bbPress to this theme or any upcoming one?

    BuddyPress 1.7 was just released and they have made a lot of improvements for theme makers to the way templates are handled in the plugin. I think the time is right to release a fully social elegant theme!


    • +1 for BuddyPress theme

  68. .I love you work. Your themes rocks.

  69. great,themes!!!!

  70. Really nice theme. Orange is my favourite web color.

  71. Another good work from Elegant themes. I wish to try it soon.

  72. how can decrease the height of Foxy theme’s slider as well as the Title of the post?

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