Origin, A Stunning New Grid-Based Theme

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Origin, A Stunning New Grid-Based Theme
Origin is a stunning grid-based theme that tells its story through imagery. Filling the screen with photos, this theme provides a truly fun and engaging experience for your visitors. Whether you are an artist looking to showcase your work, or simply a blogger looking for an exciting new way to display your latest posts, Origin is a great choice for you.
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Fully Responsive Design

The use of mobile devices is on the rise, and it is important for your website to be ready for those mobile visitors. Origin comes fully responsive, meaning that the design will adapt to whatever screen size is being used to browse. You website will look great and will be a breeze to read on mobile phones and desktop computers alike.
And let’s not forget about tablets! Origin will also look great on your iPad or Android tablet in both portrait and landscape mode.

Unlimited Color Options

Origin comes with unlimited color options, giving you the ability to adjust your theme’s colors with ease using the WordPress Theme Customizer interface.
Origin is the first theme that we have created to take advantage of the WordPress Theme Customizer. This customizer gives you a quick and easy way to adjust how your theme looks through an intuitive WYSIWYG editor. If you haven’t used the Theme Customizer before, then you are in for a real treat!

Ajax Infinite Scroll

Origin allows for infinite scrolling while browsing your post feed. Instead of having to click through various pages of posts, your most recent posts are loaded automatically as your scroll down the page. These posts are loaded using Ajax, which means you don’t have to re-load your browser to receive the new content. This is a truly great way to explore a grid of photos.
I hope that everyone enjoys the new theme. As always, I look forward to hearing your opinions in the comments!
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  1. Doesn’t appear to work with my iPad in landscape mode. I see the normal website, not the one I can see on the picture above. (;

    Great theme, though.

    • Sorry for the confusion. We actually left the sidebar in the iPad landscape mode as there is plenty of room for it and therefore there is no reason to sacrifice your widgets. πŸ™‚ Instead we adjusted the columns of photos from 4 per row to 3 per row. The sidebar is only removed in portrait mode. What you are seeing on your iPad is the correct layout. I have updated the screenshot for accuracy.

      • Hey using your awesome theme on my site, but can I add a Twitter stream to the side bar?



        • Really love the theme, but how can I avoid those gaps between the featured images?

    • Love this new awesome origin design.

  2. WOW. Its a unique layout. Thanks for releasing this. Can’t wait to use it for the next project.

  3. Yet another awesome theme from ET. Pixel perfect design and looks great!

  4. This will be perfect for a personal blog project I’m working on.

  5. Wow. This is what I want for the relaunch of my site.

  6. I love it.. I love all of your stuff.Beautiful theme!!

  7. This is great ! Thank you !

  8. Wow, love it!

  9. Looks really great man!

  10. Will we be able to make a certain selection of pictures on the homepage link to one specific page, instead of few several posts? Like, letting the pictures in the upper left corner link to page “X”, and the ones on the upper right to page “Y”.
    So, in short; is it possible to let a picture link to a page instead of a post?

    • I’m afraid the theme does not come with this option, sorry about that! It would be a fairly easy customization, however, to all for a custom URL for each post when clicked. You would just need to have a developer set up a custom field and have them add that variable to the index page post link when defined.

  11. Great, love it !!! Can’t wait to try it out. BUT how do I get a Facebook button? Thank’s Dorelies

    • Gorgeous theme. I can’t wait to use it. One question – is there a way to link to a detail page about a portfolio piece? In the last theme, I could do that using projects. I don’t see anything like that in this demo.

    • I would suggest using one of the many popular social media plugins found for free on wordpress.org. Or you can simply add a link to your facebook page in a custom text widget.

  12. This is a unique layout and a gorgeous looking theme. Does it happen to have the ability to embed videos in posts or video integration?

    • You can always add videos to your posts and pages by pasting in their embed codes. However, the theme does not integrate video directly in the homepage post feed. It would only display once a post link has been clicked.

  13. Wonderful design guys ! It’s really great πŸ˜‰

  14. It’s an amazing theme, I was actually considering trying It to my portfolio, but there’s a problem with the ajax loading, if the browser doesn’t supports JS, It leaves you only with the ones at the homepages.

    Is there a way to add pagination if JS isn’t supported by the browser?


    • Right now the theme does not come with such an option, but honestly it’s not something that I would be worried about. It is very rare for someone to disable javascript as it would make the large majority of the websites they visit unusable.

      • Well, Google Bot does :).

        • We include pagination for google, it’s just hidden. Google can easily crawl everything. You can also create a sitemap if you are worried about not getting indexed.

