New Theme: Webly

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New Theme: Webly

Webly is a professional theme with just enough charm and whimsy to give your website that fun and unique edge. The hand-drawn landscape on the homepage is a fun way to catch the interest of your visitors, but we also give the options to toggle the drawing off if it does not suite you. With powerful tools, such as the multimedia slider and content bar on the homepage, Webly also provides you with creative ways to engage your visitors. If you are looking for creative theme that will make your business stand out from the crowd, then look no further! For more info be sure to check out the Live Demo as well as the Features Page.

Webly Features

1. Four Unique Colorschemes – Webly comes with four different color variations. If Blue isn’t your style, then try out the Green, Purple and Black versions.

2. Multimedia Homepage Content – Webly comes with a multi-media content bar, as well as a multi-media featured slider that allows you to embed images and videos onto your homepage. We have also made adding media easy using custom write panels that appear when editing your post.

I hope everyone enjoys the new design. Be sure to leave a comment letting us know what you think!

Premade Layouts

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  1. Looks like another winner @ elegant. Nice job!

    • Thanks Chris, glad you like it!

      • Hi Nick,

        Great theme.

        Is there any way to change the background image?


  2. Definitely the theme I’ve been waiting for. Thanks for shipping this just in time for an SaaS project I’ve been working on!

    • I hope you put it to good use πŸ™‚

  3. I will try this now!

  4. Nice work. The multimedia integration is really well done. And the style is just great. It’s not a sunny scene but somehow makes me happy! I’m not sure how you pulled that off, so good job!

    • Thanks Steven πŸ™‚

  5. WooooHoooo!

    Great work!


  6. Wow, this one is absolutely beautiful, and just charming. I only found the text hard to read on this textured background – especially grey on grey – but that’s an easy fix.

    Wish there was a “day” version πŸ™‚ But again, since the drawing is shipped “in parts” in the photoshop files… guess that’s an (not so)Γ  easy fix too !

    • ePanel allows you to easily change text color, so it shouldn’t be too hard to tailor the color to your liking.

  7. Nice work guys and thanks! :]

    Question; Any chance the “Multimedia Homepage Content” could be incorporated into other available themes?

    • Yes, Multimedia Homepage Content available into other themes will be great. I think inter polarity between theme features is a must to engage users. Looking forward for the Envisioned theme that will be able to use it as page template…

      • I like the Multimedia Homepage Content too. I wish it to be a part of the available shortcodes.

        Great theme as usual.

        • I like the gallery page too. Very beautifully designed with thumbnails apprearing on the image. Can this new gallery be incorporated into other themes?

  8. This Theme looks really great! exceeds my expectations. Well done Nick and elegantthemes team.

  9. Stunning theme! Definitely one of my favorites in a while, perfect for my freelancing portfolio.

  10. Can’t find a use for it myself but it is ever so pretty!!

  11. Looks great! The sleek design is nicely balanced by the gorgeous house & hills illustration.

    • Thanks Katie, I had fun illustrating the scene!

  12. wooow…. can embed images and videos at homepages.

    This theme seems to be suitable for portfolio

  13. Love the new offering,

    the multimedia featured slider is a fantastic addition to the collection too with as always so much sex appeal in the design!

    Thanks for continuing to produce such great work for us to be inspired by.

    Kind regards,

    • Thanks Tony. I agree, I think users will find the multi-media integration quite useful.

  14. Look and Feel is Decent & “Elegant Theme”! πŸ™‚

  15. It looks awesome. The landscape on home page is very nice. Will sell this theme in my site.

  16. this is so nice and interesting theme, well done guys time for me to learn wp from here l think.

  17. This is what I’m looking for … for my photography site … very clean professional. Great job Elegant Themes.

  18. Looks bit interesting in hand drawn design section.

  19. I really like the theme

    • I’m glad πŸ™‚

  20. pretty theme good work

  21. Elegant as usual … I hope to see this type of quality on a travel or city guide theme … I don’t like the style of that other theme maker … I always love your style nick. πŸ™‚

    • I certainly keep it in mind. Thanks for the suggestion.

