New Theme: Notebook

Posted on December 6, 2011 by in Theme Releases | 81 comments

New Theme: Notebook


Notebook is a multimedia theme that spices things up with some fun CSS3 animations that are sure to excite your visitors. Using WordPress post formats, the theme enables you to easily post videos, audio, photos and standard articles. The theme also includes our color control panel, making it simple to customize the look and feel of your website.

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Notebook Features

1. Unlimited Colorschemes – Notebook comes with our CSS control panel that allows for unlimited color and font combinations. Now you can easily change the look of your page with the click of a button, instead of having to modify the theme files.


2. Post Formats– Notebook makes use of WordPress post formats to allow for the publishing of multimedia content. You can host audio files, embed video and showcase photos, as well as publish standard blog posts.


3. Fun CSS3 Animations – Notebook has been created using HTML5 and CSS3, resulting in unique effects that will perform beautifully on modern browsers and mobile devices.


I hope everyone enjoys the new theme. It was a lot of fun to make, and I am sure it will be equally fun to use! Let us know what you think ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. The theme is nice, quite different from the others.
    There is only one thing that looks terrible: the color of “Page 1 of 2” text, which is also used in the breadcrumbs. I hope it will be changed with the update, as it clearly doesn’t fit there !

    • i disagree with you the colors is pretty the only thing that i really want to make the sidebar bit larger it would be gr8

  2. Oh great, another image-focused theme…

    When we will get a great typographic theme for writers? ๐Ÿ™

    • Make that two writers …


    • Make that three writers.

    • Make that five writers.

    • Make that 6

    • Make that 7… ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Since four is missing. I would like to be claim the four position. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I am SO fed up with these boring themes that nobody wants to use. I want to see more BUSINESS themes, I think there may be just two themes suitable for Business. I have put requests in via the Forum but nobody listens.

      Oh Well my membership expires in a few months and there seems little point in renewing it if it does not deliver the most commonly requested themes.

      I am fed up with making this request with no reply, shame nobody listens at Elegant Themes.

      • maybe you want to be a famous businesser and you forget in your life, you need to rexlax, and this theme is a example for personal blogging, you don’t like it, but we has.
        I think you should change the way you speaking to elegantthemes

        P/s: I’m not a pro coder or something like that, but when i read your text, i think you are overacting
        (I’m not good at english, if i have any mistake, hope everybody will ignore for me

    • Eight!

  3. It seems like the content area for pages and when viewing actual blog entries is extremely narrow and non adaptive to screen size. Am I missing something?

    • The width of the posts are 960px, which is the same as all of our other themes.

      • Good point. It just looks very odd on a larger widescreen monitor. Normally you manage to have more balance between left and right, even at really wide resolutions.

        It’s a great theme otherwise though. I just thought I’d point out the observation. For the most part, I’m just a backseat driver on this kind of thing, as my design and drawing skills are limited to stick figures.

        • It is a really beautiful theme. I agree though, I get the same thing on my screen. When I click on the entires, they are pushed left and don’t seem to expand to either centre screen or fuller screen so it looks squished left.

          Other than that – it’s really nice. I love the concept, especially for people like me that are a little more random in the way I like to post things.

          Something like this will make a great creative portfolio, day in the life or just plain fun site.

          Love your work!

        • Agreed. It does look rather squished on my laptop screen. I think part of the reason for this is because the footer area extends across the entire screen whereas the body only comes out 960 pixels. Perhaps to make things look tidier, the body and the footer could be the same length: either both 960 pixels or both fully extended?

  4. Love your sites! Will they work with a PayPal shopping cart or with

  5. Wow… pretty cool mousover effects on the home page. Don’t have a use for this theme, but will be interested to see how/if you use those functions on other themes in the future.

  6. Excellent stuff – it would be great if the new “evolution” theme, which works on multiple kinds of displays, could have the CD play audio option as a part of the posts options there to show up in portfolios or galleries. The Audio option (with the look of a CD) works amazing!

  7. Defiantly going to use this theme!

  8. excelente!. what is the price?

    • Only $39/year PayPal

      • in my country, 39$ ~ 1 milion ๐Ÿ™‚ (Vietnam dong)
        And i think it’s a little bit expensive for developing country like my country, but if you wanna see our landscapes and travel, my country is the best at Southeast Asia ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Amazing Release! I love the animations (very exciting and eye candy for customers and site visitors) and i am very happy that the control panel is back with this theme! It will help me to easily differentiate it. This is a very flexible theme that can be a fit companion for most multimedia needs. I am gonna use this one on various occasions as it can replace Evid, Dailynotes and many portfolio themes and i am pretty sure that it will be a hit! Thanks Nick & The Team ๐Ÿ™‚
    Some question thought:
    -Timthumb wasn’t removed from all themes? Is it back with this release? It is stated in the features info.
    -Previews of the ET templates (portfolio, gallery, etc) are not placed on the demo. Are supported with this theme. Right?

