A Glimpse At Our Upcoming Theme, Origin

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A Glimpse At Our Upcoming Theme, Origin
We have another great theme in the works, and as usual I am excited to give everyone a sneak peek at what we are working on! Our next theme, Origin, will be a responsive grid-based theme with a strong photographic presence. This will be a great theme for artists and designers, or bloggers who are looking for a colorful and fun theme to entice their visitors. I hope that you like what you see. Let us know what you think 🙂
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  1. Looks great. Very colorful. Can’t wait to use it for my next project. Hope you release it soon!

    • Awesome design.

  2. I’m conflicted. What does it do when you hover or click the images? Will it be like the orange box?

    • Yes, when you hover over an image the post information is displayed (title, excerpt, meta data).

      • You just keep’em coming, don’t you… but that’s very okay in my book, looks like another really great theme!

        • That is the excellent mindset, nonetheless is just not help to make every sence whatsoever preaching about that mather. Virtually any method many thanks in addition to i had endeavor to promote your own article in to delicius nevertheless it is apparently a dilemma using your information sites can you please recheck the idea. thanks once more.

      • Beautiful!! This will be perfect for my next project.

  3. Will you be able to change the plus icon or have it change based on post format? Loving the look of your most recent themes!

  4. Looks awesome. My blog could definitely do with some jazzing up!

  5. Nice, well done Nick, it would be great to see more about this theme 🙂

  6. Will it work on the iPad? I’ve already had to reject one theme that was perfect for a project (Gleam) because it doesn’t work on an iPad or on a mobile phone reliably.

    • Yes, it will work on the iPad.

    • Waiting for Nick to fix this issue. I have two themes that don’t work on the iPad.

  7. Looks good, how about video integration?

  8. Perfect!!! It’s exactly what I need and I asked in a recent commentary upon Nimble!! Perfect :))))

    I can’t wait!!!

  9. Looks fantastic! Target release date?
    What Ray asked; “video integration”?

  10. Very Cute And Attractive theme i the customer of your Website theme company.
    I am glad to say that i am a lucky girl to be a member because the theme taste i have all things we can get in “elegantthemes”.
    And more over the price is also very low .
    This theme I will use now and will create a new website .

  11. Wow looks good. Quite simple, yet elegant nonetheless. And it looks so different from any other themes out there!

  12. Looks great Nick. Would be even greater if there is an option to hide and show the menu on the right unlike TheNotebook theme that is always on.

    • Thanks for the suggestion.

  13. I need it just now! 🙂

    • Hopefully we wont keep you waiting too long! 🙂

  14. This looks good. I’ve been wanting to update to a an ajax filterable gallery theme…this may be the one! not that I don’t love my Nova theme..

  15. Nick are there any plans in the works for a newer news type theme? Something along the lines of what the BBC or Foreign Policy look like?

    • We don’t have any specific plans, but I will certainly keep it mind. Thanks for the suggestion!

      • I support #My Bloggity Blog – news theme would be good. And it should allow user to read information without scrolling as many of current themes have a slider filling almost the whole screen.

  16. If you include a purple color option, I’m in! I love this concept and it would work perfect for me!

    • I’ll keep purple in mind!

  17. Heyecanla bekliyorum. Görünüm öyle gösteriyor ki çok güzel bir tasarım daha geliyor…

  18. This looks really beautiful.
    The only thing I hate about Theme Previews is the Theme Author puts up so beautiful photos as portfolio relating to the theme that they look really awesome, as compare to our portfolio .. -cause all are different. 😀

  19. Very welcome. If you are taking suggestions, it would be great to have control over the placement of the menu. I’d like the option to place it at the top of the theme or on the right side. I’d also like more control to change the font, font color, and background color in the theme menu. I’d also like control over the font used in the font used in the orange box. Thanks for the sneak peak it’s a great looking theme.

  20. This theme looks great, keep up the great work guys! I use your themes for my clients, and they love them, so for that I am truly thankful of your great quality.

  21. look great….Target release date?

    • We don’t have a released date right now, but it should follow our usual theme release schedule.

  22. Could we have it yesterday please!

    • Sorry 🙂 We’ll try to finish it as soon as possible!

  23. Another Awesome job. Thanx

  24. Amazing design, Looking far different then your others themes,

    Something new Nick, Great work ET 🙂

  25. Lovely design. Will you add one click show / hide vertical navigation menu bar ?

    Design looks very slick.

  26. Cool theme! I think this one will be great for photographers, designers or anyone who is doing something creative.

  27. Looking great…….nice to pixel perfect design and color combination……

    Can’t wait for this……

  28. Excellent !! Exactly what I was waiting for !! Can’t wait !!


  29. I love it and it will be just the job for my upcoming project.
    Just a question: do you think it’s going to be “SEO friendly”?