  22. I read it’s possible to toggle the drawing off but is it also possible to embedded my own picture ?
    Ps : Very very nice theme!

  23. No logo.psd or font file? other than that I’m loven it!

    • Sorry about that, I will add it to the zip.

  24. All there… all the Elegant Theme touches that make you stop and stare.

    If graphic design is a gift, you have it Nick.

    I still use eBusiness and I’ve not changed a thing on the theme.
    Like I’m going to improve it from the original design!

    Well done team and recently I’ve had some great support from the tech boys… and girls.

  25. Just took a look at the theme preview, very pretty.

    I noticed that the Custom Icon Lists show the same image for all three types of list.

    • Sorry about that, we will look into the problem.

  26. At last… this theme come out and perfect to suit my nice.

  27. Very nice job!

  28. Perfect theme. 5 Stars
    Keep up the good work.
    thank you Nick

  29. 9. Password Protect Your Content

    Hi, have a question:

    Using the [ protected ] shortcode, you can password protect any content within your post. When protected, anyone visiting the page that is not logged in to WordPress will receive the login/register prompt. Once logged in, the protected content is revealed.

    how to use it?

  30. Somebody can help me with protection?

    • It’s best to ask that question directly into Webly’s own forum section.

  31. Superb! I love it even more than Nova πŸ˜‰ Exactly what I need for my new hosting project at – Anticipate is already running there.

    You guys R.O.C.K!!

    I have a question: how to I use the [pricing_table] shortcode?

    • paste the following into your page and edit and duplicate the sections to get the table and text you want to display:

      [pricing_table][pricing price=”99.95″ currency=”$” title=”Enterprise” desc=”Description” moretext=”join” url=”” window=”new”]
      [feature] Content [/feature]
      [feature checkmark=”x”] Content [/feature]
      [feature] Content [/feature]
      [pricing price=”99.95″ title=”Enterprise” desc=”Description” moretext=”join” type=”big” url=”” window=”new”]
      [feature] Content [/feature]
      [feature checkmark=”x”] Content [/feature]
      [feature] Content [/feature]

  32. Fanastic work-..
    but I have a question… in my wp-admin when I add one new post, in home page there are 3 posts !!
    if I add 2 posts in home page there are 6 posts… can u help me! thx

  33. How can I change the background image? Is it done inside a php ddocument? I can edit it but I need to know where to start looking. Thanks.

  34. Wow! lovely theme. Great job, Elegant guys!

  35. I notice that several people have asked if the background image can be swapped — yet the designer appears to be purposely ignoring those, but then readily answers the praise comments from others πŸ™‚ ..

    Why can’t you just say “No, it’s not possible” or “No, I don’t want anyone doing that” instead of simply ignoring the question? It’s a nice drawing, but if I were to use this theme, I think it’d be strange that several others out there using this theme may have the same exact drawing as the background, so it’d be nice to be able to change it.

    So, I will ask it again πŸ˜€ .. How do you swap out the main background image?

    • I am having the same issue. I have changed it from the “themes” > “customize” link as well as the “appearance” > “background” link to no avail. I’ve tried refreshing from Firefox, Chrome, and Safari browsers in case the image was just showing up in my cache. I see the image in my media library, but it is “unattached”. What do we need to do to customize the background? For now, I am moving on to another theme because I see this question is ignored, but I would love to come back to it if anyone can figure out a fix.


      • If you need help, please open a thread in our support forum so that our tech support team can assist you.

    • I would just take the image you want to use, make sure it’s the correct size, name it the same as the background currently being used and drop it into your theme folder in place of the current background image. Not too hard to do, and it works with any theme not just these ones.

  36. What? Cant I swap out the bacground picture? Can not use the same picture as somebody else, and it does not fit my business profil!!!
    What is this about?
    Is it the same with every “elegantthems”

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