New Theme: Chameleon

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New Theme: Chameleon

Chameleons are known for their ability to change the color of their skin. The patterns and color combinations you find in chameleons are almost endless, and our new theme is no different! Chameleon was created to be a simple and professional theme with loads of customization options that do not require web development experience to utilize. The theme allows you to easily change fonts, font colors, background colors and pattern overlays. You can also choose between three different slider variations on the homepage. For a closer look, check our the Live Demo.

Chameleon Features

2. Unlimited Color Options – The color combinations in Chameleon are endless. You can define your color background colors which are then placed below a layer of semi-transparent textures. This gives you a large selection of background “images” that can customized without using a graphic design program. Chameleon also allows you to adjust the colors of your header/body text independently.

3. The Slider Variations – The homepage of Chameleon can use one of three slider variations. You can choose between a standard fading slider, the nivo slider, as well as the roundabout slider we created for the Modest theme.

4. Customization Control Panel – One of Chameleon’s unique features is an added customization control panel that allows you to visualize your theme’s font/color customizations before applying them. Enabling the control panel will cause a customization box to appear when browsing your site. You can use this box to change your theme’s fonts/colors on the fly. When you are satisfied, simply update ePanel with your desired changes and turn off the control panel.

5. Font Variations – Chameleon comes with tons of font variations thanks to the open source Google font collection. You can easily change between dozen of great fonts from within ePanel.

Premade Layouts

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  1. WTF! Why couldn’t you have put that control panel on InReview? Is there any easy way to do that? Is that going to be an update at any point?

    This is seriously an incredible feature.

    • This theme is fantastic! It’s officially my favorite theme on ET now. Great job nick!

      • Totally agree. Great job and I love the color picker. Really awesome feature.

        • Color contrast choices is one of the most important aspect, and elegant themes always nails it!
          Great job as always.

    • Nick, please add this control panel as update to epanel for all themes i want it for inReview too but maybe will like to use it for other themes too.

    • how do i remove the black text box on the slider images…?

      • Hi Shelly,

        If still looking for an answer, just add the following code to the custom css in Epanel:

        display:none !important;

        I’m using chameleon theme and that worked perfectly for me!

        • Mila,

          Thank you for your post. Do you know how you can link the banners to a page when you use this code?

          display:none !important;

          Or how do you just have the read more text without it pulling the H2 and description from the page it is linked to? Thanks!

        • I cannot find the custom css text box in the epanel. Is there another location that this code should be added to to remove the black box? Thank you in advance.

          • Never mind, I had to upgrade to the most current version. I had version 2.4 now I have 3.8 and I see the Custom CSS option. Thank you.

        • THANK YOU!! I’ve been trying to solve this issue for forever!

  2. Such a great theme, i think grabbed it first, and updating that to my website. hope to customize it soon and enjoy the work.
    Cheers Nick.

  3. this is amazing. please add to other themes.

    • I haven’t visited your site for awhile (computer had to be repaired) so when I saw this I was just absolutely thrilled. Just what I wanted!

      I definitely voted for ET. My ET subscription = money well spent!

  4. Very nice Nick! 1 word – stunning!

  5. This theme is amazing. Overall, very happy with my subscription to ET, seems like you are getting quicker and quicker at building really nice WordPress themes. Keep it up!

  6. Very nice!

    But…. The featured slider is really messed up in IE.

    I’m in IE 8… (I know, I know… IE sucks but there are still a lot of users out there)

    • Sorry about that, we fixed the problem.

      • Multi Media Bar (Chameleon) Hello Nick, Nice themes,
        I have question the Multimedia Bar, it’s not work correctly,
        i need some code, maybe intructions.

        • não consigo adicionar vídeos no Multimedia bar. Como fazer?

        • Multimedia bar NOT working… done everything I’ve found on “support” site 🙁

          also the link buttons come in on a “state up” or “rolled over” state until actually rolled over. 🙁

          what’s up?

          latest version of theme and wordpress.

