New Theme: MyCuisine

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New Theme: MyCuisine

MyCuisine is a small-business theme made with Restaurants in mind. That being said, the theme can easily be  adapted for any business that desires a similar aesthetic. The theme’s vintage, Tuscan appearances gives the design a warm and classy vibe that is sure to impress your visitors. The theme also comes with some unique features, such as the Location Page, Menu Section and Testimonials Post Type. For a closer look, be sure to check out the Live Demo as well as the Features Page.

MyCuisine Features

Five Unique Colorschemes – MyCuisine comes in 5 colors. If the default Brown version doesn’t suit you, then try out the Green, Blue, Black or Red variations.

Menu Page Template – The Menu Page Template gives you an easy way to organize your dishes. Here you can display a list of posts organized into different sections (categories), and even include a unique price for each. Even though the theme was created with Restaurants in mind, this “menu” page could be used to display any number of products.

Location Page Template – The Location page makes it easy for your visitors to find your store. One of the most likely reasons that a visitor would browse your website is to figure out where you are located, when you are open, and how to contact you. The location page hits each of these marks, giving your potential customer all of the basic information he/she is looking for in one convenient place.

As always, I hope you enjoy the theme. Let us know what you think in the comments!

Premade Layouts

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  1. Nick,

    As usual the theme looks great! Job Well done!

    One thing I noticed though is that I’m able to scroll horizontally, because of the right side of the menu bar.
    It’s width is set at 2000px.

    Not sure if it’s just my browser (firefox 3.6.16) just letting you know though.

    Other than that looks awesome!


    • That issue is even worse here on Safari/Mac on a large monitor with the browser-window quite wide. Just scrolling down makes the page shit to the left and hide half of the content. Only way to get back is to refresh or load another page from whats left of the menu. Clearly a bug.

    • Strange, it works fine for me in Firefox. Are you on a Mac as well?

      • Hi Nick,

        Yeah, I’m using a mac.

        there’s no horizontal scroll bar, but scrolling left to right on my mouse pad allows horizontal scrolling.

        It probably works fine on most PC’s Just wanted to let you know.

      • Don’t see a horizontal scroll, but the wide sidebar is there. Just try to scroll the page to the right with your left mouse button down.

        PC/latest Chrome

      • Would be nice if this bug got fixed. Makes the site feel far less professional when you all of a sudden accidentally scroll off into nothingness.

        For users with a magic mouse or something similar it’s hard to avoid.

    • I too am still seeing this problem. I would love to convert our site over to this but I am worried about this problem and what seems to be lack of concern from the theme builders. I am on 21″ iMac running Safari Version 5.0.4 (6533.20.27). Though I don’t see a scroll bar, all I have to do it click and hold my left mouse button (as to highlight text) and drag tot he right. Here is a screenshot:

      Please fix this so I can use this beautiful theme!

      • Hi Nick, the themes looks stunning but i see the same “bug” that the guys up here say. Im using a mac and on firefox. Any chance to get it fixed? Thanks a lot. Josh

        • Hi, I tried to resolve it. In the style.css this is the line 96:

          #menu-right { width:2000px; position: absolute; left: 960px; top: 27px; height: 70px; background: url(images/menu-bg.png) repeat-x; }

          Just deleted “width: 2000px;” and the horizontal scroll disappeared.

          • Hey Ricardo, nice idea, thanks!

          • For me, worked perfect the other solution: in line 138, adding overflow:hidden; to the pagetop item, as sarah on Jan 4th suggested. Thanks!

  2. Love it!! Will use it soon. Thanks.

  3. Looks delicious!

    Any new personal blog themes coming up? I’m missing those a bit 🙁

    • +1

    • i want more personal blog themes too 😉

  4. Amazing work! Another awesome theme for the gallery. Price is going to have to go up soon 😉

  5. Hi Nick,

    what about a red colorscheme for chinese restaurants like the Peking Ente in Berlin? We will soon rebuild our site.

    Greetings Hans

  6. Great, You are slightly breaking up worn out stlyes and keep small details that dont change on each step, you bring new themes. Now we can see sharper and thinner lines, more hardened and business stylish.
    I like this.
    Still the old beautyful elegance

  7. Excellent. Only thing id suggest is to have the text in the top pull down menu (overlapping the Slide Show) that text is a bit harder to see, light text on light background, perhaps the other colour choices make the text stand out a bit more. Otherwise super design

  8. DAMN, this is a SEXY one bro. Great work Nick, can’t wait for the Review theme to be dropping shortly too!

  9. Really nice Nick,

    If I get more recipes on my site, I may make a separate sub-domain and use this one.

