A Peek At Our Upcoming Theme, Nimble

Posted on September 12, 2012 by in Theme Sneak Peeks | 154 comments

A Peek At Our Upcoming Theme, Nimble

It’s that time again; sneak peek time! Today I am excited to give you a glimpse of our upcoming business theme named Nimble. This theme is simple, strong and balanced. Bold and beautiful color combinations housed by a strict grid will give this design life while at the same time keeping the flashiness under control. Of course it will also be Responsive and come packed with all the great features that you have come to expect from an Elegant Theme! Let us know what you think of the preview in the comments. As always, we appreciate your feedback 🙂

Premade Layouts

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  1. Hm… looks good! I could use this one for one of my websites.

    • Yes, this looks hot as hell. Very nice design!

      • Good looking theme, as usual. Any idea about the release date ?

    • Wow, great work. Now waiting for it to be released.

      • Awesome design 🙂

    • Al parecer es de diseño limpio y excelente combinación de colores, cuando lo van a poner online?

    • soothingly simple .. think i’m gonna like this one a lot.

    • Hey Nick, like to ask you if this theme is nearly ready.. do you have an ETA yet?

  2. Looks fantastic really looking forward to seeing this theme in the flesh. Where do you get your inspiration from?

  3. Yeah! Nice and sleek design, Nick. 🙂 Good stuff!

  4. This is simple, elegant and beautiful. You seem set for another quality theme release – nice work.

  5. I like this! Clean and appealing to the eye….

  6. While I always admire your themes, I do notice a certain monotony of approach when it comes to the basic construct of most of your themes.

    Most of them have a huge picture or slider right upfront, a nav on top and a logo on the top left corner of screen or perhaps the centre. And below the slider, there are these blocks for display of categories/pages.

    I would be keen to await a couple of themes from your stable, which think differently. e.g Daily Notes thinks differently, but is a bit playful. How about offering a serious, corporate theme that doesnt invest half the top scroll in an image or a slider!!! Let’s face it, a corporate website may well have a message to convey, without needing to splash a huge vivid image, which relegates all else to a mere 30% or less of the top scroll.

    Do I make sense?

    • Thanks for the suggestion.

      Most corporate sites do indeed need to convey a message, and it is important for that message to be big, bold and in front of the users right when he/she lands on the page. Giving a clear call to action with a single image, large header and a button is what I have found converts the best and results in the lowest bounce rates. It works because it is easy to understand. In almost every occasion, simplicity is what wins out over clutter. Having too much “stuff” in view when you land on the page can confuse the user. It’s better to lead them on a clear path. I design my themes with this in mind, among other things. For other types of themes, such as tumblog feeds like Daily Notes, such a call to action is not important.

      While I do often create themes that are a little more “out of the box,” such as Daily Notes, these themes simply don’t get used as much and are in less demand. For that reason I like to keep a good balance of standard vs non-standard designs in our collection. Also, revisiting traditional layouts with a fresh style breaths life into these standard designs. (btw I think you will find that this theme isn’t as “standard” as you might think 🙂 )

      That being said, all of our themes do come with the option to disable the slider on the homepage if you don’t like it, pushing the rest of your content to the top.

      • Are there any stats you can give us on the number of download for each of your themes?

        That would be fascinating info!

      • Well said Nick – First Impressions count and you only have a few seconds to hook the viewer – big bold message needs to be upfront and center!

    • I think both Saurav Sen and Nick has valid points when it comes to capturing the visitors attention.

      But in my point of view you don’t alway make a corporate website to please first time visitors. Sometimes you want to make a site for recurring users. Users who chose to come back simply because your site have more to offer than just a stunning first impression.

      In that perspective i agree with Saurav Sen.

      That beeing said; I have found Elegant Themes for that purpose as well…:-)


  7. Another excellent theme from Nick and the guys at Elegant Themes, keep up the good work we always enjoy using your themes at Pattaya Web Design and can’t wait to use this one for another one of our clients!

  8. Looks great!!!

  9. Seems very clean and pretty cool, well done 🙂

  10. It’s looking good. Glad to see the emphasis on color and typography. I might have a client I can use this on.

  11. Impressive design, simple and elegant look 🙂 hope not wait as much as “Lucid”

    • We’ll do our best to finish the theme soon!

