New Theme: Convertible

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New Theme: Convertible

Convertible is a new take on the classic sales page. Landing pages are useful for marketers who have a single product to sell and need to create a page to pitch it to their visitors. Our landing page theme comes with tons of easy-to-use elements such as buttons, pricing tables, image sliders, tabs and more.

A landing page needs to be versatile and customizable, which is why we devised an entirely new way of managing your pages. Convertible includes a custom Drag and Drop page builder that allows you to completely customize your landing page without ever having to touch a line of code. I am confident that anyone who uses the new builder will soon wish they could use the same functions on their other websites as well, which is why we will be developing the builder technology into its own plugin in the near future to be used with any theme!

Drag and Drop Page Builder

With Convertible comes the most advanced feature we have ever packaged with a theme. Your page is no longer built using the standard page editor, but instead with our custom drag and drop builder. No longer do you need to use HTML or Shortcodes to create advanced layouts, which often lead to WYSIWYG conflicts and headaches.

The builder works using what we call “Modules.” Modules can be whatever we want them to be, and in this case, are various elements that we thought would be useful on a landing page. These modules include Tabs, Toggles, Image Sliders, Buttons, Testimonials, Pricing Tables, Boxes, Lists, Videos, Images and more. These modules are stacked onto a visual canvas like building blocks, allowing you to intuitively structure your page without ever having to touch a line of code or get lost in a sea of excessive shortcodes.

Drag and Drop Modules Onto Your Canvas

To add a module to your page, simply drag it from the list of available modules and drop it onto your canvas. Once dropped, your module can be edited, rearranged, re-sized or deleted. You can have an unlimited number of modules of your page, allowing for infinite possibilities.

Rearrange Modules On The Page

Once a stack of modules have been added to your page, they can easily be re-arranged by dragging and dropping them around the canvas to change their order.

Re-size Modules With The Drag Of Your Mouse

Any module can also be re-sized on the fly. Simply drag the edge of the module with your mouse to adjust it’s size. The size is % based, so the visualization in the builder gives you a good idea of how big your module will be in relation to your other modules. A % value is also displayed as your re-size your modules. Modules also float and re-stack themselves. For example, if two modules with a width of 50% are set next to each other, they will float onto a single line creating a single 100% row that contains both modules.

Create Advanced Column Layouts and Nested Modules

If you would rather have a more exact approach to structuring your modules, you can next them inside columns. Like modules, columns can be dragged onto your canvas. Modules can then by dragged inside this columns. You can add multiple modules to any single column.

All Modules Are Also Shortcodes!

One really cool thing we have done is  make all of our modules function as shortcodes as well. This means that any module that contains text can nest modules as shortcodes within themselves, allowing you to create modules with multiple tiers. If you drag a modules into the WordPress text editor, the shortcode markup for the module is added automatically.

Add Widgets and Sidebars Anywhere On Your Page

Widget-ready-areas have been turned into modules as well. This means that you can drag and drop new “sidebars” onto your canvas and place them anywhere on your page. Anywhere that you can add a module you can also add a sidebar, allowing you to integrate your plugins and widgets anywhere in the theme.

I hope everyone puts the theme to good use. I can’t wait to see what you create! Let us know what you think of the new builder 🙂

Premade Layouts

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  1. Nice one, thanks.

    • Insanely awesome! great work. love it!!

    • Great New Theme 🙂 Is there a way to join manually i’m having issues with registering through paypal … I will still use paypal but need to do it manually 🙂 thanks

      • At the PayPal screen look to bottom and there should be a link to via credit card.

    • Vey beautiful theme. I also like convertible logo as well.

    • Hi, I’m having difficulty adding a slider image to the image slider. Has anyone had the same problem?

      • If you could please open a thread in our support forums, our team will be happy to assist you.

  2. Amazing theme. Going straight to members area to test it.

    • Can i preview my site on Cherry truffle

  3. Wow. That’s really amazing! Well done! Thanks Nick!

  4. Looks awesome, can’t wait to have a play with it, very cool stuff!

  5. Smooth one!
    Considering to take this one as my main blog theme.

  6. Very nice and plenty of scope – thank you.

    Might we have more drag and drop to look forward to?

