New Theme: eList

Posted on November 8, 2011 by in Theme Releases 93 Comments

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New Theme: eList
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eList is a unique theme that opens up some cool possibilities. At its core, it is a “directory” theme, meaning simply that it can be used to store a database of user-generated listings. The purpose of your site, and the type of content being submitted by your users, is entirely up to you. eList could  easily be used as a local job board, where business pay to list their available positions in a relevant category, or where residents pay to place their resumes. Perhaps it is a local real estate listings directory, where agents pay to list their properties for locals to see. It could also, very simply, be an online directory of business or websites that you curate and charge (or don’t charge) for inclusion.

eList creates a front-end submission form that your visitors can use to submit their own listings. This form can be customized from within wp-admin to include whatever fields you like. You can then choose to charge your visitors to submit their listings, or allow them to post for free.

Live DemoFeatures Info


eList Features

 1. Unlimited ColorSchemes – eList includes our CSS control panel, allowing you to adjust the background and font color of your theme. This allows for unlimited possibilities when comes to color combinations, and also includes various background textures.

2. Classic Directory Structure – eList includes the classic directory structure, where your homepage is based off categories rather than recent listings. Each category is displayed, along with a description, post count and thumbnail image.

3. eCommerce Integration – eList allows you to place your listings behind a pay-wall. You can charge  a fixed rate for each listing, as well as an additional fee to have the listing “featured” on the homepage and relevant categories. All payments are handled via PayPal, and the theme uses IPN to automatically verify listings once they have been paid for. If a listing is not paid for, then it will remain a draft in the system and will not be published.

4. Custom Drag-and-Drop Form Builder – The eList listings submission form can be completely customized to fit the purpose of your website. We have created a custom form builder that you can use to easily customize your submission form, adding any additional fields that you require.

5. Front-end Listing Submissions – eList has its own front-end login and submission page, allowing your visitors to publish new listings without ever having to log in to the WordPress Dashboard. This creates a seamless experience for your customers.

6. Featured Listings – You have the option of allowing your visitors to pay additional fees to be “Featured.” When a users pays to be featured, their listing is rotated on the homepage and category Featured Slider for a limited amount of time. You can change how long listings stay “Featured” from within ePanel.

I hope that everyone enjoys the new theme! It was a challenging one to create, but I think it turned out quite well. 🙂



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  1. nice.. as always.

    • I agree. Nice 😀

    • Hi
      the theme looks great. But before buying i have a question, will it be able to give SEO friendly url to the paid listings? like as on ?

    • I love this theme.

    • Love this theme! Using it now for a community director, just getting it started but I can’t figure out how to make the home page like the examples above.

      2. Classic Directory Structure
      6. Featured Listings

      Did I miss something?

  2. Wow – this one is absolutely brilliant.
    Drag and drop forms – watch out headway.


  3. Very cool. I hope to see that type of drag-and-build contact form expanded in the future (maybe to the Elegant Themes standard/default “Contact” page’s appearance? *hint hint* 🙂 )

  4. The best directory theme I have ever seen. I am already thinking how I am goint to use it. Great work!

  5. Looks good! Is there an option for people to upload more than one image per posting?

  6. Great, one theme with multiple purposes. Great to see what can we acomplish we this.

  7. Hello,

    I encounter the following problem in
    Option Set
    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /homepages/4/d373656584/htdocs/site/wp-content/themes/eList/functions.php on line 293

    a solution?

    • Fixed:)

      Congratulations great theme

      • What was the fix? I’m seeing several similar errors. Is it a problem with settings?

        • I am getting the same error as well.

          • This problem was fixed in the most recent version of the theme.

  8. Exceeds Expectations! Full featured & allows easier further customization. One of the finest Themes you ever created Nick.

  9. Yes ! He is here ! Lot of work for you I’m sure & now for us !… A futur “hit” TX Nick.

  10. Looks very nice. This theme unique great job!

  11. This is good! I love the inbuilt PayPal integration, the form builder and no need for submitters to sign into WordPress ‘back-end’.

  12. Wow! Well designed directory theme!

  13. Hey Nick such a g8 theme with packed full of good features.
    Expecting this since a long time for one of my dream project.

    Thank u so much.

  14. It’s nice to have a directory on a WordPress platform, but the layout doesn’t say anything.
    What is bugging me more it’s that visible panel of the layout options which comes from the left side. Can we hide that? Make an extra div layer and add an option for that in the Control Panel (so the developer/owner will decide if that design toy will show up or not).

    • There is an option in the epanel to hide it.

  15. Nice one guys.

  16. Looking forward to using this one.

  17. it look nice but if there can be more ads column at homepage, it will be better.