  12. Love the look of this and have a feeling it will suit a project or two here… Thank you, Nick

    • As soon as possible, but we don’t have a set release date at this time.

      • Wise answer.

  13. Wow, that is really, really nice! Nick, you and ET are a level above the rest!

  14. Great looking design! Looking forward to seeing the completed theme.

  15. I love the colors and the strong color separation. Elegant Themes is still the best, most unique WordPress Theme and Plugin company!

  16. If you want a suggestion, I’ll give one! If you could make a wee contact widget for the footer that would be amazing!

    • I would think in add a [contact_form] shortcode, cause allways want to put more info in contact form, as a google map or several departments phones …

    • or sidebar…but a ET quick contact widget would be nice!

      • Another suggestion would be for the body text font to be nice and large and as clear as possible…like the body text on this page! All fonts look great when explorer smooths them but on the other browsers they can be a bit jaggy!

      • Jamie,

        I notice that FormidablePro (forms builder) has a widget which allows you to do this.

        other form builders might also do the same.



  17. Nimble is a great looking theme and I am looking forward to check out the theme live. Great work..

  18. Nick, this theme caused me to run out and buy a half gallon of Orange Sherbet .

  19. Great as usual! but I was hoping for an ecommerce theme. Because out of your 70+ themes only two are there, which are not responsive and lacks several features of a modern e-Commerce theme. Hope, you’ll think about it 😉

    • I second the request for a responsive eCommerce theme.

  20. If this comes with a filterable ajax gallery, I’m in heaven!

  21. Hi Nick (and team),

    New theme has the same high quality visual polish that we have come to expect from you and backed with ePanel automates many of the requests that your users are after.

    I’m not certain what differentiates this theme from others in your stable, but thats probably more to do with my lack of insight than anything else.

    I notice that it has 3 columns underneath and I chuckle to myself when I consider the support forum a couple of months from now where your team will be asked how to make it 2 columns, or 4 columns. The usual suggestions about changing php or css script will occur and the end user will be away with their personalised theme.

    Have you given thought to expanding ePanel to allow people to select the number of columns on the front page? I’ve noticed that other theme manufacturers do this and I see alot of value in it.

    Otherwise, keep up the great work. I promote your designs avidly and freely tell clients that I use them to keep my end costs down.



    • +1 for this one point – “Have you given thought to expanding ePanel to allow people to select the number of columns on the front page?”

      • Alternatively – why not have it as a full width block with shortcodes enables, allowing people to use [one_third] or [one_half] as they see fit?

  22. Wow, what a beautiful design. I am totally falling in love with this theme. BTW, when will you plan to release it?

  23. Hope this will be another great theme with fast loading even for mobile device 🙂

  24. Owao,

    Looking So nice Looking.

  25. Beautiful color combinations, Nimble is nice looking theme, I like it

  26. Looking professional & clean…

  27. Elegant boys! My best compliments. It’s a stunning looking theme again. I have one suggestion. Can you make an offer a more dynamic slider? Apple and many other sites have good examples!

    I mean a slider with more pictures with different dimensions and sliding time. You know what I mean?

    Please respond and thanks for your great themes!

    Ciao Bk

  28. very nice, very “Elegant Theme” spirit, I like it !!

  29. Wow, i think i’m looking at the new theme for my own website… love the typo and the circles! Great work sofar… can’t wait for the release!

  30. The color scheme is so great … I sense a vintage feel from this theme. I can’t wait to join the membership next month … I’ll put some of your theme to good use 😉

  31. Very very nice. Simple and clean. Very nice design!
    Great Work!

  32. Hi Nick,
    whatever you do, please “unlimited colorschemes”.
    It is so importent for our clients.

    Waiting hopefully, Carsten

  33. Nice one, can’t wait for it!

  34. It’s nice. I will use it at one of my new websites! 😉

  35. Looking good. I like it simple. I am still a newbe for WordPress sites and theme customization. I work with alot of personal brands and was wondering for an option to keep a header images on all page templates not just the homepage and ideally being able to have content based headers.

    Perhaps this is already possible I just haven’t figured out how or in which of your themes. Glad for feedback.