    • We plan on making this into a plugin that would work with any theme, which would allow anyone to take advantage of the functionality.

      • That will be great!
        This theme is amazing, but this functionality in all themes..hmmm..outstanding!

      • You rock! That’s great to hear it’ll end up as a plugin! Development very well done, design very well done. I’m always impressed.

        Thank you.

      • Any idea on an ETA for ths plugin? Looks promising!

      • If the plugin would work with any theme your themes become the best ever on the Internet. The layout is not as important as functionality and this plugin will make elegant themes more interesting and innovative.

        • Thanks for the nice theme. I am just wondering if we can get the content filled in these modules from wordpress database/

          Thanks again for all the beutiful work you have done in past.


      • awesome work Nick, you have a very happy customer here 🙂

      • This is fantastic news! I can’t wait for the plugin

  7. Nice 🙂

  8. Stunning work! Thanks.

  9. Very well done gentleman. I will be using this in the future.

  10. nice work very elegant

  11. Great! This is awesomeness.
    Thanks elegentthemes!

  12.!!! I totally love you guys for this one.

    Say, I don’t mean to ask a dumb question, but can I use this for more than one page? As in, can I use this within and throughout Coldstone for the gazillion pages I already have? Or is this a one shot deal?

    Thanks again for your innovation.

    • This is something I’d like to know as well Lisa.

    • Convertible is a single-page landing page theme. However, we do plan to develop the builder into a plugin to be used with any theme.

      • So as a plugin, will it allow the user to create page layouts for MORE than one page, or will it still be restricted to use on one page only?

  13. Wooow… It’s like a complete new way of using WordPress, I’m impatient to test all the possibilities !!

    Thanks for pushing the limits 🙂

  14. Will you be reinventing the other themes to include the drag and drop functionality? Awesome work!

    • I have the same hope! A plugin would be even more powerful. I predict subscriptions to ET would skyrocket just to gain access to such a plugin – not to mention access to the best WP themes around. Great work as always ET!

    • We don’t plan on re-inventing old themes. However, we do plan to produce a plugin with the same functionality that could be used with any theme.

      • Nick,

        Can you give us an idea when the Drag and Drop Page Builder plugin for other themes might be available?

        No WP expert, but this could very well revolutionize the way WP sites are built, or at least propel creativity & productivity to new heights.


  15. Whilst I don’t currently have a need for a landing page this is still an incredibly exciting development. In particular the development of a plugin based around the techniques developed for this theme.

    Editable pages will put you right up their with the theme frameworks. I love the idea of the customisation a this allows, in conjunction with the short-codes and beautiful design elements of Elegant Themes.

  16. Fabulous Nick
    Watch out Headway theme. LOL

    Can I use your video on an affiliate page?
    If yes, how to I embed it?

    Congratulations on this one ET.

  17. You’re doing it better with every new release!

    • Thanks, we try!

  18. Hi Guys,

    This is so good! I can’t wait to play around with Convertible, and I’m excited about what this may bring for future theme releases.


  19. Great this should make a good part of my network, can make this be a newsletter section. 🙂

  20. I see now what all the wait was about.

    Would love to be able to toss a menu in, thereby expanding this theme from a landing page to a full blown site.

    Otherwise, this is a very promising development. Good work, Nick!


  21. Hello

    This looks amazing…

    Especially love the layout options with drag and drop.

    Thank you so much

  22. OMG….I’m really really don’t know the correct word to express Convertible.

    Superb? Awesome? Fabulous? Extravaganza?

    Thanks Nick!

  23. Astonishing work and brilliant ideas… Wow wee!

    This opens such an array of possibilities… Thanks so much Nick and all!

  24. Awesome theme..No words to explain this theme…

  25. It´s awesome. ET Thanks for hear our needs. I just want to now if this is is responsive like evolution theme.

    Love ET.

  26. Clap…Clap…Clap

    Wow! congratulation Nick and the ET team.

    This theme looks freakin AWESOME!

    Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with next!

    Great work!