  10. Effects really are excellent and a departure from themes that have come before from Elegant.

    My only problem is, where would you use a theme like this? It’s specialised for multimedia but doesn’t have a tech look and feel, instead possessing the rough and ready feel of a notebook.

    The two sides seem at odds to me, the theme showcases the undoubted talents of the design team but doesn’t really seem to fit readily to the needs of the majority of subscribers.

    • “My only problem is, where would you use a theme like this?”

      This sums up how I feel about many of the Elegant Themes, most are really poor for business or marketing, no consideration of “above the fold”, huge images or just too many images.

      Take the recent article directory theme, it had images for each post, articles directories don’t have images or need them.

      From a design point of view there are some great themes but many are for very small potential use.

  11. GREAT!!

    The HTML-5 effects are very nice!

  12. Excellent CSS3 animations! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Good job!

  13. Love this theme.
    Wonderful work!

  14. One more clean and stylish theme. Loving your membership.

  15. Really great theme! The animations look amazing.

  16. Can’t wait to change my old blog with this theme ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. REAL Nice! This is really different from all the others. I love the mouse-over effects on the cds.

    I’m still waiting for a left-sidebar with right sidebar-template for pages (I saw that some other folks have been asking for that too– a theme that offers a left AND right sidebar three-column layout). Can’t wait to see what you design next! Nice work.

  18. Really nice theme! I like how the media type is built in. That almost has a tumblr feel. I wish your theme was around when I was building my personal site!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Cool stuff. Great animations.

  20. nice and different, good job!

  21. This is by far the best! Theme ET has ever created!!!

    It fits my ideal of a theme i been wanting to create “my pad”.

    Thanks a million Nick! & the ET team!

    • I don’t think so. No commercial viability at all.

  22. ET never ceases to amaze me and differentiate themselves with truly “elegant” and unique designs! Time to raise your membership fee — you’re worth so much more than you are charging!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  23. @Judith: YOU can pay more–and pay for the rest of us who aren’t members while you’re at it. $39 bucks is more than enough. Why? Because a lot of the themes look the same, and the other half of the themes are old designs, so why would we pay more for the same look and same page template layouts, and older designs??? Even though this new Notebook theme is really nice, my personal and best-loved favorite is Memoir, but I won’t pay $40 bucks for one blog theme that has only one page template layout for content (a right sidebar).

    Currently, the Memoir theme is the only theme I like and could use on a project, but it doesn’t offer enough page template layouts for me.

    Nick could consider increasing his membership fee if he came out with some new and different stuff, especially page templates that offer other layout options. All my sites serve some pages that have a three-columned layout (right and left sidebar with content in the center, or I can move both sidebars to the left or right and display my content opposite those sidebars and this is really good for my ad placements too). I can also adjust the width of my sidebars, and I can make all these layout changes from inside my Theme Options, but you can’t do that with these themes here.

    I’ll drop by every now and then, to see what’s new here (it doesn’t cost anything to drop-in and take a look at what’s been added to the collection). Maybe Nick will design a theme that has a three-columned page template (at least one), eventually. Until then, I will gladly continue to spend my money elsewhere.

    • this most be the dumbest reaction ever posted, well done Chuy.
      You should consider posting your comments elsewhere too ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Your sites sound very busy…I have never needed or wanted a 3-column theme and in fact, prefer not to visit them either. 2 sidebars full of ads is a visual barrage.
      I use Elegant themes for 75% of my clients’ sites. Sure, many of the themes have similar look or features, but with very little effort and help from the Elegant support team I easily customize and have always been happy with the results.
      $39 bucks is a great price for 1 theme, much less all of them, and I wonder how much you pay for themes, if that seems high to you. Or maybe you just use the free themes and have no idea what premiums go for.

    • I think you are right about the designs CHUY; whilst there are some very Elegant Themes most are not very practical. However, I don’t agree about the price!

      I think that ET needs more income to fund improved support (tickets can take days to get a response) and to fund “guest” designers.

      I think they should drop the “entry” price to $19 and $39 for personal and developer licenses with a monthly charge of $7 and $17 respectively.

      This would allow Nick to grow his business, improve his products and employ more people.

      Existing users could have the option to stay on current pricing but not have access to a new Zendesk for support.

      I know they can’t please all of the people all of the time, but they need to consider what the majority of people want.