    Wonderful design work you guys!!

  36. Great design, Nick. I look forward to its release. Will it have Google/Cufon font capability?

    I like the Page Builder plugin and the ‘framework-like’ capability it gives. What is your thinking about using an Elegant Themes framework and building your themes as child themes (ie like the Genesis/iThemes model)? Is that a possible future direction?

  37. Hey Nick, love your themes and this new one also looks like a winner.

    I have not had one client that hasn’t been happy with their new website….

    You rock!!

  38. No doubt but a beautiful theme, thanks!

  39. Again a good theme from ET

  40. Amazing job once again.

    Though it is possible to make something different and yet popular. I suggest you get some inspiration off of rt-theme 15 before making a new theme.
    Or just their rt-theme 17.

    Both amazing themes.

    But nice job anyway.

  41. I love your themes, Nick. As mentioned by some people, the one drawback on some of your themes is the height. I often have to customize the theme to take out some of the height so everything important stays “above the fold”.

  42. Looks clean and nice. Currently using Aggregate Theme and it’s awesome. Keep up the great work Elegant Themes~

  43. Do you ever create anything that looks different from the rest of your stuff.

    i mean half the screen is always filled with empty space and a huge headline / logo.

    Every theme pretty much look like every other theme. Colors are different, yes. The beautiful graphics are different . . .

  44. looks like it will be useful. For a project down the road

  45. The new themes it’s already Mobile optimized ,Iphone, ipad Android blackberry?

    • The design will be responsive, and will function well on mobile devices.

  46. This looks promising but not sure about the Orange colour background?? Hope there are other options available – I have a client that this may well be suited for but this colour scheme would put me off unless there are other options?

  47. Me love it!! Although i agree with Saurav Sen. Even if it is the most efficient way to show a corporate web page, it makes all the web page to look the same, thus it will lead to selective blindness. Some theme that actually is asymmetric would be nice to see!

  48. I love the pretty coral color! It’s been awhile since you’ve done something midway between soft and bold colorwise. Yay!

  49. Businesses need a lot of integration with social networks. I hope that you have decided to include such a thing on the home page and not tucked into the widget bar.

    I still think elegant themes could make a killing if you decide to make an amazing complex social media plugin as well as a header media bar of some sort. There are no solid social network plugins that I think bring any cleverness and customization anywhere.

    I do wish there was a bit more raunchiness in these new themes, but that’s your style and I cannot hold that against you. I can get raunchy business themes elsewhere.

  50. Nice ! Love Elegant design 🙂

  51. Love it Nick. Looking forward to using it.

  52. looks great (as usual) but respectfully, i feel your weakness is the control panel and lack of flexibility in easy customization. you need a lot more sidebars and layout options. a lot of answers in your support forum about disabling things involve just css display: none which isn’t great.

    i can’t stand the genesis framework but it’s certainly flexible. i’ve also recently been using alyeska from themeblvd and it’s wonderfully flexible.

    obviously your subscription model is a bargain, but if it takes me 5 times as long to make a client site, it doesn’t help much.

    thanks for reading, and thanks for the great work.

  53. I keep noticing Modest coming up in the front on things. Is that a hint that it is getting a responsive update soon? Pretty please?

  54. love the design pretty nice one

  55. Very nice design! Waiting for this theme!

  56. About the portfolio page, it will e ideal if you can do something like this: http://emanuelgrigoras.com/portfolio/

    Why this portfolio is better than the others? It allows for different sizes on the portfolio page and on the individual portfolio page you have next and previous arrow so you do not move back to the main page.

    I suggested that on a previous post and I got no answer. I don’t mind, but I would love to use an Elegant Theme instead of buying another that offers a better portfolio.


    • That portfolio page in your site looks good to me.

  57. Is this responsive?

  58. Another wonderful theme. Beautiful colour!

  59. Really looking nice. thanks for sharing with us.

  60. Oh… Again. It’s really nice (really admire your works), but most of my clients says “it’s all the same”. I’m waiting (and suggest) to do a few grid layouts. For blogs and magazines it’s more readable. According to google analytics news it makes a much better CTR and people are staying on website about 20% more time than before…

    Something like this would be perfect:

    Looking forward!! 🙂

    • I agreed with most of comment here. Your theme is great, nice work. I’m with you since 3 years ago BUT you’r still design your theme in the same style

      and yes it true. not only me think about that.