  15. Absolutely GORGEOUS! You guys make the best themes on the Internet!

    • Thanks for the suggestion. In the meantime you might consider using our Lucid or Aggregate themes.

      • Yes, I have one year to use Aggregate. πŸ™‚

  16. The layout is awesome πŸ™‚ More creative themes are coming to ElegantThemes these days

  17. This themes is awesome for a photography blog πŸ™‚ I’ll use it for my new site. Well done, Nick

  18. Awesome Work Nick! Color style and hover effects are gorgeous,

    Best of Luck for upcoming design ET πŸ™‚

  19. waiting is over !!!!

    Fabulous and stunning creation…..

  20. A neat and sweet theme with a unique grid design. Very nice, Nick.

    Good to see you did not go Pinterest style – although an update of TheStyle in that direction would be welcome.

    Keep up the good work.


  21. Very nice design. My clients love it. For the next theme I wish one again like Lucid or Aggretgate or a Theme like eShop in responsive Design.
    Tank you.

  22. Nick, I only have one word to describe your latest theme: beautiful.

  23. The Origin looks stunning and smooth on Firefox, but not for Chrome

  24. Excellent work, Nick.

    Absolutely stunning and I’m sure it will be a real winner for you.


    Ian D

  25. I love the look of this new theme but what a dilemma! I’ve only just switched my site to Lucid, will my readers mind another change to Origin?

    Quick question – does the theme offer any control over the size of the thumbnails on the homepage?

    • It doesn’t offer thumbnail size control, as the thumbnails adjust their width in accordance with the browser window size. This is what makes the theme responsive, ensuring that it looks great on any device.

  26. Finally! A grid-based, photo/graphic visual theme for WordPress that isn’t ugly, overly-functional in appearance and actually has, well, ‘elegance’. Beautiful job, Nick.

  27. Another fantastic theme Nick, you seem to just keep on rolling them out! Keep up the good work! I will definitely be using this theme in the near future!

  28. The Designs Looks Great. Will it be available for Tumblr also. ?

  29. Theme looks great, I really like the style!!!

  30. This looks really good, clean and simple. Nice job.

  31. Nick, please please PLEASE change all the themes available here to use Ajax Infinite Scrolling!

  32. Can the home page be configured to display custom post types, or is this only for standard posts?

  33. It was wonderful.I like your theme and make money for you

  34. love it.

  35. Komen says the theme is looking good on Firefox but not Chrome.

    Looks superb in both browsers for me (and in Safari and IE too)!


    Ian D

  36. Bonjour, y a t-il des utilisateurs français ?

  37. Great looking theme! Well done.
    I do have some questions, related to the Origin theme.

    Is it possible to define categories and sub-categories for the portfolio/home page?
    Can I have more than one portfolio?

    Please tell me something abouut the images inside a portfolio item. How are the two images handled, and what is the requred image size for both images?

    Can I have a portfolio of the blog posts?

    Is the sidebar widgetized?


  38. Looks fantastic, tried it in Firefox and on my tablet so far. Great theme, fully responsive too, couldn’t ask for more. Thanks again.

  39. Looks great! Started using it on a blog. I noticed that there aren’t previous/next post buttons on the individual post pages. Is there an easy way to add these in or an option I’m missing that enables these?

  40. This is an excellent template. I was dissapointed when i saw a blogging template in the preview but it works so well for my business! I’m a very happy chappy!

  41. Love this awesome design. Surely will buy it for one of my next projects.

  42. hey
    is it possible to make the homepage thumbnails pages instead of posts?

    and also
    can i add to some of these thumbnails a link to a video?
    thank you

  43. What a nice selection of beautifull themes. I have been surfing around a while to find a new elegant theme for my blog. These are really nice. Thank you for sharing.

  44. it’s P-e-R-f-E-c-T…

  45. What is the perfect size for the featured photos on the grid? As you can see now there are voids in the layout which messes up the whole design which I love!

    Grtz Barbara

    • If you need help, please open a thread in our support forums so that our tech support team can assist you.

  46. Great theme, though I have noticed an annoying flickering bug appearing in Safari, when hovering on any image of the website.
    Is that ever going to be fixed?

  47. This theme works great on my picture blog and also loads super smooth on my ipad. Thats the best combination that any user would love, best design and quick loading.

  48. Just wondering – is it possible to use the main post / portfolio images for the main grid / headers to pages, but then change the images on the pages that are associated to alternative media? Specifically, I may want to list the post images / grid images on the front page as shots of businesses, but then when one clicks through to the post / landing page, the body image is then replaced with a video / flash / HTML5 interactive piece. Would that be possible relatively with the theme provided, or would substancial programming customization be needed?