          • If you need help, please open a thread in our support forums so that our team can assist you. If you have already opened a ticket then your questions will be answered soon.

      • I also have the IE8 issue with the slider. Is there an update available for this. Should I re-download the files and re-install? Please advise.

        • I fixed it. Check out the Support forum.

          Mike 🙂

      • How did you fix it? I have the same problem. I downloaded the theme just 2days ago.

        • Please open a thread in the support forums if you are experiencing problems so that we can assist you.

      • Please help, my index page doesn’t load any image… all the other ones yes… slider all in white…. waht happens? Thanks for the help!

        • If you need help, please open a thread in our support forums so that we can assist you.

    • LOT OF USERS? not really man! not even in afrika! MSIE usage is 25% of population on whole world.. which is nothing.. ANYWAY YOU ARE OUT OF DATE! install IE 9 or beautiful FF4.. (if you running windows xp..) heh all of my websites block old versions of MSIE..only latest version is allowed with all other browsers.. MSIE ignore common web-standards.. so I ignore MSIE.. If its up to me I would support only MSIE versions 9 and 10 – which will come out very soon 🙂 simple – STOP LIVING IN PAST!

      • 25% of the world population is nothing? Yeah blocking 1.7 Billion people from seeing your page is a great idea. By not blocking people you gain an extra 25% visitors (and sales if you are selling something).

        So if I spend $1,000 per day on PPC ads, and 25% get blocked, I waste $250/day (or $7,500/month). Now think if someone Amazon’s size did something that stupid.

    • IE8 will use approximately one in three people on Earth – so that it should be considered!

  7. Le must des thèmes WordPress !

    très bon et beau travail.

  8. Really nice theme! 🙂

  9. Wow! Very nice! Think I will use it soon…

  10. Awesome, great work!

  11. Yo… You guys are SICK! This Theme is absolutely amazing!

    If you get one complaint about this theme I would refund their money and revoke their membership.

    Haters are gonna hate, just keep doing your thing!


  12. Hey Nick,

    Is it possible to feature a video in the slideshow for any of your themes?

    ~ kanon

  13. Really really great theme!!

    Yesterday I thought about more functions in the themes and – boom – there it is. Cool.

    But: if in Safari stays another window behind the Chameleon theme window, it switches to the front if I click on something at the theme. Same behaviour with the ePanel in other themes.

  14. I need a few basic tips:

    1) I uploaded my Favicon but it’s not appearing when I view the page.

    2) I can’t figure out if I should be using the Chameleon navigation panel or the regular WP panel. On the WP panel, I’m seeing all kinds of strange categories and pages.


  15. This is really fantastic theme. unlimited color options is also awesome feature. will be selling it in my other theme site.

    Thanks 🙂

  16. Really cool

  17. Just in time. I was about to implement a Studiopress theme on one of my sites, but like this one better. Your themes are getting nicer. Thanks.

  18. Oopss! There is no word for telling…

    It is really fantastic creative work! 🙂

  19. Love, Love, Love it!!!! Can’t wait to use it!!! Thank you!!! 🙂

  20. This is a gorgeous new theme! It’s like you read my mind – this combines the simplicity of my current them (Modest) with another one that’s been tempting me somewhat. Now I have to decide: stay with Modest or move over to this new one? So tempted!

  21. The wonderful design with plethora of options makes it the most beautiful and versatile themes on ET. This theme along with Simple press are my favourite.

  22. It’s great Nick! Really…
    Your ePanel are beginning to have endless user options and possibilities. I’m still a fan of ET. Keep up the good work.

  23. Am I reading “dozens of fonts” in Theme features ???

    Wow, This is excellent feature.

  24. This is absolutely amazing! So impressed and glad that I’m a customer!!!

    Can’t wait to put this to use. 😀

    (Heads up: the pricing table on the shortcode page in the demo is messed up. Looks like a width issue.)