      I would like to have or waiting for the flexible theme for a really magazine or news web like http://www.nytimes.com or http://www.lemonde.fr with the flexible and great design.

      I run a new site (www.techmag.in.th) like that but sill solid in design SO I NEED YOUR HELP


  61. I agree with the height comment above…..please keep the height down so the content is above the fold. Too much web realty in white space.

    Also. there is a bug report for Lucid and Flexible still to be fixed and I hope the bug gets fixed before another theme comes out….

    The bug is that when the porfolio is made the fixed home page the site crashes….please avoid this problem with this theme.

    • Your content is above the fold. On the homepage, this content is your Slider. The slider acts as a call to action and grabs the visitor’s attention using a few simple and easy-to-understand elements (a header, picture and a button). This is how a great business homepage should be built in my opinion. Subsequent pages will not be obstructed by this large slider.

      • Nick, I must agree with yellopie. Although the sliders are nice I remove them from all of my projects. Sliders might be suitable for large corporations but not for small business that try to grab visitors attention (very limited time) and sell their products.
        needs to sell something.

        I like this new project, due to its navigation bar (high at the top). Usually I have to put lot of efforts to raise the nav bars of other of your themes.

        I do hope there will be the possibility to add footer. Cannot tell it from the pictures above.

      • I totally agree with Nick.

  62. I’m actually kind of disappointed by this theme. Don’t get me wrong – it does have good qualities. It just looks like every other theme that’s been designed lately. Themes are becoming quite repetitive to me, like they’re just variations on the same design.

  63. Güzel bir tasarım daha yolda 🙂 Teşekkürler ElegantTheme!

  64. It’s looking gorgeous so far. I have to say I would love it if you abandoned cufón in favour of something like google fonts import. I find cufón clunky and unyieldy these days, and whenever I install a theme that has it, disabling it is my first priority. I’m not saying it wasn’t good back in the day but, nowadays google fonts, font-face or even typekit are much more sleek and elegant solutions.

    • I agree.

      Nick, I think you got some good feedback from the comments on this post.

      Your elegant style is unique and this is why we are all your customers, but it will be good for us if you can expand portfolio options and type of fonts we can use.

  65. Oh boy!

    What a bother, I have just started customizing Evolution to fit a customers needs and it looks like this will be better..

    Grrrr damn you Nick and the team for making me want this one already 🙂

    Keep up the good work.

  66. I wish you had more personal blog themes. I love your stuff but so much of it goes to waste on a blog only. I’m hoping you’ll add some in the future! In the meantime, I love the sneak peek and look forward to checking out the rest.

    • I agree to this comment. An integration of post types (like video, link, etc.) in Elegant Themes would be great, also! Any chance to see these features in the near future?!

  67. Please let it have sticky navigation

  68. I know there is no set date but I hope it comes out soon. I think this website could be ideal for me – I’m currently using Lucid but I think a business template like this is much more appropriate!

  69. Looks great. Consider a layered slider with non-post/page content allowed, and some jQuery easing.

  70. Love your design, seems pretty nice.

    So now waiting for this theme!

    • The name is not the problem.

      The problem is that the theme on themeforest, has all those nice things that were suggested here like 500+ font types and next/previous on individual project page, and more…

  71. When will Nimble be ready to use? Thx.

    • No date given. It’ll be ready when it’s ready! Fingers crossed it’s soon!

  72. =:-o

  73. I thought Nimble was for blogs, but it is for business blogs. It would be great if you guys release more blog themes.

  74. I like it a lot, a nice and clean theme, just the way I can dig it. I hope we won’t have to wait too long to get our hands on this one.

  75. The customer is always right. Could you release it immediately. My account expires on 26 the renovare in two months and do not want to wait. Written in Spanish translated by google translator

  76. It is nice, but all the themes today, on all the sites, start to look the same, and there are a lot of slider / 3 column themes out there.

