New Theme: LeanBiz

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New Theme: LeanBiz

Our latest theme, LeanBiz, has been released. LeanBiz is a lean, mean, business theme. Its layout is simple and professional and the homepage is sleek and to-the-point. The beautiful homepage slider creates a clear call to action and allows for countless slide variations. My goal with this theme was to remove as much fluff from the homepage as possible. The result is a clean, slider-based design that presents your visitors with a few select pieces of information. For most small businesses, this is an ideal structure. For more info, be sure to check out the Live Preview as well as the Features Page.



LeanBiz Features

1. Four Unique Colorschemes – LeanBiz comes with four different colors, including Grey, Blue, Green and Purple. You can easily switch between these different styles from within the ePanel Theme Options page.


2. Versatile Homepage Slider – The homepage slider is the standout feature of LeanBiz. With 8 different slider variatons to choose from, creating a unique and interesting homepage is quick and easy. The slider makes it simple to add transparent PNG images, bordered image, videos, text-only slides and to align them in various fashions. You can also create a unique title, description and button text for each slide. The slider also allows for variable heights, allowing you to add any length of content to each slide.

Premade Layouts

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  1. One of your best themes in a while, great work! I’m not usually one for large sliders, particularly for portfolio sites, since I don’t do design, but the standalone text looks fantastic.

  2. very clean! Now how about a directory theme?

    • I 2nd that! Directory theme, come on, if anyone can make a killer directory it’s got to be Elegantthemes!

    • +3 for directory

      • +4 for directory

        • +5

          • -1

    • Sorry ’bout my ignorance… but what is a directory theme?

  3. Are there social network icons included?

  4. Seeing that eStore may not be getting the cart-code enhancements introduced in Boutique, this is the next best thing. Clients, as well as myself, prefer eStore because of the large slider and this looks like the obvious replacement. Looking forward to getting my feet wet! Thanks!!!

    • Duh, don’t know what I was thinking. Thought it was a shopping cart page…

  5. The homepage looks really clean and elegant. Great work.

  6. What i’m missing is’t theme with right or left menu. Not only up. More and more people want that. Do you plan this?

    • I hear this once in a while too.

  7. Are there no options for background, text and colors, like the other latest themes?

  8. Maybe I’m blind, but I’m not seeing an option to make a page featured so that it’s the home page?

  9. When I try to watch the video on the 3rd slide, it starts to play, but then the slider advances automatically. That’s a bummer…

    Is there a setting to disable that inside, or ?

  10. Bravo & love the slider versatility. Looking forward to using it!

  11. Looks amazing!

    Nice Work guys! 😉

  12. Awesome! I love it! Finally, I have a replacement for my former favorite theme – Simple Press! I love the HUGE slider – exactly what I wanted. Thank you.

  13. So amazing! I love it so much.
    Great Job!

  14. Nice new theme. 🙂
    Anyway, do you have plan to add new theme without slider ?

    • I haven’t looked under the hood of this one, but there are themes here which have a disable feature button.

  15. Awesome theme! Love much specially slider Great job Looking forward to using it!

  16. Lovely theme are being released one after another.

  17. Bravo, LeanBiz looks clean and of course elegant. A directory theme is a good idea for the next release!

  18. Nice Looking theme, Updates are coming very fast indeed.

    In the ad management can we have top banner also included on the home page?

  19. Thank you for the nice Theme.
    Rock ‘n’ Roll

  20. IMO the best so far!
    I like the clean structure , white background , nice homepage

  21. Your works are similar now. I do not see any progress and development.

    • I agree with you. All themes have the same look. Too much similar 🙁

  22. You have problems in coding at member login-page template.

  23. Good theme Nick
    Lots of options – really nice.
    Appreciate the work that you guys do.

  24. Sorry for second comment – meant to ask, what plugin are you using for the gallery/
    Is it nextgen?

  25. WOW! great looking theme here Nick. Keep ’em coming…

  26. Hello Great work!

    Can I suggest the ability to insert widgets in more locations on the home page?

    this would give the the theme a more CMS like feel.

    It would be really cool if the homepage had 9 widgets and they only showed if you populate them.

    then there would be allot more flexibility


  27. @Nick
    I am still waiting for that response regarding CONTRIBUTORS SECTION where designers or developers could drop their work in order to share the profit with you. I can do the section – if it’s too much work for you 🙂
    I could tell you I received many requests regarding my designs but I considered unfair to sell them being based on a Elegant Themes design.

  28. Another gorgeous theme Nick, love it.

  29. Is it possible to add same Versatile Homepage Slider to NOVA theme as well?

  30. Can anyone tell me what the app used in the footer “We Are a Trusted Source” shown in the sample screen shots above is? It shows affiliation logos. I noticed the sample live version doesn’t have it.


  31. This is a nice theme, but I do wish it had the control panel, but I guess that would be against the overall theme design in being “lean”.

  32. I used the theme and found it great but it would be great if you introduce some cool theme representing the spirit of party and youth

  33. Can you put the slider on a static page?

  34. Waiting for your magazine type theme

  35. I 2nd that! Directory theme, come on, if anyone can make a killer directory it’s got to be Elegantthemes!

  36. this is just amazing and fast wordpress theme that will be good for many business but hopefuly we will see some travel guides or portal themes on here..

  37. Woow such a great theme!

  38. Hi,

    What is the font used in the leanbiz-logo called?

    Great theme btw!

  39. this very beautiful theme

  40. how can i upload images on first page slider

  41. The contact page has a built-in captcha to prevent spam. How do I get this same captcha feature for comments on post pages?

  42. best themes i got from elegantthemes.

  43. so clean, its my favorite from elegantthemes.

    Thank you for the great Theme….

    thank again waiting…..for the next theme

  44. I love the theme but I have 1 question. How do you get the images in the slider. Text entry is clear but where do you load the url for the image?

  45. wounderfull themes i have never seen this…

  46. Hi There,

    This is the third time the question has been asked, but it bears repeating:

    Where do you load the url for the image in the slider?

    The instructions indicate the the image field is in the ET Settings but there is no image field appearing in the ET Settings…

    A custom image field doesn’t do anything…

    Adding an image in the post doesn’t do anything…

    And featuring an image in the post doesn’t do anything…


    • Agree, how can we add images to slider?

      • The theme is broken – It should have the image field, just like it has the video field, but it is missing from the theme.

          • Thanks for the feedback, but I’m referring to adding images to the Homepage Featured Slider.

            I’ve been reading complaints from people regarding this issue for about a year now, and I have yet to see a response from Tech Support.

  47. I created Page called “Products” In wordpress setting -> reading i set Front page displays as “Products” ,Problem is that Featured slider not appearing on this page.
    Can anyone help me to display Slider on static page?

  48. hello everyone, im jhody from indonesia.
    currently im using this theme for my web.

    can anyone make the header static? so the logo and menu stay while scrolling the page

  49. keep it up…

  50. Still my favorite ! Thanks !

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