  25. Very impressed with the “live skinning” functionality added!

    Well done Nick, keep up with the impressive improvements.

  26. This is exactly the kind of thing im after … the customisation is amazing!!!

  27. You’ve done it again. Now that I’m totally happy with Modest for my site, now I want this one. Arg (in a good way). Brilliant work as always ET!

  28. Wow.

  29. It’s not for all themes you have created, but I would like to see this feature implemented for those themes that the feature would work well on. Great, awesome feature.

  30. I have no words !!!

    Simply Great !!!

  31. Breathtakingly lovely! You’re simply awesome, Nick! Buying subscription here has been one of the best purchase decisions I’ve ever made. 🙂

  32. Really, I´ve been waiting for a flexible, clean theme which can be customized easily without dealing with a whole lot of graphics PLUS having all the options of your epanel and shortcodes – and here it is! Amazing – I can´t understand anyone complaining around here, considering all the wonderful and different themes you provide here!

  33. Good looking theme as ever and so many variations.

    I would commemnt that the default font colour perhaps struggles to show clearly on the white background.
    Just a thought.

  34. Great theme! Congratulations.

  35. Great work, clean and beautiful theme. I am going to use this theme on my corporate website.


  36. very cool, congrats nick, awesome designs, good luck with sales 😉

  37. This theme is awesome. Thank you. Can you please add this control panel as update to epanel for all themes ?

  38. This theme is cool. But it would be outstanding if it had the option to choose a three columned layout though. I’ve had enough of two-columned themes. Needs some flexibility for the layout.

  39. Nice theme and I really like the patterns overlay. I have a question and a recommendation. One, is it possible to make the site a little less narrow. I find it a bit too wide for my taste.

    Secondly, is it possible to add gradient backgrounds using CSS3? If not, I’d like to suggest that for the future. Colorzilla even has a gradient generator that perhaps you could tap into:

    • My mistake – the theme looking wide was a browser issue, nothing to do with your theme.

  40. With this theme I manged to get a professional looking site up with a couple of hours …. That’s Amazing!

  41. alot of new features, perfect

  42. Wow……super Love it!!!!!

  43. Mind = blown!

  44. very nice theme..!!

  45. DANG !!! Very, Very nice job on this theme.

  46. This theme is sooooooo versatile!

    I have a request ET and I apologise if it’s complex.

    What would be great would be a theme that lets you narrow your search by multiple categories.

    so say on the left sidebar you could pick:


    and it would only pull the posts that have all three.

    I’ve not managed to find any themes that can do this, so perhaps its a nightmare to implement … I don’t know. But for websites that have lots of content this would be incredibly useful!

    Thanks for listening, you guys rock!

  47. Great move. My fav feature of Et so far. Would love to see it getting integrated to all themes. That would be awesome. Unlimited Xunlimited fun.

  48. Very neat & clean… Full featured functionality…

    Very awesome…

  49. Hey,

    How can I remove the “read more” blurb that pops on on the slider over the picture?…is this possible?

    • If you need help, please open a thread in the forums so that we can assist you.

  50. I have been waiting to signup ET for a long time. But this theme impressed me and will be signing up soon.

  51. Hello, how i can remove the “Customization Control Panel” ?

  52. I signed up for this theme. It does not work properly in IE 9. Even the demo doesn’t work right in IE 9. Way too buggy between browsers.

  53. Hi there, how can i remove the Multi Media bar in Chameleon?

    kr joerg

  54. I’m 2 year u member

    and This it Top of your theme for me.

  55. I am trying to use chameleon, love it, however I can not figure out how to add custom (my own) images… HELP. Going crazy with my blank page and no option to load pictures. Thanks.