  10. love the design looks very pretty

  11. Wow! That’s delicious theme for food business. Work has been done greatly.

    Congrats elegantthemes! 😉

  12. I’m glad to see something a little different out of ET! I can see this working for all sorts of small businesses.

  13. hi nick,

    Amazing job again.

    Was wondering if there are any plans for developing a landing page?

    I am looking into launching some information products in near future and would like to use an elegant themes theme for it as they are the best.

    Looking forward to hear from your side.



  14. Great Job!
    Looks realy good!

  15. Good theme for food/ recipe sites

  16. Looks wonderful, will try it out for my wife’s cooking receipt blog 🙂

  17. Looks very good and fresh. Proud to be member.

    Just two queries, on MENU, all the prises are in GREEN.

    Can it be red and green both. Like, in India, Green means Vegetarian and Red mean Non-Vegetarian?

    Also Can the $ [dollar] sign be removed to have another currency signs?

  18. its pretty gud theme as usual.
    i hav question
    1.everytime i change somthing in MyCusine Options section slider get disappear.
    2. Is that possible to rename Chef’s recommendation, testimonials and location and hours operation.

    these are really giving me hard time would you please help me out.

  19. This is nice for a cooking site but I am really waiting for that review theme…. =]

    Is that up next on the production line?

  20. It is what I waiting for, Thank very much 🙂

  21. Hello blogger. I like your blog about New Theme: MyCuisine-
    Elegant Themes Blog.

    I was wondering, i am planning to make a blog for myself. I want to use wordpress like you. Where did you get your template? If you post your answer here below,then i will read this in the next few day’s.

    Thanks Koolzuursneeuwblusser

  22. Do you think you can make a theme for displaying software? Slider and all, but some kind of technical background image?

  23. Holy roma tomatoes, Nick!! Gorgeous theme, my goodness. Although it was specifically designed for the food/restaurant industry, your theme has wide appeal. One question, though: Can the speed of the rotating header be controlled? Sorry if I missed feedback on this above.


  24. Great work ET!

  25. clean simple and fantastic great design theme

  26. Another great Theme, fantastic work!

  27. Mycuisine is What a great theme for my clients & Cool design Thanx

  28. Could you make a theme for the travel agency? Tks

    • I’m using My cuisine theme for travel services, but I don’t know how to to pout the prices.

  29. Great theme 🙂

    Clean and simple.

  30. Great theme Nick! Classy and elegant. Thanks!

  31. Cool themes with built in SEO functionality.

  32. I tested this theme for someone who’s a member here and is trying to use it on their site. But on their PC, the theme is stretching too far to the right and there is no scroll bar to bring it back. I tested it on my PC and it’s doing the same thing on mine. I decided to not buy a membership based on this and other issues. The themes just have too many bug problems.

  33. Hey Nick. I went through my friend’s theme files and found the problem with the My Cuisine theme width extending too far to the right (she said she tried your forums and didn’t get any help): in the style.css under ***main lay-out info***, the #menu-right width is set to 2000px and should be 20px. I set hers to 23px for her screen’s resolution. Great theme by-the-way. That fixed the problem and the theme no-longer extends over to the right. I almost broke-down and thought to buy a membership (but I won’t cuz I’m still hesitant after my friend’s experience in your forums).Your forum team needs to do better…

  34. Great! I love it. But how do I incorporate ecommerce? or can I?

  35. Is it possible to change (or erase) the
    “MON-FRI (hours of operation)”
    “SAT-SUN (hours of operation)”?

  36. I cannot get the Feature Slider Images to display correctly. I assume you would use the Featured Image in the post or page you wish to show up on the home page. When I select an image it uses the cropped version of the image 430×465 instead of the 1400×465 size image I am intending to use, even though I am selecting full size image. Anyone have an idea?

    • Please open a thread in the support forum so our support staff can assist you.

      • Will do thanks Nick!

    • I have the same problem, how did you solved it ?

  37. can you use this theme for multiple restaurants? I saw a post which said you could by setting pages and categories, but I do not understand how it would work since whatever categories are set in the epanel will show up on any page with the menu template? Thanks, Richard

  38. This theme would just fit for any restaurant’s blog. I like the color because it shows elegance. What about creating another one? And by the way, nice tagline.

  39. I love the theme, but can’t get it to do anything correctly!
    I can’t get my tagline to appear, or even my site name!

  40. I cannot get the Feature Slider Images to display correctly. I assume you would use the Featured Image in the post or page you wish to show up on the home page. When I select an image it uses the cropped version of the image 430×465 instead of the 1400×465 size image I am intending to use, even though I am selecting full size image. Anyone have an idea?