  30. Web design is getting simplified now-day, any one can create a website (using themes).

    Nice theme Nick

  31. Cool – this will be a great theme for photoartists and design-blogger.
    I like it 🙂

  32. Great impact, but I think you need some artist who can adapt to this sophisticate style.

  33. I have been waiting for such Theme all the time. Cannot wait!!

  34. Looks Great! U hope use this theme for my next project en Huelva, throw Connecta Huelva Business! Estamos encantados con vuestro proyecto en WordPress!

  35. This is great news, thank you! Gleam unfortunately is not working as I had hoped and this is a great alternative for visual communications. This theme will be great for my site & clients in the creative industry. We all appreciate your work, time and customer service!

  36. Wowww! Can’t wait to try it out… It has many potential!
    Thank you, Nick. Keep up the great work.

  37. Very nice! Looks like it could be a great portfolio theme.

  38. Looks great, Nick!

    Congratulations again on another fantastic design!

    Looking forward to working with this one!!! 😀

  39. Looks amazing. Great work.

  40. I look forward to your new project…
    I really love your work 🙂

  41. When I first saw the Social Media Like links, I though you were starting to integrate that into your themes. Future Feature maybe? In the mean time I’m looking forward to this theme. I do a lot of websites for new book authors and I’m always looking for something different to show them.

  42. Encore un très beau thème ! je me languis !!!

    Still a very nice theme ! I look forward !!!

    • Awakesome design!

  43. You guys are ahead of the pack!!!! Can’t wait to try out new themes.

  44. Increible!

    • Precioso diseño ; )

  45. I love Elegant Themes, nice job.

  46. Looks awesome. Will it possible to navigate horizontally between blog and portfolio? Just as for example http://secondstory.com/??


  47. Beautiful!! This will be perfect for my next project.

  48. Excellent I want to use it on one of my friends presonal website she is an actrees and I think this theme will be perfect for her

  49. Another good work from you. I always see new features in every theme you released.

  50. Tremendous!

  51. Looks great, where do you guys get all your stock photos… always visually appealing!

  52. Very Nice! Might work well for a personal project of mine. 🙂

  53. Wow! This theme looks so beautiful. Please release it soon.

  54. Wow, gorgeous mate. Was wondering when I would see a Metro-like theme from you guys, guess I have to wait no longer! Can’t wait for the release, and absolutely am anticipating the live preview 🙂

  55. Gorgeous Theme.
    Will we be able to disable/enable the header?

  56. sidebar will be same like notebook theme?

  57. I am so loving this design.I really look forward with great excitement to utilizing this theme.
    I would also love assistance with my theme that I have tried to get an answer to my issues as well.
    Shall be waiting to try this one out as it may fit my needs. Best of luck on your end with working out any issues.
    Mira Faraday

  58. Room for lots of eye candy. Thanks for making the new themes responsive and lighter in color.

  59. Exactly what Ive been waiting for!

  60. Looks very ‘original’. A good addition to the blog/portfolio type themes. Looking forward to trying this one out.

  61. please please release another estore with a vertical category section

  62. Very nice Nick, looking forward to this one. Currently using Notebook for a site, this would be a great upgrade!

  63. Looks fantastic! Though I think getting the thumbnails cropped/sized/positioned right would be a nightmare if I ever turned it over to a client for upkeep.

  64. I’m really, really excited about this theme. Ever since I saw NYTimes The Collection on iPad, I want to update my blog to have a visually appealing and informative pictures right from the get-go. This is looking really awesome and I will be patiently waiting for this!

    Will DEFINITELY be checking out the demo once it’s out.

    Great job Nick and the rest of ET theme, you know we’re all so excited!!!

  65. Nick,

    Can you create a blog/Landing page for musicians 🙂

    I know hire someone. But it seems you have all the components,can you throw some together?

    BTW Beautiful work..


  66. Very creative Nick! It will go over great in Boulder and Aspen! Lots of creative types.

  67. It looks very nice. I cannot wait until it will be released.

  68. Theme looks awesome, especially for photography or design project sites. I probably won’t have a use for this one right now, but will keep it in mind if projects come up down the road. I always look forward to seeing the new designs that show up here.

  69. I don’t mean to be contrary, but how is this functionally different from the Notebook theme, and by functional, I mean how does it provide a new, not-yet-offered-by-ET way of conceiving a website? … particularly when appears to be an attempt to turn the ajax slider gallery on Flexible into an entire theme?

