New Theme: DailyJournal

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New Theme: DailyJournal

DailyJournal’s design is fun and endearing, and its personal feel is great for anyone who is starting their own blog. It is also our first fully responsive blog theme. With the current boom in mobile device use, it is important to insure that your website looks great at any size. Responsiveness means that the theme will change as your screen gets bigger or smaller. DailyJournal will look great on a big desktop screen, or a tiny mobile phone.

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DailyJournal Features

Responsive Design – DailyJournal is a fully responsive design, meaning that it will respond and adapt to your screen’s resolution to insure that your content is displayed beautifully at any size. In a world where the popularity of mobile devices is growing at a rapid rate, it is important to make sure that your website looks great on smart phones and tablets. DailyJournal will look great on your phone in both portrait and landscape mode!

Multiple Colorschemes – DailyJournal comes with 4 different colorschemes. If the default brown variation is not your cup of tea, then try out the Blue, Green or Purple versions.

I hope that everyone likes the new theme. We have some great blog themes in our collection, but nothing that was responsive. I am excited to continue to add great responsive designs to our collection!

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  1. Super-cute! I love the flexibility with handheld devices.

    • Super Awesome Specially the pinky version

    • Very cute. I also love this devices

  2. Lovely Stuff Gents, Can’t wait to start working with this one…. Been waiting for a responsive blog theme and was excited by the preview a month or so ago! A lovely addition to the compilation…

  3. You guys never fail to impress with your new themes. Really loving the “easy Mobile” layout/CSS you’ve come up with in the more recent themes.

    Keep it up!

  4. While I love the design of your themes Nick, I have to say, more attention needs to be paid to readable typography, this isn’t that easy on the eyes to read, and the fonts for practically every theme need to be bigger.

    Regardless, another beauty.

    • Much agreed. I generally have to go in and do more customization on just the text style alone so that I can read without getting a headache. My husband, another computer nerd, complains about this as well.

      • I have to go in an alter all the fonts as well.

        I like this new theme and the responsiveness, but looking at it on an iPhone, the width of the reading area is way too small for readability because the design of the theme wastes a lot of space on the left side. I’ll probably have to hand code a fix to this.

        I do like the look of it and I’m thrilled to see responsive designs.

  5. Another amazing theme guys. My clients are asking for responsive/mobile sites so this comes at the perfect time. I’d you could create a responsive eCommerce theme I would be chuffed to bits!

    One minor bug on my Galaxy Note is the pagination “Page X of Y”. On my screen the “Y” appears below the “Page X of…”. I can send a screenshot if you need it.



    • Me too but it would be great to have a responsive theme with all of the options of the Aggregate theme. Tons of fonts and color options would make this a really great theme. Maybe a future idea…

  7. “We have some great blog themes in our collection, but nothing that was responsive.” – It’s become more outstanding if all your previous masterpiece themes could be transformed into responsive design. Cheers Nick! 😀

    • I agree with KomenEbook, your designs are beautiful and as the name suggests Elegant.

      But, this begs the question…Are you going to update your previous themes to make them Responsive as well?

      I’m not tech savvy so if I’m showing my knowledge of programming or lack there of please forgive me.

      In the mean time, do we have to install the handheld theme/plugin on our current themes to mimic the responsive feature?

      Thanks and congratulations on creating another beautiful WordPress theme!


  8. Beautiful theme as per usual Nick.
    But the type size is way too small for a personal theme. Just my opinion, but would be better with 50% bigger type for a personal theme.

  9. Thank you for this! I think it’s exactly what I’m looking for with my new blog.

  10. Looks great. Its probably the first responsive theme for personal websites. Keep up the good work.

  11. nice : ) As always You done good work!

  12. Very nice… I hope more responsive themes will be coming in the future. So glad I am a member of Elegant Themes – Awesome!

  13. Looks very minimal and responsive touch is adding charm in to the theme.

    Great work done by ET team.

  14. Just an awesome work. Complete blog and fully flexibility with handheld devices design. Once again Great job by ET team,

  15. Really good work, i love this theme and the design.

  16. Well designed responsive layout for WordPress Lovers! 🙂

    Happy Journey with DailyJournal!

  17. Very nice!

  18. Beautiful as always, but I’ll always miss this repressive design in all of the previous elegant themes 🙁

  19. LUV ET.
    Any plans for a Facebook Fan Page template? – kinda like Convertible with 520px wide.

    Mario Frade
    Lisbon, Portugal

  20. Hey Nick,

    nice theme. But now it’s time to have a look at the Shortcodes. Not only in this theme they don’t fit no longer.
    Please scroll all the way down.

    I would like to suggest that Shortcodes and Page templates should have the special look of the theme.

    For example: If you change the design of the magnifying glass in the thumbs of the theme, you should change the design of the magnifying glass in the Shortcodes and Page templates also.

    Just my opinion.

  21. Very smooth theme. Your stuff keeps getting better. Thanks

  22. Nice theme, although I am waiting for flexible 3 columns theme or an classified ads theme.

  23. more themes like LightBright please

  24. Love this theme, altered my blog to it from Memoir. Would be nice to be able to change fonts from the control panel like some of the other themes though . . .

  25. great WordPress theme.Very nice!

  26. Back to basics and looks nice. I am just curious are there a lot of people who are using these simple, plain blog style themes? In the forum there are a lot more questions, thus i suspect also more interest about themes like aggregate (i am one of those people).
    If you need any sugestion for next themes, I would advice to create a theme where we can modify every inch of the theme – e.g. put widgets and ads in every part ot the theme. Futhermore, I am always a little bit curios, why do ET themes have such a huge blank spaces between each element. The upper part of the page is one of the most valuable, google heatmap approves it, so we should have the possiblity to use every inch of it.

  27. Great modern theme…

    Got a question:

    I want to have a left side bar below the nav links (pages) on the left side. How do add this so that I can customize it using the widgets once I have it in place?

    I definately need the ability to have one side bar on the left and one on the right.

    Also how do I move the nav bar to the top horizontally above everything?

  28. I would loooooooove a Tumblr version of this theme

  29. The theme looks so nice … it seems that you guys are creating more and more beautiful themes as time passes …

    Also congrats on the 100.000 customers … this is a huge achievement …

  30. I must be honest I am new to WordPress and themes in general (just learning how to use them, but from where I stand your themes look very nice and functional.You may consider adding a forum (a small one) so your customers can communicate with each other.

  31. Superb Theme. I love the Gray one..
    Thank you.

  32. I just used this Theme on my blog! looks great!

  33. Very nice theme! But have problem in HP Touchpad browser.

    All menu items mirrors on top of main content. So big portion of it covered by them.

  34. I am having issues with the ads on the side bar not displaying on mobile phones. can you pls help? thank you.

    • Hi Maria, sorry you’re having that problem. The best place for us to help you out with that is actually via our support forum. The fix you’re looking for may already be there. If not, you can create a new ticket and our team will take a look.

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