  41. For those who are still concerned about the menu bar horizontal scroll bug, I figured out how to fix it. Go to the Appearance->Editor in the admin panel, find #page-top and add “overflow:hidden;” (without quotes) to the code. For those who are not css savvy, that part of the code should now read:

    #page-top { background: url(images/top-bg.png) repeat-x; position: relative; overflow:hidden;}

    NOTE: I am using a MAC and only checked it with firefox, chrome and safari.

    Good luck!

    • just added your css fix and it didn’t work.
      do you have any other suggestions?

      – on a mac, checked all browsers w/ no luck :/

    • Nice! This seemed to work for me. Thanks!

  42. love the design looks very pretty

  43. to fix the problem with over scrolling to the right, leave the “#menu-right” set as 2000px width – this is set like this so it will adapt and fill all screen size. whoever said to put this at 20px is completely wrong.

    and then add “overflow:hidden;” to the “#page-top”. to find the correct places to insert just use find on your browser (Ctrl + F on PC for example). works perfectly on all browsers on PC and Mac, and on iPad etc.

  44. …regarding my previus post…Raymond’s post to change #menu-right width from 2000px to 20px works for us and is the only suggestion that does!

  45. That is a really nice theme. I do however have a bit troubles with the images on the featured slider. But I am quite sure that will I will be able to manage and tweak it.

    Oh another thing. Are you able to change the location zoom ?

  46. Nice theme…is there any way to rename chief’s recommendations on home page?

  47. adding overflow:hidden to #page-top will clip all menu dropdowns that are vertically taller than #page-top.

    best add this to #main-area:

    #main-area is absolutely positioned so changing the height wont change anything visually.

  48. sorry, error above. should be:

    best add this to #main-area:

  49. How to display the “page template menu” & price? My difficulty in setting the menu ….

    Please inform via email [email protected]

    thank you…

    • If you need help, please open a thread in the support forums so that we can assist you.

  50. Awesome theme. Does it have Mobile and Tablet responsive designs?

  51. love this theme! is this responsive?

  52. Greet work. Keep it up !

  53. Hi I have the following problem
    I have set the slider to display 5 post, the problem is in the animation only shows the post 1,3,5.

    • If you need help, please open a thread in our support forums so that our tech support team can assist you.

  54. Hi!
    Is there a way of loading the sample page of My cuisine in Spanish? (buttons, item names such as chef’s recommendations, hours of operation, etc?)

    Thank you

  55. Nick,

    I have had to mod the menu to fix the images/menu-bg.png not showing up. The really wide 2000px header on the right side is still there after 9 months. Please correct this as many people who buy your themes don’t have a lot of CSS knowledge. It looks bad in every browser I am running Mac & PC (FF, Safari, Chrome, iPad Safari) Even in the screen shot, it looks poorly designed and it hasn’t been corrected now for 9 months. Kindly look into this and resolve it.

  56. Is there a mobile update available?
    This theme is not optimized for mobile divices.
    That`s suboptimal.
    How can i optimize this theme for tablets or smartphones?

  57. Is it possible to add multiple widgets to a single footer of this theme? What seems to be happening is that if I add a second widget to Footer Right, it moves it over under Footer Left. See example here: I am trying to resolve this issue for a friend. Thanks in advance.

  58. Great Theme!

    But is there anyway I can insure that I dont get all kinds of strange comments on my website?

    • You can use the Akismet plugin to reduce spam comments.

  59. Hi there, and thanks alot for this amazing theme.
    I’ve a problem as you can see on my website the borders of main page are in “hugly brown” ! 🙁 How to change this brown into the same “bordeaux brown” found on other pages ? Many thanks.

  60. Good theme for Hotel too.
    In my case i need to enable the arrow next and previous object….how i can do this?

    • If you need help, please open a ticket in our support forums so that our team can assist you.

  61. i think it’s good for travel business too if it’s a responsive one!

    • It may be. But you would have to make changes a lot.

  62. Great theme! But how do I add a FB and Twitter link to the front page?

    Thanks for the help!


  63. The theme is great, but it doesn’t work on mobile devices. The menu goes and goes to the right and there’s a scrollbar and empty area on the right. How could this be fixed?

    • If you need help with anything, please open a ticket in our support forums so that our team can assist you.

  64. I love the way it adjusts to restaurant and other business niches. Homepage has limited and useful elements and that is the best part of homepage.

  65. Hi, I have a problem with the dimensions of my home page slider…
    I tried to cut my images to a proper dimension, but it didn’t work and I can’t find some option to fix that, can you help me? Thanks!

  66. Nice and simple homepage if you want clean design and still be able to add a lot of functions.

  67. Can you help me add the paypal checkout for items? I can not add the payment button!

  68. Can Booking plugin work with this theme. I want to add it for customer can book online.

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