  27. Just amazing! Lets create!

  28. Keep up the elegant work.

  29. GWell done.
    A great new way to design a website.
    Will be utilizing it on a new site next week.

  30. This is a “Game Changer”!

  31. Great release. Im really like drop&drap modules

  32. Woow…
    Great theme.

    I can not wait to try it.
    Thanks’ nick

  33. excelente!!!!, se la volaron amigos!!!

  34. Sweeet! Can’t wait to try it out. Thanks for all the hard work, Nick.

  35. Nice theme!
    Would like to try it right away.

  36. Wow! Your team has outdone itself once again, thanks!

  37. I have been waiting for this and finally it’s released!

    Wow it looks so awesome!

    Thanks for your great work Nick!

  38. Nick, you and your team done fantastic job. Just awesome theme design and specially drop and drop. The theme concept is very nice and create plenty of scope. Great Work ET

  39. ET you are done awesome work, Vary new scope grow with this theme, such a nice creation

  40. I might be missing something here, but does anyone know if I can create another page with this theme?

    I cannot work it out creating other pages. All the pages display the same landing page.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks a lot in advance!

    • Thanks. You answered the question I just asked. I was wondering if we can create more than one page, and if the pages can be created to have their own unique look. THAT is a TRUE builder for WordPress. But since it’s restricted to only one age, then it’s not versatile at all. I was going to buy a membership today so I could use the theme, but it’s not really a complete theme. Oh well, I don’t need to buy a membership after all because I can’t do anything with one page.

      • It’s a landing page theme, not a blog or a website.

        • Nick, I did a landing page using this theme, the thing is I want to create another page for the registration page, About Us etc. It’s not a blog but an event landing page that I need.

          If I can’t create another page, what’s the use of the buttons and widget module?

          • To use a different theme you can create a subdomain. Upload the About Us Theme to wordpress them create the page that you want. You can them add a link to this About Us page on your landing page. That’s how I did it on one of my websites.

  41. One of the most innovative landing pages and stuff like this can really turn your business around.

    Really awesome work done.

    • I thought that one page sites are at a disadvantage to multipage sites from an SEO standpoint. Even if you have a landing page, you’d still want to have some links in a menu to satisfy search engines.

      I may be off base on that or I may just have little SEO savvy after all, but I still question just how beneficial a one pager is to really help business grow. Having the power to add a few extra pages would do more for you.

      I like where Nick is heading with this concept, but the theme is at a disadvantage.

      Keep chipping’ away.


      • It depends on how you structure your site. There’s no reason you couldn’t install a WP instance on a subdirectory, or use Multisite for host things like this.

        There are also plugins that let you have a theme on a single page, though I’m not sure how they would work with this.

        Bottom line: it isn’t intended as a theme for a site, it’s a theme for a landing page. Implementation and SEO are up to you 🙂

        • Shame WP doesn’t have the ability to assign different theme is needed to any page – Joomla has been doing this from day 1.

          I hate to keep adding plugins for every missing feature.

          So seems best way to implement this is to reconfig our WP sites as multisite.

  42. 🙂 Listen, well done …

  43. Awesome! Great work.

  44. I guess if I wanted landing pages for an existing site would I need a fresh WP install in a sub-directory to use this.

    Haven’t had a close look at the theme yet, are there alternative background textures or colors?

    • You can define custom BG textures, images and colors from within ePanel.

  45. Your themes never cease to amaze me. You took the back-end to a whole new level. Honesty, I am amazed.

    I have been looking for something like this for a long time. I almost gave in and was gonna scrap a few ideas with internet marketing. This theme brings inspiration!

  46. WOW, this is awesome. I was just about to buy me such a template. Can I change the language of the buttons? Thank you so much Nick!

  47. Wow this looks great .. already downloaded and I cant wait to play – Ian

  48. Pagebuilder look nice !!
    Will you build this also for other templates?

    Great work!

    • We plan on creating a plugin that will bring the drag and drop framework to any theme.

  49. Thank you again Nick…..
    Is this video available to share in a product review article?

  50. Woow, that are awesome features! I have never seen such a flexible theme like this one!

  51. Awesome! Can’t wait to see the pagebuilder in other themes! It’s the way of the future 🙂

  52. Wow!! It’s just like Xmas, can’t stop playing with it, you’re a saint, Nick:)
    Awesome work

  53. Nick, this is exactly what I’ve been imagining when I suggested the creation of a landing page theme, it’s awesome!
    Hope you received the book, btw, and appreciated the great visibility given to your beautiful themes! 🙂


  54. realy nice! thanks

  55. Simply great !!!

    Awesome, put your builder in all your themes, at least in the next ones. I love it.