  18. Very nice theme looking perfect online directory for ebusiness! Nice work

  19. All features expected are fulfilled by this theme. Really a unlimited possibilities are available to use this theme.

    Excellent Work. Keep it up.

  20. I’ve already tested eList. So far, this themes is easy to use and awsome!

  21. Looking great feature rich design. How about making it responsive design.

    Really missing this in-demand feature in your themes.

  22. Looking great feature rich design. How about making it responsive design ?

    Really missing this in-demand feature in your themes.

  23. Hi guys
    any chance that the next theme could be responsive?

  24. Hi Nick, design looks great. Couples of questions/ideas:

    1) can users edit their auto generated pass (on front end)?
    2) can users edit their listings (from a dashboard on fornt end)?
    3) add a map view or central map for listing all pin points.
    4) add multiple photos
    5) add ratings
    6) responsive for mobile…etc.

    • I’d like to also know above questions – all great features. Mobile ready is a BIGGY 😉

    • I agree. Love that you’ve done a directory, but I’d like more features along the lines of Geo Places by Templatic.

  25. absolutely brilliant – great work Nick!

  26. Nice, in terms of design and elegance.

    — Need more focus on user “usability”. This is how easy visitors read the contents. Small font, light color seems not suit for general public but design lovers.
    This is also about how easy people can browse categories, go this one and that on in fewer clicks.

    I know these are not hard to fix (customise) but, the point is, when you are making a DIRECTORY which is for the general public, rather than those design lovers’ group, then this is somewhat unlike your usual designs of the themes.

    Again, don’t get me wrong, this is a wonderful design, what i m talking about is the usability. This theme certain fits some particular business directory but not for general usage.

    (It is good to have some opposite opinions 🙂 )


    • I agree with you. I think the font size and buttons/elements are too small. Could there be a built in way to customize this?

  27. Looks amazing! Nice work as always! The homepage layout is possibly the most well-designed of any directory theme out there.


  28. Can I use Gravity Forms to make my submission form?

    • Have you been able to figure out how to use gravity forms for the submission form?

  29. It would actually be nice to see the drag and drop form builder integrated into all the themes. Could use it on several projects.

  30. Nice design. Would be awesome if it has a rating system.

  31. I had posted this on the preview blog, but I thought this might be of interest here:

    I will try this with a plug-in I purchased on the Warrior Forum. With one press of a button, I created a directory listing of Boston hair salons. With one press of a button I created multiple directories for all major cities. See my in-process to see it.

    You could populate listings with one short code for “spas”, “attorneys”, “salons”, etc.

    It’s called WP Local Plus Plug-in. About $27, and would work great with this theme. If you create a site using it, please post it in this thread.

    • I noticed you have been posting about that plugin before as well.

  32. I would prefer to have this functionality with my existing theme, versus having to use a theme dedicated to this function. Any possibility of repacking this as a plugin?

  33. Nice theme Nick!! …

    What about a coupon theme ? … Just an Idea 😉

  34. Wow, very nice!

    One question…

    Where can I edit to allow more image uploads?


  35. Nick, You always cease to amaze me with your themes. I love your work! Very nice work!

  36. OMG, your timing is perfect. I bought a domain about 15 minutes ago. Came here to check out which theme I wanted to use for it and like magic, here’s the perfect one ready and waiting for me. 🙂

    Nick, have I told you lately that I love you?

  37. The theme and its idea behind is great, but I feel it lacks some header feature that would help to personalize more the directory. Otherwise, all of the websites will look pretty much the same. I wonder whether it is possible to add this feature?

  38. Nice theme 🙂 i like it 😉

  39. I’ve been looking for a directory website like this for a while. Thank you. Exactly what I need.

    • very good and creative , thanks

  40. Hi Nick

    Great theme, like all of yours.
    I have client who bought it and it want some changes, but I found this error:
    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in ….www\elist\wp-content\themes\eList\functions.php on line 293

    Can you help?


    • If you could please open a thread in the support forum, our tech support team will be able to assist you.

      • I found it is really simple. Do you want to post it?

  41. If you could please open a thread in the support forum,

  42. I love this type of inspiring work… tnx

  43. This is fantastic. What I am wondering, though, is if it can be used for a review site. So each category would be a different product category, and then each response would be a customer review of that product. I would like to be able to customize each response by providing a custom form (much like you’ve included in this template). Can I do this with this template?

  44. Great theme, like most of it. Also it helps to create different things

  45. Is there any other payment gateway to join in? I am from India, can’t use Paypal. Please do the needy.

  46. Love the graphical homepage design of this theme!

  47. Nice theme, however would like to know can we use it for classified ads and would it support to list items according different countries and cities.