  56. Great work, this elegant theme is very elegant ! brillant

  57. Awesome themes, these gave me alot of ideas on how to go about web UI design

  58. Hi, i have a problem with my featured slider. I have it in cycle style, but one day all the featured images of my pages (that appears in the slider)appears another under image, and another image under..all followed, and could´nt see main page, only images of the slider one under other and again other. Sorry for my english, hope you understand me 🙂

  59. great theme. we love it. However, how do you choose a body font that is not a ‘nice’ font. Mainly we want to keep page load speeds down. Can you add sans-serif and serif to the drop down menu.

  60. This is a great theme, but I’m having an issue with the drop down menus. The drop down doesn’t closes once you roll off the button making it very difficult to navigate to one of the drop down menu choices. is there a fix for this?

  61. Love the theme, but what do I have to do to make soft returns work on the site?

  62. Please, i do not know how to set up the ads, could you explain blow by blow. thanks

  63. Hi, I´m a photographer and I would like to sell some pictures over Photoshelter. I would like to integrate a Chameleon theme to a Photoshelter account. Searched over the internet and found only Graphic Paper Press theme integration… can you help me? Can I integrate a Chameleon theme so people won´t notice a big change when navigation my website?

  64. this is amazing. please add to other themes.

  65. I want to know how you could change the number of posts on the multimedia bar, because the default is 10. It shows 7 in the first slide and then 3 more. I want to show about 45 video posts on it, any help?


  66. Hi,
    I’ve just installed this amazing theme, I went to the settings, and I saw that the slider is enabled, however, no matter what i do, the slider doesn’t displayed in the website.
    any suggestions?

    • Ok I got it sorted out.
      nothing should be a homepage, it should remain “select”.

      Thanks anyway.

  67. Hi,
    I’m using the Chameleon theme. Works great in Firefox, but the slider is a total mess in IE7 and Opera (version 11 something). Any suggestions?

  68. Hi,
    Anyone knows how can I use 2 content areas for 1 page? or perhaps only 2 content areas?
    I want a page’s article to be more large on the front page.. that’s why I’m asking.

  69. All of you people are losers! Get a life you morons!

  70. Hi,

    Automatic Slider Animation don´t work with my site. It is enabled but I can change slides only manually from arrows?

    • I am having the same issues with the automatic slider animation. did you get if fixed?

    • Me too, it was working until i updated to latest version of the theme – can we get a fix please?

      • If you need help, please open a thread in our support forum so that we can assist you.

  71. Hi Nick,

    LOVE Chameleon. I’m working locally right now with the Chameleon theme and cannot for the life of me find the code to change the color of the main menu (Home, contact etc.). You won’t be able to view right now because the live site is showing with the Gleam theme–another nice one but not nearly as customizable. Appreciate your help!!

    • Nick,

      For clarification, I’m looking to find the code for the “inactive” menu items. I seem to be able to change color of the hover and active, but not inactive. Thanks again!

  72. I am wondering how to remove the darkened text block on the featured slider. I don’t like how it automatically generates the text and I would like to just have the slider and arrows. Is this possible?

  73. Is it possible to change the title name of Mulit media Bar on the home page?

  74. Hey Denis, I wanted to know the same thing about changing the name of the Multi Media Bar. If you go to Appearance > Editor, and under the templates on the right side of the screen, click on home.php. I would use ctrl+F and type in “Multi Media Bar” and just replace that text with the text you want to use. I would copy and paste all the text into a word editor first though, just incase you mess something up, you can always revert back to the original settings. Hope that helps!

  75. WOW! this is one of the best theme cracked out from heaven’s treasury…nice work Nick! But will love to see more of school, church or betting site wordpress theme. ET! FOR LIVE!!!

  76. Hello,

    Can I link the media bar images to actual post pages please?


  77. In the Chameleon Theme, the font colors for the header and body won’t change. I’ve updated the ePanel and closed the Control Panel.

  78. I can not change the style of the slider theme chameleon, buy it and I can not access the forums because neither Mojo market place and you have given me my username and password, please if this is not possible, to indicate to do to me my money back if I can not access updates and the support forum does not serve me very bad mojo after sales service and you apparently do not understand the messages.

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