    Congratulations !!!! Nice work that make the difference !!

    Does anyone need a reason to justify my subscription since 2009 ?

    I have Spanish translation ready as my contribution.

  56. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!

    One question. It appears this is for a single page, so do we install it in a separate folder? Or?

    Congrats…was sharing your site with a new client and she is in love with your themes.

    Many blessings

  57. Looks cool, not a whole lot of themes that fill this particular need.

  58. Excellent work, Nick ! 🙂

  59. Wow! I’m just in love with this! Can’t stop smiling 🙂 And the idea of your planned plugin just makes it even more fabulous.
    Thanks so much, Nick. This is a real game changer – such a boon to page design, and completely headache-free. Yay!

  60. Hi! Very Nice this theme. I would to buy it, but before I would like this theme with a form, a example. Also into video… I don’t understand the managing of pages into this theme or form plugin o there into this theme. To Explain, please or where I can understand better? Thank you very much.

  61. Very nice theme. The idea with drag and drop is very cool. Thanks

  62. the drag & drop modules look amazing, as does ‘Convertible’. Wow. Nice work!

  63. This is absolutely fantastic. I’ve downloaded and had a quick play with the Theme and the module system is awesome!

  64. Wow,

    This is amazing Nick. You certainly keep increasing the bar. Not sure how you are going to be able to top this one.

    • I’ll think of something 🙂

  65. Wow drag and drop, this will make life much easier! Can’t wait for this to be a plugin too Nick!

    Great work guys!

  66. Simply awesome! 🙂

    Well done, compare to PageLines, it comes with the easy options like Drag and Drop Page Builder.

  67. Very slick! If I wanted a simple three page site (two topic pages and contact page) couldn’t I create three buttons with links back and forth?. Better yet a drag and drop navigation bar (maybe it’s there).

    It would be interesting to see what others come up with using this theme.
    Any URL’s?

    One use to to spiff up the first of many directory sites using a simple plug-in from the Warrior forum. The crude version is . Even the second page (a full directory) was created in less than a minute.

    I found a good site for photos: . Most are only $3.

  68. Can I create MORE than one page with this theme, or only one? I’m thinking of buying a membership because this theme looks so versatile, and I want to use it for a project, but is it restricted to just creating only ONE page?? The site I’m building has at least 75 pages/subpages.

    • Nevermind; I found the answer above, in another user’s comment. I already own a premium WordPress theme that allows me to create a unique landing page via a drag-and-drop feature, but I was hoping this new ET builder option could be used to create more than one layout on many pages, but unfortunately it only works for one page.

  69. amazing as well..thanks

  70. Great Job Nick. This is an incredible Landing Page Builder. My clients and myself are going to benefit from this greatly. Once again, you have outdone yourself. I can’t thank you enough.


  71. I love you, man. So, so, so very useful. Thank you.

    • You’re welcome 🙂

  72. Great Theme Nick! Are you going to do something like this with Tumblr. I would love for a customizable Tumblr blog like this. Keep up the good work!

  73. Hi ! Just a question :
    How can I add URL on pricing table’s buttons ? There is no field for redirect on another url. If I click on the basic buttons, they just refresh the same page.
    Thanks ! 😉

    • And… The day after, it works. YOU’RE GREAT, NICK. Very very good job. I’ll subscribe for another year. 🙂 Thanks.

  74. I just want to know, if I purchase this, can I create a fully site. More then one Page.

  75. This theme makes me wanna subscribe to ET again! Absolutely stunning, Nick!

    • I hope that the builder plugin they said they will make from it will extend to more than just one page. I’ll be more than happy to become a NEW member if I can use the plugin to make layouts for more than one page. I hope they create the plugin, or a theme with the builder incorporated into it, for next month’s release. I’ll join then if they do.

  76. Theme is great (like most of themes here)


    I rly wish to see more classic WP themes on Elegant. What I mean by classic?