    Please help me out if it is possible

  48. This is also a reaction on many client requests I would say.
    I have seen a request for a directory theme SOME time on the forum.
    So elegants-Team picks up Your wishes also.

    My wish would be, which I already saw very often, that very nice styled designs go together with fast loading pages.

    So, I would vote for elegant to use css sprites.

    Make a css sprite on Your theme AFTER it has been published, I consider nearly impossible, because it is so much work, because elegant themes are not coded easy.

    So, why not make use of a feature that would help improve the loading speed of the themes?

    Also, the overhead the epanel generates, is quite big.
    Cant it be taken out of loading of the site, when visited by a client?

    Thanks in advance.

  49. I am looking at using a “news theme” but I also want “directory” list capabilities. can I insert a theme inside a theme?? Is that possible??

  50. @Tamara.
    Propably not with elegantthemes alone. My first idea was creating a child theme, but as there are not only css files involved, this might be too complicated, because there are easier ways.

    I have made great experiences with formidablepro in building a directory.
    So, You could take an elegantthemes for News an build directory with this very clean form plugin.


  51. Does this theme facilitate an event component? I’ve had the worst time finding a good directory/ event theme that does a good job of both. I can either have strong event support OR a nice directory (and this one is very, very nice). But I’d love for a user to be able to add events to their directory listing should they wish.

  52. Nice theme. But it is missing couple of key features.

  53. Hi,

    I’m having an issue with the theme and could use some help – the images I set up for my categories don’t show up on the homepage.

    Any thoughts?


  54. i agree, the best directory theme i’ve seen so far! i bought a $67 directory theme and that is nothing compared to this one.. same feature plus tons more!

  55. I was wondering if there is a way to make the Categories into a DROP-DOWN style so when I create several sub-categories – there isn’t a long list that makes the Listings less visible unless you scroll down.

    Beautiful theme!


  56. Hi guys, good day!
    On the subject elist eCommerce Integration Standard is only charged once only?
    If you end up as the additional person will only buy the extra to make this a featured ad?
    If this further with the standard in paypal.
    Thank you.

  57. The theme and its idea behind is great, but I feel it lacks some header feature that would help to personalize more the directory. Otherwise, all of the websites will look pretty much the same. I wonder whether it is possible to add this feature?

  58. Nice theme ! The theme and its idea behind is great

  59. Hello Guys, please can anyone tell me how to show the Featured Listings in the Homepage? I can’t find the option to do that in the ePanel. What’s the Custom Field value to make a listing “Featured”?

    Thanks, help is much appreciated!


  60. I would like to know if is it possible to create a drop-down menu with this beautiful directory theme. If it is possible, please, reply to me explaining how to make it.

    Thanks a lot.

  61. Hi. Great theme. Poorly you published it after my subscription period ended. So i will pay fpr another subscription period. Good themes and good prices, thats what elegantthemes stands for.
    Kind regards, Markus

  62. Probably a simple answer to this. I searched the forum but could not find.

    I am creating a directory for my very active community who will love the idea of being in this directory. Once a listing is approved, will the submitter be able to edit it later? Are they creating an account that will allow them to edit their submission if something is misspelled or changes about their listing? Having to change any requests manually is kind of a deal-breaker. Do you have any advice or answers for me? Or, to put it another way: How self-serve can I make my directory using eList?

    • Bump 🙂

      I’m looking to use this for a business networking group website that needs a member listing. But, I love Divi, too….


  63. I’m just starting my blog (as of about an hour ago) and can’t figure out the field value to put next to the custom “Featured” field to get it to manually display. I see the question posed by another and no response. Please help.

    • If you need help, please open a thread in our support forums so that our tech support team can assist you.

  64. I am just checking out, the web site themes are good.

  65. Hi There.
    Thanks for the cool post.
    Personally i gave up on searching for themes. because it’s a frustrating and time consuming task. and started to use wordpress theme creator Instead. I customize the theme to my needs and stick with it

    • If you need help, please open a ticket in our support forums so that our team can assist you.

  66. Hey There,

    I just installed eList. Are there any sites that’s completely up and running eList? I’m really visual and just need to see some examples. The demo doesn’t show how it incorporates Adsense.


    • Ok, I played around w/ the eList options some more and have it configured.

      Just in case someone else needs an example, my site is

      Might as well check it out and get a free backlink =D

  67. I just installed the theme and imported sample data. It doesn’t look anything at all like your live preview with listings, and categories, etc. I wanted to use that as a starting point. How do I get that done?

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