  24. It would have been even greater in combination with tumblr. Too bad it’s only available for WordPress…

    • I would love to see a Tumblr version too.

      • Same

  25. Great template, this style is now very popular … …

  26. It is beautiful! Everything a multidisciplinary designer needs to show his portfolio. Thanks a lot!

  27. another great themes ! love it

  28. No doubt, this themes is really unique than others!!! we like it.

  29. Amazingly crafted with elegance and equally for the functionality. Loved the HTML5 and CSS3 effects. Cheers~

  30. Are you planning to put some of this functionality in the other themes in the future?

  31. the theme is unique!

  32. Nick! Christmas is coming, do you introduce any Christmas Themes for us?

    • Nick, Please don’t waste your time on this, it would be the last straw.

  33. Amazing theme man, really sticks out. I honestly wish I had a use for it but I am sure I will someday.

    • Another comment that confirms what a complete waste of time this theme is. What is the point of a theme that nobody has a use for.

      • Apparantly it is important enough for you to keep on creeping around complaining. we heard you already. what is the point that i have to get your negative energy again and again, which is a complete waste of time for me.

  34. I didn’t notice any search functionality. Did I miss it?

  35. I’m not even a member yet and read these comments out of pure curiosity. Yet I do have to say, you two guys annoy me (and you sure know who you are). What’s the point coming back here again and again to spread your pus all over the place trying to spoil the good experiences others have had? If 39 bucks you regret to have spent really freak you out like this, try getting your hands dirty, learn to code AND design a theme better than the ones I see here and THEN come back and let me use it commercially for less than 39$/year. Otherwise don’t bother responding, nobody gives a ****.

    • I agree with Cas – it’s very easy to bitch around and throw out negativity, but it doesn’t help anyone. If you feel the themes are not what you want, then make some GOOD suggestions rather than throwing out generalizations. Besides, 39 dollars for all their themes is an amazing price. And I am NOT sponsored by elegantthemes, but I see what is out there, and you will not find all these themes for that price. I do agree we need more themes for business desperately, but if we are the business people maybe we should suggest instead of being negative. how about that???

  36. Congratulations, I’m very happy with the themes, and each month is the new beautiful themes available, thanks!

  37. Nick,
    Another fabulous design for Elegant Themes. I applaud you for your creativity and consistency in adding new themes to your lineup. Keep us the excellent work and your business will continue to grow.

  38. It is really awesome how a theme can be that much optimized. I am sure that i want to buy the membership for elegant themes.

  39. looks good, I’ll use it on my blog.

  40. Hey guys
    I am using this theme but have an issue
    When i post a video post, i cant see the video on the main page. The background of the that post changes (to brownish) but the thumbnail of the video is not showing

    I am putting the link of the video in ET video in the post.
    What am i doing wrong please?


  41. Awesome!!! this is brilliant never have seen anything like this, its a perfect combination of art and style…. looks like a theme for some business website on WP.

  42. I love that theme! And I disagree with the person saying it’s for personal blogging and cannot be used for business.
    I am going to use it for my portfolio site for my business.
    It actually reminds me of Pinterest. I also love the little animation of pages behind an article preview.

    • Obviously, JP is just a complainer. I do have to say though that on the subject of “above the fold” I did modify the Nova theme for that exact reason. I was concerned that visitors would not see the tabs below the main graphic.
      Having said that, I agree fully with another comment: you deserve to be highly successful because of the wide range and beauty of your themes, the numerous functionalities, the frequent updates to solve bugs and the frequency at which you offer new themes! Great work!

  43. Tags or categories may be used to organize articles and to help with search engines since tags or categories act as keywords that identify the topics covered in the article. Many directories pay the author for his/her participation. Some directories review articles before they are published and there may be a waiting period of several days before a new article appears. This helps to eliminate low quality submissions, including duplicate articles, spam and spun articles.;

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  44. Hi, my site shows only six pages with publications. I have at least 8. When I click on previous link (on sixth page – …?paged=6 )it opens error page – No results found and the link in adress bar is …?paged=7.
    How to fix it?
    Cant show the site, its private (password protected)
    When I show publications by author it show me all 8 pages.
    I changed only font (open sans).

    • If you need help, please open a ticket in our support forums so that our team can assist you.

  45. Woke up this morning to work on my new Notebook webpage and everything (working while traveling on my iPad) is jumbled and weird things appear on the home page. Can’t access support. Keeps making me login over and over again. Helpless to reach anyone so tried this blog comment.

    • Nathan B. Weller

      Hi Marcia, sorry you’re having those issues. Are you unable to login or are you able to login but then get kicked out?

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