    I mean theme for blog, with 2 menus (1 for categories)

  77. Awesome. A completely new idea especially the drag and drop part.

  78. Superb…the wait to use this theme live worth every penny, excellent!

  79. Great Theme and page builder, could you make this work as a Facebook theme for Pages?

  80. Hello. This looks magnificent! I like to add additional pages – privacy policy and testimonials – to make Google fall in love with me.

    Is it possible to add these with this theme?

    Thanks for your help and advice!

  81. That builder thing is truly stunning! Sure, it’s not as user friendly as i would envision it (eg: really drag and drop the ui elements and show that instead of blue bars) but this is certainly awesome!

    I actually wanted to make something like this some _years_ ago when wordpress didn’t exist for some pet project of mine.. I sadly never actually did make it but if i did i probably would have hit other limitations at that time (~10 years ago) like slow browsers 😉

  82. Molto bello!

  83. Hello Nick,
    do you have planned to release a blog/website version of this awesome skin?
    I’m much interested to purchase it.

  84. Great looking landing page theme With great functionality.
    The drag and drop concept is great.

  85. Nice work Nick! Wicked + Awesome = ET. Thanks for listening to the suggestion box!

  86. Holy…cow. This is exactly what I’ve been needing for my next 2 builds. Again…you deliver.

  87. Does it work with IE I am having problems getting it to work. I created a site in Mozilla but when open in IE 8 it broke. Even the backroom was broken. Need help!

    • It show that did not work in <=IE8 ,spacious something wrong delay in IE6.

  88. Good Job Guys, good idea to do anything in this direction.

    Although the styles and the look of the standard is much too fine for a typical landing page, because of the builder everybody will fit the theme for the needs.

    Thank You very much.
    More marketing related stuff, please.

  89. Any idea when the plugin will be done? That plugin is what could convert me from an admirer to a customer

  90. Wow. That’s really amazing! Well done!

  91. I too will jump for joy if it will turn into a plugin. Does that mean all pages can be differently designed with it, or just one page like the index?
    By the way Im am very happy to have found this site and being a member.

  92. its so nice and new theme style, thanks for amazing themes 😉

  93. Thanks a lot for sharing this great theme.

  94. Nice theme i am waiting for to try it i need i big change to my old website, i think that WordPress will be great!

  95. Wow, Nick! Elegant Themes just gets better and better!

    ***BUT*** I have noticed something…since joining around October, there’s been several new themes released, yet still no theme auto-update feature. Is it possible to focus your resources on making your themes easily upgradable??

    Otherwise, thank you, particularly for this theme!!

  96. When you get this beyond a single page, this will be huge. Ultimatum is the next step in this drag and drop arena, but with you ET flair, I’ve no doubt you’ll get there. Nicely done.

  97. Great theme. i love the design. i would love to use this in my next project.

  98. Great job, Great theme, This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much.

  99. Hi!
    I love the functionality , but would like to change the background wooden style with a standard grey. Would it be difficult / time consuming for a guy with programming experience to change that?

  100. WANT. WANT. WANT.
    I so want this page layout generator for all my Elegant Themes! If this is to be a plug-in, then I suggest you should charge real money for it because it is well, well worth it! I may have lost some friends here by saying that, but I think it could stand the WP community on its ear.

    • Jodeo, I totally agree with you!

      Actually, I’m going to one-up you and suggest that ET increase their yearly subscription — and use a lot of the increased proceeds to reward their helpful support forum moderators!! XD

      Honestly, ET just continues to overdeliver…I’m so glad ET was the first custom theme place I came upon!

      • I concur, if you release the page builder plugin your I and everyone should happily pay $99 a year. Elegant Themes trumps page lines and they cost $397

  101. Hi, this looks easy to use. Only this web design have drag and drop features? Why not all?

  102. This looks superb, but there should be possibility for further navigation beyond the sales page. Otherwise we can’t put fresh content and it ranks poorly, thus becoming almost useless, unless you have 2k of high quality backlinks.

  103. This is absolutely awesome, i’m in the internet marketing traffic generation niche, and i just installed this on one of my site’s and will play around with it all night tonight 🙂

    Thanks for pushing the boundaries and making it happen!