  49. Amazing theme! Would one be able to use a post / main image link for the grid portion and corresponding header once one clicks through to the post page, but then integrate a main body image multimedia element such as a flash / html 5 piece? Would this require significant programming modification or would this be doable through the theme itself as provided?

    All of the examples i have seen integrated the same image across the grid as well as header as well as body copy of the image.

  50. How to change the orange color when you do the mouse over the frontpage thumbnails? Is it possible?


    Great theme by the way. πŸ™‚

    • If you need help, please open a thread in our support forums so that our tech support team can better assist you.

  51. Awesome looking theme. I’m about to buy it for my new project365 blog. Question – is there an iPad equivalent to hovering with a mouse? I’d like to get the post information on the iPad without clicking on the actual link. For example, when I click on a post on the iPad, the orange box with info appears, but you can’t really read anything because it’s loading the actual post page. I’m buying now regardless, but it’d be great if this were possible.

  52. Is there a way for the posts on the homepage to move dynamically like the “Nemesis” theme (http://themes.themegoods.com/?theme=Nemesis) when you click on a category? Right now, it seems to load it and the posts appear correctly but the Ajax functionality doesn’t seem to be there (or work)(?).

    It would be great to just choose a category and the relevant posts just populate smoothly (as in the Nemesis theme). Otherwise, this Origin theme is fantastic! Please let me know how to implement that smooth category choice function.

  53. Thinking of signing up for a membership after seeing this theme…. very nice πŸ™‚

    A few pre-sale questions: (using “Make a Wish ” post as an example)

    (1) There is a post image and a much larger image in the background above the title. Do you have to upload 2 images to get this? – or is the background image automatically created from the post image you upload?

    (2) Can I opt to not have a background image in the posts? I would then want to delete the white space where the image had been.

    (3) Are front page thumbnails generated and cropped automatically or do you have to upload a small square photo for each one every time you create a post ?

    (4) If I embed a video will I be able to put a thumbnail on the front page or will that me auto generated?

    Sorry for all the questions….


  54. Is there a way to change the orange color at the post feed page?

  55. Yikes – if you have a protected post, hovering over the post on the blog index lets you read some of the protected post. Not cool!

  56. Great responsive Theme!
    It looks amazing on iPhones too!

  57. Superb unique design. Love it very much. Hope can implement this in next project.

  58. I adore this theme but it’s leaving me with varies blank blocks causing an inconsistent home page design.

    • If you need help, please open a thread in our support forums so that our tech support team can assist you.

  59. nice and great theme !
    can i use it with Arabic language?

  60. Is there anyway that the grid can be categorised with tags? Like your “Flexible” theme? I think you call it “Sortable Ajax Gallery”.

    Can this somehow be installed with a small translucent bar at the top to organise the grid?

    Would love to know as this is the deciding factor for me.

    Lovely designs!



  61. i like this theme because look retro πŸ™‚

  62. Hi, I used this for the website above. It looks great on a desktop but the elegant themes plugin looks terrible on the ipad and the iphone. What can I do to improve how this theme and plugin works on these devices?

    • The theme looks great for me on the iPad. It has been built to be responsive specifically for the iPad and other tablets. If you are experiencing problems, please open a ticket in our support forums so that our team can assist you.

  63. it’s possible to change the orange color of the posts menus?

  64. Can I change the word “Origin” to the title of my web page? If so, how? I love the look of this them!

  65. Where can I find/ who made the pictures used in the Live Demo? I need them to show to someone who makes similar work. Thanks.

  66. How do I get a sidebar in this wonderfull Origin theme?


  67. Greetings! I’ve been readijng your web site for some time now and finally got thhe
    bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Kingwwood Tx!

    Just wanted to sayy keep uup the excellent job!

  68. I always spent my half an hour to read this
    website’s posts all the time along with a mug of coffee.

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    mode. Amazon has some limits on what can not be sold on the site, for example:
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  70. Hello. I would like some help with changing the colors of the menu page links on the sidebar. Right now it is white when you mouse over it. I’d like to change the color because I’m opting for a white sidebar. Is there a CSS code for this? I am using the premium theme for WordPress.com. Thanks in advance.

  71. Hi Nick,

    Can I customize the origin theme to become rtl?
    I’m interested in using the theme, but I can find a way to localize it without ruin the css positioning.

  72. Hi, is there a way to display post tags in a single post view?

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