    Also, so many are commenting on the color and beauty of the theme, when in reality there isn’t really any color visual elements of the theme to talk about. You getting enthralled by the graphics — which you can’t use on your website or anyone else’s. you have to make your own and you have to be able to arrange them as artistically as ET has in order to provide the efffect that you’re responding to. The fonts are customizeable so are the colors, to the extent anything is colored (the menu?) .. essentially it’s a grid with a menu.

    I don’t mind that ET isn’t in the business of pushing the technology forward and jam-packing every new theme with bleeding edge plugins, etc… but simply recycling pieces from existing themes into a ‘new’ theme …… (perhaps, I’m overhasty and will be proven wrong the theme is actually available).

    I would much have preferred to just add the ajax filterable gallery to the Elegant Builder plugin, which by itself is worth more than $39. (although it typically conflicts with any themes that have their won shortcodes built-in)..

  70. Very unique. I love it so far!! Can’t wait.

  71. It looks great!Can’t wait!

  72. Can you add a live Twitter with up to date tweets and retweets to your webpage with elegant themes?

  73. Can’t wait to play around this theme. Awesome!

    Well done (again), Nick.


  74. It would be nice if the Single Portfolio Entries where a bit different than the other pages. Having a Popular / Recent / Random or an Archive widget in the sidebar of the portfolio item’s single page doesn’t have much sense.

    In the back end of the portfolio entry, there could be custom inputs like:
    date, software, client, etc. that would appear along with a slider and some text.

    That would be extremely useful to me and make the portfolio stand out from the rest of the website.

    Thank you!

  75. It looks so fabulous and very colorful, I’m curious.


  76. This looks fantastic! I’m looking forward to this theme.

  77. Looks good but it’s a bit similar to other themes? When can we expect some really out of the box looking themes?

  78. This theme looks great, keep up the great work guys! I use your themes for my clients, and they love them, so for that I am truly thankful of your great quality.

  79. Look nice ! Like Donna hope you will include a purple color option.

    Will be responsive ?

  80. Release date?

    Looks great

  81. It looks stunning. Well done one more time.

  82. Perfect graphic for my makup site restyling (now with Instyle). Thx!

  83. Look awesome, Theme looks perfect for artist, photographers.

  84. Look nice ! When will it release ? I’m here waiting to be the first use 🙂

  85. Hi,

    This is a question I’d like answered before I become a member, but I can’t access the forums to ask it unless I’m a member, so I’m giving it a try here in case someone sees it and answers!

    I’m actually very interested in the Chameleon template. However, I need to know if I can actually post bigger images in the blog posts, or if they are restricted to those tiny square images at the top left of the post. If I can have full page width images, I’ll probably buy, if not, just can’t as my blog images are vitally important for what I want to do.

    I love many of these templates and will be coming across from another paid platform I’m not happy with due to too many things not working. If the first site works well, I have 2 others I need to develop, and your package would give me great choice!

    Thank you to anyone who can help.


  86. The theme looks nice. How do i download them ?

    • Think you’ve got to wait a little time but should be very soon !

    • Love this theme. Can you give us an idea of when you plan to release it? I have client I would love to use it for. -L

  87. Please create option pagination for Old Post and Ads Management sir, i’m member elegant themes 🙂

  88. Can anyone please tell me who’s paintings these are? they are amazing. Theme looks great too!

    • You can find them on shutterstock.com. I don’t know the name of the artist.

      • Cheers!

  89. Looks really good, simple and colorful.

  90. How long will it take app?

  91. Theme Looks Great but I have one question is it Screen responsive ?
    The Screen Responsiveness is became the necessity now.

    • Well, I think, all the last themes have been responsive, then this one should be too (well, I hope since i’m looking at it for two websites ;p)

  92. looks great, will there be a facebook icon too?

  93. Always been a fan of Origin themes. Love this one nice color combination and looks so simple and elegant.

  94. Is it possible to have some more screenshtos, especially when the post have several images?

    Also, can we expcet to see this theme in few days or few weeks? 🙂


  95. Its So Nice ….. so simple and beautiful, i like it

  96. You just keep’em coming, don’t you… but that’s very okay in my book, looks like another really great theme!

  97. Nice theme with nice effect, color, looks great.

  98. Looks simple and elegant. Great theme Work 🙂

  99. Very nice theme,indeed. Simple and elegant. I like it a lot!

  100. Awesome !

  101. I’m new to WordPress so excuse me if my question sounds silly. But would I be able to click on the post (Orange box on main page) and the image opens in Lightbox rather than open the whole post?

  102. Simple and elegant. I like it a lot

  103. the most wonderful is theme theme origin

  104. Looks really good, simple and colorful.

  105. The Origin theme looks fantastic! Like a str8 from a fairy tale.

  106. theme theme origin, simple and colorful

  107. It is very attractive theme… 😀

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