  104. Perfect!

  105. can provide us all the themes in rtl, i want to build the site for hebrew language with rtl features so can you make all the themes compatible with rtl features with hrbrew language.


  106. any plans to create multiple landingpages per domain/site?

    it would be great, if I can create multiple landingpages, each saved as post or page.

  107. This is so great, it seems like it will look very cool on mobile devices.

    Thanks for sharing


  108. It’s an awsome theme! great work Nick.

  109. Hi guys. I uploaded this theme. In “landing page Builder” when i click on “Add module”, “add a column” or other options, WP doesn’t show me no option… why? Ca anyone help me?

    thanks in advance

    • Please open a thread in our support forums so that our team can assist you.

  110. Hey 🙂

    Any news on that plugin? I really need that drag-and-drop function combined with this template and was thinking to play around with the code. However, if there’s such plugin going to be released soon, it will be pointless… so when are we to expect it proximately?

    Kind Regards,

  111. Nick,
    I feel you need a sidekick to make your themes RTL. If that is please e-mail me and I can help you to do that.

  112. Nice and Cool…I love it Nick. This theme will be a rival for Pro Affiliate Theme and some other similar themes that focus on landing pages.

    Great job. No more spend my money for buying various of themes. Elegant theme is enough.

  113. We think about new design. We love good job like Your. Thanks.

  114. I am trying to get purchases to go through paypal. Is there a way to drop the paypal code on a button, drop the paypal button code in a box?


  115. excellent theme, at very good price too, do you guys have any stats in regards to conversion of the particular interface ?

  116. I like most of elegant themes but have some issues. The cufon is a big problem, and needs manual changes. The fonts have problems with greek language, and some other issues are not well fixed. But really i use some themes of you and i am satisfy of your work.

    • Are you sure that you are using the latest version of our themes? We have removed cufon for the most part.

  117. Thanks for good job. So cheap and so good 🙂 very good quality

  118. This is what we are waiting for years. A theme that can be designed by drag and drop. I have tried some other programs drag and drop, i hope that wordpress is better than others in code quality.

  119. My question is, does anyone know how to remove the space between the top of the page and the actual header. I’d like to remove this space from the theme so that there is no space between the top of the page and the header that I’m using
    Heres the site:

  120. I was waiting for years for the day that i would be able to create a site with drag and drop! I will try it because i need a refresh!

  121. According to my personal point of view, Elegantthemes is one of the famous and reliable WordPress Theme developing companies. I am using Elegant themes on two of my blogs, and it is rocking. I really appreciate the amazing beautiful services of Elegant Themes.

  122. Elegantthemes is the best WordPress Theme developing ever! Theme can be redesigned by drag and drop – so cute 🙂 and fast

  123. Very nice theme. The drag and drop feature is by far the best. My clients love it.

  124. i can not drag and drop. I tried different browsers. plugin no problem but theme not drag and drop. sorry for bad english dont speak

    • This particular theme is not a drag and drop theme. Our Divi and Extra themes are however. You can also use our Divi Builder Plugin with any WordPress theme (including Convertible of course).

      • But, isn’t convertible not going to allow newer pages to be added? I mean no matter how many pages one creates in that theme only the homepage loads. correct?

        • If you have a membership with us and want the benefits of this theme but are concerned about its limitations, I would simply opt for using our Divi theme. You can use it to create just one page or any number of pages. And anything that Convertible does, Divi does so much better.

          • Thanks. We do have the membership at our agency. Its all about importing the entire content from convertible theme to Divi that’s challenging. Manual hours that might make my/our work easier eventually and make the site better, but I doubt the client will pay for the hours I put it. Any other ideas? 🙁

      • Excuse me? So you are telling me, this theme is useless as it is? I have to finish a landing page by tomorrow, and this is the only them I can use now (I used Divi once already). Now I had to Google and find out why the drag and drop doesn’t work. So I can’t use this theme? Why don’t you upgrade the site and delete the theme then?

        • I’m not telling you that the theme is useless. I’m just pointing out that this was an theme we created years before Divi. We learned a lot from it and have since improved almost every aspect of it–putting those lessons into Divi. You can still use convertible. It’s updated regularly and still works fine.

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