    What I would really like to see is more dedicated themes, and functionality, like, for example:

    – More eCommerce themes or plugins
    – Tourist agencies (with country/destination/price… search plugin or funct), tourism, hotels themes
    – Business directory, Classified Ads, Job portals
    – Sport related (with leagues, players, tables, teams, matches…)
    – Social network lookalike themes, with advanced user registration, profiles, sharing and posting possibilities (images, video, audio…)

    It is hard but I like to pay for more 🙂 Not for all the same… 😉

    • Agreed. Well put.

    • I agree about this post, specially with the sport related.
      Any way, your templates are goods.

      Thx for all.

  77. Can’t wait to get it. Could you specify timeframe for its delivery?

  78. This looks great! I’m looking forward to checking this one out and just might finally swap my theme out from “TheCorporation” after a couple years. Besides, it’s time to switch to a responsive theme anyhow. Tablets are what so many are using now and I need to move with that. Thanks guys for such awesome tools as always!

  79. This week…please!

  80. Please add some buttons to the design – to reflect the layout of the Elegant Themes homepage.

    It’s hard to sell something without buttons!

  81. This theme looks great and has fantastic design.

  82. Muy bueno, como todos los templates de Elegant

    Son unos de mis preferidos..

    En cuanto esté disponible lo probare.

    Un Saludo.

  83. when will this be up? our team is waiting for this theme 🙂

  84. Great works. We can’t wait 😉 ! Another great Elegant theme template.

  85. Fridays are the ideal days to release themes as then we have the weekend to install and set it up!

    Hint hint!

  86. Awesome work Nick. Theme looks great. Looking forward towards it’s release.


  87. I would like to change themes soon. This may be just what I am looking for… have gone with all Elegant Themes, and will continue. Thanks for keeping them great ET!

  88. Bonjour

    I am impatient to examine him.
    Thank you for your quality work. :-))


  89. Hi,
    Looks really great.
    Could You show us a piece of look at the blog template?
    The front page is amazing, but what about blog in this template?

  90. This theme looks really great, very nice job guys.

  91. Looks great!, as usual 😉 keep up the great work and so many awesome themes!

  92. This looks gorgeous! I’m right now using the Sky theme but this could be my new one! You offer really great themes here and I’m very happy that I found your page! Thanks!

  93. Another great Elegant theme template, but please use google font, not Cufon.

    • Of course, we always use CSS to embed fonts into our themes.

  94. Looking Great!

  95. I Think That This is The Best WordPress Theme For Slideshows.

  96. here’s hoping for a friday release =) Jack be Nimble, Jack be Quick, Jack Release Theme Licketty Split lolz jk

  97. Hi Nick
    The theme looks great, any news about the release date?

  98. Looks really interesting! I have my personal blog customized from wooThemes and my different niche blogs are scattered around in different domains. I am in the process of bringing all my content under one domain and have a static business page as the home page.

    I think this is the right theme for that. So, if I sign up for the $39 offer on your site, can I get this new theme “Nimble” too? Or Should I wait for the release?

    • After you sign up, you still get access to all of the themes we make for the next year and any additional years that you remain a subscriber.

  99. Nick

    Great job once again! I keep checking on a daily basis to see if it’s available yet. Thanks for all the good work!



  100. Nick, this theme is just what I am looking for, any chance of seeing what a post page preview will look like? will it have a side panel for advertising?

    Thanks again this theme is looking great.

  101. The theme looks great. That This is The Best WordPress Theme! Thanks!!

  102. This great WordPress theme.
    I love this!

  103. Greatest Themes in My Collection…

  104. this is exactly what i was looking for! Im sure my client would love this.

  105. Clean and appealing to the eye… awesome themes!

  106. Hopefully this template will be the choice of many people including me: D

    • Including me too brother 😀

  107. This is an absolute gem! Fantastic theme, keep up the great work guys.

  108. I am curious to find out what blog platform you are utilizing?
    I’m having some small security problems with my latest blog and
    I’d like to find something more risk-free. Do you have any suggestions?

  109. Hopefully this template will be the choice of many people including me: D

  110. Great job once again! I keep checking on a daily basis to see if it’s available yet. Thanks for all the good work!

  111. I love being able to read the news on this website, I would often visit and I hope you can visit my website too, thank you

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